Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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01-07 02:57 PM
thanks for the reply but I agree my h1 stamp is expired but h1 is valid till 2009

As long as you work for the same employer with same title and job location, you don't need H-1 stamped. If you have a valid approval (I-797) you can enter the country on H-1 and not worry about AP or EAD. But just to answer your question, if you use AP to enter...you won't need to use EAD. If you do use EAD then you are out of H-1 status. AP will let you keep H-1 status.

I am not a lawyer so it would be best to consult one.

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02-14 09:28 AM
"If your RD for the 485 is later than that that means they didn't get to look at your file yet even though your PD is current."

I heard it is based on ND(Notice Date) not RD(ReceivedDate) of 485.


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11-08 11:38 AM
Hi everyone,
I am trying to reschedule my H1B appointment as my contact in mumbai failed to deliver the DS-156 and DS-157 to the consulate in time (5 business days prior). However, I can't book a new one till the old one is cancelled and the system won't let me cancel 5 business days or less before the current appointment. Does anyone know what to do? It must have happened to someone before? I really need to get back to the US in 10 days.

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06-11 05:59 PM
trust me if there wasnt a bra in the pic I used then there wouldn't be a bra on the pic I posted lmao.


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06-21 12:23 PM
suggestions? ^^^^^^^

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11-24 10:12 PM
I am in the same boat....TSC denied my I-140. My attorney has said that you can file an appeal (in your case in the EB2 category) at the same time you can also file for a new I-140 in a different category. Your best bet is to possibly file in the EB3 Category & wait for the appeal take its time at AAO. In the end if they do deny the appeal you can still file a new I-140 in the EB2 category.

Let us know what reccomendations your attorney provides you.

Good luck!


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11-03 06:34 PM
short answer Nope
a) because immigration is not high on Obama's agenda.
b) the economic downturn will be used by the the anti's to thwart any measure to help us
c) We are still very low on everyone's plate, democrats will want to get the illegals and all will use us as a pawn.
d) The trend is that the right will become hard right and left will become hard left...wait and watch.
the guys who will post bad comments, please remember that i had posted something similar when the democrats got majority and we have multiple threads singing the lords praise and showering flowers. It will be politics as usual.
We need lots of active members to make ONE strong case and keep hammering away at the lawmakers, instead we get a daily dose of self motivated threads which divide the already small group into smaller groups ((petitions, cases, class actions, EB3 Vs EB2, masters Vs 'grand'Masters etc:rolleyes:) .

Do you guys think this 2008 election will have any impact on the immigration process?

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02-23 04:25 PM
NV does not allow in-state
OH does allow in-state

AFAIK States that do not have state income tax do not let H4 visa holders pay instate and make Green Card as a requirement for instate qualification.

WA state is a good example of the above situation. I don't know about TX,FL,SD,NV,AK,WY which also do not have state income taxes. You might want to look at the instate qualification website for the state you are interested in.

MD doesn't allow instate

DC has no instate concept at all :)

VA,NY,CA,MA,IL allow instate as of my knowledge.


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08-14 12:11 PM
That is a relief...

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06-15 04:23 PM
see the reply
Hi RLNY122004

Please accept my congratulations and enjoy the freedom. Could you please answer the following questions.

1. What do you mean by 'officer told us we will receive our cards in 6 to 8 weeks' Did you take an appointment and visit neary USCIS office?
--- Please see my signature for details. My case was transfered to local office and we were interviwed last year. I took infopass last week went to district office and they told me that FP is expired and will have to take new FP. I gace FP last week and went back again today to findout the status , officer told em everything is okay and she is approving the case. She requested the visa numbers and took our I94.

2. Did you speak on the phone?
--- see 1
3. When was your name check cleared?
--- last year when I went for interview i asked officer and she said its cleared.4. Did you submit your finger prints recently? if yes was it code 1? 2? 3?
--- last one on 06/07/2007 was 10 fingers.
5. Was your I-485 case trasnferred to Texas/Nebraska recently?
--- see 1
I have many more questions but would not bug you, Please provide as much info as possible I would appreciate your reply.
--- I got to go now, I will try to come back online later in the night and answer your questions.TIA


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09-01 12:10 PM
I have my Labor and 140 approved. (140 approved in Jan 2009)
But my employer is not ready to provide me with copy of my approved PERM labor and 140. Just like any other employer.
So I am planning to request both of this by making FOIA request to DOL and USCIS.
I have done some ground work for that. Now here are my questions.
1) If I haven?t applied for 485 yet will USCIS/DOL release this document to me?
Or are both of this employer?s petitions?
2) I have heard that after six month of 140 approvals it become employee petition.
How much true is that?
If anyone like me (who haven?t applied 485 yet) got their copy of labor and 140 through FOIA. Please share your experience.

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12-21 06:30 AM
I think she should be apprised of pains in getting green cards for skilled workers from India, by ImmigrationVoice.

Quote from the TOI news article:

"Amrit Singh has kept a low-profile in the case so far although she handles ACLU's Immigrant Rights Project".


