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Hay amores que matan.

11-15 09:15 AM
Voting is not enough please post your suggestion also.

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Hay amores que matan.. $0.99

03-09 07:57 PM
Guys I hear you all. If you want to do something about it go to the thread 'US Housing Crisis and Employment based Green Card issues'
My original post there was
I think we should do something contrary to what everyone else is suggesting. I have been reading a lot of posts on here iv and other sites where there is talk of us shelling x amount of dollars or buying a house as a solution to help the economy which is a good thing. However on the same posts I also see contrarian views saying the economy is in bad shape and they will never want to add more immigrants its a political thing. Some of them suggested that since we have all our savings in this country with the banks and the institutions they are not going to get an added benefit other than buying up of the houses and inventory which no one wants I guess. My contrarian view is this:
We sign a proposal and send it to the congress to act on eb cases or whatever we want them to and if they dont then the immigration community should start sending back dollars to their home country. We need massive campaign and support. Think about this estimates are about 800k are waiting in labor, eb or 485 stage if we send $1000 every week from the banks institutions in the US to our own country banks it will deplete the banks reserves by 800 mln every week. How long do you think they will want this to continue in the face of a falling economy and banks with limited funds.
Another thought that comes to mind is everyone takes a day off every month on one day.
Gandhiji taught us something non cooperation and maybe thats the way forward.
Thoughts opinions are welcome?

Here are my latest comments there:

I dont know if you guys watch cnbc but there was a debate today on whether foreign workers should be allowed and one of the Guests Vivek Wadhwa a Professor at the Duke Univ in North carolina said if we let them go back can you imagine the money from Citi and Bank of america going with them and there will be a run on those banks, exactly what I have been saying they cannot afford a run on the banks. All we NEED is collective action otherwise we are all DOOMED at different times even if your 485 is pending they are finding ways to block your GC process if that is not yet evident. Join the gang or Good luck!!!

amores que matan. amores que matan

amores que matan

04-04 04:54 AM
,,,,, others please weigh in

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Amores que matanLa cola

05-11 06:22 PM
Can I go to India and after the cleanace can I get the visa stamped in india?

If its cleared, they will issue the stamping here itself. If they deny it here, in India also they will deny.


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Amores que matan.

12-13 02:43 PM
My sincere advice - if u are here currently on a visa then forget about applying for GC..! Complete your education and get ur degree. Then - PACK UR BAGS AND GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY OR just go back home.! This GC is bussiness is honestly not worth it anymore.!! Sorry if i sound frustrated or disheartening but I'm only being practical & realistic.!
I second it. rkat's every word is right. Please do not make your education decision just based on GC EB2 or EB3

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03-14 12:07 PM


amores que matan. Amores que matan

Amores que matan

12-01 06:01 PM
The relevant dates, as I see it, are:

10/06: H-1B ext filed
12/06: H-1B expired, ext still pending
7/07: 485 filed.
??: H-1B ext denied?

Using INA 245k you may be able to argue that you are eligible to adjust because you may not have violated status for over 180 days, or at all, before filing the 485. Recent CIS memos on the issue of unlawful presence and related topics have made this a very complicated subject, so you really need to review the entire history with an immigration attorney in a formal consultation if you want a 2nd opinion.

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03-26 09:00 AM
well - not hooters... but a good selection of indian movies and shows to watch.

and... games !


amores que matan. Det�nganme /Amores que matan

Det�nganme /Amores que matan

01-09 02:13 PM
it will be a status quo! i will be surprised if it moves!!!

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Amores que matan. AIRE RETRO

05-16 03:48 PM
Everything depends on your PD and how much time it will take to become current:

Scenario A: You are from EB3 India or China and PD later than Jun-05

In this case you can safely mark CP on your case at the time of filing I140. Always remember that it is going to take 4-6 months for a case to reach consulate, after I140 approval, when you mark CP on your I140. So if your PD will not become current in next 12-15 months, you are safe to choose this option. Because as soon as your PD is current you will get an appointment in consulate without additional fees of I824.

However, if there is a wild swing in visa bulletin like July 2007 fiasco, before your I140 is approved, then you can safely file I485.

Scenario B: You are EB2 China, PD of Jun-05.

At this time you do not have the option of filing I485, but it makes sense to mark I485 on the option & assuming your PD will be current soon. If the I140 gets approved and the PD still does not become current, like India was stuck in Jan-03 for long time, then you can take AC-I140 to the consulate the time PD gets current. If your I485 is stuck in admin processing for long time, despite a current PD, you can take AC-I140 to the consulate.

To Jun's questions: Police certificates & medical exams need to be done in home country. Personally I think, police certificates in India can be obtained pretty quickly. I personally have family ties in India, so they can get the process started when PD becomes current. I do not know about the delays in other countries.

Again choosing AOS or CP is a very tricky situation and depends on personal situation such as:

1) whether you need EAD/AP benefits for spouse or uourself.
2) your job prospects. Future and current. Vs job stability.
3) Your country and support from respective govt agencies.

On the face of it CP is not an attractive option but files must consider ACI140 and should try and get as many appointments as possible. Most EB based filers are financially secured and can afford additional expense of ACI140 & CP.


