Thursday, September 8, 2011

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02-07 01:38 PM
The video can be found at Immigration Policy - C-SPAN Video Library (

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01-21 10:48 AM
This rumour sounds like its straight out of timesofindia :p;)

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05-20 09:51 PM
Is it possible to have EB2 category and old priority date without refiling new I-140?

No. You need 2 (or more) approved I-140s to port PDs.

Not a legal advice.

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03-07 09:25 AM
Visa stamping interview --> First week of Feb
Was asked to submit technical questionnaire and other documents as per 221g which I did
Received email confirmation that they have "received" the documents and sending it to DOS for further processing and will email me in sometime

After waiting for one month and no sign of the elusive email, I flew in to LAX and used my Advanced Parole successfully. I had not cancelled my pending H1B application.
The POE officer was very polite unlike the officer at the Mumbai consulate. They didn't ask me even "one" question about my pending h1B application or the H1b in general, had to wait in the secondary inspection room while they looked up my information. Was out in 20-25 mins.
When I asked the POE officer what happens to the H1, he said it gets void. But as per earlier INS memos(Cronin Memo) and threads on forums, this is not the case right ? although I didn't start a discussion on this with him, because I didn't want to confuse him. My I-94 has AOS written on it which probably puts me in a Parolee status.

Now my question is:
I really would like to get back on the H1 status, so when the email arrives from Mumbai, does anyone know if its possible to withdraw the application .
Then arrange for the h1B visa stamping interview at say Tijuana, Mexico. Wouldn't I be in the PIMS system now (since I would have received the email from the mum consulate) and make the stamping faster at the regular timelines. I have my multiple entry AP as backup, so I can be back if I need to.
I'd really appreciate if anyone can shed any light on this, I really hate to work on my EAD and would like to continue on the H1 as a backup for my entire family's sake.


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06-22 04:04 PM
I was thinking on how USCIS may be working.. heres my thought.

Boss come out of the cabin and a clerk approaches and says, Saar ji need vacation kids are getting bored in their summer vacation, boss being in a good mood announces okie everyone go on vacation for 2 months, also ask the internet guy to make the dates "UNAVAILABLE"

Then some seniors are planned to visit the USCIS office, since the dates are not current all the clerks are chit chatting, playing games on computer, texting..etc etc.. boss comes out of his office and says, what all you guys are doing ?? Get back to work.

Again a clerk comes to the officer and says :D saar dates are not current what do we do, nothing is there to do. Boss turns really angry and says go and preadjuducate the preadjudicated cases and send RFEs. Show that you are working, make some calls threaten people of fraud, send finger printing notices.

To check if this huge force is working or not he logs on to and and start browsing the threads and then he find people posting question about the RFE on medical TST etc etc.. He is happy and satisfied that his clerks are working and may get an appraisal from his who is likely to visit the office anytime.


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02-13 01:47 PM
H1B or not to Be is the question ?

join IV for the answers ;)


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10-08 10:38 PM

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03-23 01:55 PM

Old I-94 expiration date was January 3, 2010, and new I-94 started from October 18, 2010.

Ask your lawyer if you can get the I-94 corrected Nunc Pro Tunc.

MurthyDotCom : Nunc Pro Tunc H1B and H-4 Cases Approved (

Good luck to you.


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09-26 01:00 PM
Please update profile before someone can help.

Just did it. I put in the information that I have.

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Cute dragonfly clipart,

05-21 02:10 PM
I really don't know...when i look at processing times...TSC done application until Feb 15th...last month it had Jan 29th...just moved 16 days...i don't know...i did e-filed may 9th...

I think the interim EAD is no longer available. But you might get your EAD before Aug 16th. I got my EAD in 45 days (paper file at NE)


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01-03 10:46 AM
IV is working on this and we shall be making this live shortly.


Thanks to the core group for working on this. If I may make another suggestion- have you thought about using Google checkout? For one there is no transaction fee till the end of 2007. This would be particularly beneficial if you're trying to collect smaller amounts like $20 every month. Second Google also gives a discount of $10 or $20 for the first payment depending on the amount. So it might turn out to be a lot better for IV when compared to PayPal.

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08-25 02:25 PM
The USCIS accepted that response and my case has resumed processing. So if I were you, I would have no problem taking the Engineering Manager title.

