Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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05-16 07:59 AM
Current Status: H1 (visa stamp expires Sept 2011)
Current: Company A (Has filed for h1 extention on May 1 under normal processing)
Future: Company B (Has filed for Transfer under Premium Processing as of May 6)

Currently employed with A. Company B lawyer has filed a transfer on May 6 Premium Process.(I believe current status is LCA is under process).

I plan to resign on May 21 with A and travel abroad to Dubai On May 22. Will be back on June3 to usa
>Can i travel abroad even if my tranfer is under process
>When i enter, what documents do I need to show at POE?
> Can i enter with Company A visa stamp
>Any issues if current employer informs USCIS about my resignation?

Its a emergency travel i cannot avoid. What needs to be done to make my trip

If you travel while an application to extend/transfer is in progress, the application is considered abandoned which in many instances results getting approval with out an I-94 at the bottom.
As far as i know, a pending application can not be used to reenter. You must have valid visa stamp in your PP for reentry unless a visa waiver or AP can be used. You can enter with Comp A's visa stamp and approved transfer copy from Company B as long as the visa is not expired.
Please check with an experienced immigration lawyer before travelling.

* i am not a legal expert.

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09-20 09:01 PM
Hi... Can any one tell me which are the afforable places in California to buy home. It can be town home or single family homes, Bet 300k to 400k.

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11-15 08:52 AM
When we went for our Biometrics, all our FP Notices were misspelled. We informed the bio technician and she corrected on their system there itself.
After the FP, I see there is an LUD also. I am hoping today's infopass meeting would be fruitful. Let's hope they just certifiy my EAD and AP there itself. :)

My name was misspelt on my FP notice as well.when i went for FP couple of weeks back, they could not make the change there.I told them about the name misspelt, they informed that I have to call the 1-800 number and get it changed.

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January 5th, 2005, 07:54 AM
dude, that's a cool one. Is that the original colour?
It's certainly stark. I think a little less filling would make it more effective yet again..


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12-12 07:09 PM
How there could be demand for visa numbers for EB2 India between the years 2000 & 2002. The possible sources of such visa number demand would be from BEC or LC substitution. Both require filing a new I-140 recently, which most likely would not have been approved yet. Are visa numbers alloted even before I-140 is approved??

Unless there were some real unlucky ones with PD earlier than 2002 that got through 'namecheck' just recently.

You forget that BECs were clearing up since some time now, and that 140PP was available until late July. Which person in his/her right mind having endured the BEC nightmare would not have done the 140PP, and if they did that and filed concurrently, then if all goes well 485 could easily get wrapped up in 4-6 months. I know of a person from EB2 ROW who got his green card start(PERM) to finish(485 approval) in 8mths flat. Similar examples, if a little slower abound at . To him this can seem an efficient system!

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09-04 01:17 PM
That would be sweet I guess. My PD is Oct. 07. :)


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01-24 10:54 AM
China EB3 received 3,513 visas when India EB3 received only 2856 when both countries are retrogressed. Also Chinese Student Protection Act requires the numbers be reduced for Eb3 category.

EB2-I and EB2-C received approximately 20 K visas in addition to their regular quota. If the same holds true for 2011 will bring the cut off dates to Feb - Mar 2007 for these countries.

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04-08 02:52 PM

Have you hear anything from USCIS after you sent your FedEx reciepts?

I am also in the similar kind of situation.

I had applied for H1 extension in month of Jan 2009, and got RFE in the month of Feb,
later my employer sent the required documents asked by USCIS.
On Apr 3, H1 B extension status has been changed to "Denial Notification Sent",
and yet to know the reason for Denial.
My present H1 is valid till mid of next month. Now my employer is re applying for new extension as my I-94 valid for another one month. Can any one suggest if you see any risk if same employer re applies for extension again? If so let me know any other options.



