Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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02-17 01:30 PM
Great job cataphract ! meeting in person helps a lot, I'm wishing MA volunteers step up and get motivated. Does red bull really work ;) just kidding, good luck.

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Tattoo Ideas: Quotes on Life

01-08 12:44 AM
Thank you qasleuth ..... ..... ..... ..... frack you
Just read your post and you will see the same dastardly mistakes that I supposedly made.

Can you phrase a single complete sentence without '.....' ?
Dastardly means cowardly. What does "dastardly atrocious english" mean in the context of Neha's post ?
Sentences start with capital letters, need to have commas, and there should be proper usage of articles. I can point out atrocious mistakes in every sentence of your post.
Apart from your atrocious English, your profile is incorrect, your presumptions/tone is even more atrocious (addressing the poster as 'Miss', using words like 'hell'). Best of luck.

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03-18 01:54 PM
Q: Does the core team who have their boots in Washington have any knowledge of the date when the CIR will be introduced by Mr Kennedy?

Answer: (ALthough I am not part of the core team)...When the Judiciary committee is done with calling people for testimony in the 'Purgegate'. That means, upto the 3rd week of April. Even if it gets introduced to the floor of the Senate, the committee is going to be preoccupied with this scandal. Maybe if AG resigns, and all the fired prosecutors are reinstated next week, then by the end of the month you can start hearing the discussions. I gathered some words in the wind that high tech companies that wrote letters on quota for H1B is preparing to introduce a measure (when need arises) anticipating 1) H1B quota will run out in 21 days 2) CIR would not happen this year. BUT I AM NOT sure how much substantiated this is.

Hello :

Does the core team who have their boots in Washington have any knowledge of the date when the CIR will be introduced by Mr Kennedy . Days have turned to weeks then to months and we have been just hearing stories of the bill getting introduced "Next Week ".The press is spilling gallons of ink and the onliners are creating Gigabytes of forum data on Immigration Legislation and its outcomes, but nothing seems to come out of Capitol Hill , they are just going around in circles .Are they actually going to do something this year or is it just another eyewash ?

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Tattoo Quotes About Life

10-17 01:07 PM
Sorry to Bump ... but I am going nuts.. am I doing something wrong in the way I am going about this?


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Tattoo quotes image

03-15 07:08 AM
A lot of people do different things on h1b. It is upto you to carefully report your taxes. As long as you don't get a 1099, it is at your discretion on how to report whatever money has been earned.

The reason why h1b is not supposed to earn income from other sources is because h1b workers are supposed to work only for sponsering employers. But things like apartment referals, gift checks, stock money, etc... has nothing to do with you not working for your employer.

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06-16 08:16 AM
Hi Murali77

I am in the exact position as you.
My name is the same on Birth certificate, passport, h1B dcuments, but reversed in SS card and subsequently in my credit cards.
Any more info on how to tackle this?


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07-26 06:23 PM
Per Lawyers response both AOS and CP are possible. When I mentioned 180 days the lawyer mentioned it is 2 yrs not 180 days for follow to join.
As long as marriage is before 485 it can be applied.

My question is where to file and I am going to go with Nebraska for now as I cant conclusively get any official source which says chicago lock box.


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12-21 09:40 AM
tell your friend to put 33% less effort on the project work. take 1.5 days in a week off for searching for other jobs and talk to a lawyer, DOL. with the offer letter he can be sued by a gain-share arrangement with some lawyer - these lawyers charge no upfront fees but the lawyer takes x% of the damages awarded... better a blood sucking lawyer make the money than a blood sucking employer.


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05-11 08:23 AM
The point-based system will not be good for this country. Many other countries have point-based systems such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, etc. The most who immigrate in these countries on the point-based system don't have jobs. Only those should be allowed to immigrate who has the job offer here. All the immigration fees and expenses to immigrate should be borne by the employer offering the job.

Not only this, the people who promote this point-based system are interested in shutting off immgration based on family unification. Why you would not like your own family members to be here, when they all have been allowed until this day to bring their own family members from European countries.

No ones looking to shut off family immigration, it will never ever happen, they are only discussing "preferences" and for the most part its a no brainer that the qualified folks should get preference for the betterment of this country and to compete globally (if you view it from an american's point of view).
I don't know all the pros and cons but I don't see anything wrong in it.

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10-03 11:52 AM
That is why you ALWAYS should keep a copy of ANY I-94 you are issued, whether at the border, the airport, or as part of your I-129 approval.

