Thursday, September 8, 2011

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09-23 07:57 PM
You can join the new employer either on H1 or EAD, though keep in mind both these options are mutually exclusive...

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07-16 02:56 PM
My CP interview has been sceduled at New Delhi consulate on Aug 26. I do not have any PCC (Police Clearance Certificate). can I get it in India from local Police station. I know it would be possible in India after giving Rs 100- 200. Anybody please give me the format of this certificate which I should ask them to prepare

Please let me know if PCC is must from US consulate only

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11-21 04:10 PM
You ask your Ex-coworker to draft a letter with detailed duties and responsibilities and print it on his current companies letterhead. You dont have to get it notarized. I did issue a similar letter for one of my friend, it was long long ago, don't have the format yet. btw, i did not notarized, I just printed, signed and mailed.

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10-15 12:42 PM
Sorry Gurus, Couldn't figure out how to start a new thread. So posting here,

My spouse is on H4, Now she wants to use EAD and work.She wants to work part time, She has found a job as well, but the employer is sayng she can do parttime only for few months, after that she has to do full time or find a job somewhere else. Now if she cannot find another parttime job after few months, and has to stop working , will it affect her status?

Thankx in advance.


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12-19 02:09 AM
These articles are nothing new. Given the current state of affairs, its only to be expected because people like you and me are actually displacing some jobs whether we admit it or not.
However, what these folks don't seem to get is that outsourcing is a much bigger culprit. And so go after the business owners who outsource to keep businesses profitable and not target a handful of legal immigrants. And legal immigrants are not responsible for the housing mess! Go after the loan defaulters. Catch the greedy banks who dished out bad loans!!

The unemployment numbers are very high and its spoiling people's holiday season and also their moods. A lot of American citizens don't have a choice to work anywhere else. That clouds their judgement and makes them irrational.Please try to understand the opposite point of view and just ignore these articles instead of starting threads on IV.

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01-07 08:25 PM
B. Provisions in Cases of Revocation of the Approved Form I-140

Subject: Guidance for Processing Form I-485 in Accordance with Section 106(c) of AC21

As discussed above, if an alien is the beneficiary of an approved Form I-140 and is also the beneficiary of a Form I-485 that has been pending 180 days or longer, then the approved Form I-140 remains valid with respect to a new offer of employment under the flexibility provisions of ?106(c) of AC21.

Accordingly, if the employer withdraws the approved Form I-140 on or after the date that the Form I-485 has been pending 180 days, the approved Form I-140 shall remain valid under the provisions of ?106(c) of AC21. It is expected that the alien will have submitted evidence to the office having jurisdiction over the pending Form I-485 that the new offer of employment is in the same or similar occupational classification as the offer of employment for which the petition was filed. Accordingly, if the underlying approved Form I-140 is withdrawn, and the alien has not submitted evidence of a new qualifying offer of employment, the adjudicating officer must issue a Notice of Intent to Deny the pending Form I-485. See 8 CFR 103.2(b)(16)(i). If the evidence of a new qualifying offer of employment submitted in response to the Notice of Intent to Deny is timely filed and it appears that the alien has a new offer of employment in the same or similar occupation, the BCIS may consider the approved Form I-140 to remain valid with respect to the new offer of employment and may continue regular processing of the Form I-485. If the applicant responds to the Notice of Intent to Deny, but has not established that the new offer of employment is in the same or similar occupation, the adjudicating officer may immediately deny the Form I-485. If the alien does not respond or fails to timely respond to the Notice of Intent to Deny, the adjudicating officer may immediately deny the Form I-485.

If approval of the Form I-140 is revoked or the Form I-140 is withdrawn before the alien’s Form I-485 has been pending 180 days, the approved Form I-140 is no longer valid with respect to a new offer of employment and the Form I-485 may be denied. If at any time the BCIS revokes approval of the Form I-140 based on fraud, the alien will not be eligible for the job flexibility provisions of ?106(c) of AC21 and the adjudicating officer may, in his or her discretion, deny the attached Form I-485 immediately. In all cases an offer of employment must have been bona fide, and the employer must have had the intent, at the time the Form I-140 was approved, to employ the beneficiary upon adjustment. It should be noted that there is no requirement in statute or regulations that a beneficiary of a Form I-140 actually be in the underlying employment until permanent residence is authorized. Therefore, it is possible for an alien to qualify for the provisions of ?106(c) of AC21 even if he or she has never been employed by the prior petitioning employer or the subsequent employer under section 204(j) of the Act.


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03-28 02:56 PM
I got this from different website(not sure if I can quote here).

Before going /planning for a perticular consualte, you can email the consulate with a i797 copy asking them to check if it exists in their system. If it doesn't then they will request concerned athorities to make it available in system so that you won't get stuck with PIMS delay. So far I have heard mexico/canada consualte responding to emails positively.

I will be mailing(canada consulate) them soon. Will keep you updated if i hear anything from them. if it works..its indeed a good options for us.:D

Many thanks for this useful post .

I am not sure about consulates in India though. Any one, any idea?

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09-23 09:45 AM
We need help from volunteers on this forum to add links in Wikipedia.
I added IV on the indian american page in wikipedia but it was deleted. could more people try to do it. Pls dont edit several pages at one time. the system, considers it as a spam and deletes all. It happened with me so I am urging other people to pitch in.
pls add content about IV in the immigration section and add IV links.

H1b page (says a lot of things against this visa). we need to write some issues h1b visa holders face when the apply for green card
need IV link and detail here
chineese members pls update this page with IV link
green card.
talk about EB green card issues
talk about delays and broken system

if you come across other pages related to immigration pls go ahead and add IV links.

