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muammar al gaddafi nurse

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05-18 06:53 PM
3 deportations at POE (EWR) till date this yr .
only offence was they all working in the midwest (Kansas) and their company was based in nj .. admins can we start tracking deportations and make this as a sticky

P.S I have not heard this from a friends friend .. i will give all the info to PAPPU or equivalent


Very first person who dares to say that, has information first hand.

Good job for your hard work.

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muammar al gaddafi nurse.

02-01 09:00 PM
Hi Everyone,

My AP is valid until JUNE 27 2011, (Here is the line from the I-512L, Presentation of the Original Document prior to June 27 2011 allows a customs and border protection inspector at a port-of-entry to parole the named bearer) I'm travelling to India during May / June and will be entering LAX back on June25. Will this be an issue as my AP is expiring in next couple of days.

Experts please let me know your thoughts on my situation whether it is safe to travel and getting in back will not be of an issue.

Thanks if you can help me out


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Muammar Al-Gaddafi-5

04-23 10:52 AM
My case transfer status clearly indicated that it was transfered to TSC.

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muammar al gaddafi nurse.

05-09 09:30 AM
I wanted to share my success story of getting I-485s re-opened with the help of IV last week. Let me start with the end result first and those interested in details could read further!


After 4 months wait since the wrongful denial of our 485s, I contacted Immigration Voice (IV) core team for help on April 25, 2011 as a last resort. On the next day morning (April 26th), I received a phone call from USCIS Headquarters in D.C. and the officer informed that Service Center approved my MTR and reopened 485s, and I should receive system updates in a day. At the end of the day, I got email updates confirming re-opening of 485s. It was an incredible moment in my life to receive a call from USCIS about my case. I am very grateful to the IV leadership and its deep relationships within USCIS and DHS. Prior to contacting IV, I filed an expedite request with USCIS, contacted Ombudsman, and contacted my Senator as well. I received standard responses but no positive result. Adding fuel to the fire, my EAD was due to expire in July 2011.
At the end, even though I never anticipated issues with my 485, I was very happy to see that my active participation with IV’s advocacy efforts over the last few years opened up several options for me to seek help.


During the middle of last year my attorney moved their offices and we filed a new G-28 for address change. After couple of months of this address change, during early Nov’2010 USCIS apparently sent a NOID asking for AC21 employment letter to the old address of the attorney. USCIS did not send text or email even though both me and my attorney subscribed to the notifications. USCIS did not even send a copy of this notice to me. After 30 days of original notice, USCIS updated their system that their mail was returned. This was the first time we came to know about the outstanding notice from USCIS. We immediately contacted USCIS and requested for a copy of NOID. In the meantime, 33 days elapsed, and USCIS promptly denied I-485s of me and my family. I have been working on EAD and it was due to expire in July 2011.

Life after denials

I requested my company for AC21 letter and after receiving the employment letter, my attorney filed I-290B MTR around the end of Dec’2011. I continued to work as usual using my EAD. After couple of months of waiting, I requested USCIS to expedite. Their response was to wait 30 days. Nothing happened. Then, I simultaneously contacted my Senator’s office and Ombudsman. I promptly received responses that they would look into this and I should expect a response from USCIS within 15 days. Based on these responses, I should have received approval by the first week of April. Again, nothing happened until the 3rd week of April. I was becoming wary of my EAD expiry and applying for renewal within 90 days of expiry.

IV’s Advocacy Days in D.C.

I have been a donor for the last few years and actively participated in advocacy days of 2010 and 2011. During this year’s advocacy event, I met IV core team and explained my case. Based on their advice, I waited to see if USCIS responds by mid of April. After long wait and exhausting all options, I requested help from IV. As I mentioned, within 24 hours, I got the approval of MTR and our status was restored!
Though not everyone gets into this kind of trouble, it is very heartening to note that there is someone (IV) behind us to help when in need.

Final Request to Readers:

As someone who associated with IV for the last few years and after going through this ordeal with USCIS, I recommend all those waiting in line or waiting to be in line (for GC) to start associating with IV. No matter how little time or money you could afford to work with IV, every minute and every cent is well worth it! Please Get Involved with IV! Thanks.

Do you get confirmation of G28?


muammar al gaddafi nurse. muammar al gaddafi nurse.

muammar al gaddafi nurse.

