Saturday, September 10, 2011

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03-30 12:18 PM
Dear Attorney,
Thanks alot for taking your valuable time suggesting us on this issue.
I appreciate your help.

This information is very much helpful.

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03-15 01:37 AM
Faxed already.

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12-27 03:20 PM
USCIS will only share information about the I-140 case with the applying employer and their lawyer. I once tried to help my employer to find out if the reply to an RFE on my H1-B had been received and they refused to tell me anything. I got a copy of the I-140 from the lawyer and the original from my employer, but as someone said it was a curtesy from the employer to share it.

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09-27 10:12 AM


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07-29 12:56 PM
As long as your marriage date is prior to your 485 approval date and the dates are current(means your priority date) you can apply for spouse 485.

I am also in the same boat and I am waiting my priority date to be current.

I got my 485 approved


Hey Bill,
If my priority date is current, spouse's priority is should be current as well? right? Does she will have different priority date?
Another question, how is your I 485 is approved when your priority date is not current?
(Sorry for asking.... bit confused....) :confused: :confused: :confused:

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08-10 08:06 PM
i'll believe it when i see it. too much talk no action. it's too good to be true, isn't it? maybe our childrens' children will benefit from it.


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07-09 02:02 PM
Be careful with Lawyers - there is a way to handle them. Remember, you may hate them for their attitude, but your approach to them should be pleasing.

You have to be very very very pleasing, praising, and kiss ass. You must kiss their ass like anything to get things done.

On the contrary - paralegals are very rude and you must be very careful dealing with them. They have the skill of triggering your anger and in most cases, you want to let the lawyer know how dissatisfied you are, and this in turn triggers Lawyer's ego.

For immigration lawyers we are the clients - but they don't work for us, they work only to extract innocent immigrant money.

They tend to side with stupid HR personnel from big companies and give them all sorts of advices on immigration and form the HR lawyer alliance. They are nice to each other and share love bites.

The best way to deal with a lawyer is - Kissssssssss asssssssss , praise them, thak them, keep them in best spirits, never get annoyed, tell them u can come over to their office if they say they are busy. You all don't need a lot of explanation - I think you understand how things work

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09-12 06:49 PM
Any advise about Unpaid vacation period in usa for h1b's and staying in usa.

What is the legal vacation period in usa for h1b's? And how long it could be!!!
few weeks or few months???


I am not very sure about this, but I would assume if you are not working and not getting paid, you are out of status.
You have to be on a payroll to maintain your status.


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08-23 03:01 PM
I didn't file on July 5th but my attorney office says now they're receiving receipts for July 5th filers. Not sure if it's TSC or NSC...

I don't understand , people are started getting receipt filed in july'14th, july'16th. They are not processing July3rd through july'14th filing?.

I have sent my application on July5th to NSC. It is received by NSC at July6th.Did any one got receipts in 5th or 6th filer..

I didn't see much of filed between july'3nd through july '14th filings in this forum.


EB2/PD-Sept'2004/I-140 Approved.
I-485 - Sent July5th.
RD - ?
AD -?

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10-24 10:39 AM
My mother-in-law had a two way ticket but she was not carrying the e-ticket paper for return ticket, and for that they made her wait 2 hours to verify with the airline that she had a return ticket. So it is VERY Important to have a return ticket, if the visa status is B2 visitor.

Someone gave me a red dot for this post. Why?? Now folks think twice before trying to help someone on this forum, you might get a negative reputation.


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10-23 06:09 PM
Appreciate your dedication WD/CC.I am kind of busy this week.Will get back to u this weekend.

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07-27 11:30 AM

Urgent advise is required.

My PERM was approved in April-07 and now I have just filed the concurrent 140/485. Now the company is transferring me to a new location (State) early next month with a possible change in the salary than what?s mentioned on my PERM. Can anyone please advise if there will be some impact on my 140/485 applications if:

a) I moved to a different state and, (My work location on PERM is California).
b) If I will be getting less salary than what?s mentioned on my PERM

Thanks much,

a) As long as the company Head office does not move and that is where your Labor was filed, you are OK.

b) You can get lesser salary now. But if USCIS interviews you, you should have an offer letter with salary greater than or equal to PERM salary. In other words, your employer should not pay you lesser than PERM salary once you get the GC. of course, marginal differences may not be a problem.


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04-08 08:34 PM
If it's easy enough, please remove "United States" as a choice in the list of countries.

Then they will pick Afghanistan! :)

Lets encourage people to make a little bit of effort and update the data to reflect the correct PD and Country of chargeability.

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04-16 11:02 AM
thanks weaseley ....
We are in Kansas....I did show the 485 receipt ....they said 'its just a receipt' not an approval....and so they can't use that. I'll try calling USCIS for the letter. I hope it works since I don't want to waste money on an EAD which I am not gonna use.


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07-16 09:45 AM
Both have same I-94 number with different visa class and expiry date. I think you have to hand the one that came with h1b. I think either way it will be in system since both I-94 have same number.

I have a slight problem. My two I-94s do NOT have the same number. My immigration attorney's office screwed up when applying for my H-1B. They made a 1 into a 4 by mistake.

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06-21 01:55 PM
By law: If you take Unemployment benefits => you have become public charge. If you become public charge => you broke AOS condition. Which requires you to be never be public charge. On top of that if you were still on H1b then that would have expired with you loosing your job. So that makes it a good case for removal proceedings if your case gets an audit (which is very likely).
Lookup a similar thread(removal proceedings) in IV.
Get legal help before making a decision like that.

taking unemployment benefit is not public charge. while working, you pay into the unemployment. everytime you work, you and your employer pay for umemployment insurance which is managed by the US government. But to be eligible for umeployment insurance benefit, you have to be a legal permanent resident or a citizen.


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04-21 12:01 AM
I had applied for AP at NSC got it in a months time. I had applied for EAD on Oct 26th of last year. Got it approved by December 14th. Are majority of the people experiencing EAD delays of late?

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06-04 10:09 AM

We paper filed thru about company attorney in May 1st week from Texas. Till now no receipt received.
Is there any way I can call USCIS to check status without receipt number in hand? Can they track it via SSN or alien no?

Pl. let me know.

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06-06 05:26 PM

I have some questions in regard to using AC21.

Using AC21, what are the risks involved with I140, provided it is:
1. Already approved and more than 180 days after filling I485?
2. New job/position is “same or similar” as mentioned in I140?

1. Employer wants to revoke the I140 or in way threatens
2. Can I have the freedom to change employer, provided I have a “same or similar” position and I timely file AC21 with new employment details.

Also, with links to a MEMO from USCIS dated August 4, 2003. Are there any updates to that memo?

Please give your suggestions

Thanks All,

03-25 12:41 PM
Hello Memebers,
As my H-4 visa is rejected and I am trying to find other options. I would like to know if I can apply for tourist visa and how much possibility is there that it will be rejected. Please advise.


04-08 01:55 PM
Question regarding Current Immigration Status field on EAD renewal form:

I am applying for EAD renewal for my spouse. Currently she is on H-4 but I am soon planning to use EAD to start another job. I guess my spouse's status will also change from H-4 to AOS (I guess) at the same time. What should be current immigration status for my spouse when I have already started working on another job using EAD.

BTW, I used paper filing for both of us.

Thanks for your input.

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