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12-03 09:29 AM
Is there anything that can be done to fix this? write or talk to someone in uscis or ombudsman's office?

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05-24 10:04 AM
We currently have 104 guests.. total membership is 3992.. I think today is the day we are going to cross 4000 mark... Guests, if you have not registered, please do so...

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05-22 09:55 AM
I saw your profile. You are from Nepal.

As far as Soft LUD is concerned, there should be one or two after finger printing. (Refer to for EAD cases).

Your priority date is current.
I hope that they must have sent for Name Check long ago - this should not be blocking.
What about processing date (Aug 24, 2007 is receipt date)? There was memo from USCIS that it may take over 18 months for processing date to come around Aug 2007. Your I485 i.e. GC can be blocked by processing date.

For example today Nebraska is processing EB based I-485 Application of July 14, 2007. I heard that in a month there was just a change of three days. For Texas, keep on looking at

thanks but my RD is july 2nd 2007 taxes service center

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07-18 12:55 AM
What kind of RFE besides the letter from the OBG doctor?

if u go to the doc, they will perform the the tests that are ok to perform..

Check with doc if they will accept the test results (PAP , HIV , etc) from your obgyns office. These tests are already done during initial stages of pregnancy.

Finally the doc will add a note to the medical report that some tests/shots are omited due to pregnancy.

I went through same thing..

Will the case be accepted with this partial report-- It will be.

Will there be an RFE? -- i dont know.. may be


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02-16 08:29 AM
Thank you very much for your reply.

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04-05 03:08 PM
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05-25 05:59 PM
genearlly you could have it renewed 1 year before.

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08-02 05:30 PM
Greg has picked this from ..

and except for India everyother country looks good per this prediction.. I dont understand why this partisan attitude..
Although I don't want to spend any more time thinking about this so called "prediction", it is not because I am from India that I am calling this bad news. For any category if dates retrogressed to how things were before the June 07 visa bulletin, it is not good news to me.


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08-20 04:33 PM
Some member has lost the opportunity to file 485 before Aug 17th coz the employer and the lawyer didnt respond and responded after Aug 17th. (How convenient. A lot of employers suddenly found vacation time to take between July 17 and August 17th. Suddenly, between July 17 and Aug 17, the voicemails stopped working and the calls never got returned. Nice. )

The whole thing is here :

This is something for everyone to watch and learn:

I tried to contact the attorney so badly until Aug 16th, but he never responded. I was able to get hold of him only on Aug 17th. I guess he was directed by my employer so.

The cardinal rule of working with untrustworthy employers is that you need to use ONLY YOUR OWN LAWYER.
The lawyer must be having you as client and also must not have your employer as his client for other cases matters. ONLY then, the lawyer will be working in YOUR interest and not in your employer's interest.

I think people browsing this site by this time, must have learned one thing and I sure have said that a million times.


At the end of the day, between your first day in United States and the day you get your GC, it will cost you nearly 10,000 to have your own lawyer and never use the company-provided free lawyer.

Having your own lawyer means:

1. You pay him, you employ him, he is accountable to you, not your employer.

2. He/she works in your interest, not the employer's interest.

3. If your employer is not co-operating, you will know right away.

4. Your employer would have to come clean and truthful about his intentions of not filing 485. When you have company's lawyer, then the company's lawyer is not going to listen to you. WHY? Because you are not the one paying him. Your employer is.

5. Full transparency and visibility, whenever anything is filed, receipt is issued, RFE comes, reply to RFE goes, etc. With employer's lawyer, you have 0 visibility and you will land in situations mentioned above.

The money you think you are saving with getting a "Free" lawyer is going to cost you much more. The employers are not stupid to provide you free lawyers. The reason they tend to have free lawyers for you is so that they can have total control over your immigration case. Its "Free" for you, but not really. Coz at the end of the day, it costs 10 times more in terms of lost opportunities and delayed immigration. The employers are in the business of doing business and for them, providing you a free lawyer is COST OF DOING BUSINESS because by incurring that cost, they maximize THEIR OWN OPPORTUNITIES to retain you on their payroll for the longest possible time. You may think you are saving money, but this isnt about money.

Its about opportunities and the battle for most opportunities for oneself and the least opportunities for the other guy.

So when you end up spending 10,000 out of pocket on lawyer's fees for H1 renewals, labor, 140, 485 etc, consider that as an opportunity cost.. Just like you need to spend $500 per month on gas and car to be able to get to work, you need to spend a few thousand in order to be able to get opportunities you really want in this country.

One more thing before you go out and hire your own lawyer:

After reading this, if ever you are in search of hiring your own lawyer for immigration needs, make sure that the lawyer has never done any business with your employer. Otherwise it defeats the purpose. You need to ask your new attorney, if he has done or planning to do business with your employer. If he has, or plans to, then dont hire him. Why? Because its obviously conflict of interest. You are asking your lawyer to work in your interest (faster and mistake-free GC filing) and your employer wants to opposite. Its is unethical for lawyers to work for 2 clients with conflicting interests. Also, ask your lawyer before hiring that YOU NEED HIS FULL DISCLOSURE if he plans to do business with your employer. That way, you know that your lawyer is acting in your interest without any possible conflicts. The problem with getting your employer's recommended lawyer is that your employer pays him nearly 50-60 thousand dollars a year in fees, you are a $1000 a year client. Obviously, at the nudging of your employer, suddenly your 485 might get screwed up by your lawyer.

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06-06 01:22 PM
Thanks for link. I do not see my friend's employer who is currently facing lawsuit by an employee. I ensured the same by verifying with her.

