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08-16 11:02 AM
I recently visited India in June 07. I didn't wanna go and waste a couple of dayz in chennai so wanted to use ma AP. While returnin I showed ma PP to the Immigration officer, he asked me where ma VISA was. I told him i have an AP and showed it to him.. He wasn't surprized. he just let me get in after stampin a seal on my PP.

At Germany (coz i flew via lufthansa) the lady asked my VISA again. I showed her my AP... she suddenly understood and asked me if i had applied for a GC. I said yes.. she signed a form and let me check in at the counter.

Its so simple no problem at all.

Happy Journey...
OT.. So are you working on H1 now for the same employer? Just wanted to make sure you can use AP to travel and work on H1 and don't have to use EAD.

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07-30 01:10 PM
Congratulations on your approval. Yor are really lucky and we envy you.

I know the systems is so much screwed up. There are so many frustrated people with their priority dates EB2 before August 2004 and could not file I-485 until this July. Its a wonder USCIS approved a case with priorioty date of August 2005. :mad: :confused: the system is so disgusting.

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Riya Sen

08-20 03:41 PM
Call 1-800-375-5283

options 1 2 2 6 2 2 1

At level 1, tell you didnt received receipt nbr and check not encashed.

You will be transfered to level 2. The officer at level 2 has access to check the name status.

Myself and my wife got the information. But some of my friends are not receiving the information. Good luck

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07-27 02:13 PM
I wish I should I have acted against the USCIS notice on july 2nd saying they will reject. I should have listened to Rajiv khanna website who was saying that the app should be filed even if it was sent back.
But my attorney said its no use to beat the system and I should wait till october.
I listened and kept quite for few days and later decided on July 16th that What the heck !!!. Let us submit even if it is returned and went ahead.

Every day matters as the counter is 180 days. It is like a time bomb clock.

I think now we can just mark on our calendars the 180 days which includes some months of 31 days and mark exactly the date and time and plan to celeberate it to fulliest.

When you mark your calendar, mark it for 182 days to be safe. You never know USCIS and these employers.. Keep yourself safe from all the complications that might arise if you leave on 180th or 181st day (whether first day is included or not, can I leave on 180th day or do i have to wait for 180 days to complete blah blah.. ) :)


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Riya Sen

08-10 08:00 AM
how about applying for a tourist visa for that time period?

Can we apply for tourist visa from US?

I checked at NY Kaplan. they have 3months course for $1800 and 4months course for TOEFL for $5500. Since we need atleast 4 months I20, I guess I have to check some community college if they offer something cheap.

One more question is, the community college usally have admission from spring. They don't issue I20 in summer. So I guess I have to start from January itself. In that case is it possible to get admission in January and start the class in summer? In that way I can save some money.

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02-04 04:21 PM
Hi, Everyone says I am in and I am in . no one says how and when.

So I decided to step up for this. Guys please send the list of the members with contact information who are willing to meet & greet. I'll then plan for some place to get together.

We are just a few indians in AZ , atleast we should meet and it will be good social networking and also will be a big step forward for the cause that we all are together at this portal.

All the best, looking forward to meet everyone.


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07-29 12:39 PM
I would be very surprised if it became current in the next month.

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12-21 01:41 PM
What is that "Million $$$ drive". I did contrubute to omini bus 30K drive. But I havent heard of this drive?

Have you contributed to the MILLION dollar drive? Please visit the funding thread!


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Actress Hot. Actress Hot

09-17 11:27 AM
Few things to remember
1. It is good for us if EB1 remains current for India and ROW - chance of some visa numbers trickling down.

2. The H1B cap is still 65,000 + 20,000 + some extra for non profit and a sizeable portion of this is Indians meaning other nationalities are not applying in large numbers. What this means is that the whole 45,000 EB1 and 45,000 EB2 will likely not get used from 2008-9 (by that ROW EB3 ROW will start becoming close to current and people from ROW will not try to find a way to apply for EB2 like they are doing now).

3. People will try to port their EB3 date to EB2 and some will meet success but others might fail. This will be particularly true for Indians.

Put all this together, I think any Indian who applied for GC in Eb2 or 3 post 2004 will probably have to wait the same amount of time in either category, maybe a year less in EB2. Given that you are anyway going to have to wait 7-8 years minimum, one year more or less does not make any difference.

I think people from India with post 2004 Pri dates should
a) Actively work for some meaningful legislative change, contact all your friends and make them aware of this problem, please do not just sit there and hope for a change

b) Make solid backup plans, whatever they might be - consider UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore as backups. Learn as much as you can in your present job and change jobs if you feel you are stagnating. Do not keep your career in limbo for GC when the earliest you will get it is after 7-8 years. Imagine this - if you are 25 now, you will be in your mid-thirties doing the same job if you wait for your GC.

c) Save, save, save - I cannot reiterate this, basically do not spend a dollar more than you need to. Buy a full efficient cheap car, rent a place (house prices are stagnating) etc. Do your due dilligence and post new ideas here.

d) Find a way to lobby to get back your SSN and Medicare taxes - Indian govt. is making noises about this, use your connections to make the noise louder.

e) Last but not the least, If married and planning to start family, do not wait until they change law to ban birth right citizenship :).

