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images Black Anaconda largest anaconda in world. from the ancient world.

from the ancient world.

04-01 09:12 AM
Thanks all for your help and great inputs. IV has helped me a lot.

I wish you all the best ...


Congrats greenguru. enjoy. i am still waiting to see one eb3 485 approval atleast and am yet to see one atleast for the past 2-3 years..even PD back to 2001. i didnt see a single approval in eb3 category for india.

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World#39;s Largest Snake

10-12 10:46 PM
As of October 12, 2007, USCIS has completed initial data entry and issued receipt notices for applications and petitions received on or before the dates indicated:

California Service Center
Form Number Date Received

I-130 8/30/2007
N-400 8/01/2007
All Other Forms 7/30/2007

Nebraska Service Center
Form Number Date Received

I-131 8/14/2007
I-140 8/14/2007
I-485 Employment
Based 8/14/2007
I-485 Asylee 8/07/2007
I-485 Refugee 7/16/2007
I-765 8/14/2007
N-400 7/29/2007
All Other Forms 8/05/2007

Texas Service Center
Form Number Date Received

I-131 8/13/2007
I-140 concurrently filed
with I-485 8/13/2007
I-485 Employment
Based * 8/13/2007
I-765 8/13/2007
N-400 7/18/2007
All Other Forms 9/16/2007

*California Service Center and Vermont Service Center are currently assisting in data entry of employment-based I-485 and related forms (I-140, I-765, and I-131) received at Texas Service Center between the dates of 7/28 and 8/8. As a result, some applicants may receive receipt notices from a service center different than the one they originally applied to.

Vermont Service Center
Form Number Date Received

I-130 7/29/2007
N-400 7/25/2007
All Other Forms 8/01/2007

USCIS Lockbox
Form Number Date Received

TPS 9/13/2007

largest anaconda in world. Biggest Snake Discovered

Biggest Snake Discovered

09-26 04:52 PM
Same thing with me.. every time I call they say wait 90 days.Even I tried to tell them that its more than 90 days old that I sent..without luck...

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world biggest anacondas aruba Been recorded up to aanaconda Pythons are

03-26 10:01 PM
Why would an entry on AP not apply here?

also gap in employement when on AOS should not be a problem given GC is for future employment and as long as your employer can give an EVL when required with the necessary info. Right?

Have you gone out of the country and came back to USA on H1B visa after that ?
If so, you are safe. Status is checked from the last lawful entry into US ( entry using AP does not help).


largest anaconda in world. The Green Anaconda is a

The Green Anaconda is a

09-24 09:26 PM
Hi All,

NSC received my I765 applications on June 21st. I am still waiting for my EAD. I have seen many people from NSC got their approval for the same time frame. Is there anypone in the same boat. Is this something I should be worried about.


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iggest anaconda let me st

03-25 12:08 AM
How will that help resolve housing market problem? If you are going to make a claim then make sure that you can back it up with facts/figures/evidence.


largest anaconda in world. The largest snake in the world

The largest snake in the world

10-02 02:59 PM
even i have the same thing, mine was received by NSC and receipt mailed by NSC.
section says as UNKNOWN, called USCIS and she does not know any thing about it

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Black Anaconda

05-16 05:44 PM
I also called Sen. Menendez regarding the Murray amendment and talked to someone a lady.


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anaconda hunting

12-28 10:36 AM
I am also in a sort of similar situation...
neways you can ofcourse go back to school but what I think is it should be in USA. As your AP can't be valid for such a long time of year. just like GC where you have to be back in a year. I would suggest that go for further education and update your career but try doing it in USA, I am sure you can get something better in here too...
Best Luck...

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07-17 07:01 PM
While today's development is great news for folks in the 485/AOS cue, what happens with people in CP? With the opening of the floodgates, I am unsure when visas will be available to CP cases who were scheduled for interviews in Aug and beyond. I am a great supporter of today's victory, but I am unsure where CP cases stand now? Another 4 year wait?


largest anaconda in world. largest snake in the world

largest snake in the world

03-14 12:27 PM
I just emailed mine to


hot The Green Anaconda is a largest anaconda in world. largest anaconda.

largest anaconda.

