Saturday, September 24, 2011

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04-15 09:03 AM
I think Air India is the best for elderly people.

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09-15 06:39 PM
Do we have any guesstimate for the number of attendies for the rally?

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04-27 03:16 PM
Guys..I'm sorry ..I'm mixing up things,,Here are the accurate details..

Labour Priority date is Nov'20 2007
My I-140 receipt date is Feb'20 2008..
My I-140 Approve date is Sep'24 2008

My 6 years H-1 will be completed by Jan'2010..but still my H-1 was denied..

Please update these details to your IV tracker profile, it will help you and others. It avoids confusions and delays in suggestions in a situation like yours.

What documents your company sent to USCIS for that 'client letter' RFE?
How many years was requested for extension 1 year or 3 years or until end of 6 year term with recapture? - I assume, it would be 3 year extension because your 140 is approved.

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09-22 11:28 AM
Not many cases in 2007 and 2008.

Looks like people got p1ssed off and not applying anymore in EB2 2008:p


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11-17 09:03 AM
what is happening? Is anything happening today?

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02-13 04:10 AM
Real soon : :)


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09-05 12:55 PM
Are the receipts mailed at home address or they go to the lawyer


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02-09 07:40 PM

I am proud of my 4 year old girl. She has written a letter to the President. When a 4 year old can write , we have 25k adult members and only about 500 of them have sent letters! Why ?

Here is my little girl's letter:

If we can't do this simple task, how can we expect the govt. to change laws for us ?

I understand, you are reading this post, but don't have a printer at home to print ? Ok, now open hotmail , gmail or yahoo mail, compose a mail to your work address. Just add this word document, and send a email to your work email address with the word document attached. when you see this email at work, just print 2 copies of the attachment, thats all you have to do.

Download the document from here:

I have made it simple enough, just write you name/address/ phone etc at the end.... you are all set. Is this hard ? Will it take more than 5 mins ?

Lets set a goal for next week. 10k letters by next week. Lets show our support to IV which is doing a phenomenal task.

Here is a link with more letter templates:

Broken Immigration System: (if some one can rotate this file please let me know!)


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08-05 11:13 PM
PA members most welcome to merge with Tri State members on the rally effort. We have a lunch meeting in NYC on Saturday and you are all most welcome to join us.

Please join us for a tri state lunch meet. We would like to start working on volunteers/ mobilizing members for the DC rally. Even if you cannot take the day off and come to DC please come by for the lunch. We could really use help with banners/posters/ and ideas to make this a success.

WHEN: Saturday AUGUST 11th
LOCATION- 148 E 48TH St, New York, NY 10017 (between Lexington and Third Avenues.)

TIME: 1:30 pm


Thank you!

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May 20th, 2005, 08:49 PM

I'd like to thankyou each for your reply upfront & foremost...

I don't have any of the "fuzzball" pic's handy where as I've been deleting them as they come... I'll take some later tonight and post them...

"Until then..."-- jliechty

First idea: put the lens to manual focus, and try that on a tripod. Perhaps the focus point got moved, and the camera is attempting to focus on black sky? This test would attempt to eliminate that.

As I stated originally, the first half'dozen + photo's I took of the moon where over the course of 2 nights... and each of them were taken "handheld", with "full'auto" On. All the other settings were out of the box defaults. And every one of them were "in focus" as they appeared in the viewfinder. 2 weeks later when I attempted somemore moon'shots was when I realized that something was different. "Every" shot from then on of the moon was as I've been discribing. I've attempted more than 2 dozen shots via "Manual focus while on a Tripod, using the Timer". And the results are identical to the current "hand'held" photo's. As for the focus point... I've set the camera to lock in via "single area" bracket selection as discribed on page 67 of the manual. I've even gone as far as to focus in on the moon in "auto" mode and then switched over to "manual" mode, set the timer, and still the same thing...

Bobby Digital--
Manual focus and exposure bracketing are what you need to do.

I've just read into these again and was wondering if these are settings that could have been changed without me knowing? Or perhaps realizing? I'm presently at work and the moon is just coming into view... I'm going to head home in a bit and pickup my camera and try checking & or changing these settings to see if it helps...


