Monday, September 12, 2011

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10-04 03:32 PM
Hi there,

There is premium processing available for 140 but like for everything else that is premium .. u have to pay a premium for it. I believe $1k.

Best of luck.

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10-14 02:49 PM
one of my friends took insurance for his parents from


covers PRE-EXISITING Conditions as well

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06-17 01:37 AM
I am in same boat. Very concerned what will happen. Do you have interaction / advise from any lawyer?

I wanted to ask IV if there is anything we are doing for people like me.
After frustrated with the consultant company I joined a full time job. and now am 5'th year of H1B. The LC will be applied after 1 to 3 month(big company and there laws as you have to complete 1 year and then adv etc etc)
So If the bill passes I even can't apply for LC and so force to go back after 6 years.
Now as everybody is ready to file for 485 nobody cares about this CIR bill but me only.
Are there ANY people left like me?

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03-09 05:32 PM


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02-18 05:06 PM
You are W2 or 1099.

if he is working for himself, he has to be a w2 on his own payroll as the president of the company or employee as it is in his case...

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11-14 04:36 PM

who gave me red mark?

somebody gave red mark...what happened???


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07-03 02:09 AM
Please read, sign and observe

To: U,S. Congress American Government

USCIS/DOS has made fun of a set of highly skilled immigrant workers of America. They issued a bulletin in June 2007 ( declaring all classes of employment-based visa priority dates current from July 1, 2007 and then pulled the carpet under everyone's feet by issuing a bulletin in July 2007 ( which declared all July applications ineligible.

The June bulletin caused a frenzy of activity amongst the applicants which ranged from applicants cancelling their travel plans and rushing to file their petitions to applicants tying the nuptial knot and cancelling their plans of higher studies. This act is mockery and disrespect of such skilled workers, causing them huge emotional and mental trauma. It also represents a huge economic loss in terms of time and resources consumed for readiness in filing the applications that involved the individuals, their employers and the attorneys representing them.

As a mark of protest we would like to observe July 13, 2007 as "NO WORK DAY". We demand justice from America and the American Governement. We believe our voices will only be heard when our presence (and importance) is made conspicuous by our absence. So, all those who believe in this are urged to refrain from going to work on Friday July 13, 2007.


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08-26 01:08 PM

can you please let us know some details. I am in the same situation.
Nov2004, eb3, i140 approved and i485 applied.

1. What happens to the present ead, after filing the new i140.
2.after i140 do we have to apply for new i485?


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08-30 11:52 AM
How do you call USCIS? I mean what options did you select to talk to some one. Looks like their options are changed.

I called USCIS today and they said they are using the receipt date on I797 and not on the website. Yes that is right on website they show ND and say receipt date..its all messed up, but as per totay's call, it seems 797 RD is what they are using.

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02-18 05:18 PM
Hi Surge
You should then consult a lawyer.

i did. different lawyers said different thing so i do not know who is right and who is wrong.

should i make an infopass appointment and idscusss it with them?


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03-11 03:56 PM
When you enter first time the IO @ POE will take you to a separate room (not for a interogation, but a routine process which they follow) ................ so keep all answers ready as what you will say if they ask (I am sure in todays date they will ask) are you with same employer, do you have a job, do you have recent paystubs and so on.

All I can suggest is do not fumble with words there rather than just be confident in what you speak and if he asks for documents what will you do then.

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08-17 02:27 PM
HOW your answer relates to my question?

Think, deside and do and don't think again! But Review it.

..Maybe he thought he heard you say..

"Don't think, decide and do and don't think again! And don't review it. :)

Don't worry too much..worst case is to re-file ead & ap w/ newer fees.
He'll eventually get GC & will be driving a Lexas in Dallus, Texus ;).


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07-18 04:57 PM
You need to fill the application with date of entry anf I-95 number!

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03-27 01:40 AM
Just an idea, if emails or letters doesn't reach Obama...may be IV should consider an open letter to Obama,Congress and Senate by buying space in major news papers
and suggesting the obvious economic benefits(buying homes, home renovations, buying durable goods etc) of speeding legal immigration.


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05-01 01:36 PM
If you carefully see the qualifying options for an emergency appointment (who stays and currently working in US can easily qualify) , we can chose the earliest available date at any of the centers like Mumbai/ New Delhi/ Kolkata/Chennai. But the catch is first of all you have to entrust someone in india to go to HDFC bank to pay the fee and get the receipt number.
Remember, the most important thing is YOU must carry that ORIGINAL PAYMENT SLIP along with all of your documents.

Without paying the fee first, there is no way to book an appointment and remember it takes about 48 hours to activate the receipt number for the fee paid, in to the web site & backend system they use to tally that you have actually paid. once you enter your passport number and fee payment receipt number, they both will be tallied against a database

Recently one of my good friend had a major issue, because he took a fax copy of the payment receipt, and believe me got in to a big trouble. (Ofcourse, they honored finally after hours of argument and gave him the visa extension)

Yeah.. I realized that. And I think I can qualify for emergency appt. BUT that wasn't my question. My question was do I HAVE to go to Chennai or can I get it done in Bangalore (they have an office that seems to have drop box like feature).

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03-05 08:53 PM
We cannot justify the opposition to price increase as INS expects the fees to be paid by employer. So if needed employers can oppose not the employees. Only fees the candidates expect to pay is citizenship fees and all other immigration related fees should be paid by Employers as they are sponsoring gc

USCIS fees cover none of the activities you mentioned.


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08-30 12:50 PM
Dear IV Members,

The IV members have been traveling to DC and other locations while they meet the policy makers, special interest groups and the lawmakers in Washington DC. We have a few core members who have spent thousands of dollars from their personal savings for travel purposes.

Since the core members have a preference to not draw money from the funds collected to date to be spent on travel, I am proposing that IV members donate their Frequent Flyer Airline Miles to IV. Typically, it requires about 25K miles to get a ticket in continental US and all the miles for a ticket should come from one account.

These airline miles would be used for the core members if and when needed. You need not transfer the miles at this time and only need to pledge. I will prepare a list of personnel who pledged and will contact you when your miles are needed. Miles on major carriers- American, United, Delta, Continental, Southwest etc..are welcome.

To kick start the pledge drive, I am donating 25,000 Airline Miles on American Airlines to IV.

Come on members..! and pledge in this novel pledge drive for Immigration Voice.
Good Idea but as far i know the miles should be used by the account holder itself(I know southwest has that policy)but rest i am not sure

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07-26 07:18 PM
You can get EAD even if your I-140 is pending.Correct me if I am wrong.

Processing of your EAD and AP is independent of your 140 status.

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June 4th, 2004, 08:31 PM
I immediately thought of the Seinfeld Episode: Bubble Boy

02-11 10:48 AM
thank you for repply.i try to stay legal here much as everybody but sistem work slow and put me out only for 3 monts. since then i fight to get my statu back .and i will get it back soon or letter.
thank you for tread me like humanbean.

and for others people here..
one day you can lost you statu here because you lawyer or some difirent raisen.. then you will fell how i fell..
i hope you guys get you gc soon..
no more post for me .goodby

You jerk, disappear in vacuum. I can smell idiots like even on the world wide web. Get out of here you ba$tard.


June 19th, 2005, 04:27 AM
In the words of William F. Buckley Jr..... some of my first instincts are reprehensible! Glad you finally got CS2....How are you liking it so far? (It IS out of the box isn't it?)

It is out and installed. I loaded up the rainbow picture, did an adjustment layer, but don't seem to be making changes that really improve the shot. I'll try some more later, but I have to go, the sun is about to rise :)

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