Sunday, September 25, 2011

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03-17 11:20 AM
Thanks guys for your replies. Will keep you posted on my RFE.

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07-12 02:08 PM
:D who knows those guests are guests of 'SPIES' offense to anyone ....If you are not , please register...:D

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08-16 01:54 PM
If there are any, they must have talked to some one and got it approved by now, because there is no order in approvals any way... :)

That is if they managed to locate the crate containing their application in the BEC warehouse .. :)

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03-19 02:17 PM
Your signature says I 140 was approved, when was it approved and does that mean the USCIS website never updated the status of your I 140?
or was it showing I140 approved before and now it's showing pending?

No, I140 is not denied, its pending as per USCIS website. However, reason for I485 denial is that I140 is denied. Is this something to do with the RFE on I140? I dont see any logic in this...


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10-30 11:13 AM
Iam july 2nd filers for I-485, I-765 and I-131 at the Nebraska Service center. Haven't seen any activity yet. called the USCIS last evening and the answer I got is still not in the system. Is there anyone who is still in the same boat? please update!

Me & my wife both got our reciept dates one month back, but not for my daughter .Which number should I call to check on the status of my daughter's application ?

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09-07 03:36 PM
Here are 5 of the more frequently asked questions, and answers to those by ImmigrationVoice. Note, these also appear on immigration attorney Sheela Murthy's web site (

Question 1. What is First Amendment? Does it apply to me? I'm on H-1 / H-4 / EAD / and have applied for I-485, etc.
Constitutional rights of an individual are applicable to everyone, including foreign nationals.

Question 2. Will I get arrested and/or deported for participating in the rally?
No, participating in rally with proper permits from city police and other authorities is legal. You cannot be arrested or deported for simply participating in the rally.

Question 3. Will participation in the rally negatively impact my current non-immigrant status or future green card application?
No, exercising your civil rights does not impact your non-immigrant status or future green card application. There are certain procedures and processes for rejecting or denying petitions and applications, it is not done on whims and moods of agencies or USCIS employees. There is a process driven by federal regulations and rejections and denials are backed up by reasons described in federal regulations and the laws. Participating in rallies, meeting with your lawmakers, exercising your civic duties, and enjoying your civil rights granted by the Constitution are not grounds for denial or rejection of petitions and applications or any other adverse action on immigration petition or application.

Question 4. Can my employer take action against me for participating in the rally? Do we have any obligation to inform my employer if I participate by taking a day off?
No, an employer cannot simply take action against you for having exercised your Constitutional right granted by the first amendment. Whether you inform your employer about your plans for your vacation or day off is up to you and your relationship with your employer. Usually employers do not care what their employee do with their time off from work, as long as those activities are legal.

Question 5. What kind of identification do I need to carry? Will my driver's license be enough?
Yes. Your driver's license or a state-issued identification card is enough for ID purposes.


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07-05 12:41 PM
I am kindda in a similar situation. if your wife goes to F1 visa, and the dates become current (i.e you are eligible to apply for 485), you cannot add your wife to your 485 (immigrant AOS) petition on her F1 status. She either will have to come to H-1B/H-4/L-1/L-2 status. I had this conversation long time ago with my lawyer. The reason is that these categories of visas are recognized to have dual intent of migration. F-1, B-1 etc are not so you cannot apply for 485 if you are in any of those category of visas.

This is the biggest thing why you may have to consider being on H-1B only so that she can be on H-4 and you can add her whenever the dates are current for you again. Secondly, being on H-1B has other advantage for you as well. Suppose there is a problem with your 485 application and (god forbid) it gets denied. Then in that case you are not out of status if you have retained your H-1B status. You can be here in US until your H-1B petition expires and fight for a motion-to-reconsider on your 485 and resolve the issue. Had you been on EAD, you are out-of-status the day your 485 gets rejected.

I understand that not many employers are keen on doing H-1B due to the costs involved, but it might be a worthwhile option for you to explain to your employer the benefits associated with keeping an H-1B petition.

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01-04 12:22 AM
It is possible that India might take this to WTO. But that is a long shot and by the time result comes it will be 2 years or more and law itself is irrelevant.

It's all gas gas gas... Manmohan Singh is heading one of the most corrupt & messy govt. in the history of India. All the ministers are busy looting the country and would like to make most in the remaining 3 years of their terms. Forget they will do anything that would benefit anybody else but's only that overexcited journos ask the ministers what they will do and without even thinking they vomit nonsenses. Think logically how this can be a WTO issue, it is completely in their jurisdiction whatever fees they may want to charge, take it or move on...nobody is forcing them to use the expensive Visas ?


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01-30 11:55 AM
Pardon my ignorance, I am a little confused here ... For EB2, would it not suffice if the job description explicitly says it requires 5+ years or a Masters + 2 yrs ?

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03-25 10:18 AM
I was offered a job by a top TARP funded bank and got my offer also around Jan end. Then they found out that TARP funded company cannot hire H1's. They kept me as a contractor for 3 months so that they could try for a work around. In the mean time they interviewed almost 80 people ( out of numerous applications ) and still couldn't find a better person. Now they are trying to keep as a contractor for indefinite period, but they cant do that as well ( top management not supporting ). I just went and talked to my director. She said " It seems that I have to settle for a less qualified person ".
They have been trying to get me on board for past 6 months. I came as a contractor...they wanted me full time ... didnt have funds...they fought with top management and got the funds....then the H1 ban came...and they fought against it too.
Really sad that I cant join their team.
I am ready to talk to the reporter. But, I would prefer not to use my real name and all those things...I dont want my current employer to know that I was trying for another job.Is there a way that I can help ?


