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09-14 02:46 PM
The key will be to see what kind of congress we will have, before that, it is pretty hard to make any prediction. In any case, i remember this may when President George Bush and the senators met at the white house, he (the prez) told that he believe to have a bill by the end of the year, he never mention before election.
Let`s see and hope

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12-12 12:33 AM

My wife need to travel to india urgently. Our visa/I94 expired in Oct. We already applied 485 and is pending.

1) Will there be any issue at airpot as I94 is expired.A xerox copy of 485 receipt is sufficient. There shouldn't be any issue at the airport, I actually did not surrender my I-94 once out of ignorance and gave it to immigration officer on my way back. Anyway, As per your plan, take a copy of I485 receipt.
2) Does she need to travel any path in this case( I heard thru London is issue if visa is expired.France/Amsterdam Etcc..) London, you would need transit visa if you do not have US Visa stamped on your passport (even AP cannot help you here). I don't know about other Airports.

Thanks in advance.

I am a layman like you, please do your research and talk to your attorney to get final confirmation on these issues.

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10-20 02:12 PM
but you had a chick.

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09-01 01:49 PM
Got the email this morning...

PD : 10/04
RD : 07/02/07

Beat the 10 year deadline by couple of months :)


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10-29 09:41 AM
It took about 4 days. Mine was filed at CSC and transferred to Nebraska Service Center

Thanks PermFiling.

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Roger Binny
06-06 08:47 AM
Which service center your case is in ?


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10-23 08:46 PM
One correction in wandmaker above response, if it helps

B.Sc (3 years) + MCA (3years) = US Masters or Even M.E

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03-24 10:11 AM
Lucky you!! Mine was filed on Jan 5th and still waiting!!

I think the labor certification is slowing going back to 2 years approval time including PWD. 3-6 months for PWD and 1 year to 2.5 years for Labor.

My lawyer ('s assistant) told me yesterday that the PWD's are taking 6 to 8 weeks to come back. 8 weeks have past now, didnt really want to force the issue though as it's not just me that's waiting.

i have until July 1012... Hopefully enough time for my PERM approval...


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February 12th, 2004, 09:41 AM
Am I the only one who thinks it would be sheer genius if Kodak was to license the Canon mount? Imagine if they offered both Nikon and Canon mounts (even better - an interchangeable mount plate so you could have it both ways on one body)!

Surely this is possible. Perhaps Canon is blocking them or it's just not cost-effective?


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05-19 02:28 PM
Welcome to our newest member, bhatia_sanjay

3880 members...


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04-07 04:54 PM
It is better if more memebrs write a letter to President as appointment with President on these matters may not seems possible

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09-09 07:44 PM
Sorry for replying to myself & bumping the thread, but I've got more information on my case and I'd like to share just in case anyone else will end up in a similar situation in the future.

I've tried to speak with an immigration attorney and with the flight school staff. The attorney initially told me there should not be any problems as long as I maintain my J-1 status by performing research full-time at the university; then he went on to check more carefully and became less convinced because full-load (> 18 hours a week) flight training requires a M-1 visa. I do not know if I should ask him to look deeper into the matter, as my situation will definitely not qualify as full load training (2-3 hours a week tops).

On the other hand, the flight school staff contacted TSA people and talked with the Department of State. The TSA told that they are OK with my training as long as I get the appropriate clearance, which I did; the Department of State (as I have already states) basically said that if I'm legally in the country and the TSA is cool with it then I can train. I've also come to understand that I will not attend any formal classes (I will self-study the theoretical notions required) and that my practical training will amount to 2-3 hours a week at most.

My understanding of the subject is that I would not be eligible for a M-1 visa, as in any case I will not be busy with flight training all the time. I also believe that were I to start flying this would not intefere with my J-1 status as long as I comply with all the requirements (i.e. work full-time on the project I've come to the US for, otherwise not work on or off-campus nor move to another university, etc.). Finally, from what I've heard, there seems to be no regulation against pursuing flight training for people that are already legally in the US if this does not constitue some sort of professional training, and flying light sport aircraft is what is more or less as far as it gets from professional flying.