Thanks for your help.


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12-12 06:56 PM
Can admin create a poll to get some inputs from members?


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08-31 12:01 PM
All midwest members please go to this thread and cast your vote


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11-04 09:23 AM
A little over a months time, I received a letter saying that the typo on my last name has been corrected. I could confirm that since the mailing address had all the correct details.

Hence, I guess, their typo correction system is a bit slow but it works!


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03-12 09:46 PM
Thank you all. I hope this year all of you would also sail through this tough journey.


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09-11 10:01 AM
My 485 application was filed on July 1st, 2007. Yesterday I received an email from my lawyer indicating that they have received the receipts for 485, 765 & 131 for all the applicants in my family.

I understand that it takes 3 to 4 weeks after receiving the receipt notices to hear about the fingerprinting appointment.

1. Considering the number of AOS applications filed in July, when can I expect the fingerprinting appointment?
2. Also how will that correspondence occur: mail or telephone ? Will I hear about this directly or will my lawyer hear about it?
3. Can few of you who have received the appointment for fingerprinting after filing AOS application in May 07 - Aug 07 timeframe post some details:

a) When did you receive the AOS receipts?
b) When did you hear about the fingerprinting and how?
c) When are you expecting EAD or if you have received it, how long did it take? I am aware that it takes 90 to 120 days from the date of filing and this was answered in one of my questions posted on this forum but wanted to know these stats in the current conditions.


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11-23 08:38 PM
Do you mean we can send checks for $ accounts to be deposited into local rupees accounts in india? Does this work. Do you know how long it takes for them to get the money after each cheque deposit?

Yes its ok to do it. I have been doing it for last 11 years. It usually takes 7-10 days to get it cleared in the bank.MY parents have account in Axis bank , ICICI and dena bank. Depends from bank to bank.
Advantage: no extra cost involved
Limitation: 1-2 weeks time

Wire transfer:
Advantage: money is there in 2 days , good for emergencies
Limitation: unnecessary extra cost involved.


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10-03 02:17 AM
Awesome, it worked great....god this forum is great. w00t :)

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02-23 06:15 PM
No necessarily protected. Anyone who overstays their I-94 is removable (deportable). However, some people can contest that in removal proceedings. One basis to contest a removal order is because the foreign national is married to a US citizen and/or has an Adjustment of Status pending.

The problem with VWP entrants is that they sign away their rights to contest a removal order, even if married to a US citizen (unless they claim asylum). Worse - they can be removed without a hearing in immigration court, simply by an order of the local District Director. In theory, a VWP entrant who overstayed could file for permanent residence and be issued a removal order and put in detention when s/he turned up for the marriage interview at the District Office.

I don't mean to terrify you, and most district offices do approve cases filed by VWP entrants, but please check with a local attorney before filing anything.

Thank you very much for clarifying that for me,ok so first thing is to find a reputable immigration attorney close to me in Texas City.

Thank you for your time it is very much appreciated,



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04-21 04:47 PM

Texas does not give a damn about any of this.

Just saw my SSN card, old DL and EAD and gave me a license which expires in 2014.

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07-12 10:19 PM
Count me in for this law suit. I'm willing to contribute money for this.

Most people think law suit is a bad thing, but that is not right. In a democratic country law suit is the right way to deal with things. We are legal immigrants, we have all the rights to file a law suit, but with full support of IV.

People have already filed a law suit on the same day the President signed the bill! (yesterday, the wire tapping bill...)

By filing a law suit, all we are trying to do is to fix the laws which are not working. Basically, we are doing the right thing. Not only us, but future Legal immigrants will be benefitted, they don't have to go thru what we had to...

Here are the things that needs to be fixed...

1. Country quota
2. Recapturing visas.
3. 3 year EAD/AP
4. End the endless wait ( Proposing a new law )
5. Remove the same/similar confusion in AC21

What is "End the endless wait" ?

EAD is a very good example, If 90 days have passed after filing EAD, you have the option to go to a local USCIS office and get a temp one. We should have a similar option for all the peper work. For example, each and every stage in green card process should have a a day count for processing. Like name check should be completed in 180 days.

Basically, when we receive any receipt notice, it should have a statement which reads "We have received your application and we will take action within 180 days. If we fail to act by MM-DD-YYYY, Please go to the nearest USCIS for approval.."

Sounds little ambitious ?? well, we are not asking for too much, just a day count. Lets say if the whole Green card process takes 3 years or 10 years based on the day count for each stage, people can decide whether they want to immigrate to USA with a clear idea that it will take x days to become a permanent resident ( like how it works in all other countries except USA)

Even a person jailed gets to know how long he is going to spend his time behind bars, but we do not know when we will be free from this immigration mess!
Attended the DC Rally
Contribution: $150
Sent letters to President/IV
Status : I-485 pending, PD Feb 2005, EB3 - India

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10-01 11:02 AM
I just wanted to point out that a delayed FBI name check is useless any way.

If the purpose of the name check is to identify criminals, that process must be completed within a few hours. If the checking process takes more than 24 hours, than what is the use of the check?

Currently the FBI name check system is a bonanza for a criminal. He/She will have 2 - 3 years to commit the crime, before the FBI catches up with him/her.

I think the system was originally designed to check the names of people outside the country. In that case, a delay is not at all harmful.

09-09 08:55 AM
If you can't able to wait for the AP to come...Then give a shot to the local USCIS office...and get an emergency can get it in oneday...But you need a valid document to show as it's a emergency travel to India....probably a document from India...

10-20 10:48 PM
Censoring yourself now dan?

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