This also serves the purpose of proving that you maintained legal status throughout your adjustment period, AND should you need to cliam back time against your H1-B 6-year clock, you have concrete proof of every entry (and USCIS can match this against their proof of your departures).

This is not rocket science, people.

Ofcourse, this is not rocket science. But we need to take a copy of all I-94's we received is new to most of us. I recently came to know that I need to have all of these copied before surrendering before leaving the country.


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02-20 10:36 AM
Unfortunately her husband is an undocumented alien. He is not in legal status. So the case is not straight forward one.

The INA (Immigration and naturalization act) allows for one to adjust to GC holder even if
one is illegaly present in the U.S. as long as one:

1. Is married to a U.S. citizen;
2. Is otherwise admissible to the U.S. and;
3. Has entered to the U.S. via legal means.

If all of the above are true, the case is relatively simple in nature for as long as the marriage is a legitimate one.

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04-27 11:26 PM
Thanks Desertfox. Did you send any supporting documents. there were contradicting opinions on whether to send or not send any additional documentation after e-filing EAD. Please let us know what you sent or not sent?


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09-22 06:54 PM
Well, I don't see a problem with that. If you can file 485 without clearing 140, why can't you file 485 without clearing labor?

We should stay modest? There are a lot of us who have waited 4+ years for labor. I think that's enough modesty and patience.

I don't think that would be okay as you would then be jumping the hoop of I-140. I think we should just stay with the modest request of "filing 485" without visa number availability.

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tattoo ideas for girls quotes.

07-01 06:17 PM
There are many people who would sign up anything to come to US. When that A company spends 5-6k and bring people here, they disapear in 1 month. Obviously in this case court will go against the employee firstly because there is an underlying bias for the employer as he's a US employer second I personally feel he has all rights to ask for money since he invested in you...


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07-24 10:28 AM
usabal has put LNU .
Given Name in passport - ABC XYZ
surname -

All GC related document's name

so bottom line is that Given name becomes first name and LNU relplaces surname (last name)

I do not know if it is correct but this is the way they have filed for me.

It is very interesting SSN has ABC XYZ

-What a mess


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01-29 07:26 PM
Is that your new year wish? :)

I do not see any possibility unless some miracle happens.

i see pappu more after IV's new web makeover ....i think he likes blue color more....:p

jk take it easy...


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01-20 07:34 PM
From Nov 14th 2008 verything got changed, now first they issue one year
after that you need apply again for 10 years.

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07-26 10:29 AM
ags123, not to alarm you, but is it possible to apply now for your wife? Since you already got your 485 approved and crossed the proverbial line into the gc land.

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Good Tattoo Quotes

03-14 05:48 PM
You can only file a second LC for the same employee at the same company, if the new position is "substantially different" from the old position. [ I am happy to report, that I just received my PERM approval for doing exactly this :) ]

If your LC was filed via PERM and approved, you do not need to refile just because you lost the receipt. If you're filing an H1-B renewal, a screen shot / printout of the PERM app, showing the case #, is sufficient. If you're filing an I-140, there's a check box on the I-140 to indicate that USCIS should request a PERM approval receipt directly from DoL.

- gs

12-13 12:58 PM
That was my thought process too. If the immigration systems is corrected then I believe EB3 and EB2 will become current. Then it does not make a difference. Even late 90's the retrogression was there for both Eb2 and Eb3. IN 1999 they opened up for Y2K and then again retrogressed in 2001-2002 I believe. But again after that it was all current till the current retrogression.

Given the gross uncertainity about retrogression and GC, I would not give undue importance to the GC timeline factor. Eventually job / skills are more important than the distant GC.

I was in a similar situation a few months back. I abandoned my GC process with my former employer for a new and much more promising job. I am yet to start the GC process with the new employer. For me JOB was the deciding factor.

My reasoning was simple:

In the current scenario with a broken immigration system if we are to maintain our sanity and move on in our careers he, we have to stop thinking that GC is above everything. Work on it as much as you can, but do not trade it in for good career moves.

Do what you feel is best for you and what you can make peace with. My 2 cents..

10-11 01:31 PM
Consult with your current company immigration attorney and find out why your current job will not qualify for EB2.

Just in case start your EB3 GC and port your PD to this new GC I-140. That will help you with the H1B renewal for 3 years. You have got 14 more months. you should be able to get I-140 filed by then, do a premium for I-140 to get it approved by the time you renew your H1B.

Renewing your H1B based on the revoked I-140 would be risky.
Did USCIS sent you any notice that your 485 is not valid ?

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