Thursday, September 15, 2011

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11-11 08:35 AM
I am guessing you are only worried about the original degree getting lost in this process. Worst case scenario you can always get another one issued from the university.
Send a covering letter mentioning that you want the Original Degree certificate returned to you or your attorney. Self Addressed envelop wouldn't hurt.
Transcripts you would be anyway getting from the university in a sealed envelop that you would need to send it to the USCIS.
I am guessing USCIS is trying to follow a similar process as any U.S college admission process.

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05-27 10:22 AM
I don't think the letter was of any help, it said my case is still pending, and as I mentioned above DMV told me they already knew that, they had access to USCIS database.

Thanks Bfaldia for sharing the info..


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11-25 01:32 PM
Did you last stamped in Tijuana? Because Rule is just changed.

Visa Stamping from Canada/Mexico - Read and post experiences : Page 0 (
You can have H1B stamping in Tijuana, only if you had last stamped in Tijuana.

Here is the OFFICIAL link from US Consulate at Tijuana

Visa Services (

Who Can Apply in Mexico

TCN Applicants residing in the United States, seeking to renew their visa in any category except B1/2 (tourist/business), if the current visa was issued in the applicant's country of nationality, former residence, or in Mexico. A spouse or dependent children may apply with the principal visa holder if the principal meets the criteria above. A renewal is a case where an applicant for the same type of visa is made and does not include persons who seek to change from one visa category to another or who are seeking any other type of ?change of status? even if that change has been authorized by the Department of Homeland Security.

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05-22 11:20 AM
plss do not rush with ur filing in june....pls file after june 10th so that cut off dates move foward in july VB.


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Anders ?stberg
June 4th, 2004, 01:32 PM
Went back to the local lake to stir up some waves and bubbles for a reshoot for FM forums
"Weekly Assignment #117: Blue"... what do you think?
(I chose the second picture for the contest, calling it "Smooth sailing". :) )

(100-400 @ 400mm, 1/640s, f/8, ISO 400)

(100-400 @ 400mm, 1/500s, f/8, ISO 400)

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08-30 11:52 AM
How do you call USCIS? I mean what options did you select to talk to some one. Looks like their options are changed.

I called USCIS today and they said they are using the receipt date on I797 and not on the website. Yes that is right on website they show ND and say receipt date..its all messed up, but as per totay's call, it seems 797 RD is what they are using.


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04-09 04:33 PM
Himu, I have been following IV for months now and have been doing my small part lately. I wanted to post this because like you I also want other readers to be aware of what other people think of Senior Members. I don?t share your sentiments where you say Senior Members have heckled people (I am also a Junior Member). In fact they have been more then helping.

Now, let?s talk about the point you have raised. Tell me, which part of janakp's post you found heckling or offensive? To me he is giving the obvious answer, which anyone following the forums should have known already. We can do this, we can do that and of course everything that we can come up with but for everything we need VITAMIN M (DOLLARS).

My friend you must be aware that we are short of it (as you seem to be an avid follower of IV). As far as I understand we barely have the money for lobbying. So, I ask you what would be your response to any idea, which needs money to be fulfilled?

Just want to make sure over here .You think janakp telling nath.exists to start contributing (if he is not already doing so) to achieve our common goals is heckling Check for yourself (


$60 + $20 (recurring contribution)

I understand your point. Only thing i wanted to suggest is that we should give response related to the question. Contribution is an integral part of what we need to do. People who are here understand that whether they are contributing or not.

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12-03 12:50 PM

I'm currently under AOS, I had H4 visa under my father (H1B visa) but since I just recently turned 22 my H4 visa expired. My family and I apply for Green Card (with I485 hand in) in July 2007. The problem is, I just recently got accepted in to UK Graduate school (lse) and I would love to go. It's an one-year program, but I think I would need to spend 1 and half year in UK. Is there any way that would allow me to just study aboard for 1.5-2 years in UK without jeopardizing my I485? or worse my parents' I485? What application/document should I file? :confused:

PS. I'm not sure if this information is any helpful but I am also a master's student in US. But my advisor said I can take one year off to UK and finish my US masters when I get back. Also, I'm a canadian citizen

Would really appreciate any help,

I asked my family immigration lawyer but she is completely clueless as to what I need to do.


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07-09 12:33 PM
We got RFE for my wife case too but it specifically mentioned that in the submitted report it was not cleraly mentioned if the skin test was done and so new medical form with TB Skin test( last time the Doctor just did the x-ray) needs to be submitted



04-15 10:39 AM
Hi All,

There are lots of people on the Face book who are getting affected by 221G for H1B/H14. Target those people individually and convince them to join us. Contact the members individually. Every member should convince at least 10 new members...we cannot afford to lose this. We will arrange for conf. call in the coming days…


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01-20 09:36 AM
We are expecting, so I do not think it is possible to change insurance. We still tried and got rejected. So that we will leave us with COBRA in case my wife chooses to quit or something happens to her job. And does H4 visa affect COBRA coverage? If you can answer this question that will be very helpful.

She should be eligible for COBRA ... no issues.

And I guess she is also eligible for the discount/economic stimulus on COBRA. I did not see anything that suggest one must be a Citizen/LPR for that discount

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06-16 09:07 AM


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07-18 11:37 PM
I understand that to file 485, all applicants need to be in the US.
Do the dependents/spouse need to be present in the US to file the EAD later (after we get the 485 receipt) ?

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09-02 09:42 AM
The office staff from our congressman tried their best and said they couldn't get it approved. However, my wife received the EAD with an approval date just the same day of previous expiry. It has been processed within 30 days. Either USCIS processed quickly or the request from congressman office at least brought our application to the top. Anyways, we are relieved. Good luck to you all.


