Friday, September 23, 2011

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11-15 07:32 AM
My name was misspelt on my FP notice as well.when i went for FP couple of weeks back, they could not make the change there.I told them about the name misspelt, they informed that I have to call the 1-800 number and get it changed.

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12-17 10:56 PM
Identify what is the job code in your LC and try to compare the new job duties in the similar category. If you happen to fall within the same group then you are fine. like within 15.****

Try to identify the job code of ur new job, then you will be able to compare.

Hire an attorney before taking any major descisions.

I looked it up and my current job is

And I did a search for software program manager and software project manager. These bring up the same job codes.

What does that say????

Does this mean that its ok to change jobs?

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05-25 08:47 AM
Called Sen. Bingaman, Chuck Hagel's office - talked nicely to staff and explained. Wife is also calling - let us do this, folks, do you want to wait another 12 years while your gardenere gets his/her greencard. Wake up or sleep forever.

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04-17 03:37 PM
But, even if you are being audited, you still would get a response within 60 days letting you know that your case is being audited. They need to do this because they need all the records from the company for auditing. This way the DOL can keep the statistics at an impressive level. My guess is that either this particular application has fallen through the cracks due to the initial IT issues or the lawyer and/or the employer have not bothered to let the employee know if they have received any information.

My 2 cents..


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10-25 11:15 AM
I filed my application on July27th. Completed FP on 10th Oct. I have not received EAD yet. When i called USCIS, I got response to wait 90days from the receipt date.

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03-04 04:59 PM
What about the thousands who lost 2-4 years because they were stuck in namecheck, now the name check is cleared but the dates will not move..frigging idiots..too little too late

Before giving the blue/green/red dots, think about this. they created a traffic jam and now they are suddenly releasing it. There were about 150-300k stuck in name check, now all of them are waiting for their PD to be current. (i am one of them too). Think how this will affect the overall queue.

Priority dates were current before early 2005 due to FBI namecheck delays and other processing delays. Hence, EB visa numbers were always underused (and lost). If these processing delays were not so much back then, retrogression would have happened earlier, because there is always more demand than supply for EB visa numbers.

Retrogression can only be resolved by increasing visa numbers and/or recapture of lost visa numbers. Retrogression has nothing to do with FBI namecheck delays. In fact FBI namecheck delays masked the retrogression for one or two years.

We should be happy that namecheck delays are over for now and will restore some degree of FIFO.


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07-16 07:31 PM
Guys,Please create an account in numbersusa, the nuse their fax page where you have to put in your login information to convey our message. You can use the first, last name and address to put in what we want. Like you could say, "this is a bunch of lies" for the first name, "H1 pay all taxes" for last name etc. Use thier own mechanism to defeat their purpose. Guys please do it. We can no longer remain quiet. Even if we have a favorable decision for us today we are still in the woods, anything can change in a few years.

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03-30 11:33 PM
Congratulations !!!!! Take a deeeeep breath and relax.


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10-04 09:08 PM
Thanks for this valuable piece of information.

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02-15 12:16 AM
i have signed non compete , but when i signed it , he explained me that i should not go to the client through some other vendor , but i can join end client as end client has contract with Prime vendor that they can hire me full time .

But now he is claiming that i cant join full time with the client as well.

During my stay with that employer , he newer paid me on time and once he held my paycheck , just to harass me.

Do you think that these grounds fall under employee undue stress to be sufficient to turn down Non Compete in court ?


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11-14 06:48 PM
ask him to fax you the copy of the letter he got from BEC, something is not right here. Show it to another lawyer. Looks like he made a mistake when he filed for your labor.

My RIR is rejected. My LC is still pending.
My lawyer says it is moved to TR queue

If My case is moved to TR queue, does it mean very significant delay in getting my LC? Because in such a case this is my breaking point.Ready to quit and give up after these years and years if pain

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03-29 04:39 PM
Dear Attorney,
My Brother is working Employer "X" on H1B.
His employer started his Green Card Processing in 2007.
His Labor (PD 2007) and 140 are approved by 2008.

Because of some reasons he had leave the employer "X" and Join Employer "Y".

Employer Y, willing to start green card process.

Can my brother use prior Priority Date?

Please advice. I Appreciate your help.


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04-18 08:37 AM
Are companies hiring people on H1b for permanent jobs? I seem to have a tough time finding companies that sponsor H1b. I thought the Big 5 Consulting firms did not sponsor H1b or GC? But, it seems from this post that I was wrong. Can someone tell me what companies (Fortune 500) companies sponsor H1b/GC or is there a list I can get from somewhere.