You need to be aware that there are state and federal laws. Usually complaints are filed with state DOL when employer did not pay salary or performed unlawful deduction. If employer violates H1B/GC laws, you can complain to federal DOL. The same story with filing complaint with the state court or federal court.


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08-06 06:04 PM
Thanks for all your wishes. Appreciate your quick responses friends. Hope every member in this community will get their emails as well.

Good luck to you all.

PS: As promised I gave green dots to the responses :)

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Chicago Desi
03-15 03:39 PM
Yes, wait for an RFE and do what they ask you to do in that RFE.

My wife and I did our medicals last July and applied for our I485. However, my wife was pregnant so the doctor decided to not do x-rays and some vaccinations and inform USCIS it should be done after the pregnancy.
Now after we had the baby, do we have to wait for an RFE to come asking us for the missing part of the medical? Or can we be proactive and go complete the medicals and send it to USCIS?
Our PD and RD are close to becoming current, so we may benefit if the second scenario is possible.


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07-17 06:03 PM
I agree.. The flower campaign shouldn't be taken for granted.. let it just be special.. Thank you cards adn notes will be the best..

Agreed. Its should remain in History for USCIS july VB fiasco

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10-29 01:53 PM

You have been threatened
You have been fired
You have been unemployed...
...You want to try something against them. But what are we trying to prove?

Take it to court only if you think you want to sue them and get money. As other said, it is an expensive process on your side too.

If you just want to prove it is a "wrongful termination", you don't have to. In US eveyone knows what is "fired" means in this economy.

If you just want to be reinstated in the same position, it is difficult to continue the job in a private company, if they are not willing to employ you.

In few days, the urge will go away.

You will realise that your new job is much better than the one you left. Just enjoy.

You can lodge a complaint with DOL, USCIS, sue your employer, prove 'wrongful termination' etc. But unncessary load to carry.

Good luck with your new job.

Hi Guys,
I am based out of NJ and was working for an imports company for more than 8 years. I have an approved I-140 with this company. This company wanted me to sign an overly broad non compete agreement which would be valid for 5 years after termination. I refused to sign this agreement and I was verbally threatened with dire consequences if I did not sign. They fired me yesterday for not signing it and also stated that they are canceling my H1. Would this be treated as wrongful termination? Is there any way that I can file a complaint with the DOL? Has the complaint to be filed thru an attorney or can I do it myself?

Good news is another company has already applied for my H1 transfer.

I will appreciate all suggestions and advices for which I thank you in advance.


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09-16 04:11 PM

I am a July 2 filer. I got 485 receipt notice from California Service Center with receipt date of july 2. Today, in mail, I got another notice called transfer notice, which states that my case has been transferred to Nebraska. The receipt date on the transfer notice is Sep 5. Is it nromal to have such diferent receipt dates? Will USCIS process by receipt date on receipt notice or on transfer notice?

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11-02 05:38 PM
I also got RFE from VSC for AP reg PP clear copies. In my case, lawyer asked to send me clear copies of bigraphic info which means first and last page of PP showing photo and name and other info. I scanned and sent color images to my lawyer. So strange that all VSC people are getting this RFE.

Online status simply shows, recieved and pending.. Does not reflect the RFE at all.


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04-26 09:41 AM
Guys, I made a silly mistake - I reversed first name and last name values - realized after submitting the form.

Should I put in a covering letter about the mistake with supporting docs.. or just let it pass through.. I'm worried that they might reject my application and I'll have to file again ( no refund !!! :( )

Any suggestions please ?

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07-01 02:38 PM
Since AILF has already issued a preliminary notice about a class action law suit if USCIS rejects applications under a revised bulletin this is a preliminary poll on how many of us would join the law suit? I for one will join the law suit. Understand that you will have to reveal all details about yourself and application in the lawsuit and those details will be transparent to DOS and USCIS.

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10-23 06:51 PM

11-09 03:12 PM
It is July 23

09-14 12:47 PM
Looks like your I140s denied for ability to pay (based on the RFEs). But also you were paid more than the prevailing wages! Per my exp, even if company makes loss, but you were getting paid, it shouldn't be a reason for denial.

I came to US on H1B in 2000. I have an engineering degree (10+2+4) from a premier institute in India in Information Systems. Before coming to US I worked for an MNC for 4+ years. I am with the current employer since 2003. Following are my case details.

Case 1:
EB2 Labor filed: April 2005
Labor Approved: December 2005
I-140 Filed: January 2006
RFE for Ability 2 pay and RFE replied.
I-140 Denied: August 2007
Never recieved the denial notice as per the lawyer

Case 2:
EB2 Labor filed: August 2005
Labor Approved: January 2006
I-140 Filed: August 2007 (I checked the status online and informed the lawyer who immediately filed for this I-140 basing on the approved labor)
I-485 Filed: August 2007
RFE for W2/wages company tax information etc that were replied on time.
I-140 Denied Sep 2009

EAD valid till October: 2010
AP Valid till Feb 2010

H1 B 8th year extension filed: July 2008 (There was a mistake during the filing as the reference was made to denied I-140 instead of the pending one)
Extension Denied based on Case 1 I-140: October 2008
I-290B Appeal to commissioner filed and pending as of date

Case 3:
Pending EB2 labor since October 2008.

I am paid more than the prevailing wages. Now the question is:
1. Should I file for MTR/Appeal (we still haven't recieved the denial notice).
2. I believe it is just a matter of time before I-485 status changes to denied. Will the EAD/AP become invalid as well?
3. If MTR/Appeal is filed for I-140, can I still continue working?

Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.

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