10-20 06:15 PM
Any violator of US immigration law is prohibited from entering USA for 10 years. Your wife may apply for for green card after 10 years. You will be a citizen by then, so things should be easy. Ask a lawyer if you have a better option.


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04-06 07:04 AM

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Yellow Anaconda

06-20 12:15 PM
If it is approved don't wait for the actual paper to arrive. You can apply 140/485 right away and USCIS will contact DOL for your LC papers. That's what I am doing. Don't wait just apply!

Hi gc_lover,
Did u get this information from your attorney? My attorney has a different view and tells me we cannot proceed without the actual papers of certification from PBEC.
Also can u check for me what is required if we do not have the certification papers from DOL(like a print out of CERTIFIED status from DOL website) to file
for 140/485. I will try to pursue with my attorney if I get this info.


Case Details
TR PBEC Priority Date : 03/2003 Stauts : CERTIFIED since last week
Waiting for Certification docs. to file 140/485.


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Buy anaconda , pics photos Worlds largest pictures and the photos in

06-29 03:16 PM
To add my wife I'll need to pay 500+ per month which is pretty expensive. That's why I was looking for outside options. I found some on ehealthinsurance but none of them cover pregnancy.

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appearance inthis isnt the largest america Largest+anaconda+in+the+world

Anders ?stberg
July 16th, 2004, 01:40 PM
Thanks for the kind comments!

I've processed some more, plus added a few new ones from today, so I had to start a new Swallows gallery ( Please visit and tell me what you think! :)

Concurrent H1 and L1 [Archive] - Immigration Voice

View Full Version : Concurrent H1 and L1


makeup anaconda hunting largest anaconda in world. Anaconda. Anacondas are

Anaconda. Anacondas are

05-03 08:17 AM
Updating profile should fill up your information in the tracker.

Will make a not of it.

Thanks a lot.


Recently I had some trouble updating my profile. The "Additional Information" section has a series of RFE-related (on I-485, I-140, EAD and AP) boxes, where one must enter a valid date in the specified format. Because I did not receive any RFE yet, I tried to get past this page by entering 00/00/0000 ("N/A" did not work), which did not work either, and finally I settled with my PD on all these RFE boxes (which is, of course, incorrect). So, maybe the powers-that-be can fix the problem, and, also remove these wrong entries from my profile?

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the world#39;s longest snake

07-27 03:04 PM
O.K. Once you get EAD being a H4 Visa holder you can do multiple jobs in multiple field as you were having H4 status. But now if you are having H1 status then you can do multiple jobs with all jobs having similar description to the job description for what your original employer filed your green card (485).

Now real question should be "Should I use EAD or Should I be on H1/H4?"

If U choose to use your EAD than from that moment your H status expires. In normal circumstances you would not care. But in reality your 485 process will still continue for years and say unfortunately something bad happen to your 485 process and get denied then you will have one choice that is to leave USA. But if you have maintained your H status not using EAD then in that kind of scenario you still keep working and staying in USA.

Understood..but in my case (H4) ..i am anyways not working...EAD is anyday better than H4...atleast i can work. and my husband will retain his H1 status. any suggestions?

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07-29 10:29 AM
This second point is not true. Either that, or the USCIS is not enforcing that requirement consistently. I renewed my EAD 3 times so far, but never had to provide any salary statements with my renewal applications.

Two other issues could be:

2. You need recent salary statements for EAD renewal every year.

04-13 05:35 PM
For a medical REF how many days do we have to reply?


Doesn't your RFE letter says it clearly? They mention a "reply by date" also on the letter.

07-16 09:25 AM
That does not make sense! Peaople on H4 are not allowed to work, period! Thats how the Visa category is defined. Now, how will one on H4 to work? Enter EAD! So, while EAD allows him/her to work, it changes the Visa status (be it H1 or H4) to AOS. It does not matter if you travel outside or not.
I do not know how you extended your spouse's H4 with the help of the attorney. It is an error on USCIS part, may be because you (or your spouse's employer) have not notified the USCIS about your spouse using the EAD for employment.

Micofrost is CORRECT. My wife is on H4 and working on EAD currently. My lawyer had also confirmed that working on EAD does not affect H4 status.

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