01-07 07:19 PM

Please stay tuned for a massive IV campaign coming up. We will be announcing it tonight on the forums.
Contact your chapter leaders for various state chapter action items.

muammar al gaddafi nurse. muammar al gaddafi nurse.

muammar al gaddafi nurse.

May 20th, 2005, 10:53 AM
It looks like the picture is quite severely overexposed. Since you have a bright moon on a black background, depending on the relative sizes of the moon and background, the exact focusing point and how the metering works you'll easily end up with an overexposed moon (due to the dark background).
As an alternative , spotmeter the moon to figure out the exposure and/or use the histogram.


muammar al gaddafi nurse. THE DESERT LION GALLANT


04-15 11:07 AM
Is it B1 or B2 visa ?

2010 Muammar Al-Gaddafi-5 muammar al gaddafi nurse. in hismuammar al-gaddafi

in hismuammar al-gaddafi

04-08 10:50 AM
Tell him that this is NOT India or any other country where they can do 10 things to get votes. I heard this from one guy who is on EAD and thinks something will happen in the election year. purely ludacris..

it means you don't have any experience in US politics, your relative is right election year is going to play some rule in immigration politics, democrats are pitching of hispanic votes they will try to do everything possible to get their vote, but main concern here is American public are against increase in any form of immigration. so odds are itz going to be counter productive for us as our case always depends on illegals.

so your relative is right but itz better for you to change job and get along with your life, if they laws are changed for better you can start your GC with new company and get it without losing lot of time, if not atleast your going to make good money


muammar al gaddafi nurse. muammar al gaddafi nurse.

muammar al gaddafi nurse.

01-15 10:48 AM
I was wondering if you guys know any link on Dept on labor (or that says that employer is responsible for all the legal(lawyer) fees. I work for a government firm and they only pay H1b fees that they are supposed to pay to USCIS. At the same time, they force me to hire a lawyer (I cannot file it myself) and they want me to pay for the lawyer.

I was wondering if you know of any law that I can show them and ask them to pay for the same.

Thanks in advance :)

-Supported the million dollar drive

Title IV, Pub.L. 105-277 (October 21, 1998) "Workforce Improvement Act" (ACWIA) of 1998

Sec. 413 (a)(vi)(II)
"It is a violation of this clause for an employer who has filed an application under this subsection to require an alien who
is the subject of a petition filed under section 214(c)(1), for which a fee is imposed under section 214(c)(9), to reimburse, or otherwise compensate, the employer for part or all of the cost of such fee."

Legal fees may be different.

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Muammar al-Gaddafi steht vor

02-05 12:05 PM
Really,I do not understand if you have MS degree why would you be doing testing? You sound like a troll from one of those hate groups.


muammar al gaddafi nurse. Muammar al-Gaddafi#39;s

Muammar al-Gaddafi#39;s

07-26 09:27 AM
Sure. It was an H1B transfer application. So, the RFE asked for pay stubs with company A. Also asked, if applicable, for company B's pay stubs. W2s for the whole time I was in H1 status. And my last six tax returns.

Could you please detailed RFE? It is difficult to suggest without the RFE details.

Not a legal advice.

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Muammar al-Gaddafi (Photo

02-09 03:22 PM
Ooooh my bad. Sorry about that. It's kind of like joking about bombs in an airport lol. Its kind of an edgy subject. Anyways, congrats!


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Libyan Muammar Gaddafi Plastic

02-06 08:29 PM
Hi ->
I got a lawsuit(summons) from my previous Employer ( I quit this consultancy in Oct 2010 ) and got this two days back with below points . I need to respond to them with in 30days. I quit this company has he hasn't paid any bench salary and haven't do any proper marketing - which were force me choose a permanent job.
So could some one please advise me the right lawyer to handle this.I need to answer to this summons and need file a new case against them.

Points that summons contain :
FIRST COUNT : Breach of Contract
Second Count : Tortious Interference
Third Count : Breach of Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
Fourth Count : Unjust Enrichment
Fifth Count :Misrepresentation and Fraud
SIXTH count : Breach of Duty of Loyalty

Really I would you appreciate you guys advise me right way to handle this.

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hot muammar al gaddafi nurse.

11-06 02:29 PM
Glad to see your initiatives. But our focus should be different.

