Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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04-20 04:46 PM
I am on H1/valid I-94/ expired visa/ I-140 in progress.
My NJ license is set to expire in about two months.
Given the recent situation with MD state bill HB387 is anybody in the saimilar boat, and what avenues do we have?

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08-09 02:30 PM
From posts here, it seems they used to give 3 year based on approval date rather than date of filing. But USCIS recent faq says that they will look for date of filing. May be all the IOs don't yet know the latest rule/FAQ.
btw, I applied my H1 extension on July 11th and approved on Aug 3rd. Got three year extension. Go figure.

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12-12 03:59 PM
It would be interesting to see though... if we have even a single person on this forum with EB2 priority date before Jan1 2000.
Basically, that means USCIS won't issuing any EB2 india and at the end of the fiscal year we will hear of visa numbers being wasted again.

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02-17 10:41 AM
You are right. We need to get this to everyone who is waiting for GC.

But Instead of focussing on getting this to everyone, can you focus on getting just two people to participate in this event?

Even if only a few of us do this, this will spread like wildfire by itself. We can make this event a grand success and get what we want.

Spread the word. Participate.


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02-21 03:59 PM
good job, eb3_nepa!!

While you're at it, why don't you also copy and paste all the articles/news stories that support skilled worker immigration that are on this site, and send them across too.

That will help them tremendously, since congressional staffers are often pressed for time and cannot gather all the supporting information by themselves.

Thanks! Keep it up!

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10-02 03:45 PM
I got the recipt notices in mail. When I check the status online i get "validation error" message. Dont understand why the system is not pulling my application details for 485, EAD and AP. Mine is NSC and recipt notice starts with LIN:mad:


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09-01 04:21 PM
Thanks gcwanted101.
So it looks like G639 is only for requests to USCIS and not for DOL.

Can anyone who has submitted an FOIA request to DOL for Labor docs clarify the process?
I browsed the DOL web site, but they don't seem to have a form similar to USCIS G-639 form.

Hey lj_rr

"Also for the labor copy, should the request be sent to USCIS or DOL?"

For Labor : you have to send request to DOL.
For 140 : you have to send request to USCIS.

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10-20 10:56 PM
Oh... yeah that makes sense. I just change the spelling so it still shows, it is just grammatically incorrect :P


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03-28 03:27 PM
hi there! but what if mine's rcpt date is july 21? the last processing time was July 30, 2007??? my friend who has a rcpt date of July 19 got her gc already. Do you think they already finished processing the cases from July 20-July 30?? cause its been a month and they should finish it before they moved back because it's just 10 freakin days! right? last january 2008 they processed from april 2007-June 19 (my friend had hers already).. im so upset
i know so close yet so far...that is the story of most here...so no surprises...

U r just in the last throes...hang in there...

How USCIS works is not worth discussing...u can never get an answer from them even if u sue them.
I know of people who got GC in 2001 in 6 months (from india) while my labor took forever...who can explain that (same state, same Company)....its just not worth the headache.....at th eend of it all its still a lottery

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04-05 07:34 AM
You should apply neither Fiance visa (K1) or Tourist visa (B2) I guess that is the best and fastest way as far as I know.


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07-15 02:10 PM
You can still work on EAD and maintain your H4 as long as you do not go out of the country. If you go out and enter on AP, then you switch back to AOS, no reporting to USCIS is necessary. But if you can still file I-539 and switch back to H4 again.

But on H4 you can still work on EAD, while maintaining your H4 status.

H4 status ends the moment you start using EAD for employment. You would need to use AP for travel and re-entry.

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06-06 11:44 AM
The girl looks too blurry but nice :).

And I thought RED means EVIL and BLUE means GOOD :puzzle:?


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09-17 11:44 AM
Few things to remember
1. It is good for us if EB1 remains current for India and ROW - chance of some visa numbers trickling down.

2. The H1B cap is still 65,000 + 20,000 + some extra for non profit and a sizeable portion of this is Indians meaning other nationalities are not applying in large numbers. What this means is that the whole 45,000 EB1 and 45,000 EB2 will likely not get used from 2008-9 (by that ROW EB3 ROW will start becoming close to current and people from ROW will not try to find a way to apply for EB2 like they are doing now).

3. People will try to port their EB3 date to EB2 and some will meet success but others might fail. This will be particularly true for Indians.

Put all this together, I think any Indian who applied for GC in Eb2 or 3 post 2004 will probably have to wait the same amount of time in either category, maybe a year less in EB2. Given that you are anyway going to have to wait 7-8 years minimum, one year more or less does not make any difference.

