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2011 calendar wallpaper girl.

06-19 10:06 AM
You will get your H1B extended pending appeal on PERM.

Thank you! So technically, there is nothing for me to worry at this time? Is this correct? I know I am losing time but my priority is not current...

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Smashing Wallpaper - February

09-17 02:08 PM
one more question... if I reenter using my AP then IO always take you to some place/room to verify something or its sometimes/randomly only? I just realize that my connection time while coming back from one airport(POE) to another is just 2 hours.

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05-28 03:05 PM
Despite increase in visa fees the service is getting poorer and poorer. The US consulate in India has from long time set a arbitrary exchange rate of 54 USD. Despite this and even after having approved petitions, etc, people are getting PIMS verifications, 221(g) etc for no reason. Not to mention the consulate appearance is mandatory and many travel to the location of the consulate.

Despite charging boat loads of money, service is being denied or unreasonably delayed to most genuine cases as well. No body is questioning them on customer satisfaction etc.

I filed my 485 under new fees filing structure. Although it looked like expensive upfront cost, I don't pay a dime for my EAD/AP renewals and I am thinking of giving up my H1 when it expires later this year. Why pay them more when you dont have to? and put ourselves through, travel to consulates, additional questions, & 221(g) & PIMS crap?

This year Mumbai consulate took 3 months to process my wife's case , putting it under 221(g) and by the time they had finished processing , we were back in US on AP. Good riddance to the consulate.

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11-03 09:23 PM
requested attorney's view he said he would prefer normal way as its better and i can see checks cashing and make that a proof of receipt in case of reciept notice lost

Sounds like that attorney is complete idiot and never went through eFile things him(her)self...
Because you paying with CC on eFile and they give you receipt for payment, receipt for filing right away and this is your evidence of reception. In other words, you know your case number from the moment you push the button and with eFile you wil not have such question - where to file. They will deal with that on their own. All other stuff, reception notice, FP appointment notice will come a bit later to address you wil put with forms.


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Rise: Free June 2011 Desktop

10-15 12:26 PM

I just had medical RFE for both me and my wife. We are July 2007 Filers and somehow our medical documents got lost or whatever, We received an RFE from USCIS and replied just in time.

I am primary applicant and I would be loosing job at end of october. I would not be finding a job due to personal reasons and would be on a 3 month severance package till january.

My Question is what are the chances of getting an EVL RFE during those 3 months? I know nobody can predict USCIS, but according to my lawyer, if they wanted EVL, they would have that in the RFE and chances of getting another RFE in another 6 months is very very slim.

This logic makes sense to me too. But anybody got weird experience where they received RFE, Responded to it and then got another completely different RFE in a short duration?

Thanks for you help,

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10-10 02:00 PM
Get yourself fired from your current company & join your client. As it is not ur intent to move and you are foreced to move. You can explain this during naturalization. Also as it is the same job you dont need to worry..

Good luck!!

I got my GC on 09/18/07. Now my consulting company (how sponsored my GC) is having issues with the client and client is thinking to terminate the contract.

Client want to bring me to there pay roll. In other words they are offering my permanent position.

My consulting company does not have immediate opening for me.

It is not even a month that I got my GC. And I am with the same consulting company for about 6.5 years now.

Please help me. What should I do? If I accept the offer will I get problem at citizenship stage? If I do not accept offer I will loose job and I don't know how much time I have to wait till my consulting company find job for me.


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04-23 03:26 PM
I respectfully disagree. As you all know, the USCIS (online and phone) system is completely different from Infopass. What appears on the former is usually inaccurate. I know this because both my wife and I have received our GC but our online I-140 is still pending.

I am adament about this because I moved in Jan 08 and submitted AR-11. In July 08, my wife online status shows that a RFE was sent. We waited anxiously for 2 months for this letter. Then we went to Infopass and found out that they still have the old address. By the way, my address was updated. Few days after Infopass, the letter finally came. It was enclosed in another envelope (because the orginal bounced and USCIS resent to new address).

I think everyone should use Infopass frequently. Use it to check if your name check and biometric are cleared. Asked if there's any flag. Where your case is physically and of course your current address. I go to the Boston office all the time and it is usually empty in the morning. Whether the Infopass office is packed or empty has nothing to do with when you'll get your GC; there's 6 counters and I doubt they'll increase it if there're more people.


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07-18 11:39 PM
My wife's 485 is rejected with the following reason "The application/petition was filed on the outdated version of this form". The rejection notice has a receive date of July 1st 2010 and a LIN number. Now the problem-

My 485 was approved on July 8th, 2010 and I received a "Welcome to USA" notice on July 12th. My H1 has expired on July 14th, 2010 along with wife's H4 and our I-94's. We applied for both the H extensions in may. Now if we resubmit the 485 with the new application will the USCIS honor the July 1st receive date?

