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erin cummings

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Erin Cummings Face Photos

07-12 09:27 AM
yes you can. I my self did that. Only difference is that we both are on h1b(industry)

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Erin Cummings

02-07 01:29 PM
Try calling the DOS and explaining then what's going on and see who you can call to check the status next.

The lawyers email is text book response and may not help you much.

If the consulate didn't give you any slip during your interview then most likely it is PIMS related. Call up DOS!

i called DOS again and they say its in the final processing stage at the embassy..check with embassy..and embassy said waiting for information from DOS..i just hope VO doesnt send it back to DOS for more processing again...
how did your wife's PP go ?? any news from embassyy..

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of the Day: Erin Cummings

05-27 10:36 AM
Do u think, we did't do that.. We did everything possibly we could but of no help and been to three diffrent DMV's.. same old crap.. This seems to be a bigger problem than getting GC.. now we will be restrictited of driving too??

Talk to your Local "state" Congressman(woman)/Senator.

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Erin Cummings Picture amp; Photo

04-04 09:16 PM
I think most of the HR folks may not know what is an EAD. So they may fear EAD is some kind of illegal thingie and deny job. It is best to just say I am authorized work in the US and no further explanation need to be given.

Today at Boeing interview event I got very good offer. The HR lady congratulated me, kept offer letter in my hand. Then I told her that I'm an EAD holder. All my fear came true, and she said a big sorry and said EAD is not acceptable at any cost. Also she said, she can keep the offer in hold for me for 5 months. How can I expect green card in hand in 5 months. GOD don't give this situation to any one. just trying to reduce my pain here...


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kinds of eye candy.

08-10 08:06 PM
i'll believe it when i see it. too much talk no action. it's too good to be true, isn't it? maybe our childrens' children will benefit from it.

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the gorgeous Erin Cummings

02-07 02:21 PM
I paid my lawyer with a single check that had the USCIS fee + Attorney I never got back the deposited check.....If I had know about this trick, I would have sent my lawyer two separate checks. Is there any way I can call USCIS and ask them the LIN# ?

All rite, SO I read this thread mistakenly- I guess it's your luck or my stupidity.
My lawyer was also Anal to give me my EAC, This is what I did, On the back of the Check that was submitted for 140 will be a stamp from Immigration authorities- You should also see an EAC # if you got that check back or if you can makeup a story saying you need it as part of the documentation.
Then you can go online and ensure that it's valid and the dates match.
Good Luck,


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11/11/2008 - Erin Cummings

12-21 11:22 AM
Can she be of any help to IV's Agenda.

Good thought but your IV handle has the answer to your question. BTW, nothing wrong in making an attempt.

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03-28 10:16 PM
Was the extension with current employer applied before the expiry of your current I 94? Then only 240 days rule apply. Otherwise your are accumulating illegal presence.

You need help from a good competent attorney instead of advise from forum; your case is quite complicated. If not handled properly, you may be subject to 3/10 bar. In any case, you need a very good legal advise even before you leave US.


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Erin Cummings

12-19 04:56 PM
We went to Tijuana in 2003 from SanDiego. We just walked across the Border. But we stayed for only a couple of hours. Only while crossing into the US,people at the US checkpoint checked our Visa stamps and after scanning our passports allowed us to enter.

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Erin Cummings

01-24 11:47 AM
If there is going to be any more discussion on if IV should push for 485 or not push, moderators will close the threads. There has been enough discussion and arguements in the past over this and members are more than willing to give hundreds of ideas and opinions for free but only a few actually care to implement them or help IV with a mere $20. If you want to discuss it, go to other forums and discuss it and be an armchair strategist.

If you have ideas and want to implement them, join your local chapter and get active. Contribute in the funding drive so that IV can continue to be a platform for everyone in ths struggle.


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Still of Erin Cummings in

11-13 10:56 PM
I have a question about VISA stamping.
I had a valid H1B approval till 9th October 2010. I applied for I485 and I had valid Advance Parole expiring Sept 2010. My current visa stamping is expired. I am planning to go to India on vacation and returning in Dec 2009.
My question is
1. If I use my Advance Parole at port of entry to US with out getting my visa stamped in India, will I loose my H1B status?

2. If I don't loose my H1B status, I am planning to transfer my H1B in Feb 2010. Will there be any problem in H1B transfer.


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Erin Cummings

March 26th, 2004, 10:44 PM
I have just joined this forum and collected my D70 last night. Used for the first time tonight took about 200 photo's with my SB-80DX flash.
I had to use camera on A or S priority with flash set on Auto. Quite a backward step after TTL metering with the F100.
The only Nikon flashes which provide full interaction with the D70 are the SB-800 & SB-600. Only these provide auto zoom head function, ISO from camera and TTL metering.
Hope this helps.PM

how do you like it?

Meet and Greet Event in DC. [Archive] - Immigration Voice

View Full Version : Meet and Greet Event in DC.


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07-07 12:57 PM
Rated 5 stars.

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Erin Cummings Picture amp; Photo

08-21 12:55 AM

Today the paralegal staff at my lawyer's office told me that they got my wife's application rejected back on July 20th!! They were handling lot of filings and could not update me about this. I am happy that they pro actively re-filed the application. My wife's application was rejected because of improper fees! They filed again and reached USCIS Nebraska on 25th July. Now I am waiting for her application to be receipted.



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Erin Cummings

07-26 09:55 PM

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Erin Cummings may not yet be a

10-23 11:36 AM
I got the mail today....

PD - 2004 August
485/EAD/AP RD - July 3rd
ND - October 11
EAD Card Production ordered - October 22nd.
FP Notice - Waiting
AP - Waiting


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Erin Cummings

06-25 10:46 AM


Thank you!!

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04-20 02:47 PM
I recently renewed our passports at Indian Embassy, Washington D.C . I sent 2"X2" size photographs and there was no problem in passport renewal.

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Erin Cummings Photo

08-19 04:25 PM

To add to the question of doubt. I have received FP (Biometrics) appointment notice on Saturday!!

When USCIS will come out of this confused messy Spaghetti handling!!!


12-24 10:46 AM

Will the email i sent have any advantage to him?

Please help


Nope - it does not legally bind you though it hurts your credibility.

01-10 04:45 PM
So, this would mean anyone stuck in name check should never receive FP--correct? I don't think that's the case...i know of a lot of people who get FP notices every 15 (or is it 18?) months or so and are stuck in name checks forever.

The two processes Name check & FP are parallel, not sequential.

I have myself not rcvd FP - July 2nd filer NSC-CSC-NSC transfer victim :-). My way of looking at things is that CSC transferred I-485 to NSC in late September. So my I-485 is queued after an August 17th filer. August 17th filers have rcvd their FPs recently (Bay Area, CA), so it should not be that far away. (BTW, I am not dying to get FP done, i just want to shorten my stay-alert-for-FP window and get it over with it)

USCIS works in strange ways...i may be using logic that's beyond their IQ :)

Take it easy...

just exactly what ur case status says ...mine hasn't changed ever since it transferred to still says "the case has been transferred to NSC becoz they've jurisdiction over it etc. etc '


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