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Porque amores que matan nunca

09-06 11:50 AM
How about even a much better solution, learn your country's national language......:)

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en Amores que matan,

10-09 05:38 PM
I am in.


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01-05 07:33 AM
@thomachan72 - Thank you! Great idea on the trailer with dialogues! Our goal was to create an engaging, relatively fast paced and high level quick Teaser first to get people's attention and then release a Trailer with dialogues just like you mentioned in a few weeks. So the main full film trailer will come out late January/early February. Stay tuned.

tattoo AMORES QUE MATAN amores que matan. Amores que matan,La cola

Amores que matan,La cola

11-29 05:01 PM
The line in bold above is NOT TRUE. You can work in the USA with the approved H1B even if it is not stamped and even if you arrived using H4. All you need is a SSN along with the approved H1B to start working.

What you say is true if the approval notice (I-797) has I-94 attached. If not, then she needs to go out of the country to change status.

In other words, the status is determined by I-94.

Usual warning: Use any of above at your own risk!


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May 16th, 2005, 08:23 PM
Joey, I like the last one with 2 suggestions. 1) As Josh suggested, get rid of the birds and retake it when the shadows are a bit less imposing. 2) Stage a foreground object. The path is too bland, and needs an anchor or point of interest. It doesn't have to be large. A park bench, a log beside the path, a small shrub near the path, for example, maybe even a blanket with a picnic basket on it. Not sure it would blend in, but maybe even a (subdued) hopscotch layout in chalk on the path. That would establish your "near". I like the "far" in this shot. At first, far appears to be straight down the path. But then you realize that far actually bends behind those smal trees to the left of the path, and the furtherst point ends up between those and the large single tree. I found my eyes taking a nice journey in those directions. Just a few thoughts.

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Hay amores que matan.

07-26 03:11 PM
My company filed my green card and have applied for 485 for me and my wife on July 19 with July visa bulletin reinstated. We have also applied for AP and EAD for my wife. We both are on H1 at this time. My wife' job is going to end by month end.
Does she need to file change of status to H4 or it is fine to stay in US with AOS pending status.

My 140 is still pending

What do you mean by job ending this month? Is she not interested in looking for other projects or is she planning to change to H4?

If she's not planning to continue working then she has to change to H4.


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amores que matan. atenti a la boquita

06-05 05:18 PM
I dont know if other Folks have seen the same thing. My renewal EAD application has reached Texas (TSC) today June 5th around noon by USPS Express Mail but the status says

Status: Notice Left

We attempted to deliver your item at 11:16 AM on June 5, 2008 in MESQUITE, TX 75185 and a notice was left. A second delivery attempt will be made. If unsuccessful, we will hold it for five business days and then it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

The address where i sent is
Texas Service Center
P.O. Box 851041
Mesquite, TX 75185-1041

Any clue what may be going on - this is another round of fun :confused:

girlfriend Amores que matan,La cola amores que matan. Tags: amores que matan,

Tags: amores que matan,

02-06 03:35 PM

i am new member of this community . I greatly appreciate the effort that IV is putting forward to address immgration issue .

I got my green card recently and now i want to leave a blood sucking employer whom i work as independent Contractor after i got my EAD for 3years .Because of his torture of not paying me on time and defaulting some payments and constant harassments i called to quit .

Now i got an offer from a client to join as full time . Now he is threating me with some non compete clause which is redundant , when i signed he said that i cant join his competition .Now he is saying that i cant join with the client as well and threating to pursue legally against me.

i have lot of money at stake. Gurus i greatly appreciate if any one can throw some light in this area and possibly provide me any Lawyers in NJ area .

I apolosize for posting this non relevant issue .

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12-16 10:22 AM
Don't Panic but retaliate.

Appraise your self with form wh4 and AC21 rules and then appreaise your new employer attorney. You and your new employer attorney are in good situation to take your Ex-employer for a ride. Good luck....

After 180 days I-485 is pending and I-140 is approved, your priority date remains valid even if your employer withdraws approved I-140. Basically, your ex-employer cannot stop the case, and as long as you find a new job in similar ocupation and very similar duties, you I-485 can still be approved. Read AC-21 for more information.
Suggestion: keep the employment termination letter/note/email for records for future reference.

03-09 03:05 PM
Waiting on mine to get fwded to my new address.

07-21 10:02 AM
Taking the emotional quotient and any other 'angles' out of the issue. Fragomen is correct and so is your manager.

If it comes to that, it's not worth the risk for you, your manager and your company to do anything other than what's suggested by your attorney.(Fragomen)

Normally my wife is the one who is used to post or follow up on the latest here.

This came up a week ago. I have been working from home in a different state and we do not have any company office near my home. Nearest office location is about 3 hours. I had to move this far away due to personal reasons.

Now after working from home for 3 years (extending EAD, H1Bs etc) Fragomen (most of you know who they are) says I cannot do work from home anymore due to this conflict with uscis. it seems USCIS doesnt recognize your home as a Govt recognized work location. Hence I cannot work from home.

Now my manager wants me to only work from the office since folks reporting to me are also in that state. Now he is using Fragomen and HR emails as a reason for me to move back.

Anythoughts ? I am sure you all will agree that is the law. but why all this now ? even after working for 12 years.

One other point the fragomen lawyer said is - this is going to be the case for all thier clients.

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