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Blue Wedding Flowers Bouquet

07-11 06:12 PM
FP is a definite requirement before AOS is adjudicated. No fp will delay decision. Remember 'low-hanging-fruits' once visa numbers are available

You are correct, Folks who hasn't got the FP done, and their dates are current ( AUG 08 VB), Get a Infopass. It doesn't hurt you, but it may help your case

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the lue flowers she put

01-18 02:35 AM
This is an wonderful opportunity to help your self.

Please participate and show your support.

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Flowers, Bouquet, Blue

10-08 02:14 PM
i think you didn't get me,here is my question , if a person got married after applying i-485 and not able include his wife due to PD current date issue before his GC got approved, is there any way to get out from this situation , please let me know you one

Your sentences are confusing. Please no offense.

You can file your wife's I-485(derivative adjustment) once the PD is current. So just relax and keep on looking Visa Bulletin every month to check if the priority dates are current.

My case : got GC on June. Filed wife's case in June and she has an EAD.

All the best.

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Blue Bridal Bouquet

08-03 12:49 PM

This post has been deleted.
Please mantain a civil tone on the forums.


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A ouquet of lue flowers. Explore #414 8-4-07

09-05 08:13 PM
Congratulation to all EB2 who are getting their approvals. Have a wonderful post-GC life :)

When will, we EB3s (India), see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Looks like (in my case) after waiting for more than 5 years it will still take 3-4 years. I am mad :mad:

I personally love and am proficient in Hindi but I don't think we should make this site look like a Desi forum. Even if your post about India, a lot south/east indian people don't speak/understand hindi.

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with lue flower bouquet

03-08 12:57 PM
AFAIK, I-140 is the underlying petition for the I-485. If I-140 is denied, the i-485 is automatically denied.
Move fast, start a PERM and see if u can lock in a date.

i missed the second part of your question.

i personally know a friend whose 1-140 was denied and their 485 is obviously pending....he is working on EAD, they have appealed for the 140. While the case is pending the EAD has been extended by 2 years.
Hope this helps.


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lue and white ouquets to art

07-05 12:59 PM
i think you are right. 100 M is a LOT of money to forsake for an agency like USCIS.

That I think is the reason they had to stop people from applyng before Julyy27th

If you like to beleive that the USCIS employees care USCIS revenue, you might like this answer.

200K apps (potential applicants in July) times $500 increase.


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Flower Bouquet for Wedding

01-02 02:14 PM
By the looks of things as they are.....A very very long shot .... atleast 3-4 yrs to file I485.
Sit tight and best of luck


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lue or the brown palette.

03-20 03:23 PM
Hello All,

I am planning on using AC21 to port to a new job. Is it possible for my employer to revoke the I-140 after the 180 days have elapsed?


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The flower buds are actually

10-15 12:04 PM
Received Transfer notice from CSC to NSC...originally filed at TSC.
No Receipt Notice, EAD, AP or FP.:mad:


Today i recieved transfer notice from CSC to TSC but no reciept notice yet. Am i going to recieve reciept notice also?

I485 filled on July 31, 2007


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08-04 01:23 PM
Sorry to hear about your friend's situation.

From your answers it looks like she is on H-4 which is dependent spouse for H1B.

If she is qualified enough ask her to find a new employer who is willing to sponsor her a H1B.

She can transfer her status from H-4 to H1B and it will not be counted against the annual H1B quota.

Once she finds new employer she can start her GC process.

If she cant find job here and be in H1B status, the only option is to go back to her Home country...or another option is to remarry with someone who has legal status here and then she can derive the dependent status.

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a lue and white ouquet

10-04 10:33 PM
Good info. Thanks.


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Blue amp; White Bridal Bouquet

02-12 07:03 PM
My H1 is expiring on 20 June 2007 along with my wife's H4. My employer is planning to apply extension only in the month of June 2007 .

However I am planning to apply a new H1 ( H4 -H1 status change) for my wife on April 1 2007 .

1) If H4 extension is filed in June which one will USICS considers ?

2) If H1B gets approved first and later H4 ext which I-94 will take precedence ? 3) Whether she can work from Oct 1 2007 or needs to go out of country and needs to get Visa stamped ?
4) Any petition can we make to the USICS ?

Thanks for your replies

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A striking flower bouquet sure

Ann Ruben
06-25 06:33 PM
The link below describes where and how to apply for humanitarian parole.

USCIS - Humanitarian Parole ( D&vgnextchannel=accc3e4d77d73210VgnVCM100000082ca60a RCRD)


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03-20 10:14 AM
I sold the house on H1 and there was nothing addition for H1 holder. It is just that if you have that property for less than 2 years then you pay tax.

Just thinking if the new law for GC approved like buy a house and get
GC then what will happen for those like us who have house since 2004 and sold one and bought another in that time period.
I am on EAD now. PD -Nov 2003

Can you please share what state? Thanks

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Bouquet in Vase. Flowers:

12-05 09:37 AM
Hi All,

We wish to apply for PIO card for our 5 month old baby at the Washington DC Indian Embassy.
The application and the supporting documents are all in place.
We have to drive 3 hrs to the Indian Embassy.
Since the weather is not very co-operative, i was wondering if it's absolutely required to take the kid to the Embassy? I would like to avoid taking him if possible.

Also, a minor question - how do you manage to get the thumb impression. Where can we get the ink pads required for the thumb impression?

Thanks All.

If in no hurry, mail the docs and pay the tatkal type fees. I used the office marker for the thumb impression, try on some other piece of paper first.


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09-15 05:13 PM
Love the idea. I will follow.

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Tan and White Flower Bouquet

08-15 04:23 PM
First of all Thanks to GCGreen and WantGC. I really am grateful to both of you. Without any know-how I had to bite dust from others.

I have the copy of my labor and 140. So I am looking for a job that is similar to those responsibilities and have the same SOC code. Just that the tools would differ. But what I understood is that if the tools change it doesn't create any problem. I just need to take care of the SOC code and responsibilities.

Of course I will take help from a lawyer, but I just wanted that initial boost to start looking.

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lue wedding ouquet, lue

05-10 05:03 PM
^MSDN is the help files.

06-05 05:35 PM

I live in Massachusetts, Where should I send my EAD application ( Initial EAD, not renewal). My I-485 is pending with Texas Service Center.

Should I mail the EAD application to the following address:

Texas Service Center
P.O Box 851041
Mesquite, TX

Thank you for letting me know.

10-14 02:43 PM
Basic Thumb rule is none of the insurance for visitors cover any pre-existing conditions, so the insurance you buy mainly covers accidental injuries (falling down from stairs / falling in bath tub / auto accident etc.) and bare minimal medical illness (very basics such as fever / cold etc. believe me if it's some thing else the doctors would relate it to a pre-existing condition)

you have 2 types, one is comprehensive coverage just like how it works for you and me and the other is limited coverage, neither of the coverage cover any pre-existing conditions.

you can go the links suggested which gives more info, think twice if you want to get it from India, my friend had a very bad experience with claims from one of the Indian insurance providers.

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