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11-01 02:10 PM
I have a question about my Mother in laws' visit to the USA.She has a 10 year multi entry tourist visa (B1, validity from 2005 to 2015) to the US and she has visited the US 3 times so far and the dates are as follows

February 18, 2006 to August 16, 2006 (visited her sons family in East)
July 8, 2007 to January 7, 2008 (stayed with us)
August 2, 2008 to February 01, 2009 (stayed with us)

She is currently on her 3rd visit to the USA and is living with us. Her departure date is January 2009. On her visit this time, at the port of entry (LAX) she was asked by the Immigration officer if she was visiting USA so often because of her grand child. She said yes and the immigration officer stamped her a 6 month stay and also told her to be careful of future visits so often to the United States. My mother in law is a widow and both her children live in the US as permanent residents.

Our baby recently had a health issue and was hospitalized. But due to all this with my wife and I both working, my wife feels it would be good if we could get my mother in law an extension of stay (perhaps 3months plus beyond January 2009)till my wife can complete her internship (which is time bound). My mother in laws? son lives in the east coast and he is a permanent resident in the USA.

I do not want to jeopardize her ability to visit the US in future due to an extension. So the question are:

Will a request for extension be approved by USCIS?
Will this jeopardize her chances of coming to the US in future?
IF she gets an extension this time, what will be the cooling off period for her to come to the US next time
How long does it take for USCIS to process a request for extension and what is the processing fee

Your response is greatly appreciated.

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07-28 10:00 PM
Checked the USCIS Website today and there is no Soft LUD on my 485. But i did notice that the "Request for Evidence" Message changed to "Request for Evidence Respone Review" . This is a new status message.

I got an RFE on Sep 3rd 2008 and Attorney's filed the response with in 3 days. I did not get any other update beyond that. I did open a SR on July 11th regarding status of the case.

Did anyone who had sent their response to RFE get their status changed like the above today?

Here is description of the "Request for Evidence Respone Review"..

"Once a timely response to the request for evidence is received by USCIS, we review the evidence or information you submitted. If you submitted the requested evidence, we continue with the adjudication of your application or petition in light of the new evidence"..


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08-21 08:49 PM
1. To be fair to all, Ask all h1b's to gain 2 - 3 years of US experience, before filing for GC. (2 years of Paystub at the minumum and or tax returns).

What sort of "fairness" do you hope to achieve by delaying new GC applicants ? Given the current pace of visa number availability, it is going to be 2015 or so before a 2006 PD for EB-3 becomes current and USCIS gets to it. Does that not already take care of "fairness" with respect to older applicants ?

For a new GC applicant who is looking at another 8-9 years wait to file 485 (I am one of them and there are plenty on this forum) it is more important than ever to lock a PD asap. Even assuming it is in larger interest of all of us, how will you educate an average lawmaker of all these intricacies ? We are having a tough time as it is distinguishing ourselves from the illegals.

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11-02 12:59 PM
If this is a possible solution, have your Mother-in-Law visit Canada temporarily for a few day and have her come back to US. I am just floating this idea for discussuion.


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08-15 01:50 PM
Couldn't resist opening a new thread and sharing this with fellow IVians.

We got our green cards today. It is actually green (in the back).

Another announcement is that I recently relocated to northern Mississippi. Would like to join up with other state chapter members. I am willing to coordinate with the group in Memphis TN.

Thanks IV. I and my spouse benefited a lot from the July 2007VB and the work IV did concerning it. So, I will do more than just stick around but continue to be active as usual. The system is still broken and we will have to work to fix it.

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07-28 12:18 PM
My prediction for this year..

EB1 = Current
EB2 = Jan 2003 (Because of BEC cases coming out, chance for them to file I-485 in October)
EB3 = U


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08-04 01:34 PM
Please refer to this detailed experience on SS update after GC:

Also there is no need to surrender your old SS card or even show it. (maybe good to just keep it with you if asked.)

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06-17 12:11 PM
Why do you think the bill will be passed? It is very tough. Even Senate passes it is tough in House. Also it may not be passed in current form. Even current form is passed you will get gc faster than the people who are filing I485 now. Because most of the persons like you already filed I 485 you can file by point system and you will get soon as you have 5 years US experience.

Now nothing is negative so for but we do not know what tomorrow brings. Do not assume anything till anything is confirmed

Iam in the same boat, Iam on my 5th year H1. Senthil...I guess the point the original poster is trying to make is there are few of us who will be stuck in the middle. Our LC filing date will be after May15th'07 and the 6th year H1 gets over before Oct'08.


