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2008 Ford Transit Connect

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08-30 12:39 PM
I read SKIL bill and it refers to "Exempts U.S.-educated professionals with advanced degrees". I Do not see why an online master degree does not fit in here. Maybe I am missing something :)

This is an excerpt of Section 201.
Section 201. United States Educated Immigrants. Exempts U.S.-educated professionals with advanced degrees and those who have been awarded a medical specialty certification based on post-doctoral training and experience
in the United States from the annual green card (i.e. immigrant visa) cap.
Yea, If(let say) most of the applicants are US-Educated professionals, then its most likely less applicants gets adjusted under VisaCap, so its a good news on either side!

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10-24 02:00 PM
I gave you green .. be happy .. and keep helping others

I think it is not a game of red green. Someone is screwing Immigration Voice.

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2008 Ford Transit Connect Taxi

08-03 06:27 PM
you missed on one fav diet control idea ---drinking Green tea :)

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10-02 03:39 PM
r u telling me that other company can apply for perm and I dont have to work for them? is it really possible? i always thought that you have be h1 for the company and then only they can apply for your perm. can a company apply for perm without transfering h1?


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Wacky Ford Transit Connect Tax

09-16 05:08 AM
Hi Suresh,

thanks for your time and effort to thoroughly answer my questions.

I guess my denial last year is due to poor project document given to me by my company. They initially gave me just 1 page letter describing the project and I was issued 221g to submit the full project report along with other company docs and later they denied my case.

So this time, I believe the VO must be aware about my denial reason and they are definitely going to ask me about the project report and I must take the full project report (containing market analysis, project proposal and other information) around 30-50 pages with me. I will also be carrying all other company docs such as IT returns of last 3 years, wage reports, compay location photographs etc..Do you think that should be enough?


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2008 Ford Transit Connect

09-04 05:31 PM
I already got a denial of my wife's application and had to pay $585 for the MTR :mad: ... that would be a nice source of revenue for the agency...

They have to advance the dates down the line to get more fees in order to keep the dumdums employed at the USCIS.........
That does not mean it translates into GCs.....its just more people get EADs and APs and continued revenue for USCIS.
I also won't be surprized if the fees go up in the next round.

Also until the CIR is passed there is no way they will eliminate the backlog as that will mean giving up their "cash cows"===a.k.a "us".......

Here is what I beleive will happen until amnesty is enacted(whether we like it or not our fate is tied to the illegals):
1. Dates will be moved forward and backward randomly to get more fees from new and old suckers like us(everytime the dates move fwd they raise our hopes and we hang on longer).....they don't want us to leave...they just want us to keep paying for their as Obama says......"keep the HOPE train alive" even if its not moving an inch.
2. Increase the fees.....
3. Increase the rate of denials: more denials mean more MTRs mean more revenue......

Its a business and you will do whatever to survive.........nothing personal........


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2008 Ford Transit Connect

08-15 09:06 AM

If I am working with X company & Y company is ready to file GC.
(Assuming Y has no objections even if I do not join the company at all)
Is it mandatory for the candidate to join company Y at certain stage which has file GC?
I would appreciate your comments.


Yes and no. Yes it is mandatory by definition. No because there are ways around. You could go join a school to get higher education. You could ask Y to terminate your employment.

Better still. AFter your GC is approved, get a letter from Y that "unfortunately the position is no longer available. You are most welcome to try for jobs in other areas". Then submit your resume and go for an interview or two, if called. Keep all records, emails. Then you are completely off the hook!!!

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Roger Binny
08-11 06:48 AM
Answers in bold...

A very close friend of mine has filed EB3-I 485 with Sep 2003 PD. The job, at present, requires EB2 level qualifications, however, the employer is not too keen on sponsoring a change to EB2.

So, what options do we have ?
a) when is EB3-I Sep 2003 PD likely to be come current? 12m? 18m from now?
- As usual no one knows

b) can AC21 approach be used to port this to a EB2 category ?
- Can you be more elaborate on this

c) can his spouse separately file for EB2-I PERM, I140 and file for 485?
(I am assuming that EB2-I will be current approximately around this time next year).
- If he/she is working and qualifies for EB2-I, certainly one can apply during the I-485 stage i guess one can go for a cross charge-ability (not sure of the word) but yes i have seen posts where one can use the spouse's 485 priority dates.



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Ford Transit Connect 2008

06-01 07:00 PM
Cant agree with you more, the below request should be dealt with separately instead of been clubbed with other major issues( akin to legal immigration clubbed with CIR), will need Congress approval though.

Request IV to highlight this issue separately as it will surely help a small section hanging between H1 and EAD, who are not in the "safe" zone.