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08-24 03:49 PM
The RFE should state how long you have to submit a response. I received an RFE on my I-140 application and was given two weeks to respond (but I had requested premuim processing so that may be why it was only two weeks) - this information was indicated on the RFE. Ask your attorney for a copy of the RFE, if you don't have it.

Hope this helps.


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04-17 02:42 PM
Filed Feb 22/06 got approved on March 7/06

I heard that people who ported their Old Priority date are taking that long a time as yours. Is your a fresh application or did it used Older Priority Date.

Else you may be a victim of IT issues they had initially with perm.

Anyway, There is a long wait now for filing concurrent 140/485..

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08-07 09:14 PM
Infopass should be able to get you NC info. It just depends on the IO officer there.
I had Infopass appointment at San Jose yesterday and the IO officer was very sweet. She told me my NC status.

Nebraska is not actively processing India EB2 cases.
Texas - we have no idea what they are processing on .RD/ND//PD.. God knows.. Its random most probably.

Ideally, if NC has been pending for more than 6 months they should not from approving 485. Again this is luck. !!

Hope this helps..

I had an infopass appointment at San Francisco today to inquire about my name check. I am a July 2007 485 filer. PD March 2006, I140 - May 2006, 485 RD- July 27, 2007 and ND- Aug 27, 2007.

The agent said that they dont hold cases for name check any more since April 2008 and cannot tell what is the status of the name check. I also inquired about my 485 case and she said pointing to the Notice Date of my 485 not the Receipt DATE, that currently Nebraska is processing Aug 10th cases.

I wanted to know from you whether there is any other way to get the info about name check and whether the processing is based on Reciept date or notice date?

Any idea?




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08-06 11:27 AM
Case Details:
EB2-I PD: 1/2/06 485@ TSC - MD: 6/30/07 RD: 7/2/07 ND: 10/2/07 AD: 8/6/08
Directly Filed at TSC, Checks cashed but did not receive physical receipt notice

Sequence of Emails:
08/06: CRIS Email, Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident
08/07: Soft LUD
08/09: Soft LUD
08/11: Welcome Notice Received via USPS, Post marked 08/08
08/13: CRIS Email, Card Mailed.
08/14: Soft LUD
08/14: Received Cards in the mail, envelope post marked 08/12

To Whom may have COLTS:
- Opened SR for receipt notice in Dec 07
- Feb 08, Received a letter from USCIS stating that they will not be able to generate duplicate notice
- Feb 08, Called USCIS & referenced duplicate notice letter. IO has told me the name check got cleared on Nov 07.
- Applied for EAD renewal in 6/08, Received card on 7/08
- I-140 Soft LUD on 7/13/08
- No other LUDs, Direct case status change on 8/6/08
- Made two calls to USCIS one on 12/07 and another on 02/08 and did not make INFOPASS appointment.

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09-09 03:51 PM
but the question is can someone mail the AP to India by postal mail or can someone take it along with them for their spouse if they are travelling. Precisely my question is when someone has applied for AP and when its not approved, can they travel without it and come back with AP that was approved after travel to India? This is always a grey area and no one seems to have a clear answer.

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10-24 11:40 AM

I have a baby in US. We have applied for birth certificate and ssn. we plan to travel to india in December. I plan to apply for US passport once i receive DOB and ssn certificates. I have following Q's -

If baby has to travel to india, do i need PIO or OCI?
What is difference b/w two?
Can i simultanesously apply for PIO/OCI along with US passport?
What documents would I need to apply PIO/OCI along and US passport?
How long does everything take?


06-17 03:04 PM
I had mine today. The Officer answered the following questions-
1. Assigned to Officer - Yes
2. Status of various checks- She said she could see 2 checks and both are complete FBI and NameCheck. She did nt say anything about IBIS (She said - "I just see 2 checks and both are done and good, sir. There might be other checks but its not showing up on my screen)
3. No transfered/interview scheduled.
4. Opened up a SR for me for followup.

01-15 06:23 PM
I called but I got the immigration subcommittee's VM. I left a message with my name and the reason I was calling.

Thanks for calling, try to call again, and ask the receptionist to transfer to the the person who handles the immigration department. Tell him the need for recapture visa bill, as you plan to buy homes. And how this bill will help in towards minimizing the housing crisis and the downfall of the economy.

Please I humbly request all IV members to call her office.

Thank you

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