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Moto Wallpapers TM

Joey Foley
May 18th, 2005, 04:23 PM
Yeah, but if I cleaned the sensor and lenses what else could it be?
Clean the sensor again?

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09-05 06:12 PM
Dems getting the house and improve our situation? Doubt it.
Does anyone remember what Ted Kennedy said about us legal migrants?
He said we don't have the same issues with the illegals regarding coming into
this country.
And what about Diane Feinstein? She's pro-agriculture and anti-IT.

Remember: Republicans are a party with bad ideas, Dems are a party with no ideas.
Reps: "We got a really bad idea!"
Dems: "We can make it sh*ttier!"

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03-12 01:49 PM
After a long 5 years I finally received 485 case approved letter for both my case and my spouse's case. However the online status still shows pending. Is this common?. How long would it take for the online case status to be updated.

EB2- PB Dec2003
485 Filed date: 08/02/07
Texas service center

Congrats and Best Wishes

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01-04 11:52 PM
Already sent an email to my state Senators.

"Indentured Servitude" seems to be the motto by the current administration. H1B's afterall are smart, educated, English-speaking, honest & tax-paying bunch. By delaying their Greencard, they can get the most out of these hardworking folks, for as long as they can.

Worker Productivity is, afterall, an important gauge of US Economy.


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01-11 07:54 AM
You Can work for the same Employer On H1 even after entering US on AP.

It is NOT clear Yet if we can file for H1 Transfer with another employer after entering US on Advance Parole.
Please let us know if anybody has done this successfully.

Thanks for the response. Can you please tell me how you were able to confirm that one can continue on H1 with same employer. Did you do this personally or did you hear from an attorney. The reason I am asking is that I want to be completely sure about it before I implemented it

Thanks again.

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07-23 05:16 PM
I'm in a similar predicament as well. I'm on EAD and 485 is pending, can I claim unemployment benefits?


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03-26 11:53 AM
no, it is not the same position. the two positins have 2 different classifications and requirements. the first position (I have LC certified for) is a financial analyst which requires a bachelor degree. the second position is a senior financial analyst (for which LC was denied) which requires a masters degree and it is supervisory position. I asked my employer to request masters + 2 years experience for the senior position but lawyer said that my experience was acquired while working for the employer (while I was working as a financial analyst) so that experience can not count toward the senior position. this was a genuine promotion and not just to apply for EB2.

any feedback is appreciated.

There is a little chance to overcome this issue. Because of promotion in same occupation classification, one can not upgrade the education requirement to Master degree, if the same occupation required Bachelors degree in junior level. If your employer requested more experience (rather than education), probabaly they may approve the second LC, as it is geneune for asking more experience for senor level.

Now DOL and USCIS is tightening the requirement as everyone is shooting for higher requirement to apply in EB2.

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11-21 04:12 PM
#1. Usually duration, designation and salary to be provided by company.

#2. The role or work related description can be provided by co-worker.

If RFE is related to #1, and company is closed, then lawyer (or yourself) has to present your case with whatever evidences are there (e.g. company is closed, follow up with ex-management to get certificates, etc).


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01-14 01:06 PM
...and Good Luck

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05-15 09:09 AM
Due to PD movement, to track exact status of how many guys are "already in Que" and how many guys want to "join" the Que, we needs to have two more options e.g. -
- India PD current & I-485 already filed (guys already in Que)
- India PD current & I-485 NOT filed (guys want to Join the Que)

This will help to know how many guys are in que, how many VISA's are available (as per USCIS) and then we will have some "guess" work on how PD will move ahaead in upcoming months!!

This is a EB3 - General Poll across all countries


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12-24 01:13 PM
I will post this on the So.Cal state chapter

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10-23 03:50 PM
If you get laid off, find a company at a rate that will meet your minimum LCA wages requirement for H1B (W2) or EAD (I will approximate the wages mentioned in labor document). I think you have 30 days of buffer, but I will find something right away.

There is a chance that i might get laid off. I have a pending I485 filed on July 2. My I-140 was approved in June 06. Would like to know if i get laid off within how many days do i have to find a job.

really need to know this based on the market situation.


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08-29 06:45 PM
did you ask them if the processing date on the website includes applications received on July 2 also? I know it is not clear... but maybe if you had asked them...?

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02-07 11:19 AM
Please share about the discussion. Unfortunately I am unable to watch it due to proxy firewall.

Immigration Policy: Highly Skilled Workers and U.S. Competitiveness and Innovation - Brookings Institution (

Please contact Brookings Communications at the contact info provided for the event material.