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02-20 03:56 PM
GC and LC Wage is for FUTURE job offer and has nothing to do with what you earn now. However, massive difference can raise questions as to how you can justify such a big raise. Hope that the question does not rise.

Thanks for answering my question. But is it not a huge difference between what I earn and what is mentioned in the LC (almost 40k) ??

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12-12 04:39 PM
DOS/USCIS had a co-ordination meeting to discuss how to prepare for the upcoming holiday's. The outcome of the meeting was to push EB2 cases as back as possible , so that people really can have a good time enjoying holiday. (When I say people read it as USCIS/FBI/DOS and lawyers ).

I work for Federal agency as contractor I know very well how things work during the holiday season.

Happy long long holiday's you all.


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01-28 09:48 AM
I can understand the amount of anxiety and stress you must be undergoing... Especially with EB3 future in near term looking bleak. I sometimes feel its is kind of very unfair for people in EB3 boat. Try EB3 -> EB2

As they taught in survival school.. improvise.. improvise with what ever you have. Instead of looking at VB and feeling dismayed start looking around you.. tools you have the means you have.

When it happens it happens... do whatever you can do and leave the rest to take its course. Don't worry about things you don't have control on.

Life goes on...

PS: Ignore any smartA replies... they just aggravate you sense of feeling bad.

I am an optimist. A hopeful person. I like to and want to see the positive side of things. However, the current political climate and economic state of the nation makes me skeptical.

Much has been said and (not) done so far about immigration reform. The murphy's law half of my brain is starting to get queasy. I've been in this mess for 6 years now and dread the doomsday scenario that immigration reform doesn't go through this year. If it does not, I think we're all completely effed up for the next 3-4 years, at least until after the next elections. I hope to be wrong on this, by a long shot.

My question to some of you is - what will you do if skilled reform doesn't happen this year?

My career has been stagnating, rotting away almost. I've been working on a startup idea in my spare time for a while now. Of course, these sort of ventures need time and full-time effort to take-off. I have often entertained the thought of leaving my job, returning back to India, or finding some way, by hook or crook, of doing my own thing, and reviving my career. Having lived here, first as a grad student, and now as a wage slave, for the past 9 years, returning is not an easy option. If reform does not happen, I don't see anything but darkness for a pretty long time.

What will you do?

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08-31 10:10 AM
Based on my reading, I interpret that it's not final. They have engaged USCIS in that conversation, but no final rule has been released. By the time rule is released, probably I will have my EAD.

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02-03 04:44 AM
Bush urges US Congress to lift H-1B visa limit

Making a strong pitch for America to stay competitive in the face of emerging economies such as India and China, President George W Bush has urged the Congress to raise the number of H-1B visas that allow companies to hire foreign workers for scientific and high tech jobs.

"Congress needs to understand that nations like India, China, Japan, Korea and Canada all offer tax incentives that are permanent. In other words, we live in a competitive world. We want to be the leader in this world," Bush said in a speech in Minnesota on Thursday.

To fill vacant jobs in the US, Bush urged the Congress to lift current limit on H-1B visas that allow foreign workers to get jobs in the United States. The Congress in 2005 capped at 65,000 the number of H-1B visas, a third of the 195,000 allowed during the technology boom.

"I think it's a mistake not to encourage more really bright folks who can fill the jobs that are having trouble being filled here in America, to limit their number. So I call upon Congress to be realistic and reasonable and raise that cap," Bush said, but did not say by how much he wanted the limit lifted.

He said that one part of the agenda to stay competitive was to study math and science, a theme he touched on in his State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

"It's one thing to research, but if you don't have somebody in that lab, well? And so I got some ideas for the Congress to consider. The first is to emphasize math and science early, and to make sure that the courses are rigorous enough that our children can compete globally," Bush said in a speech at the 3M Corporation.

He said there are more high-tech jobs in America today than people available to fill them. "So what do we do about that? And the reason it's important -- and the American citizen has got to understand it's important -- is if we don't do something about how to fill those high-tech jobs here, they'll go somewhere else where somebody can do the job."

"There are some who say, we can't worry about competition. It doesn't matter, it's here. It's a real aspect of the world in which we live," he said.

"And so one way to deal with this problem, and probably the most effective way, is to recognize that there's a lot of bright engineers and chemists and physicists from other lands that are either educated here, or received an education elsewhere but want to work here. And they come here under a programme called H1B visas," Bush said.

He said America should not fear competition. "It's important for us not to lose our confidence in changing times. It's important for us not to fear competition but welcome it."

Senior administration officials noted that the number of H-1B visas has fallen to 65,000 which in their estimation was 'too low' and that it was imperative 'to bump that up.'

". . . some of reports have called for increases of 10,000; others between 20,000 and 40,000. So there is a number of options on the table to be considered. But we'll work with Congress on that," said Claude Allen, assistant to the President for domestic policy.

12-06 10:20 AM
Guys, I filed my I-131 online and I got receipt number LINxxx for Nebraska service center even though I reside and work in NorthEast region for which service center is Texas. My 485 application is pending at Nebraska center, so that might be the reason I got a receipt number for Nebraska center. On the confirmation reciept Nebraska center's address is listed for sending required documents.
I am not sure if I need to send the documents to Nebraska or Texas (as my residence falls under this center).

Could some knowledgable member throw some light on this?

Also, address is P.O.Box address, so can I use FedEx to send my documents or do I need to use USPS.

Reply would be greatly appreciated.

03-13 02:11 PM
Chorke na jao saiyaan... :D

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