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Taylor Swift Resorts To A

June 18th, 2005, 02:47 PM
Did you see my comment on this shot in the gallery, because I said the same exact thing "ask and you shall receive". Anyway, like I said there, great shot, Anders would be proud. ;)
Great minds and all that ;) Yeah, Anders & Omar keep me working to improve my wildlife and landscapes. You, Bob, Rob, Gary and others too numerous to list here remind me thru pictures that I should shoot other things occasionally too. And Queen Josephine has finally shamed me into buying Photoshop CS2 (with the intent of learning how to use it). 'Course, now I only have to figure out how to open this box...:D

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for Taylor Swift#39;s Style

02-07 04:24 PM
True and I don't blame them, my priority date is 10th August 2007 and I haven't seen much progress since then. Last year during advocacy day in washington the turn out was pretty low, let's hope we will have better turn out this year and will make our voice heard.

We pay all the taxes including social security being on work visa, why should we be made liable to pay these taxes when the beneifts will be reaped only by citizens. An individual should be made to pay SS taxes only after he becomes a permanent resident. We are made to pay each and every tax without getting anything in return except an ambiguos future for us and family.

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Taylor Swift Should Never

04-22 10:31 AM
My lawyer got the RFE notice yesterday....

USCIS requesting the following...
1. Dated letter from employer detailing job duties and position
2. Your proffered position if different from current one
3. Date I began employment and current salary
4. Letter must be signed by executive officer of the company
5. Letter must clearly state whether the terms and conditions of employment based visa (or labor certification) continue to exist

They are requesting too many things at this point and it seems like the requests are different from other RFE's received by IV members. This is concerning me a lot. Can expert IV members give me any guidance? Have you received such an RFE, what does this mean? Any advice is very much appreciated.

My LC / I-140 stated that I am an "Electrical Engineering Technician" due to PW concerns at the time of application but my H1-B application said "Applications Engineer (Chemicals Group)". But the job duties were exactly the same word for word. I'm not sure if that is causing the problem. I am being paid significantly more than the LC / 1-140 wage currently. So, lack of ability to pay is not an issue. I have also been continuously employed by the same organization. I have not sought a different employer ever since I applied for my GC.

Please reply with your thoughts.

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meant? or less eyeliner?

11-17 12:59 PM
you have to options -

1. your employer files change of status H1 to H4 (form I-539)
2. you go out of country and come back on previously stamped H4. you need not to apply H4 again as long as previous H4 is valid. remember - if you decide to work in future, your employer has to file change of status application from H4 to H1 again.

please double check before you make any decision.

If I just re-enter US on my previous H4 stamp, will that change my status automatically back to H4 fom H1 in all govt database? or should I apply for any other docs?


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Taylor Swift#39;s hair and

04-03 11:11 AM

Found the following in Mathew Oh's website (please see the bottom of my post for it). I will be sending him an email to a) enquire the DOL about increased transparency on its backlog reduction efforts, b) qualify the gif image in the DOL's website stating the elimination of all backlog in 19 months.

My question is whether any of the core IV members have access to this conference? If so, it might be a wonderful opportunity to ask the officials key questions that relates to some of our goals. Whether they will answer them to our satisfaction is a different story. But, atleast we can ask them. Just a thought.

Here is the quote from Mathew Oh's website:

The AILA annual conference will be held in San Antonio from June 21 through June 24, 2006. It is the annual convention of immigration lawyers nationwide, immigration department leaders, State Department officials, Labor Department officials, and other involved entities and orgnizations. This reporter will attend this meeting as he has been doing for over 20 years. Every year, this reporter asked our readers to send him e-mails to indicate the issues which the readers consider critically important at this point of time. Such e-mails help the reporter to focus on the selected issues and try to explore or collect information on the issues. Obviously, the questions should not be related to any individual cases or individual situations. We will convene in the San Antonio Convention Center. This will be the third visit to this city for this reporter. San Antonians, if you see this reporter on the street, please say hello to him!

