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07-17 04:48 PM
I am ashamed to read these comments coming from "highly skilled" people. Administrators please take preventive steps. We dont want some sickos malign IV. :mad: :mad:

Come on guys, we are in US not in Saudi Arabia. Such comments are made in US senate also. It's not illegal to say something like that. It was a good joke. With all due respect let me ask you, are "Highly skilled" not human being?

Still I agree that such comments should not be made, because it could become a norm, and someone someday could really cross the boundry, which could create a problem for IV.

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When Green?
07-30 09:05 AM
Dear Experts and Attorneys:
Here is my situation:
My employment was terminated by my Manager (no reasons given on paper, and the reasons he gave me were not valid when I discussed with my previous manager even per the company policy)
I am in the process of finalizing between a couple of offers (Hopefully would be able to make a decision by sometime next week). My previous manager is trying to get me into his project after I explained my I-485 application status. My PD is Aug-06 (EB-3), I-140 pending.
My spouse is on H-4. My initial plan before all this drama (Initial withdrawal of July visa bulletin and employment termination), I got all my documents signed and ready to be sent out from my attorney's office.
After this sequence of events, the attorney refuses to submit my I-485 application (because it could be considered Fraud).
Now I need your expert advice on the following situations:
1. Would it be ideal to join the same company in a different department and ask the lawyer to file my I-485? Use the AC21 portability after 180 days of pending application?
2. I read somewhere that for me to use the AC21 portability, I need to be in the same profile and also same pay range that was approved on my initial labor application. Is it true? I am currently being offered 15K more than what I have been making till now.
3. I have 3 more years of H-1B left, so what are the chances of getting a new green card process started under EB-2, and port the Aug-06 priority date after the I-140 is approved? How long would you anticipate it would take for me to get to the I-485 stage? Just a ball park from the experience on the forum would be great!
I have been out of the job for the past 2 weeks. would it be a problem for me while applying for a new labor certification?
I greatly appreciate your responses.
Thank you.

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07-07 11:57 AM
Just wanted folks to know that our family recorded a video entry on Youtube for the CNN-YouTube presidential debate competition.

CNN-YouTube Democratic debate contest (

They are looking for a few winners that will be used to pose questions to democratic presidential contenders. My son who is an International Affairs/Poli-Sci student wanted to do this and wanted our support.

You can see our video here.

The higher rating and more views/comments we get the more attention we will get from CNN.

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February 16th, 2004, 08:28 AM
I don't know about the wide angle lenses, but I don't think that would help that much in the dof problem you have.

Use this DOF calculator for your camera:

The Sony at 38mm 12 inches away at f8 give you a near of of 11.8 and a far of 12.1. At 28mm 12 inches away you can get a near of 11.7 and far of 12.3.

If you play a bit with the calculator there, you can get an idea of the dof you can achieve with or without the wide angle lenses.



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05-12 03:38 PM
Then u should "Condiser Donating"....Condiser not Consider :D

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02-03 05:10 PM

My lawyer had also asked me to keep 485 receipt and EAD with me, but I was not asked to show anything but my passport and the AP documents. They did not even ask for 485 receipts.

Unfortunately I know this does not answer your question fully, but hope it helps even if a bit!


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09-14 02:20 PM
We are employee of employers - not chained slaves of employers.

They can pay me less , they can scare me of revoking 140 , they can make me sign fictitious bonds for getting future employment letter BUT they can not take away my basic civil rights as a human being. As long as you professionally inform that will be taking day off for personal reasons - they are NOT supposed to ask what is that reason. You can tell the later unofficially that you attending Rally for peacefully supporting a good cause.

Nothing will happen to you
Just follow your heart - Will se you in DC

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09-05 03:44 PM
The CIR includes increases in legal immigration. If the dems take the house, then the house alongwith the already pro-immigrant senate will pass big increases in immigration (family and eb). If i was a republican, i would try to pass CIR after the november elections and before the new congress in January, when he party still has some control. If the dems solve the immigration issue in the next congress when they have the reins, the hispanic vote will heavily tilt democratic for a long time to come.

Well if the Republicans want those hispanic votes why dont they
pass the CIR right away? Why they have to wait until the mid term?


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04-17 03:54 PM
Don't worry. You are not alone. I will give you company. Mine is stuck in PERM
since OCt 2005. Not 10 months yet, but almost there...

