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03-18 01:33 PM
Please note I joined his company along with the current the project, only for faster GC as he promised. But when I came back from India, It took a month for me to find a project. He didn't do marketing and then I realized the mistake of joining him (I assume he must have been consulting somewhere and just enjoying with my free $$$). And while I was looking for the project he threatened to cancel my H1 if I don't find a project soon. Now I'm not sure of you stay with someone who is ready to cancel your H1 in your bad times?

when I got the project and during the H1 transfer he cancelled my H1, When I called him, to keep himself from me complaining about those 5 months? pay he assured me to keep the I-140 for my H1 survival (Hopefully till I get another I-140).

But now my issue is since he cancelled my I-140 I cannot get my H1 renewed. He should have left it there, I didn't complain about him and fed him.

Now I'm mad since I'm stranded, and if possible complain about him.

I need HELP.

You left your EX-EMPLOYER in May 2008 and also transfered your H1B to NEW Company.

So tell me what is remaining beteween you and your ex-empoyer???
So he cancelled your H1B and also your I-140 later.
Also Why you did not work with ex-employer after getting a project? You knew that your I-140 was pending right?

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June 4th, 2004, 08:40 PM
Who remembers "The Prisoner"?

Patrick McGoohan............Number 6...........The Village.........mid 60's I think.

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03-07 11:53 PM

sorry to hear about your denial.

Regarding my friend, His 140 was denied but he was already on EAD by then.His 485 was not denied ( maybe they were not processing his 485 at that point.He is a july 07 filer under EB3-I). The appeal for 140 denial was filed and it is still pending(8 months now). Meanwhile a 2 yr EAD has been approved.

I am not sure if this process is followed for everyone as each case has its variables.....
hope this helps...

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01-08 04:22 PM
How did you guys manage to get H1's so recently from H4?

Is there a way that H4 are exempt from the H1 quota?


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05-23 10:22 PM
A job well done Salil Pradhan ..

I think , Article rightly points out .. "We all have a tremendous sense of insecurity and uncertainty about the future".

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03-31 05:49 PM
Your 180 days start from the day your I-94 expired. And yes, 2 weeks or 4 weeks over stay will make a difference. Next time when you enter the country or at the Visa office they might ask you the reason.

You did nit clarify if your partner is a US citizen, PR or visa holder. That might help in giving you some additional advise.

He's American. I am aware that they will ask about that but I just want to make it clear that I'm facing a 3 year ban after overstaying the 180 days after my I94 expiration date (so the end of July in my case).


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12-24 08:44 PM
This thread has to stay on top

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12-31 12:15 PM
This year is going to be a memorable one.


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10-11 10:26 AM
Hi Friends,

We had sent our apps to Nebraska on July 26 but we received a transfer notice for 485 from vermont with a receipt date of Sept 26 and notice date of Oct 3.

I always thought the receipt date of my application is the day when our application reached the center.

Can someone help explaining this....


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06-26 12:19 PM
Another option is to negotiate a deal with the new (prospective) employer, to pay those fees to the recruiter/old employer.

For example if an employer payed for your air-ticket/relocation, expecting that you will stay, and if you leave the employer the very first week, I believe it is very reasonable from your side, to refund the employer his expense (whatever the law is). And since you may not want to loose money from your pocket, ask the next employer (who is really going to benefit by your arrival) to carry that expense.

The laws are sometimes more strict towards the employer. It is kept purposely like that to avoid employers taking advantage of employees (employer being the stronger side). But we should try NOT to not mis-use this advantage , towards reasonable employers.


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03-18 12:57 AM
I am on an EAD (dependent), as my husband was the primary applicant. He has got his GC and mine got stuck after the July - Aug 2007 fiasco :(.

I want to start a IT company with my friend who is a US Citizen. I know my husband is a sure shot to have the company in his name however, he is in a full-time job.

My questions:

1) Can I start / partner with a friend who is a US Citizen?

2) I am thinking of an LLC. Is that ok? or should it be S-Corp? More reading of S-corp says to be US Citizen or US Permanent Resident so I am more leaning towards LLC. Also there is a provision that we could change LLC to S-corp at a later date (if needed).

3) What should I make sure if I go through the LLC route? - like Designation, Salary that I can take, work for the same company etc

4) Does state make any difference? If so how? I am a PA resident and my friend is from Texas. We are thinking of registering the company in Texas.

5) I got my 2 yr EAD valid till Sep 2010. Is there any special procedure that I need to do or just extend it before it expires.

Any tips / advice from the experts will be highly appreciated.

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05-25 08:13 AM
Called Larry Craig's office!


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06-03 02:52 PM
You can call or send email with your personalized message.
What do you think?

Though I sent webfaxes, But I am not very convinced.
Its same text in every fax. Its not personalized.

For senatores it will be a spam kind of thing. So many faxes with just different name but same text.

I am not also happy about language. Its not very effective!!!

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07-17 02:26 PM
My attorney filed my I-485 on July 5th despite the July Visa Bulletin Update. We filed it together with the work permit piece, but not the AP one. The legal assistant told me that we must have an I-485 receipt notice on hand before we are able to submit the application for an AP. Is that correct? The reason I ask is that, in the event USCIS decides to accept July-filed I-485 applications, I wanted to take advantage of the lower filing fee before July 30th. Please advise!


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08-03 09:41 PM
Yes. I'm July 2nd Filer at TSC and Still waiting. Any Examples that TSC is processing Apps. from July 3rd ... There might be 1000's still waiting who filed on July 2nd.

I am waiting as well:) EAD abt to expire, not used though.Keeping my fingers crossed, and opened 2nd service request after 45 days of the first SR( did not receive any email for first one) and no response and took infopass appt for 5th august Do not know if NC etc has been cleared or not

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03-28 01:40 PM
This is already IV's number one priority on the goals of this org and we are trying to translate this goal and other goals into legislation.

Remember, everyone in the core group also wants this as this can be the life-saver of every person since EAD allows us to have a safety net after you have finished 6 years on H1.



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02-01 01:06 PM
Start doing AmWay or QuickStar. That is the best thing a person can do !!!!!!

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03-22 03:12 PM

Thank you for your reply. Yes, new H-1B comes with new I-94.

The new 194 should have a date...if u filed extension before expiry of previous 194...i dont see any problem.

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08-08 04:25 PM
Even if you are not working on a project, you are technically working for a H1-B sponsorer. Once you could file your AOS, you are legal with a status of "AOS pending". During 180 days period, you don't have to work and just sit at home. Its very unlikely that your already filed AOS application will get adjudicated within 180 days. Once after 180days of filing, you invoke AC21 and start working on again with any employer.

You are correct. There shuld be a job offer from sponsoring company at the time of applying for AOS. I guess the question is what if the person is not working at all ( No pay stubs from any company ). In this case the candidate will be out of status? There might be cases where people might come on bench or not having a project etc...

06-22 07:33 PM
...and the boss goes back and continues eating samosas :)

Pls replace samosas with burger and french fries. Boss in Nebraska may not like samosas or may find it too hot to handle resulting in additional 2-3 sick days.

10-21 02:59 PM
I've been using Painter Classic/7 on and off. The interface is a little hard to get around, since it bears little resemblance to other graphic software. However, I discovered it is more oriented towards traditional art.

And I agree with Ed - not much use for it if you don't have a tablet... unless you're really good with a mouse.

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