Friday, September 23, 2011

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11-24 01:08 AM
Hey all, I have PayPal Account and i have 200$ in that account, now what happen i wanna transfer in my indian bank account.. What the procedure i have to follow.. Please suggest me right way.

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08-19 07:47 PM
i saw this cool tutorial that used really simple technique to make a really cool outcome.

the tutorial was on making realistic looking fire. so what he did was he wrote text, raterized it, rotated 90 degrees CW and added wind from left. then he rotated back and did an ocean ripple. it sounds more complicated then it really is.

anyway, heres the final product:

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Justin Bieber at Easter Egg

08-04 01:51 PM
She have the H-4 because of her husband. If he want to cancel, he can inform USCIS about the separation. The USCIS can cancel her H-4 and she will be out of status. Just like employer can cancel the H1B. If he didn't cancel, she can stay untill the validity of her I-94.

USCIS will approve the GC, when they satisfy the spouse is living with the petitioner and every thing in order and without any problem (joint tax, bank accounts etc....).
That is why they again send RFE for some people.

Even family based GC after marriage there will be an interview after years to get the permanent GC. In that interview, judge will ask and find out what level of intimacy these couples have. He want to satisfy these people are real husband and wife. (this interview is not for employment based candidates)

If she is on H4, as long as H1 is valid she can continue legally in US. I do not see any reason for her to go back.
She can file I-485 as a dependent, since she is still the wife of the I-485 primary applicant.

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03-07 09:51 AM
Once you I140 is approved, you lock the PD. Only time you lose it is, if USCIS cancels it for fraud.

Else, layoff or revocation does not matter. You just have to start another new PERM again.


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11-24 12:13 PM
I will need to extend my H-1B next year. So far I have found 3 immigration lawyers who are not that expensive and seem to be responsive to queries (email or phone). Comments from anyone who has experience with any of these 3 attorneys will be appreciated:

1. Prashanthi Reddy -
2. George M. Sabga Jr. -
3. Andrew Dutton -

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05-18 11:35 AM
Initially I could'nt open it (page not found) but It worked now.. Thanks Admin .
Kudos to all the people who attended and caught the media attention.

I checked it on IE and Firefox and it is working. Is everyone having this issue?


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11-19 10:30 AM
For July 2nd filers, the freedom is attained on Dec 29th (180 days after filing).

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10-23 01:13 PM
No question is stupid, we are all learning and there are always these complex and everchanging provisions. I-140 Premium is not available as of now. It could change anytime. Is $1000.00 Lawyers fees? for filing I-140? COs s/he cannot ask for PP fees. Go to USCIS home page to figure out what the I-140 and I-485 FEES are and add your lawyers fees to it to get an approximate total.
Depends on the center, Texas or Nebraska, I-140 approval takes anywhere between 2months and 14 months. Nebraska is taking 14 months.
With an older PD, you are very certain to get GC within the next 3-6 months if you do not get stuck in name check and if your I-140 gets cleared.
Do not lose hope.

I'm sorry, few details.
Yes, the lawyer said that he will file to Nebraska.
One small detail I did not understand: PD-priority date- is about the PD when I filled for LC or will be another PD for this I-140?
About the fees:
U.S. Government Fee: I-140- $475.00
U.S. Government Fee: I-485 (includes I-765 and I-131) ?$1010.00
U.S. Government Fee: I-485 (includes I-765 and I-131) ?$1010.00 - wife.

the lawyer's fees are very high but I'm stuck and afraid to make changes at this last stage. I'm wrong?


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April 6th, 2005, 12:14 PM
This is a very useful thread!

Has anyone tried using the multiple mask technique to expand dept of field rather than (or in addition to) dynamic range? Might have to soften the edge of the mask but in principle it should work, using one photo set to near focus and the other to infinity. Obvioiusly a tripod would be essential. For non-manual focus lenses one could toggle the infinity focus on/off.

EB2 ETA9089\for software developer position- please review [Archive] - Immigration Voice

View Full Version : EB2 ETA9089\for software developer position- please review

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08-08 07:49 PM
My H1 has been denied on Master's quota as I filed for H1 in April and I graduated in May. The reason for denial is that "on notice day, I was not graduate'.

My EAD will be expiring in May 2008 and even If I apply for New H1 in next April, I can not start working till October 2008.

In this bad situation, what are the option I have not to leave the country. Please advise as soon as possible


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12-17 04:00 PM
I have an offer from a great company as a program manager that involves management and coordination of teams. There will be a little programming involved. This is in the software industry

The labor was filed as software engineer whose description says that this was java focussed intense programming position.

