Monday, September 26, 2011

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08-13 12:27 AM
Michael Phelps breaks all time Olympics World Gold Record. Congratulations !!! rd

More golds expected.

(IVans, I got NINE RED dots for this so far)

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07-13 05:29 PM
Thanks for all who replied...

Did anyone travel to India, by landing at Delhi Intl airport, and then proceeding to other destination city through a domestic airline?

Never been to Delhi, and I have no idea how Intl and domestic travel works in tandem...


Almost every time landed @ delhi and then got to a domestic flight (@ Indore - lot of times)

It all depends on your international arrival and next connection to domestic city (how long is lay over?) You can get a good connection from New york to mumbai to indore with airline A due to its flight schedule but you might not get the same ''good connection'' with airline B as it just has a different schedule.

So it depends on the following
-From where you fly
-When you reach
-When is the first avaiable domestic flight
-how much is the total cost


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05-19 12:48 PM
Welcome to our newest member eb3India...

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02-13 04:02 PM
When you submit your passport for renewal, they usually give you a receipt with pickup date. This date is anywhere between 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

If you want you can request them to mail your new passport by paying extra $15 for mailing.

If you are going to pickup the passport by person, then you should be there between 4PM-5:15PM. Thats the delivery time.

In DC office you can not pickup anything before 2PM. Remember this

Thanks a lot for the information. Since I had sent my renewal application via courier, I never got any pick up slip. I have paid $15 for mailing service. What I am worried is that even if I drive 5 hours to pick up, if they haven't processed my application (its close to 4 weeks now since I have applied), I will run out of options. On the website they claim that they will process in 5 business days. I must have tried close to 5 different phone numbers multiples times for past week or so. I have also emailed and faxed my query multiple times. Same result - No response at all. I just don't get how work is done at the embassy.


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12-03 12:11 PM
This is great news

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10-30 04:17 PM
Hello All,

Finally we got all the receipt numbers today. We (I and family) had filed at NSC on July 2; called USCIS today and IO said the data was entered in the system yesterday (Oct 29).. he also gave me and my family's receipt numbers.

This should give all of who are waiting for Receipt Notices some hope !!

I know its very frustrating; but be a little more patient is what I can say at this moment ..! Good things dont come easy is what I learnt from all this exercise..

Thanks all for your inputs and support ..:p


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01-03 03:06 PM
hi i have a question here:

suppose some x's labour PD date is 2004 August and some Y's PD date is 2006.
Y Applied I-485 on July2nd 2007 and X applied on Aug10th 2007.
so whose application processed first? is x's or Y's for final GC process.
thanks for your answers.

As far as i know...if x's and y's PD's are current at some given time..then Y's file will be processed first because his RD is earlier and then X's file..its toatlly depends on PD (whose PD is current)..this is what i know..i may be worng..

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06-18 02:39 PM

I came to US in 2004, my H1 visa was sponsored by cognizant technology solutions. H1 was valid from Nov 04 to Dec 06. later on my I 94 was extended from Dec 06 to July 09 .
I changed company and joined wipro in Aug 08 and now my I 94 is now valid till July 2010.

I have never gone back to India for a visit ever since I landed in US (2004)..I now want to go to India for few months and have read that i'll have to get my visa stamped before reentering US...

My question is if i'll have any problems with visa stamping because I was originally working with cognizant and am now working with wipro?..Am I out of status since my original visa expired in 2006 ?...pls help
u never went to india since 5 years, your crazy :)


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07-18 07:29 AM
short visits in this case should not reset his 365 day clock. days of this short visit will just not get counted towards the 365 days.

If I was in your position, I would try getting him here immediately and then try applying for 485 ASAP so he can get his EAD. When you are so close, he doesn't need a new H1.

I would also bring him up here earlier since medical exam and all that takes some time. You may not be able to do this if you have a really short timeframe.

Good Luck!!!

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01-14 10:48 AM
Mine was Renewal


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04-15 05:33 PM
Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I am currently in the last stage of greencard. My I-140 has been approved and I have done biometrics code 3.
I am applying for an immigrant visa via employment-based; EB2.

I recently got an RFE for my I-485 application. The request is to submit evidences of my non-immigrant status ever since I came back to the US from my out-of-country vacation on December 1999. Some of the evidences requested include the copies of my I-20s.
I attended 4 different schools; hence I should have four I-20s. I cannot find any of them.
And since I attended these schools more than 5 years ago, they could not provide me with a copy of my I-20s since they have been purged.

