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bbt charts of pregnant women examples

bbt charts of pregnant women examples. Measuring your BBT?

Measuring your BBT?

03-09 01:59 PM
Some of you have been receiving the USCIS response about your FOIA request.

Please use the following template to compose your response (you may email it to the address provided)


Fax: (816) 350-5785

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
National Records Center, FOIA/PA Office
P. O. Box 648010
Lee?s Summit, MO 64064-8010

Dear FOIA officer,

Thank you for responding to my FOIA request NRCXXXXXXX dated mm/dd/yyyy. I would like to know more information about the following.

(1) Can NRC extract data based on the country of birth or Nationality given that Country of Chargeability is not captured until the end of the adjudication process?

(2) I would like to know how long will NRC take to provide a response once I pay the fee. I am not looking for an exact number of days. How ever, an estimate of how long it will take to provide the information sought would be very helpful.

You asked me to define the priority date.

Priority date is the date on which a permanent labor certification was filed for a beneficiary and based on which an underlying I-140 petition is applied. For cases without an underlying labor certification, Priority Date is the date on which the I-140 petition was applied for. Priority date is NOT the date USCIS has received the AOS/I-485 application. For example, An applicant with a priority date of 12/10/2001 might have filed the AOS/485 on 07/19/2007 and another applicant with a prioirty date of 04/23/2004 might have filed the AOS/485 on 07/30/2005. INA act prescribes that the priority date be used in granting permanent residency to AOS applicants. I am looking for information on pending AOS/485 applications sorted by the priority date of the applications for every quarter of the USCIS/DHS fiscal year starting from year 2001 for the requested 14 categories for primary applicants, spouses and children.

(3) As requested in the original letter, I need the number of pending AOS petitions sorted by their Priority date and NOT USCIS receipt date or receipt notice date, Category, Country of Birth/Nationality (if available)


bbt charts of pregnant women examples. example of paragraph using

example of paragraph using

06-14 05:47 PM
Refer this:
Case Study: Upgrade from EB3 to EB2 (

I am also not sure why the need for Consular Processing.
Why cant CIS update existing EB3 485 to new approved EB2 140.

bbt charts of pregnant women examples. woman#39;s cycle

woman#39;s cycle

11-30 05:52 PM
Generally the I-485 approval has the following message:

Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

On XXXX, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

Thanks a lot guys..

Below is the online status

************************************************** ********
On xxxxxxxxx, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service.

************************************************** ******

One more question, if she travel to India on Advance parole, with the approved status in online, will that be any problem?

bbt charts of pregnant women examples. bmx racing samples for

bmx racing samples for

07-23 11:10 AM
If 15 months has passed since your last FP and your GC is still pending then you will receive an FP notice again. It does not mean things are moving and/or someone looking at your AOS file. If you EFILE the EAD - you will receive a FP notice each time for thumb and picture, this is different from 485 FP.


bbt charts of pregnant women examples. The first step to charting

The first step to charting

12-06 04:41 PM
I came from India to US on a intercompany transfer on L1 Visa. After 3 yrs I left the company and joined another one on H1B. Now I Joined back the old company and in the mean while my old company sold its Indian subsidiary. I am asking them to file an EB1 for me, but they are telling me that since they have sold the Indian Subsidiary, now they cannot file EB1 based on that company transfer.

In my view the eligibity is determined based on the fact that I originally joined that company on a company transfer.

Please let me know your view.

bbt charts of pregnant women examples. ovagraph fertility chart

ovagraph fertility chart

12-12 04:39 PM
DOS/USCIS had a co-ordination meeting to discuss how to prepare for the upcoming holiday's. The outcome of the meeting was to push EB2 cases as back as possible , so that people really can have a good time enjoying holiday. (When I say people read it as USCIS/FBI/DOS and lawyers ).

I work for Federal agency as contractor I know very well how things work during the holiday season.

Happy long long holiday's you all.


bbt charts of pregnant women examples. (it was the Oct 24 chart

(it was the Oct 24 chart

10-03 01:41 PM
Yes... someone should start a SPAM thread...

to let off some agressions that is...

ahh what the h*ll.. we answered his question in the beginning...

bbt charts of pregnant women examples. While charting fertility is an

While charting fertility is an

05-15 06:22 PM
co-sponsor = confirmed support, so thats what we want.


bbt charts of pregnant women examples. Women can determine if they

Women can determine if they

07-30 01:59 PM
U R really lucky

bbt charts of pregnant women examples. Basal body temperature

Basal body temperature

11-02 12:54 PM
There are no plans for extended vacation.

I thought the 3 year h1b extension after 140 approval is a one time deal and there would be no further extensions :confused: .

I am not aware of the 12yr lifetime H1B limit. Can some one shed some light on this?


bbt charts of pregnant women examples. For example, if you#39;re

For example, if you#39;re

10-20 06:06 PM
I think you have got knowledgable response.
1. It is illegal to work on H4.
2. Your wife is OOS.
3. You need a good lawyer.
You cannot expect better response than these unless you are expecting IV members to suggest some illegal ways to overcome your situation (if you are truly in that situation). I am sure you are not going to get any response than above as IV stands for Legal Immigration.