The Economy is in very bad shape. Unemployement is rising. At this moment any bill that ask for GC number increase won't pass. We need to wait for atleast few months.

In the meantime as a temprory releif we should push the "Country quoto elimination bill" that does not increase GC numbers.

Also please take a look at my plan that I presented couple of weeks earlier. It is a compromise bill and I feel it has the best chance to pass during lameduck session. My plan gives at least some releif to people waiting for 7 years or waiting for months with PD current.

Please keep the spirit alive. Thanks.


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hot muammar al gaddafi nurse.

10-02 02:48 PM
It's for Filter Queen Danmark A/S... my dad and I, plus one of his friends have been working on for some months now, now our client wants a pacman style game too...

Ilyas is doing me a favor by coding it.. :) I'm doing all the designing and graphic work.

You can ask him if you want in too, w're gonna need that tile engine thingy, you saw yourself how the game lagged...

Anyone who helps wil get their name in the credits on of course...

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images muammar al gaddafi

06-26 02:30 PM
My view is immigration intent part will not impact much. Just it is giving more power to consulate. Consulate may reject some candidates who are not having strong job offers. It is similar to F1 visa. But nowadays F1 visa rejections are very less compared to past

Could you please point out the section where it says dual intent for H1 will be removed ?


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about muammar al-qadhafi

07-16 06:15 PM
so we r in same boat. Mine recd date Oct 2nd 2006.

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muammar al gaddafi nurse.

04-13 03:59 PM
What bill is that? Do you have the bill nimber?

Title: A bill to temporarily increase the number of visas which may be issued to certain highly skilled workers.

hairstyles Muammar al-Gaddafi#39;s muammar al gaddafi nurse. Moammar Gaddafi Nurse, Galyna

Moammar Gaddafi Nurse, Galyna

07-19 10:18 AM
It depends on the hospital's immigration knowledge. Most of the hospitals in the NY/NJ/CT/MA/CA where there are a lot of immigrants are aware of EAD.
So they prefer EAD over H1/J1 as they can avoid the process of application.
This is from my personal experience. Some states like Maine, New Hampshre are not even aware of EAD. In such hospitals you can take a chance with the expectation of getting a Green card and convince them with the Social security number. Also apply for your social security number once you get your EAD. This really helps if you need to convince the hospital.

Overall having an EAD is a big plus when compared to H1. NEVER go for J1. The waivers are very difficult to get and you'd have a lot of mental tension. I dont think its worth it, if you are planning to stay in USA. My wife stayed home for a year, when she was matched for a J1 hospital. She again applied the next year and got a H1.

Thansk for your reply. In the Residency application(ERAS), there are two categories:

1) Visa - J1, H1, EAD etc
2) No Visa requirement - Green Card/US Citizen.

If we check EAD, they will think that we need a visa which we don't
If we check Green Card, technically we do not have our green cards yet

What is the best thing to do?

06-22 01:56 PM
Well said. Be positive and work with IV core team to get something done.

Just an assessment on where we are collectively as a group:

312 new members in June 2006
1100 new members in May 2006
1400 new members in April 2006
1000 new members in March 2006
400 new members in February 2006
600 new members in January 2006

4812 in total membership.

Each one of us should personally get involved in engaging legal immigrants who are affected by the retrogression problem. It is hard to imagine that there are 6-figure number of people in retrogression but there are less than 5-figure number (4812) of people participating in this voluntary effort undertaken by IV.

Please talk to people around you and make them aware of the situation. Creating an account in IV and clicking a button to send web faxes is the least these people can do for their own benefit.

I'm sure that IV core will also become stronger and can gain more leverage during negotiations/lobbying with the appropriate authorities.

On a side note, please have some faith in the strategic decisons made by IV core. I understand that a lot of people here are desperate to see some progress but I personally feel that IV core is on a great strategic path to acheive our goals. In the mean time, if each of us can do our part by recruiting 10 people to join IV by the end of July. We will be stronger and more effective.

Just imagine if our membership is close to 50000 by the end of July, we can take a rally just like the Irish lobby group. Ours will be much legitimate because we are not rallying for illegal immigrants, unlike them. So divert your time resources in the next month in achieving this goal and leave the strategic decision making to IV Core and QGA.

Peace out!

02-15 03:33 PM

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