How should we reach out to her? But then again, if ACLU is not in the good books of the present government would aligning with them actually harm our case (although I don't know what more harm can come upon us after we were all thrown under the (omni)bus ..........)

Member Texas IV


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01-06 01:55 PM
Interesting read since my lawyer had informed me specifically that the CBP officer at POE is not supposed to lift one copy of advanced parole, he's supposed to stamp it and hand it back over to me and make a copy for his own records. They have also told me that if a CBP officer looks to lift a copy, we should politely ask him/her if there is any specific reason he needs an original and can't make a copy.

On the same note, if every time they lift a copy, then how can one make more than say 2 trips on one AP ? I have seen lots of people using AP for business travel and they do make more trips.

You need both copies of the AP. The IO will keep one copy and stamp the other one and return it. When I got back to the USA in December 2008, my POE was Miami. My lawyer had told me to take both copies of the AP with me.

When I was in the Secondary room, there was another person who had only one copy of the AP. The IO asked him for the other copy. The dude told the IO that he had only one copy and the lawyer had told him that one copy is enough (you could see that he was nervous). The IO sarcastically told him to change his lawyer. The dude then said that he was not planning on traveling anytime before the expiry of the AP and said that the IO could keep the copy he had submitted. The IO again wryly told him that things don't work that way. He told the dude to take a seat and he wold see what he could do (the IO was actually polite all the time to this dude - even thought he sounded sarcastic at times - especially when he said "I would not waste any more money on this lawyer"). To make a long story short, I saw him get his stamped AP back and we left the room at around the same time).

My advise to you is - take both the copies - you will not regret it.

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10-09 01:43 AM
There are lots of people living in arizona on H1 visa but still not member in immigrationvoice yet...

But sure, lets do meet sometime...


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12-19 11:41 PM

I have my I-140 approved in EB2 category (applied in Feb 06), at present
in H1b (paperwork valid till Nov. 07). I would like to know
whether there are any problems in going to India and getting
my visa stamping done.

Are there any legal issues - like you cannot travel abroad while your I-140 is
approved and do not have AP and EAD ?? (I cannot apply for I-485 and also AP/EAD as
I have filed my I-140 petition in Feb 06; and the processing date for EB2 (India)
is Jan 03).

Any suggestions/comments/advice greatly appreciated.


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07-29 10:37 AM


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12-09 04:09 PM
According to my attorney, you can re-apply for AP from outside of the U.S. and have it delivered to a local consulate.

I will not argue with what your lawyer tells you.

However, because Form I-131 is used for multiple purposes, some of the instructions are applicable to one condition and not to the other. So read the instruction again and you will see that some of the references to sending the document to overseas consulate refers to when it's used as a Reentry Permit, Refuge Travel Document, or as Advanced Parole for humanitarian reasons. For someone who applied for AOS, sorry no such luck.

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06-25 05:05 PM
Unfortunately, there are no good solutions to this problem. Humanitarian Parole is possible, but not likely except in extreme cases such as where there is a serious or life threatening illness. You should consider consulting an immigration attorney with expertise in such matters to to determine what if any chance there is for Humanitarian Parole given your family's particular circumstances.

Another strategy might be for your wife to come to the US and immediately apply for asylum in her own right. If she is granted asylum, then she can file an I-730 for your child. This strategy is complicated and could do more harm than good depending again on the particular facts of your situation. Accordingly, before taking any action, I urge you to seek expert legal representation.

Thank you very much for the response.
I have a lawyer,he advised me to ask the US Embassy to issue the kid a Humanitarian Parole,but I'm not sure if these guys know how to process these kind of unusual cases.They told my wife that I have to file a relative petition.As far as I know he is not eligible for derivative asylum since he got born after my asylum approval.
I wonder if she,my wife,can apply for humanitarian parole at the US Embassy?Or do I have to apply for humanitarian parole?
Lawers that I know are expensive and I'm not sure if these guys really know what are they doing.

I would really appreciate any advice from anyone.

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07-23 10:40 PM
If someone got green card here and got married to Indian citizen, I am not sure how to ask this particular question. She must have seen that guy some how, if so when and where? If that guy had come to US, then he could come again in whichever visa he came in. Also where did they get married? There are options, but certain questions needs to be answered.

This is for my friend who received Greencard in 2006. She just got married in June 2007 to an Indian citizen.
What are the options for her to bring her spouse to US ?
The spouse has an MBA.
I know H1 is not an option as they have to wait atleast till October 2008.
What are the other quick options?

07-29 12:48 AM
The 'Country of Birth' poll shows the same 43% :)

11-25 11:00 AM
Very true. This is what I did, i changed jobs but still retain the attorney from the previous employer. Also, I did not submit AC-21 papers as suggested by my lawyer. Again, this is your choice.

on a related note for other AC-21 filers: see if you can hang on to your older attorney. You might be able to retain them independent of your old employer (by paying fees on your own). Keeps the USCIS file clean, and also you stick with someone who presumably knows your case a bit better having worked on it from the start.

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