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11-15 09:53 AM
Simply and bluntly put

IV is we. If you are not there , there is no IV. We are in agony and pain. let us scream so high that even deaf may lend their ears.

What is at stake is you career. We have every thing to loose by doing nothing. I know, I have lost a whole lot. Probably I were better off moving to India after my MBA. I might have been doing much better there. But I am at the point where I cannot let got without trying. Have you reached that point yet?

Here is my personal story, if you think you can do better here without the Green Card. Think again! I have been slogging in this mess since 1999, even though I have world class qualifications (Full time MBA from a top US school, several years of work experience, PMP and marching toward CFA). All this are futile , if I don't have that stupid work permit with out any strings attached (Green Card)

Yes I do have EAD. But it is full of restriction. At least let us work together to remove that restriction..

I don't want any freaking loosers. Loosing is their nature. I want winners to work with me. Are you the one?

unless we join hands together and come forward nothing will change ...

because of personal reason I was not able to devote much time to IV recently ... will be involved more now onwards ...

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03-19 11:49 AM
I think he mentioned 2005 fee as the fee for I-485 in 2005 (old fee structure). Not the check date of 2005. Let him clarify.
Just wondering, a 2005 check is a very valid check. A check with future date is not valid for cashing immediatly. This may be invalid if the lawyer didnt had the account in 2005.

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Valentino Rossi, #39;The Doctor#39;,

11-23 02:15 PM
Try checking their site right around 9:30pm EST. They seem to open up appointments between 9:30-10pm. Appointments fill up pretty easily. (So much for our visa fee dollars).

Any one successful in last 2 weeks in scheduling a Visa appointment in Hyderababad consulate? For last 2 weeks I have been trying to schedule an appointment and it displays message "try after some time" on the site.

Please let me know if any one was able to do it in last 3 weeks time frame?


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01-14 02:52 PM
You asked for any news at all and here is update posted today on

"01/14/2007: Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation Likely Timeline

Report indicates that the House and Senate special panel has been working hard to work out the new Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislative bill. As everyone knows, this panel is led by Sen. McCain and S. Kenndy on the Senate side. It appears that the panel is targeting at introducing the bill first by March and pushing to pass the Senate by April, and the House then takes over the Senate passed bill and attempts to pass it quickly. We will have to wait and see whether or not this scenario will work as planned, but because of the changed political landscape, it is general opinion and concensus in the media and political circles that unlike the tragic experiences in the past few years, it will have a much better chance to make it this time on. If it fails to make it through as scheduled, the chance of the bill will turn slimmer because of the emerging 2008 national election politics and heat of passions involving politics. The AgJOBS bill which will legalize approximately 1.5 million farm workers on H-2A visa status currently receives a very strong support from legislators in both sides of the aisle, even though there is some difference between the White House and the Congress when it comes to the details. It is unknown whether this bill will eventually turn into a part of the CIR. AgJOBS bill is already nicknamed "Temporary Guest Worker" bill!
As for the Appropriation bills for the federal departments other than Defense and DHS, since Continuing Resolution to temporarily fund these departments will expire on February 15, 2007, there is expected some legislative activity to pass some of the minor immigration bills including H-1B reform as part of the appropriation legislative process. Please stay tuned."

Hope you feel relaxed for the day


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Valentino Rossi The Doctor

04-30 03:42 AM
Yes getting her here on an F1 Visa is your best option. You can hv the wedding in India but she shd not disclose abt her wedding and shd cm here on her maiden name and after afew months you can hv a registered marriage here. That is what my cousin did and they flew together to US.

This is totaly wrong. In fact if at a later stage this is found out (as it will) he/she can lose GC as well on grounds of perjury(false declaration).

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Valentino Rossi The Doctor

05-31 10:11 AM
This is my first time $200 contribution for this great organization. Keep up the good work guys!!

Google Checkout #778027030093989


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The Doctor - Valentino Rossi

02-20 12:36 PM
Labor substitution is DEAD and therefore it is no longer possible for you to use the labor certification approved for a different employee.

i would like to convert EB3- pd to Eb2.
My sistuation is like this . pls help mw if you know if this is possible:

1.With My current employer :I have EB2- labor approved and i-140 also approved with PD of sep 2005.
2. My current employer has Eb-3 approved labor with PD of june 2003 of some other employee and can be substituted for me and get I-140 approval.

Now question is : Is it possible to port PD of the Eb-3 approved labor substituion and after i-140 approval of substituted labor to my EB-2 labor.

If it is possible how exactly PD is convertible..means will the attorney need to mention to use PD of EB-3 at the time of applying I-485.

When exactly can apply for PD the time of applying i-485 or i-140 ..

If somebody clarify me that is great .