If anyone (whether an attorney or otherwise) notes any fallacy in my reasoning please let me know -- I still have time to stop and reconsider before committing to anything that might undermine my legal presence here in the US.

Thank you everyone,


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08-17 02:31 PM
Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to get my SSN Done. I'm on a dependent H4 Visa and have my H1 approval .
I visited the SSN office with My I797, State ID and Passport : SSN officer straightforwardly rejected as I dont have my EAD card.
The Officer asked me to visit USCIS office to apply for EAD.
Please help me with this situation..Does a H1 get an EAD and then a SSN?

Thanks N Regards,

Sounds like someone at SSN office who may not know much about immigration.
If your I 797 came with attached I94, then you certainly can apply for SSN card. Just ask for supervisor at the SS office and talk to them.

If your I 797 does not have attached I 94 (meaning that you are still in H4 status), then I do not know for sure what the procedure would be to apply for SS card.

Good Luck.

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March 3rd, 2004, 07:28 PM
I don't think the spiral staircase shot ever gets old. Each one has its own characteristics and the varied tones and depths always make for interesting B&W shots. I'm sure it's a rare day that an office stairwell makes a good color shot. ;) I vote that you work the shot from every angle and show us what you came up with.


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02-25 11:19 AM
Hey, thanks for the feedback and clarifications. Good to know that my EB2 will not affect the existing EB3. Yeah, I agree things are kind of grey when it comes to using the on-the-job work experience. I guess it depends on individual circumstances and there is no certainity about what will apply where.

It would be really nice if the USCIS publishes some clear written material on these rules and regulations, like a FAQs that answers the most nagging questions someone has about Employment Based immigration. Does something like that exist? Does anyone know?


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08-04 11:17 AM
Hey, great example and at a good time.

....Now that PD is current for a large number of EB2s, you will see approvals coming randomly (not in order of PDs or RDs); largely due to inefficiency of USCIS. They simply dont have enough resources or mechanism to utilize current resources to deal with what they are dealing with. And so, we come across issues like these. It is unfortunate and sad that things at USCIS are running worse than any government office in third world countries....

May be we should suggest CIS that anyone of us at IV can VOLUNTEER for CIS so that they have more resources...

I think we can do a fantastic job in sorting the thousands of mail pieces according RD, PD, etc. In that way everyone will be happy...The immigrant community will be happy because now everything is in FIFO order and CIS will be happy because they cannot be blamed for approving cases haphazardly without following FIFO rule...:D


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03-10 06:11 PM
You can get SSN is you could provide a proof that it is required for taking an exam or license. You need to show that the process requires and also get a letter from the license issuer that it required to issue a license.

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07-01 06:23 PM
I don't think there's a way one can display the names of the people who participated in this poll.

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06-04 01:54 PM
What happens if the current company withdraws the labour after you have moved to the new company.

Is your h1b 8th year extn invalid..

No your new H1B is valid till it expires.

09-14 01:20 PM
Case 2:

I don't think you even qualify for applying under the case 2 as the labor has aged out. Your I140 has to be applied within 6 months of labor approval.
But as your labor was approved before this came into effect, the last date for applying is Jan 2008. You are fine there.

1. As you say it is a complicated case, Discuss if the ability to pay issues which resulted in 2 denials is worth an MTR.
2. EAD/AP based on filing of case 2 is invalid.
3. Depends on what you are working on? H1b? EAD?

The recent I-140 that has been denied is based on case 2. Though I have multiple labours, I always had one active I-140 in processing. As my H1 was denied and is pending an appeal, I believe my EAD automatically kicked in as that is valid.

04-07 04:51 PM
Is H1/H4 renewal in Mexico also existing instead of homecountry?

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