Use this thread to post new ideas.

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08-03 03:22 PM
Hmmmm .. I have been thinking of losing a bit weight now, after everybody started pointing it out to me.. The rationale behind it being that since I am going ?over the hill? I should start looking after myself..

I decided to just touch the fringes, so made a mistake of floating out my idea and BOOM the world crashed .. I was flooded with suggestions, drowning in motivational talks and sometimes buried under laughter of the unbelievers. I was first told to stop BEER (*actually started with BEER and changed to ALCOHOL*) completely as it increases water retention in the body, making you bloat up.. Then one nice (*and i believe he must have been a veggie extremist*) person come up with surefire idea of giving up non-veg food, and that not only would reduce weight but also cholesterol and what not.. Next on the sacrifice list was Rice as it had carbohydrates, then came universal food vegetable - Potatoes, they shared the same vice as Rice.. One suggested to drink lot of water, another suggested lot (*I believe exact words were "minimum half a liter"*) of milk..

Best was when one sane(*or so I thought*) person suggested eating lots of fruits .. until it came down to restrictions .. I could not eat banana as they were not exactly diet fruit .. Watermelon at night was a no-no as they did not get digested easily .. Papaya were frowned upon as they generate lot of heat in body and so on so forth ...

Before you start wondering .. They also coached me about eating habits .. I prefer to go to the Gym(*actually started from yesterday only*) in evenings and that was the hinge on which raged the eye of the storm, i mean discussion .. One suggested no eating for couple of hours before and AFTER gym and another suggested that I eat soon after coming back so that the food could settle for couple of hours before i slept.. One frowned upon having water with food or rather immediately after eating it .. Come On .. if I bite into a red hot pepper am I still supposed to wait for an hour to have that glass of water??

Anyways, after listening to all this, the only thing I could think of was GITA .. this world is all an illusion of temptations and ascending beyond the web of mortal hope and trepidation will lead to salvation.. I felt as if I was being groomed to go in a battle .. No no, that?s a wrong analogy.. as if I was being groomed to rise over my mortality and mortal temptations to achieve sainthood in the vast lonely reaches of Himalayas..

Tsk Tsk, such a big decision to follow .. I need strength for this .. Let me grab my BEER and CHICKEN so that I can contently introspect, contemplate and find some strength TO LOSE WEIGHT ..

Cheers to losing weight (*was only on my 3rd beer yet, while thinking of penning this down*) :d

Gopal Krishan


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Riya Sen Wallpaper

03-31 03:01 PM
I have a somewat similar situation, here goes:

Myself: "Resident Alien for Tax purposes" for 2007.

My wife: Before we got married last year, she was on J1 (> 6 months)
Therefore, that time does not count towards calculating presence in the US for tax purposes. This implies she is a "Non Resident Alien for Tax purposes" for 2007.

The 1040 instructions ( state that you cannot file as "Married filing Jointly" if either spouse is a "Non Resident Alien" for tax purposes, UNLESS the other spouse is a citizen or a permanent resident. (Page 13).

My thought is that I will have to go with "Married, filing separately". Since my wife did not have any income, I may be able to take a deduction for my spouse(Page 14), if she doesn't file her taxes.

You are correct that if you file jointly, the difference is quite a bit - but I am not sure what else one can do.

If others have dealt with a similar situation, please advise.



Hmm....I got married in Nov 2004 and my wife came in to US Dec 2004. and when filing 2004 taxes I didnt think about my wife being NR for tax purposes. I went thru a CPA and I believe she filed 1040 married filing jointly !!
Didnt have any questions or issues so far. Should I bother....file an amendment....or just ignore until in case IRS has an issue?

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Riya Sen Wallpapers Wanted.

03-09 05:54 PM
I had dream last night, part of which I still remember.

As usual in the evening I went to check my mails and found a mail from USCIS. I opened with surprise , preparing myself mentally , which document would they be requesting now. and.......
I screamed in excitement , it was my greencard. I was shocked, and now I was thinking what can I do with the greencard, I thought I should change my jobs which I always wanted, as my job sucks, but realizing that after a month I am going to retire so, dropped that idea and then I started thinking what else I wanted to do when I'll get my GC, and told my wife the idea of now buying the house, but she told me that as you are going to retire next month lets go back to india and the savings that we are left with after paying the taxes , social security and immigration attorneys, will buy a 2 bedroom apartment in India only.
I asked her what about travelling to Europe that you always wanted, but which we never did for the reason, that what if there will be an issue on travelling with AP,but she told me with my blood pressure and and her arthiritis, it won't be possible.

