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opel astra gtc 2011

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Spy Shots: 2011 Opel Astra

04-10 12:44 PM
Please provide your input.

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Opel GTC Concept, pincha en la

09-26 04:05 PM
Hi All,

NSC received my I765 applications on June 21st. I am still waiting for my EAD. I have seen many people from NSC got their approval for the same time frame. Is there anypone in the same boat. Is this something I should be worried about.


See my signature for NSC timeline for my I485

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2011 Opel Vauxhall Astra GTC

08-27 06:59 AM

Iam trying to explain my employer that it's ok to hire employees with EAD. For some reason they prefer GC or Citizen only. I referred them to the Discrimination clause on I-9 form. Then they told me about their problems hiring EAD.

1) If the Employee is hired on a valid EAD and later during the course of employment the EAD expired, there is no system in place for them to check back with the employee if (s)he has renewed it in a timely manner.

2) If such an employee that has not renewed their EAD and continued their employment beyond expiration without notifying the employer, the company is worried that they may be legally liable for harboring employees with illegal statuses.

Please help me understand if their concerns are valid and if not what is the remedy.

2011 Opel GTC Concept, pincha en la opel astra gtc 2011. Opel Astra 2011 : Des

Opel Astra 2011 : Des

07-12 09:20 AM
Remember green card is a privilege and not a right. But your waiting period idea is well taken.
I would say put 'Retrogressions' and waiting periods also in perspective.

In the world and era of progression
We get the word of 'Retrogression'


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El Astra GTC actual se puede

07-08 10:00 PM
Wonderful support. Thank you. So far we have over 850 viewings and have been rated 76 times and 23 comments. That has managed to push us to #6 in the News and Politics stories of the day. This morning we overtook a Ron Paul story. If you have not had a chance to check the video out, please rate it by clicking on the stars or leave a comment as that will push our position even further.

Thank you once again. My son is beginning to get quite optimistic that CNN might just pick this one :-)
This video has either been removed or has a malformed URL

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Nouvelle Opel Astra GTC [Topic

03-19 09:55 PM
Actually, what your HR says makes no sense. You *are* presenting a list A document. According to the receipt rule "the receipt for the replacement suffices (for 90 days) wherever the actual would have sufficed" (I paraphrase).

So you are in effect presenting a list A document.

Get some talking points from the net and argue this out with them.


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Opel Astra GTC

10-20 10:26 AM
As per The Oh Law Firm (

10/19/2010: Senator Grassley of IA (R) Drops Second Bombshell Placing Immigrant Community in Shocks and Speechless

The Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa lately dropped the first bomb by obtaining and releasing to the media the USCIS internal memo on the Administrative Alternatives to the CIR, stirrming a political quackmire. Last week, he dropped the second bomb by releasing his letter to the USCIS Director accusing him of pressuring the California Service Center adjudicators to speed up adjudication of petitions.

This Senator is real Anti Legal immigrant and does not have much knowledge of suffering and perseverance immigrants have in general. This guy should be educated soon properly.

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2007 Opel Astra Gtc. 2006 opel

03-31 03:29 PM
Thanks all for your help and great inputs. IV has helped me a lot.

I wish you all the best ...


Hey Congrats..!! don't forget to login IV and let us know the life with GC


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2010 Opel Astra GTC Sketch

06-16 10:10 AM
Are you sure of this..This is very important for my wife. Her F1-OPT begins in October and I feel that the I-485 EAD may not come till then. She also has a job offer to start in october so we are thinking that it should be ok to start working on F1 OPT till we get our 485-EAD and eventually shift

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Tagged: 2008 Opel Astra

10-20 11:16 AM
what else can be expected of him??

guess he just spews his venom without listening or reading the responses he gets for his callouts...


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Opel Astra Opc 2011.

June 9th, 2004, 07:35 PM
I like it when things happen serendipitously - they are much more fun. I like the first shot. Shortlived and fragile, bubbles are fascinating things. You find yourself willing them to last longer but they never do - unless you shoot them.

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2010 Opel Astra renderings

03-06 11:51 AM
Dear members,

If you have received letters from USCIS asking for $5K for your FOIA request, Please fax a copy of that letter to Immigration Voice.

We want to collect those letters and proceed with some big effort on this issue. It is thus important that we have lots of such letters from members.

Please note the fax number

Fax : (202) 403-3853

or email the scanned copy to info at

Time is short and we need letters in the next couple of days if possible.


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2011 New Opel Astra GTC comes

08-10 03:30 PM

And please post in the media thread...

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Sp�culation : Opel Astra GTC,

06-12 05:42 PM
First of all, make sure you double check everything I say here with an immigration lawyer. I am not an immigration lawyer and my knowledge is based on forums like these.

You still have another 2 months before you begin the last year of your initial 6-year H1 term.

If you new employer is willing to do H1, then FILE H1 as soon as possible. You will get a 3 year H1 term with your new employer based on your current 140 that is approved(with your current employer). The thing is - beyond the 6th year, you can get 3 year extensions of H1 if your 140 is approved(with someone, anyone, it doesnt have to be your employer at that time). Now, if you quit your current employer and go with new one and you end up getting only 1 year H1 with the new employer(in case if you cannot somehow use your current approved 140 to get a 3 year H1), then its still ok. But have your new employer start the new GC's labor right away. That way, you will have 365 days passed when your 6 year term is over in Aug 2007, making you eligible for 7th year of H1. This is very important.