I am EB2, india, dec 2003 with more that 180 days and 140 approved, also have my ead and AP done.

I plan to move on EAD. Would this qualify as "same or similar". The industry is the same and the job is similar (it just shows normal career progression)

what do you think?

The other option is start a fresh labor with PERM and followed by another I-140. You can then port your existing I-485 with the new offer and continue your GC process where you left. You may need to check with your future employer that they are willing to do this for you. If not, then it will be a risk.


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06-20 05:51 PM
If my I 140 approval notice does not have A#, what does it mean? How come, lots of ppl have A# on the I140 approval notice but a few like me dont have? Any idea, what should I fill for A# in 485 forms?


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08-06 09:26 AM
Well a lot of people I know have coverted from EB3 to EB2 while retaining their old PDs, so i'mnot sure about EB2 dates staying in 2004.

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02-20 08:25 PM
Your authorized period of stay ended on 10/1. Your marriage does not matter. The only reason you MAY be able to adjust status in your situation is the fact that you married a U.S. citizen. It is VERY risky to leave the United States before your I485 gets approved. Please consult an attorney before doing so. AP does not guarantee re-admittance especially when one was EVER out of status.

Thank you for advice. i did not realize the issue was so complex. I did call uscis after i got married before i sent in my OAS papers and asked them how can i maintain legal status after my j-1 expires. they said that since i came legally, haven't broken any rules and got married before status expiration - i maintain "somewhat legal status"(i do not have j-1 2 year mandatory homecoutry stay either). My wife is US citizen.
So i thought even thought period from 10/01 to 11/26 (receipt for receiving both i-485 and i-130) can be considered out of status - after that i can be considered a resident alien which would mean that it is still a legal status.


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08-08 01:15 PM
Just had an infopass appointment.

Me: Can you tell us the status of our 485s?
I/O: Name checks are pending for both
Me: Do you know when they were started?
I/O: At the time your application was submitted (duh!)
Me: Would our applications still be processed?
I/O: Yes, they are at TSC(duh!) and they are aware of the 6 month rule
Me: Are they assigned to an officer?
I/O: Right now they are with the officer"s" at Texas, as recently as July 31st, not too long ago.
Me: When do our fingerprints expire?
I/O: blank

I had enough by then.. dont think anything will happen to our apps this month. My wife will get a RFE, because of incomplete medicals (Xray), I was atleast hoping to get that RFE this month.

Which area's infopass center is this? Was the officer friendly?

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03-08 03:38 PM

sorry to hear about your denial.

Regarding my friend, His 140 was denied but he was already on EAD by then.His 485 was not denied ( maybe they were not processing his 485 at that point.He is a july 07 filer under EB3-I). The appeal for 140 denial was filed and it is still pending(8 months now). Meanwhile a 2 yr EAD has been approved.

I am not sure if this process is followed for everyone as each case has its variables.....
hope this helps...

Thank you for your reply.
If you can ask, what documents your friend submitted to renew the EADs-- Was it pending 485 receipts OR appeal receipt for I-140?


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07-17 07:52 PM
My lawyer sent all documents to uscis and reached uscis on July2nd except my employment letter.Do uscis accept my package and give receipt notice or reject the whole package.Any suggestion please.Thanks

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11-03 10:43 AM
I would be very cautious about her overstayin without getting the extension in hand.
I would still not do it unless it is a desperate situation, and there is absolutely no other way of handling it.
The overstay would definitely show up the next time she comes back in, ie, next time if the officer is good, he lets her in and everything is good.
If the officer is just doing his duty, he will not.
The officer will definitely grill her about her overstay, and if she is able to convince him about the hospital stay(i would keep records of the hospital stay), he can give her a short term visa.
And your mom-in-law mentioning the baby when she entered does not help at all.
Overstay is still handled in an adhoc fashion at the airport counters.
But I know of a friends mother who overstayed(did not apply extension) and was sent back from the airport next time she tried to come back(they even got a letter from the local congressman).

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08-21 11:51 AM
I've never done AR-11 myself because atty. is doing it for me...but when I looked at the on-line AR-11, Change of Address...A# is optional, meaning you do not need to input something on it. I think it was pretty easy to do it.

09-06 11:50 AM
How about even a much better solution, learn your country's national language......:)

08-06 12:39 PM
hopefully they will process my application soon.....

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