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Justin Bieber Cantando en vivo

03-02 10:50 AM
How important is it to have a letter from the client for h4 to h1. Though the person has the paystubs till date.


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The arrival of Justin Bieber

12-28 10:07 AM
I have three friends waiting for I - 140 approval whose date are between Feb 16 - 22, 2007 and all are still waiting for approvals. online status show case pending. And dates in NSC shows April 6, 2007.

This is not the first time. It's so frustrating . Well, that's USCIS for you.

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justinbieber concert

03-06 02:41 PM
I'll urge people from especially from California and Texas send out the letters and call up their lawmakers...Despite the Anti-immigrant climate prevailing in the country, congresswoman Zoe Logfren was able to get her bill passed on wednesday....If we can proove to them that we are not asking new green card numbers and not ask for recapturing green card numbers, they'll certainly hear us, but we need to speak up...

Which bill? Passed where? More info please.

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Jakarta, may , by or buy your

01-08 04:36 PM
When you go to get social security # with I797 the Buddas/Buddis at the counter wil ask for the Passport and Stamping..... and just the 797 will not suffice....


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April in jakarta indonesia

February 15th, 2004, 05:29 PM
I have a Sony DSC F717. I got it to photograph model trains, so it is almost lways in macro mode. Frequently, the image blurs toawrds the back, even when set at the highest F-stop. The subject is usially about 5-12 inches away from the camera, depending on the model I am photographing. The models are about an inch high and up to 10 inches long.

I suspect a wide angle lense should help this, but sony has two available for their 58MM bezel. Am i right on this? Basically i want close up on full manual with
as good a depth of fied as possible. Here are the choises:;sid=C5ukSQtNKAGkcEti_UiuQkRd1gcWOHL-Dh0=?CategoryName=dcc_DIAccessories_DILensesandFil ters_Lenses&Dept=dcc&TemplateName=item%2fsy_item_b&ProductSKU=VCLMHG07A

This one costs $150, includes two peice glass.;sid=C5ukSQtNKAGkcEti_UiuQkRd1gcWOHL-Dh0=?CategoryName=dcc_DIAccessories_DILensesandFil ters_Lenses&Dept=dcc&TemplateName=item%2fsy_item_b&ProductSKU=VCLHG0758

This one is $400, and is a three peice glass.

Both have the same .7x magnification. Wich one should I get?

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Of singer justin indonesia

07-26 10:15 PM
Good work Vikram. I tested it out and seems preety useful.


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i?ll be, justin bieber,

09-26 05:38 PM
My application reached NSC (as per FedEx tracking) on July 24.

My co-workers who filed to NSC thru' same lawyer all got receipts and FP notices. Many of them filed weeks after.

My checks have NOT been encashed yet. Neither I have received any updates on receipts or any kind of processing.

USCIS offers no help and told me to wait for 90 days. Lawyer has the same opinion. Last USCIS receipting update shows that all centers have processed upto July 29 applications.

My last name starts with 'z' and my co-workers are making fun of me that USCIS processes AOS applications alphabetically based on last name :o

what could be the reason??? This is killing me.

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OKAY, Justin Bieber will

April 4th, 2005, 08:15 PM
i love those shots on your website absolutely amazing

Dual exposure is the obvious and best solution to extremes in lighting but it necessitates setting up a tripod etc.
However, quite often one's best landscapes are an opportunity that presents itself on the spur of the moment. Frequently in these cases the lighting may not fit comfortably into the dynamic range and/or - dare I say it - one's exposure may also be hasty and less than optimum. Dual conversion of a single RAW file is is a great help in this regard. Whilst never quite as good as two separate exposures, I get the impression that the raw converter can extract a remarkable amount of hidden information from a file where the range is not too extreme.
In analogue terms this would be equivalent to being able to develop a single negative image twice with different dilutions temperatures etc (that would be a neat trick). The resulting image may not be technically perfect but may work perfectly in terms of aesthetics.



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Justin Bieber Live In Jakarta

07-27 10:35 AM

Urgent advise is required.

My PERM was approved in April-07 and now I have just filed the concurrent 140/485. Now the company is transferring me to a new location (State) early next month with a possible change in the salary than what?s mentioned on my PERM. Can anyone please advise if there will be some impact on my 140/485 applications if:

a) I moved to a different state and, (My work location on PERM is California) - Yates memo says you are fine.
b) If I will be getting less salary than what?s mentioned on my PERM - The question is what is the deviation? Also remember that you are transferring within the same company and I assume your JOB FUNCTION remains similar. In that case you are not even using AC21. You dont need to worry unless the salary is too drastically lower AND falls below the PERM minimum wage requirement.