Yes, if your old employer is going to withdraw your labor and 140, then your new employer will have to start GC from scratch. That begins with PERM labor. If you file under EB2, I think you can still transfer your priority date from your old EB3 labor and 140 to new EB2 process. (however, better make sure from a lawyer).
you seems to be pretty knowledgeble. Here is My case....
I just got my 45-days letters today and my H1-B will expired on May 2007 for the 6 years.

What should I do?
Question 1
Can I change my lawyer? cuz my lawyer is lame. and I am going to apply for my 7-years since I been waiting for 45-days letter more than 2 years since Feb 2004!!!!

Question 2
Can I change my company and relocate to another state and still keep the current GC application going? I assume my old company will still approve and sign anything that they can help. They are pretty generous.



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2012 Opel / Vauxhall Astra GTC

02-27 12:27 PM
Hi all

I am a green card holder. I received my green card through an application filed by a former employer, and received it in September 2004. I got married in Arpil 2006, my wife is from my home country, she had been in the US previously on an F-1 status which has since ran out. She became pregnant soon after we were married. She came up to the US last September on a B visa. She was given 6 months stay on her I-94; and had the baby here in January of 2007. Her expiration date on the I-94 is in 3 weeks and she is going to leave (with the baby) to maintain good status standing.
I filed for her (I-130) last July. Our plan at this time is for her to go to grad school, apply for a new F-1 to come back here. We are presently waiting for a decsion on the grad school application from the school she applied to.
I hope this isnt too confusing, but can anyone offer any suggestions or help with our situation? In terms of what options are out there for my wife to be here with me if things dont work out with grad school/ F-1 visa? As I mentioned I did file for her, but as I am not a citizen it will take longer. Also our newborn baby is a US citizen as she was born here.
Thank you!!

This is why consulates and uscis are so tough.

You got married before she got the visitor visa? Did you tell the truth on the visa application? If you did then they probably wouldn't have given the visa.

Now you have filed I-130 for her which difinitively shows immigrant intent. On the I-539 form if you tell the truth they will deny the extension/change of status because she has shown immigrant intent.

Sorry, not much good news for you.

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2011 Opel Astra GTC at

10-07 03:52 PM
You'd have to wait for PD to become current to add spouse.

Furthermore, if you get married before I-485 is approved, spouse may be added once PD becomes current, even though by then you have your GC.


makeup 2010 Opel Astra GTC Sketch opel astra gtc 2011. Spyshots: 2011 Opel Astra GTC

Spyshots: 2011 Opel Astra GTC

05-03 11:40 AM
Understood, I fully concur and if we remain on focus and on target with the message regarding legal immigrants we will get there. I will play my part by sending the reporter an email (as an individual incase the core has something in mind).

girlfriend Sp�culation : Opel Astra GTC, opel astra gtc 2011. 2011 Opel Vauxhall Astra GTC

2011 Opel Vauxhall Astra GTC

12-06 02:06 PM
Dream Act is a moral issue and being fair to the kids who have made this country their own.

Recapture - Legal immigrants who lost visa numbers due to bureaucratic mistakes, should not be punished. Most of the people seeking recapture have followed every law written in the books and this too is a moral issue - to be fair to the people who did everything right.

Granted, both the dream act students and eb immigrants are in the mess, and it needs to be fixed. The only difference is that the Dream kids have been more vocal and active in getting people to back their issue than we have done.

hairstyles Opel Astra Opc 2011. opel astra gtc 2011. Opel Astra Opc 2011.

Opel Astra Opc 2011.

03-08 12:57 PM
AFAIK, I-140 is the underlying petition for the I-485. If I-140 is denied, the i-485 is automatically denied.
Move fast, start a PERM and see if u can lock in a date.

i missed the second part of your question.

i personally know a friend whose 1-140 was denied and their 485 is obviously pending....he is working on EAD, they have appealed for the 140. While the case is pending the EAD has been extended by 2 years.
Hope this helps.

03-20 12:26 PM
Thanks walking_dude in explaining it so well. So, there will be major changes other than the Prez elections this year and next. Lets remain hopeful...:)

There are 35 Senate seats up for election in November along with the post of President. That is 35% of 100 seat Senate. It will be a different Senate as Dems are projected to win many of these seats and Repubs are projected to lose them. As things stand, now GOP [Republicans] are strategizing how to prevent Democrats from getting filibuster-proof 60 seat majority in the Senate. Even if they (dems) don't get 60 seats [ lets say they are 2-3 seats short] they can easily provide incentives for 2-3 Republican Senators to cross-over and vote with them [ much easier than getting 9-10 like now!]. That way, it will be a different Senate.

And the whole of House of Representatives [ which has 2 years term] is up for election too [ last election was in 2006]. It's true that all media attention is focussed on Presidential election. But there are also going to be major changes in the House as well as the Senate.

I agree with you on one point. Definitely Lobbying will be needed to be done after the elections. Its the only way to attach IVs provisions to some other bill and getting it passed. There's no other way to get them passed.

07-26 04:30 PM
The PD was current in August 2005 for EB2.

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