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08-15 10:52 AM
I have one advice for you in this retrogression arena. I do not advice you to convert your BEC EB3 to PERM but just wait for it to get approved in EB3. At the same time file PERM application for a different job in EB2 in the same company or a different company it does not matter and get its I140 approved. Once BEC is approved apply for I-140 for that too and then you can port the date of EB3 to EB2 and apply for I485 which will fetch you GC faster. Good Luck.

I am also thinking to either file EB2-PERM or convert my current EB3-ROW Regular LC PD-04/2002 to PERM.

I received 45 day letter about six months ago. Do you think I should go with any of these options. Will appreciate ur comments

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02-11 03:49 PM
try media fire

It worked before...I had uploaded in the NY/NJ yahoo user group. Did someone delete it from there ? Not sure. Anoone know of free sites where I can upload the files ?

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07-15 12:57 PM
I have used AC21 to change jobs
I have a closing statement from my previous employer mentioning the exercisable options.

Here it goes:

Exercisable Options

Price $30
grant date 1/10/2007
Shares exercisable 400
total price =12000

Last date to exercise

However the market share value for the company now is 26.00

now my question is if I were to exercise before the last date will I be getting the total amount of $12000 or 26 x 400 = $10400 or the difference between the share values which is infact negative or nothing?

I find it difficult understand this financial terms. I dont understand clearly the term 'Exercisable options' Is there a hidden treasure am going to get?????
How is this b*** s*** related to this community?

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09-30 08:05 PM
All the above answers are favor to the employer and not to us (employee).
Can any of you help by posting some ideas (for changing the employer before 180 with the approved i140 and EAD cards) in favor of the employee bcz i am really very sad about my situation. plz help brothers !!



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07-24 11:03 PM
I am also on the same boat. Can anyone please post the links to get all application forms for filing I485/EAD/AP . Thanks in advance.

Contributed $100

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10-02 06:09 PM
So am still little confused... Should I go this route... The reason is the company who is willing to do my GC is doing also in good faith. But with the economy the way it shapes up... they are not sure, but as a good faith they did agree to start my GC process. Well I will be bearing the lawyer expenses...they would manage the mandatory fees. So they have very little to loose.

What do you guys suggest! I have heard many people who work with company A and GC is done by Company B ... ( Correct me if I am wrong here)



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08-24 09:19 PM
i have been to mumbai consulate.

i suggest u go through VFS Service where they offer you a place to sit and take you to the consulate when its your time for the interview, otherwise you have to wait in queue for long. here is the website for VFS

this website also has information about the process.

hope this helps.

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04-08 02:24 PM
Hello gurus
I filled my 485 in july fiasco at Nebraska service center. Today I recieved an online update on my and my wife case (485) saying that case has been transfered to miami,fl , the reason is because it falls under that jurisdiction.
I am EB3 India, PD Aug 2002.

I already recieved my EAD,AP

Let me know your thoughts or if some one else also recieve the same update.

Thanks in advance..


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11-29 05:21 PM
I got this RFE email Nov 28th. Yet to receive the letter so do not have the "response time window".

Assuming they give me 6 weeks (Jan 7th) to respond. I will request my attorney to fax and then courier the Response to USCIS on Jan 3rd(Friday). I am planning to fly back on Jan 5th(Sunday). This way when I am at POE the I-485 status is still pending. It s..ks to do all these manipulations... but this trip is long pending and some urgent issues need to be taken care during this trip.

sure. Just make sure you dont cut it too close.. I have had numerous run-ins with Mr Murphy ('s_law).
Always make allowances for things like your attorney missing his flight back from a new years party in the Bahamas; or waking up too drunk on Jan 2nd to be able to even know the full form of RFE :)

Also, depends on what the RFE is:
* if its just EVL, payslips (possible, with your job moves), then its pretty much a formality and you are all set for your GC.
* If its medicals then you might need to scramble to get it done on time (might as well take an appointment now for around Dec 10th, you can cancel it if the RFE is for something else).
* If its something like details of your status going back to first entry into US and things like that then you want to be careful and possibly delay your response to ensure you are back here to fight it out in case you run into problems with some mistake on their side.