This doesn't mean much. The case is still being processed and is not a sign to rejoice or consider that your AC21 request has been accepted. The title isn't a big deal but the job description on labor and new job has to be same or similar.

I would be wary of your switch from a developer to a Manager and that qualifying for a AC21 under same/similar.

Where I work, what a developer does is significantly different than what an Architect or a manager does.


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10-02 01:04 PM
But see that is exactly my question. Say u surrender All your I-94 copies. however on entering they still give you a BRAND new I-94 on the airplane (assuming you are crossing by airplane ofcourse). Now That has a totally new I-94 number than what your H1B I-94 had. That is where i get confused.

In the event you have a new 797 (with a new I94 attached to it), you are expected to staple that to your passport. You'd note that the new 94 WILL have the same number as the old one in the passport (if you've not travelled out of US in the interim period).

In this case I usually take out the old I94s and staple the new one in that place. Don't know if that's right or wrong, but I haven't had an issue until now.

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07-17 11:35 AM
If you are serious about discussing issues like this, I would suggest you take opinions/bias out of your arguments.

All of your below listed biases are classic anti-immigrant groups' slogans.
"unskilled/low skill immigrants cause higher unemployment", "unskilled/low skilled immigration == jobs not created, remain uneployed", "DV / Family based immigration brings in unskilled/low skilled immigrants"

If you want a healthy discussion, do some research and provide data to support your assertions or ask for data before you make assertions. This thread will quickly turn into a bash fest against so called "unskilled" workers.

And, how do you define "unskilled/low skilled" ? as compared to what ? A Java programmer ?

I agree as well as dis-agree.

numberUSA give this argument for all the immigration communities which I am sure is from a different perspective (xenophobic or race). They just don't want any immigrants no matter what.

I am talking only about this crisis and merely from economic point of view. About choosing based upon what is good for the economy and what is not.



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06-02 05:26 PM
did you send web faxes and contribute to IV, if not please do

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07-08 12:43 PM
Then why do we need an attorney if we are there to correct them. We provide them with proper documentation. They make sure they put it correctly in the form. I can understand if a wrong document has been send and that caused the error but otherwise what are they for.

When the papers are prepared, attorney will send it to the candidate to review and sign it. Dint you find the flaws then? if not, then it is your mistake and the attorney will bill you for sure.

My attorney sent a draft from for me to fill it out. I filled it in and sent it back to him. He filled the original seeing the information from the draft with lots of mistakes. Then he sent the filled original to me. I have to review it again and fix all the errors. Then he corrected it and sent it back to me. Then again I have to review and sign. So the responsibility lies on me and not with Attorney.


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01-09 03:43 PM
"I suppose this year's quota for EB3 India is not yet used (as small it may seem). My guess is, when EB3 processing begins, it should get your collegues out in 6 to 9 months from now."

EB3 quota is like a spoon of rice from a bag of basmati :))

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09-01 07:12 PM
Even children in India are not looking after their parents properly as our parents looked after theirs.

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11-24 04:50 PM
Same here too
Stuck in EB3 though - I-140 Denied in Aug 2008 and filed an Appeal.
And to make it worse, no time left in H1 either, as I have been here since 2001.

Is there any alternative to this?
As in, can we apply for another I-140 while the appeal is still going on?

I seached in the AAO decisions website and the signs are not very encouraging. attached link has Jul 30 2009 decision in regards to 3 yr bachelor with diploma. I am seeing a lot of these.,%20Professionals,%20and%20Oth er%20Workers/Decisions_Issued_in_2009/Jul302009_07B6203.pdf

Is there nothing we can do to tackle this situation?
I would REALLY appreciate if you anyone can provide more info or share their experiences, provide an opinion, ANYTHING.


09-22 07:20 PM
Well, I don't see a problem with that. If you can file 485 without clearing 140, why can't you file 485 without clearing labor?

We should stay modest? There are a lot of us who have waited 4+ years for labor. I think that's enough modesty and patience.

I think this is still in USICS control to allow I485 to file even if priority date is not current.

08-04 12:57 AM
July 2 filer, PD 11/2005.
infopass appt IO mentioned namecheck and FP check cleared.
No soft/hard LUDs/approval yet.

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