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04-24 08:33 AM
^SDL is not really that confusing at all. And he will have to learn it at one time or another, and why limit a program to one OS.

Plus he said he wanted to make slide out menu's and after a week will be able to do that and probably more.


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07-08 01:25 PM
Though it is not of my concern - I see that you want to file a divorce with your current spouse and then remarry another person - while I don't know your personal specific situation - I would suggest that you must try and work it out with your current spouse

I see a lot of divorce cases these days among the immigrant community and when we look into it further - many cases divorces could have been avoided if spouses were more accomodating.

Once again - I have written this with a good intent. Please do niot shoot me down. Admins can delete my post if needed.

wb, agony aunt
and stop watching those Karan Johar movies.

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03-11 07:33 PM
One BIG RED I see in your profile is you filed in July, 07 and changed job in Dec, 07. Did you waited for 6 months to change the job?

Hi All,

EB3-ROW PD: June 6, 2005
AOS application sent: July 1, 2007
I switched employent on December 2007. I didn't transfer H1-B so I am using my EAD to work for the new company. I didn't file for AC21 because I was worried about RFE or other type of complications.

My H1-b visa and I94 expired on May 2008. I am planning to visit my homecountry and come back on AP. As I understand all I need normally is AP+ passport+ I485 receipt. However, I also read some forum members recommending that we carry recent pay stubs and an employment letter from our company. I also read some that folks were asked if they were still working for the same company. My honest answer would be "no". I left my GC sponsoring firm (A) and joined company (B). So I wouln't have letters or pay stubs from company A. Would that be a problem at the POE? If I run into an IO that prefers to scrutinize, I might get into trouble. This really worries me. Again I switched jobs and never filed for AC21. Would I be at fault for not reporting the job change?

Thanks a lot for all your support!!


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Valentino Rossi Number 46 cap

07-03 10:38 AM
I am sending a flower with a note to LincolN, NE address.
Could anyone give me the complete and correct address?

We should all send individually the flowers.

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Valentino Rossi

05-21 06:40 AM
My past post on this issue

Thread on that topic


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08-10 02:30 PM
By other poster...

"Some people already know about this bill introduced on July 1 by John Shadegg (AZ)
H.R. 5658 : To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to increase competitiveness in the United States, and for other purposes.
Link: H.R.5658: SKIL Act of 2010 - U.S. Congress - OpenCongress (
go to the link and click and write to you local representative to consponsor and suppor this bill and pass this bill.
If congress passes this bill it would increase the available EB visa numbers and will make life easy for lots of indian and chinese citizens.
Good Luck
And thanks"

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01-10 06:43 PM
My husband's case was transferred from CSC to TSC. We haven't received the FP notice yet. USCIS status "The I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS was transferred and is now pending standard processing at a USCIS office". when we called customer service cust service rep informed that we need to wait 180 days after the transfer for FP


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Valentino Rossi 46 Doctor

09-26 12:16 PM
I also filed with NSC and just finished my FP yesterday. I am still waiting for my EAD and AP. Does your I-140 needs to be approved first before you get your EAD and AP?

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08-08 07:33 PM
...of meaningless "predictions."


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where Valentino was

02-13 04:33 PM
H1B or not to Be is the question ?

join IV for the answers ;)

I like this one!

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#1 and Valentino Rossi

07-26 01:49 AM
I think you should read this thread to help you understand what EAD does for you and your spouse.

Now for your second question, if you're I-140 gets rejected then your I-485 will be rejected too. The approved EAD will be discontinued if you switched from H1 to EAD and you will no longer be legal in the US. If you think you're I-485 is not a strong case it's bettter to stay on H1 and not use EAD even if they issue you one. Good luck! Hope I was able to answer your question. :)

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valentino rossi doctor

08-19 12:40 AM

I am a July filer, I called USCIS last week and they stated that they need a new set of biometrics. I had initially given my biometrics after I filed my AOS last year in July 2007. According to what I have read USCIS should be able to retrieve my biometrics from their Biometric storage system. Should I call USCIS and argue with them which may be futile. Or should I just bite the bullet and await the new biometric appointment. I would appreciate any input.

PD: 10/2002
I-140 - Approved Jan 2007
Category - EB3, ROW

09-04 03:28 PM
Dear Friends, My sincerest hopes and prayers that EB2-I dates advance my PD is Jul 2007 and we narrowly missed the Jul 07 windfall. I hope our wait for EAD & AP ends this year!

My mind says its difficult, heart says pray for it, maybe our wishes and prayers are granted in the Oct VB. Good luck to all :)

Same here my friend, I also missed narrowly....Hoping next bulletin EB2 india will be around 2007 end....

lets pray for and hope for the best...

03-26 02:13 AM
its processing time is not more then a week

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