Thanks much,

Your answers above and PM me if you need more clarification

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07-28 03:01 PM
Just wanted to let you all know I got my name change in the passport ( Indian Embessy NY)
thanks for all your help


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justin bieber jakarta.

05-10 05:03 PM
^MSDN is the help files.

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10-23 01:13 PM
No question is stupid, we are all learning and there are always these complex and everchanging provisions. I-140 Premium is not available as of now. It could change anytime. Is $1000.00 Lawyers fees? for filing I-140? COs s/he cannot ask for PP fees. Go to USCIS home page to figure out what the I-140 and I-485 FEES are and add your lawyers fees to it to get an approximate total.
Depends on the center, Texas or Nebraska, I-140 approval takes anywhere between 2months and 14 months. Nebraska is taking 14 months.
With an older PD, you are very certain to get GC within the next 3-6 months if you do not get stuck in name check and if your I-140 gets cleared.
Do not lose hope.

I'm sorry, few details.
Yes, the lawyer said that he will file to Nebraska.
One small detail I did not understand: PD-priority date- is about the PD when I filled for LC or will be another PD for this I-140?
About the fees:
U.S. Government Fee: I-140- $475.00
U.S. Government Fee: I-485 (includes I-765 and I-131) ?$1010.00
U.S. Government Fee: I-485 (includes I-765 and I-131) ?$1010.00 - wife.

the lawyer's fees are very high but I'm stuck and afraid to make changes at this last stage. I'm wrong?


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justin bieber jakarta.

andy garcia
05-21 02:09 PM
Are you sure? it is going to be too much pain....

Check this memo: Elimination of Form I-688B (

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Justin Bieber 2011 April

08-08 04:49 PM
Employer not revoking your I-140 itself proves "employer intention" to hire him back on adjudication. You may have intention to work for sponsoring employer but if you are laid off its not in your control, right? Adjudicator always looks by law and there is no law which says if you are laid off within 180 days your I-485 can not be approved.

There you go now.. You are correct in saying that "laidoff" thing. If you decide to sit at home as you said earlier.. there are chances that you get doomed by IO during 485 adjudication. I already mentioned about employer initiated termination and protection under AC21 in my previous post.

There's already a thread for "laidoff" related issues.. if you have further questions or suggestions you may drop it in there. why do we have to have several thread for same issues?


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06-05 05:20 PM
USCIS has regular pickup schedule, it is the case with few of the applications mailed thru USPS - DONT Worry unless you want the application to reach on or before a specific date.

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Tickets to these concerts cost

05-22 11:20 AM
plss do not rush with ur filing in june....pls file after june 10th so that cut off dates move foward in july VB.


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I#39;ll Be (cover) - Justin

10-20 10:26 AM
As per The Oh Law Firm (

10/19/2010: Senator Grassley of IA (R) Drops Second Bombshell Placing Immigrant Community in Shocks and Speechless

The Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa lately dropped the first bomb by obtaining and releasing to the media the USCIS internal memo on the Administrative Alternatives to the CIR, stirrming a political quackmire. Last week, he dropped the second bomb by releasing his letter to the USCIS Director accusing him of pressuring the California Service Center adjudicators to speed up adjudication of petitions.

This Senator is real Anti Legal immigrant and does not have much knowledge of suffering and perseverance immigrants have in general. This guy should be educated soon properly.

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ticket justin bieber jakarta. tiket justin bieber jakarta.

09-26 10:13 AM
Hi All,

NSC received my I765 applications on June 21st. I am still waiting for my EAD. I have seen many people from NSC got their approval for the same time frame. Is there anypone in the same boat. Is this something I should be worried about.


see my signature but I am july 2nd filer.

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Justin Bieber amp; Selena Gomez

11-17 02:26 PM
using AP with H1B will not affect your h1b status in anyway.

Go with what roseball said ..................... 100% true

03-12 09:30 PM
Did you get second finger print notice before approval? When did you go for first fingerprint notice?

I did not get a second finger printing notice (yet?). The 485 approval notice said that a biometric appt may be sent or the card will arrive. Just keeping my fingers crossed.

My first FP was done in Dec 2007

12-14 10:09 AM
Well you can always get the Equivalence Certificate from know Evaluator. USCIS also uses few Evaluators’ for various purposes. You should find one of those and get the Evaluation done by them. 3 year Indian degree is VERY MUCH equal to a 4 years BS degree in the US. It's very interesting they way these evaluators do it.

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