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03-30 11:33 PM
Congratulations !!!!! Take a deeeeep breath and relax.

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November 13th, 2007, 10:54 PM
I have a Nikon D70s and always get the 3 dust particles showing up on every photo I take. I've tried to clean the inside of the camera as much as possible, but I can't get rid of the dust. Is there a way I can clean the sensor or do I have to send it to Nikon? I have a photo shoot this weekend and would like to have it cleaned by then if possible.

Another question - How often should I format my memory cards?

I look forward to reading your suggestions.



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10-23 07:20 AM
There is a chance that i might get laid off. I have a pending I485 filed on July 2. My I-140 was approved in June 06. Would like to know if i get laid off within how many days do i have to find a job.

really need to know this based on the market situation.

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10-25 05:10 PM
online status is not completely reliable. 2nd level customer service will give u latest info.

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06-29 07:39 AM
The reality is there will not be another immigration bill this year if CIR does not make it. And calling CIR the "amnesty bill" means some of us may have started pandering to and unfortunately have fallen for the anti-immigrationists propaganda trap. That is fine if one thinks its okay to wait for another two years while a new congress settles in and for key immigration bills to come to the floor. However "cutting and running" is what we do when out of fear of association we fail to stand up and speak up and explain our motivating cause which is the plight of legal law abiding immigrants who contribute legally to this country. In my own personal opinion this is an excellent opportunity that can put IV in the spot light and distinguish IV for standing up for highly skilled immigrants. This requires good orational and communication skills so that one is not misquoted. If it takes wearing a t-shirt saying "Support Legal Immigrants" then so be it, but lets not cut and run on the basis of someone elses propaganda. If IV opts out then let it be because we could not find someone who could clearly get our unique message and goals out. Thanks to randallemery for bringing this opportunity to IV's attention and I hope the IV core will respond appropriately as this needs to be a well coordinated effort. When people fully understand the humanitarian reasons why legal immigrants need relief through CIR they tend to be more compassionate and supportive. However if we sit and twiddle our thumbs because of what Lou Dobbs says then we are doing exactly what these anti-immigrationists want us to do. The primary victory of Rep Chris Cannon (R) in Utah ought to be a shot in the arm for those fighting for CIR. Instead of cutting and running he supported CIR, the anti-immigrationist opponents attacked CIR and in the end they still lost. Rep Cannon had the opportunity of being associated with the alleged "amnesty" bill but he stood up bravely to be counted as a CIR supporter and prevailed in the end.

11-13 08:51 PM
I believe whenever you apply H1 or H4 in US, you will get new I-94 so you don't need to go outside US.

#3 : no, only show H1B approval from ur spouse.
#4 : I don't know about 60 days rule but this is like chicken and egg situation. to get paid (using H1), you will need to have SSN. if you don't get paid then you are violating ur H1 condition. so I believe the reasonable answer is you have to get SSN and a project so you can get paid and stay using H1B status (if not revert to H4 asap).
#5 : I believe you are not out of status but you are violating H1 condition.

But again, Please check with ur attorney since I am not an attorney.

Sorry if my answers will scare you a bit.


I came to USA in March-2009 on H4 visa, I have H4 visa stamp on my passport valid till 2011 which is my husband?s valid H1 date. Then i applied for H1B through one of consulting companies. I got H1B approval in June-2009. I am searching for the project from June-2009 but, don't have project till date. So now i wanted to change my status again from H1B to H4. I believe my H1B is automatically activated on 1st Oct 2009. I still don?t have any paychecks since I did not get the project and haven?t yet applied for SSN.
So my questions are,
1.Can I apply for visa status change from H1B to H4 in USA or
a. I need to go outside USA and reapply for H4 visa in my home country or
b.just go outside USA and enter back with my current H4 on my passport which is valid until 2011?
2. Is there any alternative that I can apply for status change from H1B to H4 immediately in USA to continue my H4 visa again and can get H4 visa stamp in future when I will go outside USA?
3. Do I need to show paystubs from Oct-2009 while applying for H4 COS in USA while filling the form?
4. Is there a 60 day rule during which I need to apply for my SSN? What would happen if I delay applying for my SSN?
5. Under what scenarios and When would I be considered out of status?

Thank You in advance.


06-03 09:37 PM
lawyer paper filed april 15th
receipt received april 27th
received date april 16th receipt date april 26th

last soft LUD April 30th

no fp notice or anything since

called them 2 days ago to put in a request for fp cus i am tired of waiting hoped that this would prompt them to look at it.... so far no change

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