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naruto vs sasuke wallpaper

naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. sasuke wallpaper. Naruto

sasuke wallpaper. Naruto

04-23 07:01 PM
^Don't lie to him. Spyrl your going to need to remove your current DX9 card or DX10 card and put in a DX7 when your testing.

for real though, all DX10 cards are backwards compatible with DX9L. SDL is pretty much compatible with everything your heart will ever want.

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My Movie Theatre

01-29 07:38 PM
Just today, I spoke to one of my freind, he is also from Bangladesh and his PD is sometime in 2006. He got his GC. So it could very well be true. If you want PM me and I can give you his phone number, you are his compatriot after all.
I'm from Bangladesh and my PD is May 2006....EB3

I applied for my I485, I765 and I131 in July 2, 2007. Then me and my wife received the I765 approval in couple of months then the real drama began.
In October i received the letter about our i131 denial. The reason for the denial was approval of I485 (I485 approval news was mentioned in my i131 denial letter). My lawyer then told me to wait couple of months to receive my cards. I waited but didn't receive anything. The I called the USCIS and they told me that there is no update in the system and they requested me to go to the local immigration office to notify the matter. After visiting the local immigration office they asked me to write a status request letter to USCIS.

Me and lawyer already wrote 4 letters to USCIS requesting the status of my i485 as my i131 got denied. Finally one of the cases status for i131 showing online that you’re RFE has been received and case has been resumed; and the other one is still case denied. On the other hand the i485 for both mine and my wife's case still showing like it was showing six months ago..."received and pending"........

I’m totally confused in this present situation. USCIS never requested for any RFE against my i131, so why they put in the online status that the RFE has been received. All I did was requested for the I485 applications as they mentioned in my i131 denial letter that my i485 got approved……

Some help here will be highly appreciated…….thanks in advance

naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Naruto vs. Sasuke First Blood

Naruto vs. Sasuke First Blood

03-03 12:30 PM
Desi, Thanks for the translation, it was very helpful. However, I failed to find in this document anywhere that a PD obtained from EB application can not be ported to an FB category.

Its not even for ENTIRE employment based category either.

As mentioned in the document, porting applies ONLY for immigrant petitions (I-140) approved under EB-1, EB-2 or EB-3 classification.

PD can NOT be ported for EB-4 and EB-5 either.

Not a legal advice.

naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Naruto, Sakura amp; Sasuke

Naruto, Sakura amp; Sasuke

08-16 01:55 AM
what has indian immigration officer to do with AP and US immagration.....

You need to show the police officer in India before leaving for US that you have valid visa/papers to enter US. Otherwise I suppose they can stop you from boarding.


naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Naruto vs Sasuke PSP wallpaper

Naruto vs Sasuke PSP wallpaper

08-27 02:27 PM
phone number: 800-375-5283
follow the prompts.

naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. naruto vs sasuke pictures.

naruto vs sasuke pictures.

02-06 03:28 PM
What is legally considered as "Permanent Residency approval date" - is it the approval of I485/getting greencard or is it the approval of I140. Sometimes the I140 referred to as an immigrant petition. As we know the process is once this immigrant petition (I14) is approved we apply for adjustment of status as a permanent resident thru II485 - so legally - can we consider that until I485 is not approved, our permanent residence applicaiton is pending?

This is to interpret a reimburse agreement I signed (bad thing to do - but I was naive then and signed a very vague repayment statement). But somewhat good thing is the agreement talks about staying for 2 years "after" the permanent residence is approved. If things get bad - I am hoping that this language might save me. Any thoughts?
- kd


naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Itachi VS Sasuke Wallpapers �

Itachi VS Sasuke Wallpapers �

03-08 08:06 AM
I have a quick question on salary issue with 485. My EB2 I-140 states that my yearly salary 87k per annum. It got approved last year. I realized that my w-2 only reflects 64k for last year. I did not work for 2 months because of some personal reason. Is this less salary going to affect my 485 application? I thougt, GC is for future jobs so its okay. Can somebody please clarify this ?

I believe the salary mentioned in the labor is the future salary, That means you should be paid that much after you got your GC. It is not the present salary...

naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Naruto VS Sasuke Will be

Naruto VS Sasuke Will be

07-29 10:46 AM
Can someone give answer to my question??? Please..................


naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Naruto Vs Sasuke

Naruto Vs Sasuke

10-25 02:46 PM

Today I saw a weird online status sequence for my spouse's EAD. At first when I checked it said that "card production has been ordered. Please wait 30 days to receive it." I checked again after couple of hours and the online status reverted back to the usual receipt notice status which says something like this

" On August 10, 2007, we received this I765 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice."

This was the message I was receiving when I got the receipts initially.

But for my EAD today it is says "card production ordered...." and this message is still being displayed whenever I check it. So I am not sure why for my spouse's EAD the status went from "card production ordered" to previous receipt notice status.