And then..... I started thinking what I lost in the race to get the GC and what I am left after getting the GC. Sadly threw the GC in the trash and again started browsing the forums on As after these many years,browsing IV forums became my habit.

And then the alarm woke me up and as usual I started to get ready to spend another day in Paradise, in the country of DREAMS.

Quite fun to read.


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Riya Sen Wallpapers

03-02 03:01 PM
You have a lot of suggestions in there let me try and respond:

(1) Yes, we do have the ability to get in touch with our members by email. However, mass emails are a strategy to use when we want to launch a massive drive. We do send out regular newsletters, urging members to take action.

(2) We are working to make our webfax feature more transparent. I like your suggestion about letting people know how easy it is. Will try to get that in.

(3) About a concerted membership drive: I agree and we do have an ad running on Rediff; We are also trying to reach out to large organizations like NetIP.

(4) I think it would be counterproductive to charge a membership fee.

One of the big problems that any voluntary organization faces is that there are usually a lot of people with non-specific ideas and not enough people who will take an idea, come up with an action plan and execute it. We need many, many more volunteers who just take the initiative and execute.

We'd love it if you could help us by coming up with a concrete plan and execution strategy for any one of your suggestions. From idea, to steps to delivery.

I urge all the type-A get-things-done people out there to swing in to action!



Appreciate your response, will get the wheels moving from my side and contact you with any strategies I can come up with.

Can you please send me an pm with your email id please.

Thx !

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07-30 03:47 PM
but you need to improve

Take it as fun...:D


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Riya Sen Wallpaper 1

05-26 11:29 AM
Thanks for the great work done by the IV Core Team, QGA and all Senators and their staff... For QGA, is there a specific person/address where we can send out thank you letters to ?

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Riya Sen - The hottest

08-25 09:38 AM
Hi There,

If ur 140 was sent to the processing center before 07/21/2008 you should be fine. The receipt notice may take 2 - 4 days to be generated some times and some times it has taken nearly 3 months(last july VB Fiasco). I think if you labour has expired you wouldn't have got the receipt notice, but not sure.


My labour was approved on 23-Jan-08 and its expiration date is 21-Jul-08.

I recently got my 140 receipt notice with receipt date as 24-Jul-08.

I am wondering is my 140 is filed with in the valid time.
Is there any rule like do we need to file 140 with in 180 days of labour approval.If so will my 140 get approval or denial.

pl give me the response.
Thanks for looking this.


makeup Actress Hot. Actress Hot riya sen wallpaper. Riya-Sen-Wallpaper-011.jpg


07-27 02:01 PM
If NSC had put all applications from July 2nd to July 17th on hold.
Did they open and timestamp it ? for received date ??????

If they did not , then I may be lucky.
Because my package had signatures and all other dates of June 29th . The day when we were planning to ship the package, but for july fiasco.

Do you guys think ? they might see this and enter it as received date ?

How stupid a person has to be to even ask a question like this???

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In a shocking Riya Sen hot

07-29 10:53 AM
As soon as you adjust your status to F1 your I-485 becomes void. Further having and EAD has nothing to do being on F1.

In short it is not easy to go back full time studying while your I-485 is pending.

If you are not sure, don't give untrue info!! His F1 will be unaffected until and when he starts using EAD. He will not be able to re-enter on F1, but as long as he does not use EAD he can maintain this status. To re-enter he will need to use AP and at that point he is no longer in F1.

Also, once you file I485, there is no problem going to school as long as he maintains the job he was originally sponsored for.

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Riya Sen Wallpaper

12-31 09:03 AM
Is your case complicated or has multiple applications?

11-15 09:55 AM
Hello IV members : I am mad about discrimination agst Indian and China born applicants for GC processing times. I have read many posts in here and it states to join tri-state chapters .. What does it mean? How can we be part of this.. Pls. elaborate.

check this link and find out your state chapter ... each state has its own yahoo groups mailing list and identified state chapter leaders...

03-26 10:22 PM
Why would an entry on AP not apply here?

also gap in employement when on AOS should not be a problem given GC is for future employment and as long as your employer can give an EVL when required with the necessary info. Right?


Earlieir link provided ( has that info too.

An alien, however, who entered the United States pursuant to an advance parole document is not ?lawfully admitted,? because the parole is not a final act with respect to admission. Thus, reentry based on a parole or advance parole does not start the clock over for the purpose of section 245(k).

Yes, on AOS you are always in status. Gap in employment should not be an issue on AOS as long as you can produce an EVL.

Status violations are a problem only when you are on H1B.

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