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04-29 09:28 PM
Yes getting her here on an F1 Visa is your best option. You can hv the wedding in India but she shd not disclose abt her wedding and shd cm here on her maiden name and after afew months you can hv a registered marriage here. That is what my cousin did and they flew together to US.


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Taylor Swift may be

01-27 02:39 PM
I am an optimist. A hopeful person. I like to and want to see the positive side of things. However, the current political climate and economic state of the nation makes me skeptical.

Much has been said and (not) done so far about immigration reform. The murphy's law half of my brain is starting to get queasy. I've been in this mess for 6 years now and dread the doomsday scenario that immigration reform doesn't go through this year. If it does not, I think we're all completely effed up for the next 3-4 years, at least until after the next elections. I hope to be wrong on this, by a long shot.

My question to some of you is - what will you do if skilled reform doesn't happen this year?

My career has been stagnating, rotting away almost. I've been working on a startup idea in my spare time for a while now. Of course, these sort of ventures need time and full-time effort to take-off. I have often entertained the thought of leaving my job, returning back to India, or finding some way, by hook or crook, of doing my own thing, and reviving my career. Having lived here, first as a grad student, and now as a wage slave, for the past 9 years, returning is not an easy option. If reform does not happen, I don't see anything but darkness for a pretty long time.

What will you do?

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Taylor Momsen wears her

02-23 04:14 PM
Can anyone tell me which are the states that have in-state tuition fees for the H4 visa holder? It maynot be an exhaustive list but atleast need to start somewhere... Pennsylvania does not allow it... and this is the reason it is becoming increasingly difficult for my wife to keep on studying on my salary.

Answers greatly appreciated...


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Look 3: Taylor Swift#39;s

07-17 11:13 AM
Hello All,

I want to start an interesting discussion - not sure whether a thread already exists or a similar discussion has already taken place.

We all know about the current state of the economy and current unfortunate unemployment rate. We all also know that majority jobs lost are in construction, manufacturing etc. We also know that some people (who have no other choice) are targetting legal EB community as if they are responsible for all this mess.

I want people to discuss the other things like DV Lottery, Chain Family Migration or any other popular programs from labor/unemployment point of view. Please no intent to discuss it from any other angle at all.

These forms of migration bring a lot of uneducated (or less educated), unskilled (or low skilled) population/labor into the country which contribute higher for the unemployment rate (for both numerator and denomenator - rate = # unemployed/# total).
example: suppose in a hypothetical community of 10000000, 300000 are unemployed. They have 3% of unemployement rate.
Supposed 30K unskilled (or low skilled) labor is added (which neither creates jobs nor are employed). Now if they are added, the rate becomes 330000/10030000 or ~ 3.3%

This can be bad example but it was just to put a point forward.

Are there any statistics (again?) available about the effect of DV, chain family migration or any such program in the last 10-15 years towards the unemployment rate today? A lot of unskilled (or low skilled) labor was added to the economy which was OK during upward economy but cannot sustain at all in down economy like this.


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Taylor Swift Resorts To A

06-06 11:48 AM
dude u are exactly ite blue mean good and red means evil.........


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Star Taylor Swift.

11-30 12:22 PM
As the IO officers explained to you, instead of approving some other document(s), USCIS wrongly approved your I-485 application.


I wish the USCIS would wrongly approve my citizenship application even though i dont have GC yet:D

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Taylor Swift looked ultra-glam

07-06 02:14 PM
I guess not, if it is legal!
Just don't shoot anybody now. That might have a negative impact!!! :D

Guys lets not piss off bharol. He's got a gun!!!!


I have Green card. I was wondering if owning a Gun legally can have any implications in getting citizenship later.

I found that in California, where I live, it is legal for non-citizens to own a gun.


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We#39;ve Sharpied Taylor up so

03-08 10:17 AM
This is EXACTLY the confusion. My case is explained below:

1. I am on H1-B - havent used my EAD yet
2. My wife has and is currently using her EAD though
3. We filed I-140 (NIW) and I-485, concurrently for both of us in July 2007.

So what happens to our I-485's and her EAD? My attorney says she should be alright (legally and work eligibility wise) till we appeal and get the final decision. But we are hearing different things at these forums. So really not sure...