I think people from India with post 2004 Pri dates should
a) Actively work for some meaningful legislative change, contact all your friends and make them aware of this problem, please do not just sit there and hope for a change

b) Make solid backup plans, whatever they might be - consider UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore as backups. Learn as much as you can in your present job and change jobs if you feel you are stagnating. Do not keep your career in limbo for GC when the earliest you will get it is after 7-8 years. Imagine this - if you are 25 now, you will be in your mid-thirties doing the same job if you wait for your GC.

c) Save, save, save - I cannot reiterate this, basically do not spend a dollar more than you need to. Buy a full efficient cheap car, rent a place (house prices are stagnating) etc. Do your due dilligence and post new ideas here.

d) Find a way to lobby to get back your SSN and Medicare taxes - Indian govt. is making noises about this, use your connections to make the noise louder.

e) Last but not the least, If married and planning to start family, do not wait until they change law to ban birth right citizenship :).

Use this thread to post new ideas.

I have a suggestion which I think might annoy those in EB ROW so I apologize from them in advance. I have been reading in the forums that the US CIS/State Department under law is supposed to transfer all unused EB ROW numbers to the oversubscribed countries at the close of the fiscal year. Also, I have been reading that the US CIS has NOT been doing soo. If what others are saying is true, and if US CIS does what it is supposed to do then the EB China/India will not be so severly retrogressed. How about filing a lawsuit directing the US CIS to follow the law (if there is any such law)? I personally have not researched this issue, my knowledge is based on what the others are saying in the forum.

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01-03 10:46 AM
IV is working on this and we shall be making this live shortly.


Thanks to the core group for working on this. If I may make another suggestion- have you thought about using Google checkout? For one there is no transaction fee till the end of 2007. This would be particularly beneficial if you're trying to collect smaller amounts like $20 every month. Second Google also gives a discount of $10 or $20 for the first payment depending on the amount. So it might turn out to be a lot better for IV when compared to PayPal.


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05-17 10:44 PM
That is true. This thing called "special handling" in common parlance is, thank god, not a hot topic of discussion. I hope this clause doesn't get weeded out given the current scenario where they have killed F4. I really wonder if "highly skilled" legal immigrants would ultimately get any benefit out of this bill. Limboland is where many people are - and at the end of the day you still get to live in Limboland and become its citizens by default.

My two cents! :( :(

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03-29 09:47 PM

I am sorry, but as far as I have known IV, IV has never exclusively or inclusively worked on student OPT/H1, but it is a coincidence that increase in student OPT might be a fallout of some of IV's actions. I dont see any point of asking students to join IV solely on this basis (OPT or H1 increase). Though, having graduated as a student in US, I totally agree to the point of asking students to join stating that GC is the final step in achieving their American Dream, where IV can make considerable impact.

I think the administrators should particulary keep a close watch on such posts related to OPT/H1 issues. These posts might be incorrectly interpreted and lead to deviatons from IV's cores agenda issues as well as division of resources. Unless, IV administrators are seriously thinking of changing their ideology and are willing to walk this path.

Nevertheless, I will keep on supporting IV with all my possible efforts. Cheers and Go IV!


The idea is to encourage imigrants to get into this process of "self help". A lot of people do not realise the importance of such efforts and thats whythey try to avoid and always find issues and faults.
Students/OPT are fresh, young and talented and their energies can be channelized in the most effective manner. it is just the process of trying to inculcate the thought of "right approach" for their careers and future.

IV has been a platfrom for immigrants, IV has been used as a platform for various issues like drivers license and other variety of issues.


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03-31 06:16 PM
Congratulations. Enjoy your freedom.

What is the process did you followed to port from EB3 to EB2 ?

New Labor with EB2 Job requirements
I-140 Approval
Port Over EB3 priority to EB2 after I-140 Approval


Do we have any other route to port over from EB3 to EB2.

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03-25 10:46 AM
We are most fortunate, thanks to Mr. Bill Gates, Rep Smith's current bill will triple our h1b cap and it will pass. all 3 american candidates support us. we are winning:D:D:D

I remember this bill being brought up last year also and was "supposed" to be passed but never even came up for voting...why do u anticipate this will go through this time? My wife is applying for her "H1B" and she is awaiting the lotto results...
I strongly disapprove of ppl waiting for their GC voicing against H1B cap increase because they have crossed that bridge and have H1B. I am only safely assume such ppl will voice against IV and all IV activities once they receive their GC...

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07-17 07:19 PM
Please read this: Entering Canada ? U.S. Consular Services in Canada (http://www.consular.canada.usembassy.gov/enter_canada.asp)

Thanks! this is useful link anyway. I quickly browsed through it. But still the question I asked is not answered.

The thread is for people with Canadian perm residentship and also have US green card. They may face issue due to conflict of interest (intent) between both white/green cards.

while, most of us do not have Canada perm residentship. why should we face that issue? I was only concerned with any other issue due to the fact of mere visiting canada on greencard? if it can raise any suspicion (or any technical issue) of abandoning the pending or approved GC?

January 5th, 2005, 08:07 AM
Just some saturation on the reds...but that's how it looks in real life

09-20 12:24 PM
Can a person who is on H1B visa engage in an internet business (and receive income from it) from home ? I do know a couple of people who used to do that.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Answer from my Lawyer is No.

I tried to commercialize my website which you see in my signature. Plan was to sell
the consulting services and sell gem stones. I am on H1B and Lawyer said do not do it.

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