Thursday, September 15, 2011

2001 Bmw M5

images 2001 BMW M5 2001 Bmw M5. 2001 bmw m5 craigslist

2001 bmw m5 craigslist

11-15 10:16 AM
Still only 6 people have courage to speak out. What is running in your veins, water?

We may not be able make changes in the law now but we might be able to get some relief on restrictions, that does not allow law making.

Educate yourself or suffer...

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Specs For 2001 Bmw M5

01-18 01:09 PM
Check out this website. It has all the information we all want:

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Imola Red / Black 2001 BMW M5

09-17 12:54 PM
do not know what to do yet.

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2001 BMW M5 Picture

10-02 01:06 PM
When I was H1-B, I never surrendered my I-94 and kept re-using my original. I crossed the border at least 25 times without any problem.


2001 Bmw M5. 2001 BMW M5 Technology Picture

2001 BMW M5 Technology Picture

05-21 10:49 PM
I think, the PD should reset to the day the substition is done and not to the day the original labor was filed...otherwise it is unfair by all means..

But, I agree, we have bigger fish to fry...labor substitions probably only account for 1-5% of all cases...

I don't see any solution to visa retrogression...its just a way to control the number of people immigrating in...and if more people intend to immigrate from certain countries, their applications are bound to be backlogged...

Most of the current immigration debate is centered around illegal aliens and it has all to do with the Hispanic vote etc.

The only solace we can have is that if they do decide to grant amnesty to certain illegals, either they will be put behind the queue of legals, or we legals will first be pushed forward and then visa numbers made available to the illegals..

If illegals get priority in the visa number allocation, there will be plenty of uproar and finger pointing....I don't think the current administration would be able to pull something like that off..and in all insanity, if they do something like that, I will be the first one to join that queue of illegals :-)

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girlfriend BMW : M5 M5 2001

04-21 12:01 AM
I had applied for AP at NSC got it in a months time. I had applied for EAD on Oct 26th of last year. Got it approved by December 14th. Are majority of the people experiencing EAD delays of late?


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The Unofficial BMW M5

12-19 04:01 AM
Given the current state of affairs, its only to be expected because people like you and me are actually displacing some jobs whether we admit it or not.

If we were not present there would not be jobs for the current american colleagues of ours.

If Andy Grove was not allowed to immigrate, there would be no Intel in the USA.

If Sergey Brin was not allowed to immigrate, there would be no Google in the USA.

If Charles Simonyi and others was not allowed to immigrate, there would be no Xerox Star, no Mac and no Windows in the USA.

If .. <Add other names here>> there would be no Silicon Valley.

I and other outsiders have created countless jobs and maintained America's technological superiority.

... So I respectfully disagree with your statement about us displacing jobs :)

- JK

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2001 BMW M5

01-04 12:33 AM
Everyone -

I've been going through my own immigration issues like everyone else in this forum. It is really sad to see that immigration bills such as the Visa Re-Capture and others that would have been greatly beneficial to us are making little to no progress. I've been thinking about a way to make a difference for a long time but felt helpless.

It is difficult to shed light on our problems in the media in a way that others (who are not in our situation) can at-least think about the struggles we go through. I'm sure everyone has been contributing in their own way to make our voices heard.

Today, I'm happy to share our small contribution to our issues. We are making a film called "Promise Land" to be released in Spring/Summer 2011 time frame. It's about the struggles that immigrants go through despite being legal and following the law. The film has multiple story lines dealing with family based immigration and employment based immigration.

Of course we would love to tell everyone's stories, but in 1 hour 30 mins we can only do so much. So we have attempted to share stories from our personal experience.

I hope that this movie is at-least a step in the right direction. We just released the trailer on Saturday. You can watch it at:
Videos Posted by Promise Land: Promise Land First Look Teaser [HD] | Facebook (

OR on You Tube at:

YouTube - Promise Land First Look Teaser (

Please show your support for this film by clicking on "Like" at Promise Land | Facebook (

Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

I wish everyone Happy New Year and hope that the day when you won't have to worry about immigration issues is just around the corner.


2001 Bmw M5. 2000 BMW M5

2000 BMW M5

08-03 11:48 PM
Please navigate to the following threads and do the action items

hair 2001 BMW M5 Picture 2001 Bmw M5. 2001 bmw m5 0 60

2001 bmw m5 0 60

08-30 10:48 AM
I travelled outside USA before the expiry of VISA date while 7th yr H1b extension is going on based on my labor.

Here is the dates for clarity.

my visa date was upto Oct, 2005. Applied for H1b Extension in May, 2005. Travelled in June, 2005. came back in July 2005. Got approval for 7th yr. after a few days after my arival.


2001 Bmw M5. 2001 BMW M5 ( HAMANN HM M450 )

2001 BMW M5 ( HAMANN HM M450 )

06-15 04:23 PM
see the reply
Hi RLNY122004

Please accept my congratulations and enjoy the freedom. Could you please answer the following questions.