Ideas? Suggestions? Examples?


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dresses taylor swift, mumford

09-26 01:21 PM
Hi All,

My visa will expire (6 yrs completion) in the month of October 2007. What can I do next. Will I get an years extension based on the Green card filing. What is the standard procedure ?



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3. Flushed Cheeks

01-18 11:13 AM
Cool. Thanks for your replies. One more question. Are you guys currently in US and have applied 485. How do i use Canadian citizenship and 485 pending to maximize my opportunities in us and also have Canadian citizenship as a backup?


King37 sent you a PM

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I think Taylor Swift is doing

07-29 08:57 PM
I have a unique problem with possibly getting a green card too early. Please let me know how I can make this situation better. My priority date in EB2 India is in Jan 2006, which means potentially I could get my green card in 2-3 months.

I plan to get engaged in December 2008 and married in December 2009 to an Indian born Australian citizen. As far as I can see, her chargeability would be from India.

What are my options to make my life easier and to be able to successfully bring my future wife to the US the easiest possible way. So far, I have 2 options:

1. Use the special E3 work visa for Australian citizens.
2. If I dont get my GC within the next few months, do an early court marriage and invoke the following-to-join spouse when she is ready to come to the US.


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03-28 03:27 PM
hi there! but what if mine's rcpt date is july 21? the last processing time was July 30, 2007??? my friend who has a rcpt date of July 19 got her gc already. Do you think they already finished processing the cases from July 20-July 30?? cause its been a month and they should finish it before they moved back because it's just 10 freakin days! right? last january 2008 they processed from april 2007-June 19 (my friend had hers already).. im so upset
i know so close yet so far...that is the story of most here...so no surprises...

U r just in the last throes...hang in there...

How USCIS works is not worth discussing...u can never get an answer from them even if u sue them.
I know of people who got GC in 2001 in 6 months (from india) while my labor took forever...who can explain that (same state, same Company)....its just not worth the headache.....at th eend of it all its still a lottery

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Taylor Swift#39;s looks ever so

07-15 11:36 PM
Do you guys see any issues if I-94 is expired but I-485 application is pending and the petitioner is working on EAD? Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks,

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Wear black eyeliner on the

07-05 10:03 PM
I once worked in the admissions office at a very selective school. Applicants that didn't get selected resorted to such gimmicks (sending cards, presents, flowers to the dean of admissions), not sure what they expected - The dean to feel bad about his/the dept.'s decision and reconsider?

A single bouquet to the USCIS, perhaps will meet that fate. 500 on the same day? Well, that's a news story and that's what we are trying to do here. ;)

Moreover, I don't understand the argument that those $30 given to IV will be useful. I am sure it would be and I am a recurring contributor, but can't these 30 dollars be over and above what we give to IV? It shouldn't be an either-or situation. I think this is an action worth taking.

02-18 04:01 PM
Thanks Lasantha and prinve.
Now how and where do I check LUD?

go to USCIS cases status page and create an online profile. Then you can add any immigration cases by case number to your protfolio. Once you do that, you can see the Last Updated date everytime you login. Everytime you get status change on your case, the LUD will change. But sometimes, LUD will change without any visible change on your status (known as "soft LUD").

Soft LUD can happen due to routine processing of your case (for example, they update results on FBI namecheck, fingerprint, etc.) or could be generated completely randomly due to general system updates. So LUDs should be taken with a grain of salt.

Hopefully that is a complete glossary of everything LUD.

07-28 01:36 AM
Currently my labor and 1-140 has been approved. But i havent been able to apply for I-485 due to retrogression. Hence if i change my job now and re-apply for labor will i continue to get extentions?

Also can anyone advice me that for a PERM application the pre-application i.e advertisements and stuff takes how long before i can actually apply for the labor. Also in Perm How long does one have to do the pre-application (advertisments etc)?

Can someone please help?
U will get a 3 year H1-B with the new employer.
i donot have experience with PERM. From what i know it varies from state to state. typically 6 months, may be longer or shorter.

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