If I were you, I would take the medical appointment, then wait for the RFE to decide the next steps...

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01-11 01:17 PM
Can you please help me to get the form .

Can i complete that and send to USCIS?

Thank You...


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12-12 12:26 PM
Prashanthi was there on chat for 30 min and as no one turned up to ask questions she left. She will be available for chat every Thursday at 9.30 PM EST.

You may want to remind people in the day about the chat. Once it happens regularly, people will remember.

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05-14 10:26 AM
If your PD is in May'06 or early Jun'06, I think paying a visit to USCIS center won't hurt. Checking online status is a waste of time. At least you'll know what's going on with it. The IO I went to was very nice lady and gave me all the details. I thought that there would a line of GC aspirants like me :) waiting in USCIS center (in bay area) but to my surprise it was empty! Hope this helps

Did you make an appointment?


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10-16 07:18 PM
Sorry to hear about ur denail .I've been through this .Unfortunately u cant fime MTR bacause it has to be within 30 to 33 days of denail depending how u get ur denail notice .U can file an apeal but that will take more time then filing a new 140 and getting spproval .I dont know if u can use old labour .If u can use old labout then better to file new 140 with approved labour .If u cant use old labout then apeal may be batter becaue more n more labours are goin to audit and endless delays .
hope it helps .
Hi Talash
If I file my new labor and I-140 will I lose my old priority dates

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06-20 07:39 PM
My Lawyer put the A# from the EAD used during OPT. She put OPT in brackets and mentioned to me that USCIS will change this A#.


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jaggu bhai
07-27 10:35 AM
Hi Friends

My status is I 140 is cleared, waiting for the next step.
Question is....
My wife is on H4 and as it is difficult to get a job now and change to H1 (civil engineer),
We intend to use this time for her studies.
We need your suggestion (few people based on their own experience),

1.As we cannot afford financially to study in a full time college, we wanted to make it part time or online (whatever-which costs us less).
2.Is it good to study on H4 or betterto convert to F1 and study (so that SEVIS and further usage of it down the line!!!!)
3.If some seniors has done like this, pl advise some universities.


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Law Loving Alien
10-25 03:36 PM

I appreciete your's feedback....but my PD is current as of now ( again it may retrogess in future...who Knows....) and please note I am not using subsititution labor approvals...

Do you still think converting I140 to premium processing would be worthwhile and would expediete whole process including I485.......


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07-16 04:06 PM
1) Yes
2) Yes
3) approval letter from my previous employer is not required. Old employer can revoke I-140 any time not PD

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01-30 03:18 PM
How reliable is this Tracker(or any) data? I don't think all the registered people who gets their GC would come back and change the status of their application to 'Approved' in the Tracker. Though its better than nothing but still data is too vague to derive any real conclusion.

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11-07 12:44 PM
Thank you everyone for the responses.

Dreamworld, Could you let me know what kind of supporting documents are needed. Thanks in advance.

masti_Gai is right...

Your parents should provide your address as the USA residence address while filling the form at port of entry. Sometimes the immigration officer at port of entry may call you to verify.

02-22 11:30 AM
I am trying to port from EB3-EB2 from the same employer.

Prior to joining the employer, I had MS+2 years of experience. However, the lawyer applied in EB3. The job description read:

Required: BS+3
MS+1 also accepted
Experience in technologies A,B,C,D

I applied based on my MS+1 experience. Now the same company has another position with a very similar job description with a different title.

Experience in technologies A,B,C,D

Q1. Would this qualify for a EB2 position? Do I have to worry about the job descriptions being almost similar
Q2. The titles are different. But the EB2 position doesn't have "Senior" in the position title. Is there a need to worry?

Any replies are really appreciated.

07-22 03:20 AM
I guess this community is not for willful violators like you. Here we are trying to share information from/for people who follow rules. There are many people (anti-immigration lobbyist and anti-H1b lobby) reading this forum. This will give impression as if this forum is for giving advise to people like you who do not care for the law and will give bad name to IV. I guess you should cough up some money and get advise from a good immigration lawyer. Also, I would suggest a moderator or administrator to look into this matter adn have this thread removed.

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