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07-12 02:39 PM
He always says he is pro legal immigration and that he is a champion of immigrants. He won't know what that means until he meets us! :) Let's give him some attention!

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Roger Binny
05-27 10:44 PM
Got the RFE document.
Attorney forgot to mention "NONE" in Part3 - Sction C of my 485 application.

Which center your 485 is in ?


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11-22 03:09 PM

I am working in University in US and my I-140 (EB-2 Sch-A) is approved and my I-485 is pending. I have H-1B approved from March-06 but yet not stamped.

I am planing to Go to India some time next summer.

But before that I am planing to go to MEXICO ( MATAMOROS) for H-1B and
H-4 stamping for my family.

Do I need to carry any extra documents apart from those needed for H-1 B stamping?

DO I need to Get Advance parole before going to mexico for H-1B stamping?

Does the my going out of country with pending I-485 without taking AP will affect pending application of I-485?

Your experienced advise will help me a lot.

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09-22 04:07 PM
I agree.. lets project all the positive (sound) vibes into the lawmaker offices.

What are you waiting for?



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10-21 10:35 AM
I am working on H1B. Recently what has happened that my family lives in state A, and I am working in state B. My family could not move to state B because my sone is going to school. I have to pay alot of expenses to go back and fort from state B to A, like air ticket and cab ect. I talking to my compnay regarding this and they said that whatever are my expenses submit to every month end and he will send a check for those expenses which will be pre taxed amount. i.e. if my pre taxed salary is $ 5000 per-month , if I submit expense statemet for $500. Then my employer will send a check of 500 and paystub i.e. direct deposit after applying tax on $4500.

I am not sure whatever he is suggesting is good tyhing to do and it will not have any problem for me.

Go for it, I personally belive it is legal and unlikely to cause any problems with your H1.
Your paystub will still mention salary to be 5000, however it will show $500 in pretax expenses and so 4500 will be the amount deposited and taxed. For H1 purposes, you are still being paid $5000.

One thing I am not sure of: as mentioned in one of the posts above, can this be done more than one year? (i do not know the asnwer to this; clarify with your employer and their attorneys; it is not your headache anyway).

Good Luck.

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01-30 04:43 PM
Would love any help!! Thanks!!!


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10-19 10:39 PM

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05-25 08:17 AM
It was not clear how this amendment affects, so I did some reading myself and found how it quietly does it. And adds a little incentive i.e. the total number may not exceed 650,000. In other words, alloting 200,000 for dependants(650,000 total - 450,000 primary)

I get a feeling that this might pass if it is presented on the floor smartly to kindle some number/cost sentiment.

Notwithstanding any other provisions of this act the language in Title V Sec. 501 under the heading ``
(2) VISAS FOR SPOUSES AND CHILDREN'' is null and void and the following shall be applicable
in lien thereof.
``(A) IN GENERAL.--Except as provided in subparagraph (B), immigrant visas issued on or after
October 1, 2004, to spouses and children of employment-based immigrants shall not be counted against
the numerical limitation set forth in paragraph (1).
``(B) NUMERICAL LIMITATION.--The total number of visas issued under paragraph (1)(A) and
paragraph (2), excluding such visas issued to aliens pursuant to section 245B or section 245C of the
Immigration and Nationality Act, may not exceed 650,000 during any fiscal year.
INA 245B(Employment based) 245C(Family based) (

(b) Upon the approval of an application for adjustment made under subsection (a), the Attorney General shall record the alien's lawful admission for permanent residence as of the date the order of the Attorney General approving the application for the adjustment of status is made, and the Secretary of State shall reduce by one the number of the preference visas authorized to be issued under sections 202 and 203 within the class to which the alien is chargeable for the fiscal year then current.

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11-13 05:43 PM
I'm trying to figure out the reasoning behind Mexico's numbers as well. According to the latest cut-off date tables

Mexico has about 5,800 folks total for EB-3 in the queue so far, but we have seen very little movement in the past years. My questions to the forum:

1) Is the slow movement due to so many cases in field offices not yet reported?

2) Do family-based numbers take away from the 7% of 140K visas a year or are these solely for EB?

3) Any idea why movement is so slow for Mexico given the numbers of people currently in the queue?

Theories are welcome.

06-06 12:24 PM
Lot of people just say if u want to complaint about your employer who is exploiting go to DOL. There is no specific guidance to it. If anyone knows about it or done in the past please post the links here. How to know the blacklisted company and how to add a company as blacklisted.

Following are the most common criteria I heard
1) Employer did not ran the pay check even though he/she worked for that employer
2) Employer Deducts money for H1B filing, bench period etc.,etc.,
3) Employer Deducts money for GC lawyer and application expenses but did not provide information about lawyer or any progress of GC or partially information of GC.. (I heard from my friends company they filed around 80 people on July 2007 and collected money for lawyer expense but they did not had any lawyer)
4) Deducting money for Bench period in advance...

Good job.

11-13 08:58 PM
Hi Guys,

My previous employer has withheld my salary without any reaon..even though i gave app notice, abided with policies and had no bond or anything.

He is not paying my final paycheck since quite a few months and when i call earlier he used to say he will pay but now started like dont call me i will give when i have time......

If i complain to DOL wether i have to fill WH4 or state DOL wahe and Hour form...and would this processs has any effect on GC processing when i start or any for proof of non payment of salary i have all timesshetss, refernce letters and His mails also

Please Sugest

I do not believe that this complaint will have any effect on your GC processing.Neither positive nor negative.

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