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01-23 12:20 PM
I think some of the I140 dates went backwards in Nebraska. I can't understand how it can move backwards...Some moved just a few days even though the list is updated after 2 months!

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05-03 08:01 AM
If you have enough time or not depends on if your country of origin is retrogressed. In your case retrogression will help you.

You do not need to be working for the new employer for them to start the green card process. So no need to wait for H1B transfer. But most employers would not do that.

To get one year extensions, Your case has to be pending for at least a year. That clock starts when you apply for labor. With PERM there is two months of recruiting (one month recruiting and one month cool down) before you can apply for labor. So it looks like you will not meet this deadline. (You may be able to extend your current H1B for the time you were out of the country)

So your only hope is that your labor certification goes through and your I140 goes through and your country is retrogressed. Then the one year rule does not apply and you can extend H1B for three years.

So pray that congress does not fix the retrogression problem until you get your three year extension :)

You are wrong - he dont have to pray that retrogession to stay. If there is no retrogession he/she can apply for 485 along with I140 or if that option is not available he/she can apply for 485 after I140 approval; and can get EAD which makes him eligible to work pending 485 approval.

The above is quite possilbe and I have seen some people (from non-retrogessed countries) getting their EADs/greencards in less than a year time. In my company I have applied PERM along with another person (who is less experienced than me; much less education qualifications; and probably less salary as I am his technical lead). Both our PERM labors approved in the space of 10 days. Currently my EB2 I140 is pending; his concurrent I140 is approved and got EAD's for him and wife and is infact might get his cards soon unless they get stuck in name-check.

Moral of story: retrogession is bad anyway you cut it. In any case the probability of a bill passing seems not that bright; and even if a bill is passed it may not be impleted that soon anyway; so this retrogession story might continue for a while I guess; and we all can continue to get 1year/3year extensions :)

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10-20 06:24 AM
Look at the profile...... join date and no. of posts.

So whats the problem. I was active till 2007, till the special immigrant visas are over and retrogression set in for Schedule A workers, nurses and physical therapists. I was in my country till now, and Immigration voice sign in template don't have any option to register for people who are out of United states.

When I was active I always did my best to share my knowledge and help the people.
I supported and advocated for general visa recapture and special legislative initiatives for Schedule A workers. I was an active member of Schedule A workers sub group of Immigraton voice.

I hope I am clarified. I humbly request for valuable advices to decide on my situation. Once again thank you all for your advices.

03-15 05:25 PM
If the first labor is done through PERM, can the 2nd labor be filed? I had heard that there is a policy of one PERM per company per employee. Does that not apply if the new job with the same company is substantially different. That's right. Second PERM can be filed for same employee at same company if first PERM is already approved (not pending) and second PERM is for a "substantially different" position.

Would you please elaborate on "substantially different". If the job title is different and job duties are very different, would that qualify as "substantially different". I have been thinking about doing the same. This is not well defined. In my case, the second PERM was for a position in a different O*NET category and a different job zone, and this was considered "substantially different" by DoL. My guess would be that if the two positions are different O*net codes, you should probably be fine (this is a guess only - please consult your attorney).

Is there any issue when 1st labor was not a PERM labor and 2nd labor is going to be PERM labor and both from same employer ?Sorry, I don't have any experience in that area, so I can't comment.

10-11 05:01 PM
Thanks for replying... Appreciate it ....

I believe the 180 days starts from the day of 485 notice date and not 140 approval. I had confirmed this with my attorney (both my personal one and the companies )before making the shift and I had and RFE on my 485 in June 09 and nothing after that. I would assume that USCIS was happy with my response and the case might have been pre-adjudicated.

As per Ron, one cannot apply for H1B renewals based on revoked 140's. I wanted to see if anyone here has done it successfully. I will check with my attorney as well as my companies attorney.
180 days is from when 485 filed as per yates memo... Check with attorney and you should be fine I dont want to draw conclusions here though. You may need to switch to AC21 aka use the EAD.. again I am not the lawyer here just coughing up what i know. H1B may be renewed if you have any of 6 years left. Why does he need to start entire GC process for just renewing H1B i dont understand.

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