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03-31 03:22 PM
Thanks all for your help and great inputs. IV has helped me a lot.

I wish you all the best ...



You have a Oct 04 priority date. Your date was current for quite some time. What took them so long? Did you switch from Eb3 to Eb2?

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05-29 03:50 PM
I have a early 2004 Priority date (EB3 India) and asked my attorney if it is wise to reapply in Eb2 as it is current in that date, and she says she believes my Eb3 PD to get current by july. Folks, what do you think ?

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04-17 03:41 PM
Agree with you - my wife's PERM approval got lost in mail and she had to apply for 140 with an electronic copy as DOL will not issue a new approval notice.

Mine, of course is languishing in BEC.

The inefficiency of DOL is really incomparable - they are much worse than USCIS.

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06-18 11:33 AM
When had filed my I140 I did send my coworkers reference letter ...yet i got a rfe requesting for employer's experience letter..


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09-26 12:21 PM
Applied on July18th NSC , got the receipts, but no update on AP or EAD, No LUD's too ..

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07-23 06:04 PM
With my limited knowledge on this topic -- Unemployment is not considered a social burden. It is funded by all employers. At no time, govt funds this pool with tax payer's money so I would not call it a social burden. Personally, if unemployment office is ready to give me a check, I would collect it !


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06-01 06:33 PM
No, you cannot file for I-485 unless your PD is current. This is as per the current law.

Now, if comprehensive immigration bill passes and it has provision to allow filing of 485, then you can file 485 even if your PD is not current. It may take time for all that to materialize. You are looking at a minimum of 6 months for such a change to be actually in place where USCIS would allow you to file 485 and that is assuming that all goes well.

As to your priority date transfer, yes, with approved 140 and labor, if you go to another employer who starts your greencard from scratch, then you can use the priority date of your current GC process and "PORT IT" to your new GC process. You will, however, need to keep the 140 and labor alive at your old job if you are beyond the 6th year of H1 in order to obtain an H1 transfer or extension with new employer. So if you are already done with your initial 6 year term, then you will need co-operation of your current employer to prevent him from withdrawing your current labor and 140 - atleast until 365 days have passed with new PERM labor or atleast until your PERM and 140 is approved with new GC process.

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09-24 04:32 PM
I checked the site, couldn't find this info any more, probably its got archived. Thanks for your efforts in letting the group know.


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09-14 01:54 PM
you would have to specify that when you apply for the AP. Look at part 7 item 2 in the application.

NO, that part applies to a person applying for Advance Parole (humanitarian reason) and not Advance Parole (baed on peding I-485).

This confusion is because the form is used for multiple application type - Rentry Permit, Refugee Travel Document, Advance Parole (humanitarian and I-485 pending). I think USCIS should redesign separate form for each application type to remove the confusion.

If your AP is based on a pending I-485 you must be in the US to apply and receive the approval. If you need to travel before the approval, you could go to a local USCIS office to expedite the application.

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11-15 09:08 AM
I head that Backlog centers is allowing people to convert their applications from TR to RIR. Can I know whats the process. I can ask my lawyer to do that

I am sorry but you seem to be confused. Your post says that the RIR provision in your app was rejected and your labor app has been put in the TR queue (traditional recruitment). now you are asking if you can convert to RIR again??

how will they let you convert when they specifically rejected the RIR?? I suggest you speak with a lawyer, and, understand this process completely before taking any further steps.


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02-08 12:51 PM
I am new member to this forum. My friend referred me here.

I have a very unique case scenario and need help if anyone is aware of this.

Background :
I worked for company X which went bankrupt and was absorbed by company Y. 3 months after I started
working for Y I got I-140 approved from company X(not sure how but got it).I had filed for I-140 abt.
2 months before I joined Y(then still an employee of X) and had opted for CP and not AOS(had
the option of concurrent filing but did not use which i regret till date). Since the X case was of
no use now I filed a fresh LC from Y and am still waiting for notification from BPC for recruitment(TR case).
I am planning to use the PD from earlier approved I-140 which is sept. 1999 when my LC gets approved.

Issue :
Last week I received a mail from NVC which was forwarded to me by the previous employers attorney.
The letter's main content says
It mentions "Section 203(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act requires the Secretary of State
to terminate the registration of any alien who fails to apply for an immigrant visa within one year
following notification of the availability of a visa number".
Letter is Dated Dec. 3 2006.

Question :
I want to know if this will in anyway prevent me from using my old case PD with my current case?
My interpretation of this is that only the registration with NVC gets cancelled but the
underlying LC and I-140 approved are not affected and I can still use the old PD on my
current case. Pls. help.