Still looking for a knowledgeable response specifically to the questions asked.

bbt charts of pregnant women examples. asal body temperature to

asal body temperature to

11-17 10:40 AM
Your reply looks OK except your lawyer's suggestion to inform employer about parole status. I don't mind informing employer but the Question is "Is that mandatory to inform employer ?" I think Lawyer's intention could be we need to inform employer (as well as lawyer ) about AP during applying next H1B extention.


Here you go:

If you use AP to reenter, you will no long in H1B status, and you will be a "parolee", but you may still work under the authorization of the original H1B term for the same employer; at the end of the period, you may apply to extend the H1B and then you will get your H1B status back....Sounds not logical, but this is current the CIS interpretation of the regulation.

If you lose H1B, your dependent may no longer on H4; you may keep working for same firm without using EAD until the end of current H1B but you need let employer know that you enter with AP.

Please consult a immigration lawyer and get clarification, above is the reply I got from my lawyer when I told him about using AP while re-entering US.


bbt charts of pregnant women examples. Luteinizing Hormone Chart

Luteinizing Hormone Chart

12-31 01:03 PM
Has IV explored or conveyed DOS about considering the First Arrival date on H1B or the first day on H1B job after graduating to be the priority date ? If DOS can implement this without change in law ?

The Ideal Scenario would be First Arrival Date or Labor Filing Date which ever comes first should be the priority date after I 140 is approved. What do you think IV core?

If DOS implements this it will be a boon for long time GC hopefuls !

bbt charts of pregnant women examples. asal body temperature,

asal body temperature,

06-13 09:56 AM
Guys,Please do something for priority dates to be current.We are despirately waiting from 4years to file I-485...EAD...I-140 is approved long back.Atleast in this summer we are hoping......


bbt charts of pregnant women examples. the charts of 41 women

the charts of 41 women

11-06 05:14 AM
Employers need to have already declared whether their sponsoring of H1B's result in use of available numbers or exempted from it. They need to substantiate, I believe, with tax documents among other things. The applicant, or USCIS does not decide the category; rather, USCIS can deny an application if it deems an organization, and/or rarely, a position, is NOT 'not for profit': Eg. fully non-profit RD wing of a commercial company rarely gets
designated as non-profit and the H1B's are mostly within the cap.

No, those are just examples. Essentially, an H1-B working for any not-for-profit organization is exempt from the cap. Universities, goverment agencies, university medical hospitals are well-known examples that fit this description. Private sector organizations will not qualify in most cases. The key question you have to ask yourself to determine if you are eligible for an exemption is "Does this organization operate with the motive of profit ?". Of course, as always you will need to consult an attorney for a definite answer if you are not sure.

bbt charts of pregnant women examples. chart as an example.

chart as an example.

12-24 11:07 AM
Nope - it does not legally bind you though it hurts your credibility.

As per H1 rules he must have paid you all the months since you joined him. If he is not going to give you the pay stubs then it will be a problem for you when you apply for your GC. Ask him politely to pay what even he owes you and that too with paystubs. If he creates any problem then tell him that you are going to file a complaing with DOL and also since he will not give you the correct pay stubs that you will report to IRS and will use subsititute W2.

Hope this helps.


bbt charts of pregnant women examples. Fertility Pattern Chart,

Fertility Pattern Chart,

04-11 10:16 PM
Sorry i keep on asking same questions again and again. I could not find any answer for that. What should I fill in "date of application" for priviously applied I-765, it should be date from EAD when they approved it or should it be the the date on which they received my application.

Also what should I fill in the
"Please provide information concerning your eligibility status"

Please suggest.

bbt charts of pregnant women examples. using the above chart page

using the above chart page

03-07 12:32 PM
That is not correct. Even if employer revokes it, the PD is good. The only time you will loss PD is if CIS revokes it due to fraud.


I did not mention that the PD will be affected. My first sentence very clearly states that his PD will not be affected. The disruptions I mentioned were with respect to his current petition.

Read carefully before jumping into conclusions.

bbt charts of pregnant women examples. get pregnant naturally,

get pregnant naturally,

07-03 02:09 AM
Please read, sign and observe

To: U,S. Congress American Government

USCIS/DOS has made fun of a set of highly skilled immigrant workers of America. They issued a bulletin in June 2007 ( declaring all classes of employment-based visa priority dates current from July 1, 2007 and then pulled the carpet under everyone's feet by issuing a bulletin in July 2007 ( which declared all July applications ineligible.

The June bulletin caused a frenzy of activity amongst the applicants which ranged from applicants cancelling their travel plans and rushing to file their petitions to applicants tying the nuptial knot and cancelling their plans of higher studies. This act is mockery and disrespect of such skilled workers, causing them huge emotional and mental trauma. It also represents a huge economic loss in terms of time and resources consumed for readiness in filing the applications that involved the individuals, their employers and the attorneys representing them.

As a mark of protest we would like to observe July 13, 2007 as "NO WORK DAY". We demand justice from America and the American Governement. We believe our voices will only be heard when our presence (and importance) is made conspicuous by our absence. So, all those who believe in this are urged to refrain from going to work on Friday July 13, 2007.


08-09 11:17 AM
Check this out, get inspired


Make it to the luncheon as well as the rally

you rock!!

06-05 05:35 PM

I live in Massachusetts, Where should I send my EAD application ( Initial EAD, not renewal). My I-485 is pending with Texas Service Center.

Should I mail the EAD application to the following address:

Texas Service Center
P.O Box 851041
Mesquite, TX

Thank you for letting me know.

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