1. What do you mean by 'officer told us we will receive our cards in 6 to 8 weeks' Did you take an appointment and visit neary USCIS office?
--- Please see my signature for details. My case was transfered to local office and we were interviwed last year. I took infopass last week went to district office and they told me that FP is expired and will have to take new FP. I gace FP last week and went back again today to findout the status , officer told em everything is okay and she is approving the case. She requested the visa numbers and took our I94.

2. Did you speak on the phone?
--- see 1
3. When was your name check cleared?
--- last year when I went for interview i asked officer and she said its cleared.4. Did you submit your finger prints recently? if yes was it code 1? 2? 3?
--- last one on 06/07/2007 was 10 fingers.
5. Was your I-485 case trasnferred to Texas/Nebraska recently?
--- see 1
I have many more questions but would not bug you, Please provide as much info as possible I would appreciate your reply.
--- I got to go now, I will try to come back online later in the night and answer your questions.TIA

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Le Mans Blue Metallic 2001 BMW

08-24 03:49 PM
The RFE should state how long you have to submit a response. I received an RFE on my I-140 application and was given two weeks to respond (but I had requested premuim processing so that may be why it was only two weeks) - this information was indicated on the RFE. Ask your attorney for a copy of the RFE, if you don't have it.

Hope this helps.


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The 2001 BMW X5

09-23 09:23 AM
"Word-of-Mouth" seems to be the most effective way of campaigning! I had sent mails, and left voice to couple of my friends some time back. They became aware of IV, but not yet registered. Talked to them today, and got both of them registered. (kasas & aksrao).

Requested them to spread the word, "IV". I am sure they will read this thread and campaign for "IV".

thanks for your efforts.
We definately need more members in order to project us as a big organization when we talk to lawmakers.

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2001 BMW M5

07-08 09:52 AM
check this out


pictures The Unofficial BMW M5 2001 Bmw M5. 2001 BMW M5 Picture

2001 BMW M5 Picture

02-13 07:32 PM
Immigration Voice. Make action your choice.
Standing together on legal immigration issues.

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2001 BMW 530 i

04-27 01:35 AM
SDL is not really that confusing at all.
I never said it was. What I am saying is that it's off topic considering what he wants to achieve.

And he will have to learn it at one time or another, and why limit a program to one OS.
He will? Why?

DirectX/OpenGL can be used in a windowed environment
Again, that's got nothing to do with the desire to learn Win32.

so even if you just want to do Win32 stuff DirectX can enhance it.
And so can using the WPF in .NET, but how does that help with learning Win32?


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Stock 2001 BMW M5 1/4 mile

03-26 11:42 AM
There is a little chance to overcome this issue. Because of promotion in same occupation classification, one can not upgrade the education requirement to Master degree, if the same occupation required Bachelors degree in junior level. If your employer requested more experience (rather than education), probabaly they may approve the second LC, as it is geneune for asking more experience for senor level.

Now DOL and USCIS is tightening the requirement as everyone is shooting for higher requirement to apply in EB2.

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Archive ad: 2001 BMW M5

05-29 08:04 PM
I have a early 2004 Priority date (EB3 India) and asked my attorney if it is wise to reapply in Eb2 as it is current in that date, and she says she believes my Eb3 PD to get current by july. Folks, what do you think ?
"Attorney Opinion" hmm... this title is misleading. USCIS priority date is not a legal issue. That so called opinion is a personal opinion. Ask him/her again. But this time let him that you might make some financial/ personal decisions based on his opinion :) and see his/ her reaction. Ask him what are the consequences if his advise is incorrect.:p This just might change this opinionated Attorney. Btw, I would be happy if this attorney is proven right. We all want the priority dated to move faster.

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2001 Bmw M5 4d Sedan

03-15 07:08 AM
A lot of people do different things on h1b. It is upto you to carefully report your taxes. As long as you don't get a 1099, it is at your discretion on how to report whatever money has been earned.

The reason why h1b is not supposed to earn income from other sources is because h1b workers are supposed to work only for sponsering employers. But things like apartment referals, gift checks, stock money, etc... has nothing to do with you not working for your employer.

10-31 02:25 PM
While that is true I wanted to donate whatever I have. I thought if any IV core team member has delta frequent flyer account, I can transfer my miles to his account. Is that a possibility? If so, Do we have any core team member who has delta frequent flyer account? If we pool all the miles we have then IV core team can use these miles to travel.

10-12 07:27 AM
I am scheduling an Infopass appointment at my local USCIS office in the hope of getting an interim EAD. It has been more than 90 days since they received my application.

I have a few questions:

1. What do i need to bring?
2. What should i expect?
3. What kind of questions would they ask?

Your experience in this matter is great appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Take your original receipt notice and the infopass appointment sheet so you will be let in to talk to someone.

The officer there will email/call/get in touch with the service center who is processing your EAD application to see what is happening. The reality is that normally you will get your 'actual' EAD within two weeks from then. It takes as much time to produce and send an interim card (also big waste of money) as it does for them to adjudicate your application.

It really is no big deal.

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