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07-06 11:43 AM
YOu are correct. If you have an approved I-140, you get
- 1 year extension if PD is current
- 3 years if your PD is not current


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05-12 03:58 PM
Can you pleas give your opinion for EB3-India?

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07-08 10:51 PM
nice job


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12-13 04:05 PM
I'm thinking about pursuing maser degree of Biostatistics.
I heard the job market demand is high and
most jobs require master degree at least.

As a research assistance, biostatistician, research analyst..

Could I apply as EB2 ?
Am I qualifed?

To your question:
Yes, You can apply under EB2 with Masters degree.

But do your own research on pursuing masters. It will take alteast 2+ years to complete and land on a job. The GC process and Economy might swing back or forth without your control.

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July 15th, 2004, 08:24 PM
Excellent work! You need to start sending copies of those out to publications to see what kind of response you get...or possibly some stock photo companies. :)


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01-16 01:28 PM
You may be right on that.

But the real question in this case is will the person be subject to yearly cap (lotter system) or be considered as a H1-B transfer kind.

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11-21 07:06 PM
gc_in_30_yrs, I will file new Labor in PERM with this new job Responsibilites..! :D

I am sure ash0210 will get a job in USCIS to write rules for issuing GCs.
Just kidding. I like your analogy.

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11-14 04:27 PM
Currently job market is little bit tight. Employers are asking for GC or citizenship.
By the time we seek perm job, EAD shows only remaining 6 months validity. That might scare some employers. Employers pay more for contractors than employees. So I see you mau get small hike in salary...

07-30 09:15 AM
Dear Experts and Attorneys:
Here is my situation:
My employment was terminated by my Manager (no reasons given on paper, and the reasons he gave me were not valid when I discussed with my previous manager even per the company policy)
I am in the process of finalizing between a couple of offers (Hopefully would be able to make a decision by sometime next week). My previous manager is trying to get me into his project after I explained my I-485 application status. My PD is Aug-06 (EB-3), I-140 pending.
My spouse is on H-4. My initial plan before all this drama (Initial withdrawal of July visa bulletin and employment termination), I got all my documents signed and ready to be sent out from my attorney's office.
After this sequence of events, the attorney refuses to submit my I-485 application (because it could be considered Fraud).
Now I need your expert advice on the following situations:
1. Would it be ideal to join the same company in a different department and ask the lawyer to file my I-485? Use the AC21 portability after 180 days of pending application?
2. I read somewhere that for me to use the AC21 portability, I need to be in the same profile and also same pay range that was approved on my initial labor application. Is it true? I am currently being offered 15K more than what I have been making till now.
3. I have 3 more years of H-1B left, so what are the chances of getting a new green card process started under EB-2, and port the Aug-06 priority date after the I-140 is approved? How long would you anticipate it would take for me to get to the I-485 stage? Just a ball park from the experience on the forum would be great!
I have been out of the job for the past 2 weeks. would it be a problem for me while applying for a new labor certification?
I greatly appreciate your responses.
Thank you.

1. AC21 is invoked when you change employers 180 days after filing for I-485. Since you are not changing employers, AC21 is irrelevant.

2. 15k is acceptable for AC21, but like I said earlier, this is irrelevant in your case. The real problem in your case is, does your Labor match your new job profile? If yes, you are good to apply 485. Else, you cannot apply 485 at this time.

3. No one knows. We can speculate till the sun goes nova, but we will not have any useful answer to that question.

Your big question at this time is, if you can roll out your 485 or not. If not, then port your 2006 PD and wait for your dates to become current again. Out of job for 2 weeks is not too bad, but it is not good either. Consult an attorney to know your options. USCIS has the discretion to forgive minor lapses in the event of abrupt lay-offs as they understand you cannot just pack your bags and leave overnight.

01-23 11:17 AM
.... If the receipt date shown on your receipt notice is prior to the processing date shown below, you may call USCIS Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283. ...

Although reference in the text above refers to "receipt date shown on your receipt", I doubt if they really mean that. As per latest processing status, all cases with RD = July 2 should have been processed by now. Is that true? I doubt.

True Receipt Date (what service centers make reference to) perhaps is the date when they enter data in the system. In normal circumstances it should be same or close to RD printed on receipts. However, in July/Aug '07 filings several cases (including mine) were shuffled around for months, before they were entered in the system. I am a July2 filer, but my online status says " was received on Oct 11, 2007...". My ND is a few days later. Most likley, dates you see in your online status is what they refer to as Receive Date when publishing processing dates.

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