My main concern is on her status, any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

yes you can still file her 485 since you were married before your approval. upto 6 months of out of status is anyway acceptable for 485 filing, so dont worry about the 5 days.
However get hold of a real good lawyer (Murthy/Rajiv Khanna etc) to file this case now so there is no screw-up again.


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04-11 11:03 AM
I called (First time in last 4 months) to TSC using POJ method to check how they are trying to process cases. I know it was a futile attempt but wanted to try my luck regardless.

Guess what? When you can't get through right away (which is never) you get put on hold in queue. Instead of background music you would get with any other wait in queue system - the message kept repeating every second - "Your estimated wait time is between 10-15 minutes"...

It annoyed the heck out of me and I hung up rather than hearing the message over and over again.

Since I have not called in past few months, I do not know if this is how it always worked or is this a recent change. As far as I recall, they did have background music which made it a little bearable to wait 10 minutes.

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03-17 10:21 AM

You did a great job of the drive and many thanks to you!.

"Help me Help you!"


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01-15 03:47 PM
Here is the form (

Let us know how it goes.


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09-05 10:24 AM
The applications that were sent between July 2 and July 17 have been transferred to other service centers. the applications reached during this time period is taking a little longer to process.


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05-18 05:03 PM
Welcome to our news member Selvaela..

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09-26 07:35 PM


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05-28 05:43 PM
Thanks Ryan for reply but I am bit confused... Do I need to have US Visa for working with Canadian company, even if company don't have anything do with US.

It's canada based company and will be working remotely.

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The calendar comes as a JPG

04-09 05:39 PM
IV is meant for discussing topics/issues related to employment-based green cards. I am not sure if we can discuss any other extraneous topic here. :confused:


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08-14 08:16 PM
I was also in limbo whether to apply AP now or no. My current AP is valid till Mid Jan 2009 And I am travelling india in Oct and will be back on 1st week on Nov. I decided not to apply AP now and will be applying renewal in mid Nov. Applied only EAD renewal.
But my H1 extension approval is still pending. Not sure it will get approved by 1st week of Oct. If I happen to use the current AP do they give i-94 only till Jan 09 ( i.e my AP validity) or for 1 year ?

Hey Som_yad,
The law requires that you be in the US only when the AP applicaiton is filed. You can leave the next day, if you like. Also, when you return, make sure you have a document to enter the US (say AP or H1B stamp+I-797) and a document you can show the CBPO that authorizes you to work (say EAD or I-797).

If you use your AP to enter the US, the expiration date on the I-94 will be a year from the day you enter, even if the AP itself expires sooner. All you need to make sure is that you use the AP to enter the US before it expires.


DISCLAIMER: Not legal advice - based on personal anecdotes, opinion and preferences.

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New Year 2011 Calendar May

03-16 10:17 AM
Thank you very much for your post. I am in identical situation and planning to use AP to travel to India. Your post gives me some confidence to travel.

you are welcome jungalee..dont worry, you will be very fine.

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08-15 10:52 AM
I have one advice for you in this retrogression arena. I do not advice you to convert your BEC EB3 to PERM but just wait for it to get approved in EB3. At the same time file PERM application for a different job in EB2 in the same company or a different company it does not matter and get its I140 approved. Once BEC is approved apply for I-140 for that too and then you can port the date of EB3 to EB2 and apply for I485 which will fetch you GC faster. Good Luck.

I am also thinking to either file EB2-PERM or convert my current EB3-ROW Regular LC PD-04/2002 to PERM.

I received 45 day letter about six months ago. Do you think I should go with any of these options. Will appreciate ur comments

09-30 05:27 PM
This is absolutely no-sense at all.

Texas, take about 2-3 months to approve 140 and 485. While Nebraska take about 4-5 months to approve only 140. This is not included 485 that back up from December 2, 2005.

You compare about 2-3 month processing time from one Center and another 1 year from another service center.

People there don't know how to do the mathematic or what, why keep sending everything to Nebraska still. Why don't transfer from the last person in Nebraska to Texas and have Texas start processing 485 in Queued.

We don't want people get process by Luck! or by paying more money and left other people behind.

What you think?!

Guys at Nebraska:

Don't complain; I am at Vermont, and it is by far the SLOWEST :(
It is processing I-485 from ND of June 21 2005 now!!!! Nebraska is processing I-485 of Nov 2005.

Does anybody have predictions :) for how dates will move at Vermont?

I wish there was premium procesing for 485.


07-17 07:06 PM

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