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11-15 12:20 AM
My designation with current job is software engineer and i am getting an offer with designation DBA.does it fall in same or similar catagory.I am switching job using AC21 rule . gurus help


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09-26 01:32 PM
Hi All,

My visa will expire (6 yrs completion) in the month of October 2007. What can I do next. Will I get an years extension based on the Green card filing. What is the standard procedure ?


Fiirst, I think you should have started a new thread with your question and not bury it under this discussion. Having said that, to get an extension after the six year H limit, you need to have labor certification application filed at least 365 days prior to your expiry date or alternatively have an immigrant petition approved on your behalf by that date.

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10-02 02:27 PM
the RFE was on Ability to Pay


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04-13 10:06 AM
Now a days RFE is very common. I got RFE on sept 2008 even though I am EB2 2006.

Thanks guys for all your responses, much appreciated. not sure whats the RFE about, still waiting for the document, little bit tensed ....

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12-24 12:44 PM
If you don't get the regular W2, then you fill in all the details that you know are correct and submit it along with your tax filings saying that you asked your employer to issue you the W2/Correct W2 with all the Pay info, but since he didn't give you the correct W2 your are using a non standard W2. IF u google it I am sure u will find it.

Its better to have pay stubs for all the time that you are on H1 to avoid future problems.


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03-20 09:12 PM
jnraajan: Yes, you are right! That's what I was saying too.

"...If you go through the records of the past presidencies, you can see one interesting thing: Whenever the presidency changes from one person to another, that period is the best to make any sweeping changes that can be done administratively. Bill clinton ....."

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Munna Bhai
01-10 02:46 PM
I filed my I-140 and I-485 concurrently on July 6th, 2007
Not sure how long it will take to get I-140 and _-485 approved. My lawyer says I should hang in there and try to be patient.

My I-140 and I-485 were transferred from Nebraska to California and back to Nebraska in September 2007. September 2007 is the last time that they were transferred, as far as I know.

When I called the USCIS number, the automatic voice operated system said that if my case is still unapproved afer 180 days from the date of the last transfer, then I should call to speak to a customer representative.

So I guess I will have to wait to March 2008 before I can get to speak to anyone about my I-140, if it has not been approved by then.

I am in the EB-3 category.



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04-12 10:59 PM
I also have the same question "Please provide information concerning your eligibility status:", what should I provide in that text box.
Please suggest.

when I check 2 yrs old EAD application my attorney had used (c)(0)(9)
Is that right or it should be (c)(9) or
it should be (c) (09)

Please help folks

I put application date as when ever I signed the form and dated it. I think its no big deal, if you attach copy of previous EAD...

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11-15 11:08 AM
I am having tough time in getting an appointment with my local Representative and let them know what out problems are. And now this DEC bulletin is making my head spin.
---may be this bulletin will push me more in getting just an appointment--
:cool:God bless America:cool:

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03-26 11:53 AM
no, it is not the same position. the two positins have 2 different classifications and requirements. the first position (I have LC certified for) is a financial analyst which requires a bachelor degree. the second position is a senior financial analyst (for which LC was denied) which requires a masters degree and it is supervisory position. I asked my employer to request masters + 2 years experience for the senior position but lawyer said that my experience was acquired while working for the employer (while I was working as a financial analyst) so that experience can not count toward the senior position. this was a genuine promotion and not just to apply for EB2.

any feedback is appreciated.

There is a little chance to overcome this issue. Because of promotion in same occupation classification, one can not upgrade the education requirement to Master degree, if the same occupation required Bachelors degree in junior level. If your employer requested more experience (rather than education), probabaly they may approve the second LC, as it is geneune for asking more experience for senor level.

Now DOL and USCIS is tightening the requirement as everyone is shooting for higher requirement to apply in EB2.

08-03 10:01 PM
I applied in July, RD Jul 2nd. TSC

Havent seen any changes on my case status. my name check hasn't cleared yet. I called and spoke with an IO, she said name check wasnt cleared, wouldnt tell how long its been with FBI. I asked about the 180 day name check rule and she said it doesnt matter they still woudnt work on the case till NC was cleared.

02-02 09:40 PM
So as not to burst anyone's bubble, try it and see.
By the way weren't you supposed to include the original labor certification with the I-140 application? I am sure USCIS will not process an I-140 without the original LC or a duplicate from DOL.

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