There should be boat load of people who have their I140 approved and stuck. Irrespective of the population, it is important that this be addressed. They are one job away from loosing status. By issuing a 3 year employer independent EAD before a PR number becomes available is worthy cause. By this way, everyone in the pipeline knows that someday their paperwork will be cleared for good and until then they have the EAD to keep them going. The very fact that an I140 has been approved for a petitioner and the intent to immigrate has been approved, should allow the petitioner the temporary relief of having the choice to work and live little better. The the only thing that is preventing your status validated is the availability of Visa number, which is more of a procedural/legislative issue. So, hope this request is pushed in one or another form.

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07-26 09:37 AM
The Link is not working.

Actually I am going to apply EAD for future purpose. In near future i am not going to change my current employer. If i continue to work with same employer after getting EAD, Will i be on H1B or EAD status?


What you have asked is for someone to explain the Bible to you since you only know who Jesus is :D

Anyways, I will be happy to educate you. Send me your phone no. (if you want) to and I will call you and answer your questions.


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2008 Ford Transit Connect Taxi Concept Front Three Quarter View

05-21 11:17 AM
When the USCIS finds out and makes a determination that you are out of status, that is when you will be in trouble, or if you go outside the country for a visa, if they notice that you W-2 has a very low amount, they may refuse to give you a visa. When you file the transfer if the USCIS finds out that you have violated your status, they will still approve you h-1 for consular processing, they may not approve your request for a transfer.

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02-20 10:12 AM
Your lawyer or any competent lawyer should be able to interfile your application. The lawyer has to write a letter to USCIS along with the original approval notice of the newly approved but older PD I140. As per today's EB2/EB3 PD scenario, interfile is the best option for you. Earlier PD transfers ruled when EB2 PD used to be ahead of EB3 PD. Now, EB2 PD is Unavailable. Again, get a competent lawyer who has extensive experience in this particular issue.

The following thread has most of the information and knowledge you would need:

Best of luck !!


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05-16 08:37 AM
Thanks for the replies

Actually I posted this same question on (paid service) and one of thier lawyers provided me with this asnwer:

You cannot leave the United States while a change of employer petition is pending. Unless, that petition requests for Consular Processing. You would need to show your valid passport, H-1B visa, and current approval notice for Co B. Yes, you can enter with Company A's visa stamp.

If you cannot wait in the US for Company B's petition to be approved, you would need consular process the petition and travel with the approval notice.

My concern comes is WHAT SHE MEANS BY CONSULAR PROCESSING? Does it applies to Consular Processing?

Also what about H1 Protability 2001 ACT which says if transfer is in process, one can enter the country just on receipt?

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01-16 04:45 PM
AC21: if my new employer is open to do either EAD or H1, what should I prefer? I want to take the least risky route.

If employer offers H1B transfer, use that and also invoke AC21.


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02-28 11:00 AM
hey unitednations:
She had the B visa all along so there is no issue of her telling the truth or not on the visa app.
I have looked into the V visa before as well, and as we know, it is not applicable since I filed the I-130 July, 2006.
The present situation is that we just booked a ticket for her and the baby to head home on March 17th (the I-94 expires March 24th.) The hope is to receive good news on the grad school application and commence the work on the F-1. Thanks for your inputs so far guys..

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03-18 05:06 PM
How she can apply for EAD...? My PD are Jan 2006 EB2. How can i get her EAD card.

Please suggest me....
If you have some knowledge can u pls share plus if you suggest me any website from where i can take help that will be grateful.


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03-18 12:57 AM
I am on an EAD (dependent), as my husband was the primary applicant. He has got his GC and mine got stuck after the July - Aug 2007 fiasco :(.

I want to start a IT company with my friend who is a US Citizen. I know my husband is a sure shot to have the company in his name however, he is in a full-time job.

My questions:

1) Can I start / partner with a friend who is a US Citizen?

2) I am thinking of an LLC. Is that ok? or should it be S-Corp? More reading of S-corp says to be US Citizen or US Permanent Resident so I am more leaning towards LLC. Also there is a provision that we could change LLC to S-corp at a later date (if needed).

3) What should I make sure if I go through the LLC route? - like Designation, Salary that I can take, work for the same company etc

4) Does state make any difference? If so how? I am a PA resident and my friend is from Texas. We are thinking of registering the company in Texas.

5) I got my 2 yr EAD valid till Sep 2010. Is there any special procedure that I need to do or just extend it before it expires.

Any tips / advice from the experts will be highly appreciated.

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Transit Connect: Ford’s

08-11 06:58 PM
True again. The problem will come during naturalization. Reasons why you change employers will be asked and scrutinized.

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10-26 02:34 PM
Irrespective of political parties or the issues, I am proud of this Indian guy standing up against "fair and balanced fox news"

he must be a citizen (since he is chairman of Milwaukee, WI, Dem party) - wonder if IV members from the area could approach him to stand up for us too..........

Fox News Crew Gets Scolded At Democratic Meeting (VIDEO) (

& y do u think this guy or someone like him will stand up for us when v r not willing to stand up for our issues?

02-07 10:53 AM

09-14 03:58 PM
looks interesting....

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