The question is:
1. What is the alternative that I have?
2. My attorney suggested that I obtain official transcripts from each schools, as well as a note from them explaining that my I-20s has been purged and are unobtainable.
Do you think these will be sufficient?
3. When an applicant got RFEd for his/her I-485 application, what is the typical period of time until the answer is given? My case is processed in TSC.

Thank for the input.

Warm regards...

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12-30 09:30 PM
Thanks a lot. This helps me.
Now for this EAD, should I go thru an attorney or do it myself by the USCIS website.

you need to use EAD since you were on L1 and that cant be transferred to your new employer.
Other than that you need:
- I-140 to be approved*
- 180 dyas to pass from your I-485 receipt date.

*strictly speaking if I-140 was "approvable" at that 180 day mark, you are all set, but its safest to wait for it to be approved.


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06-25 09:39 PM
My H4 spouse left the country for vacation on May 25 (before h4 expiry)
Attorney filed 7th year ext and I 539 on Jun14.
My 6th year of H1 ended on Jun 17.

The attorney was not reachable by HR or myself. HR calls me today about problem with H4 and the attorney wants to discuss. What the heck ? Do they file I-539 when some one is not in the country ? She and I always maintained proper status. What can be the problem? I am freaking out to get my h1 ext approval asap and bring her back to file 485. Now my head is exploding. Any clues ? I cant bear this suspense.

you dont require to file I 539 since she is out of the country ,so currently she has no status .

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08-13 06:13 PM
1) The award you submitted was academic in nature. USCIS maintains that student awards such as fellowships, scholarships do not meet this criteria. Do you have anythingelse that is nationally recognized? Show me the evidence.

2) You submitted your work at research meetings. That is what researchers are supposed to do. How is your work is above and beyond what is out there in those meetings? "Consequently, it does not follow that all scientists who are asked to present their findings enjoy sustained acclaim in their field". Show me how your presentation history exceeds others.

3) Show the clear evidence that you have performed a leading and critical role in your organization.

4) You published several papers. But scientists are supposed to publish and dessiminate their work. Please resubmit updated citation listing. Please submit objective listing that your publication history exceeds the rest of the field.

Gurus... do I have a chance with these questions. I don't have any other national or international award such as Presidential Medal or Nobel Prize.

My presentation at international conferences are posters. Nothing great such as plenary talk.

I can submit more evidence of publications and citations.
Letter about my role and responsibilities as leader in my institution.

Thats it. Do I have a chance?


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05-12 04:16 PM
A friend at my workplace is current and is waiting .... I know atleast 3 cases at my workplace who are current in May bulletin and waiting

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06-02 02:44 PM

I've already completed my 6 yrs on H1, have my 140 approved, applied for extension and got it (before 6 yr expiry). The extension has been approved for 3 years.

Now -- I need to change employers as my employer is asking me to become full time from consulting.

2 questions:
1. Can I use this extension to change employers?

2. Can I start the GC process with the 140 priority date? (Feb '08)?


PS: I apologize if this is in the wrong forum.

if your employer ( who filled I 140 ) revoke I 140 then chances are there that you may get RFE while H1b transfer. You need good lawer advise. Also there is gray area for porting PD if I 140 is approved and revoked.


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10-12 12:11 PM
No experience with this.
It will help to know what you can do in this case. I'm sure they have some solution.

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09-05 05:00 PM
Anybody going to the DC Rally. We really need to lobby for change in the immigrations system. Immigrants inject a lot of wealth of capital and wealth in the US.

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10-20 02:43 PM
Anyone guys...?

I've to decide fast what to do....get the H4 stamped from India or do the COS from US. If we go to India and get the H4 stamping there is a chance that the consulate people might ask about H1 and if they found that my wife was out of status they might bar her from entering US.

let me know if anyone has the same case or gone through this.


08-01 03:06 PM
these 4 are already there, Looks like some consulting company duped USCIS and Obama...

* A customer-centric home page that provides applicants with a ?one-stop shop? of immigration services information.

entering all your cases under one login, this is already there....

* Simplified navigation and improved search capability.

this may be new

* Enhanced customer service tools including expanded Case Status Online with both email and text functionality.

email and text, this is there already, what they really improved...

* Information that is written clearly and meets the needs of our customers.

we have to wait and see..

07-03 02:16 PM
It's true that one has to mention about 485, select a choice between consular processing vs processing with in USA. this is usually done while applying for 140.
However, one can always make an amendment (to either approved 140 or 140 in pending ) to change the choice

by doing so, one has to wait for a bit longer time. (but, what difference it makes in these days of retrogression?)

I heard Changes must be made in I140 to do Consular processing from I485

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