As an alternative , spotmeter the moon to figure out the exposure and/or use the histogram.

I'll attempt this aswell...

I'll post my results after I've attempted these suggestions... "& Thanks again for your time...



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08-12 10:46 AM
with your efforts. I hope you don't get banned...

what makes u think that he would be banned for asking such questions - if IV is busy may be some senior members can answer.

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05-14 12:53 PM
MD counties charge county income tax which is a rip off. Look in VA
Agree with this statement, county tax sucks in MD


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February 23rd, 2004, 07:48 AM
That's why I only buy from B&H when there is no otehr choice.
Not this case, not yet.

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11-18 05:39 PM
Since you are from Russia it may be wiser to stick with EB3. I am assuming that the priority date for EB3 will be very close to current when you are ready to file for 485. EB2 of course is always current.

Filing in EB2 is riskier, since you and employer will have to prove to USCIS that 1. the employer has a requirement for a person with EB2 qualifications and 2. you have those qualifications.

If you were from heavily retrogressed countries such as India and China, then taking a risk and filing in EB2 is worth it. For India/China:
EB3 --> GC when you are ready to marry off your grand children
EB2 --> GC when you are ready to marry off your children

I have H1 visa and my company started processing my GG. They published some ads, and in August applied for the LC. It turned out that they used EB3. They said that LC would be ready by February next year. Then it will take 4 years minimum for other steps. I was very surprised that I was EB3 but not EB2.

I have couple of questions:

1. How long does it take if to process it using EB3... 4 years, 5 years?

2. How long does it take if to process it using EB2? I am from Russia.

3. Is it possible to switch to EB2 somehow?

4. If I apply one more time now using Eb2, would it be faster? I will lose time for LC processing.

5. At what step of GC processing can I change a compamy that I work for?

Thank you


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11-30 10:49 PM
Thank you. I have my package ready. I am thinking about including prepaid self addressed envelope so I can track the package. How do you do it? Just go to postoffice and get one from them? I always ship out packages using paypal and I was thinking about printing a shipping label for priority envelope. Not sure if I should do that.I have filed for and recieved AP twice so far. I have done both paper and e-filing and combinations. When I lawyer files, he e-files. When I do it - I paper file. I have done different combinations. First time, with 485 - lawyer filed both for me and wife. Next year, my company suddenly decided they dont want to pay the lawyer fee for the dependent AP/EAD - so I paper-filed for my wife while mine was e-filed. Next year - my company decided to pay for both and my lawyer did e-filed mine and paper-filed my wife's application (dont know why).

Based on my experience (which is pretty extensive on both modes of filing as explained above for both AP and EAD) - I will always perfer paper filing. It has always been faster, easier and less hassle for me.

It sounds counter-intuitive that paper-filing would be faster/easier than e-filing - but that is USCIS for you.

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11-02 11:12 AM
In my instance I have been working with my current employer for past 5 years and this is 2nd H1B renewal with the same employer. It is sad that they have such a policy which discourages jobs in consulting sector.


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06-19 09:33 PM
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

I don't know what else to say and I am wondering how ignorant you could be. Even 2008 October bulletin will not be current for EB2 India (cutoof date may not be even Dec 05) with the current 140,000 visas per year.

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08-29 12:36 PM
I saw many 2nd July Polls but doesn't have full proof information.
So thaught creating New Poll.
Hope everyone will participate in the Poll.

not full proof.

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Back Womens/Girls Tattoos,

03-17 12:07 PM
bkam, just out of personal curiosity, what is ur plan B. Just for my personal Info.

03-09 12:30 PM
I know that with H1-B, one is not supposed to run his/her own business. But how about with EAD?

Yes, you can run a business on EAD.

You can own a business on H1-B too. But you cannot work for it . You can invest and have someone manage the operation for you. you can take profits but not work as an employee.

11-09 12:17 AM
Did someone say beer? If you guys will bring in chips and salsa, I will get beer. Let me know if you decide for 7ish on Friday. Will be there.


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