I-485 July 2nd
I-485 ND Sept 10
No FP yet.
EAD/AP receipts received.

naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Naruto vs Sasuke Wallpaper

Naruto vs Sasuke Wallpaper

04-28 04:13 PM
What possible reasons , you think you might get an RFE on h1-b extension?

No pay stubs for first 4-5 months of H1 start year and so low W2 for year. Also job location different in LCA than where actually worked since last 1.5 years. My employer is saying I should not have any problems and he is also recommending to stay on H1 rather than EAD as he is saying if my AOS gets in trouble I will not have status to fall back on.

Very confused and upset as I do not want to jeapordize my aos.


naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Naruto vs Sasuke

Naruto vs Sasuke

04-01 04:42 PM
Did you port it thru same employer or a different employer?

naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Naruto vs Sasuke Wallpapers

Naruto vs Sasuke Wallpapers

07-28 06:30 PM
My prediction for this year..

EB1 = Current
EB2 = Jan 2003 (Because of BEC cases coming out, chance for them to file I-485 in October)
EB3 = U

EB3 India may show Jan 23 500 B.C , but cant be U because the quota starts fresh in October. They goto 'U' only when respective category numbers for the country are exhausted for the year. Usually numbers will become unavailable only in last quarter of the year.


naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. naruto vs sasuke. Wallpaper

naruto vs sasuke. Wallpaper

12-21 08:45 PM
NRI Investing in Stocks India:
Wanted to know if any of you have been able to successfully Invest in Stocks/Mutual funds in Indian Market on a Repatriable basis. If so please share your experience and which brokerage you have used.

I have tried to contact various Indian brokerages like ICICIDirect, HDFC, Kotak...All say that they do not take NRI's from USA for a Brokerage account. No idea what the reason is. Please share your experience.

well.u could have opened a new thread.In any case here is the answer.I had opened a trading account when i was in India in 2004.I still trade late night from here .

But in your case the better option is to have an account in your father's name provided he has a PAN.One of my friend does this.

I use kotaksecurities and i beleive its 0.06% for intraday and 0.6% for delivery.

naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Naruto vs Sasuke

Naruto vs Sasuke

03-11 01:34 PM
I don't understand in what cases consulate holds a person's passport. What if the applicant wants to return back home country instead of waiting in Canada?

You have a right to ask for your passport back. You can always state the logic that in the case of emergency, will the consulate provide the passport back at a moments notice? probably not!

Also, a passport is the property of the issuing government and no other government entitiy / individual has a right to hold it. I wouldnt state it in these terms though :) .... the emergency travel reason should suffice!


naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. solussd. Apr 14, 12:47 PM. You don#39;t need Rosetta, iOS is Intel 64 native. You get a copy with Xcode called the Simulator.

naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. solussd. Apr 14, 12:47 PM. You don#39;t need Rosetta, iOS is Intel 64 native. You get a copy with Xcode called the Simulator.

04-21 03:05 PM
I am July 2007 filer, submitted I485, EAD/AP for me and my wife but as of now no LUDs on both I485s. Submitted at NSC but transferred to TSC this is happend at that time only now the case is pending at TSC.
EAD renewed last year got one year only now we have to renew this year again.
Many of my friends and their familes updated LUDs on 485 and even I read many threads in this forum regarding soft LUDs once or twice but mine is nothing... don't know:confused:

I took infopass appointment to know the status of my I 485. They said the case is pending it may take time and also said mail the letter to TSC and ask them what is the status? but she didn't say name check pending etc.., I don't where is stuck my application these I had wait once the processing time comes then they will update but nothing done....

Any one is facing same kind of situation?
Please let me Know.

PD Aug 2006 EB2
I485 pending at TSC, ND Sep 2007
no LUDs on 485 :(
FP done Nov 2007

naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Naruto Vs Sasuke Wallpaper. Naruto-Vs-Sasuke-naruto-vs-; Naruto-Vs-Sasuke-naruto-vs-. benthewraith. Nov 11, 12:36 PM. I find it sad that some people know

Naruto Vs Sasuke Wallpaper. Naruto-Vs-Sasuke-naruto-vs-; Naruto-Vs-Sasuke-naruto-vs-. benthewraith. Nov 11, 12:36 PM. I find it sad that some people know

08-14 06:44 PM
Congrads. Did your dependent got approved I-485?

Yes, we received everything together (email, welcome notice and card).


naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Naruto vs Sasuke by

Naruto vs Sasuke by

12-24 11:07 AM
Nope - it does not legally bind you though it hurts your credibility.

As per H1 rules he must have paid you all the months since you joined him. If he is not going to give you the pay stubs then it will be a problem for you when you apply for your GC. Ask him politely to pay what even he owes you and that too with paystubs. If he creates any problem then tell him that you are going to file a complaing with DOL and also since he will not give you the correct pay stubs that you will report to IRS and will use subsititute W2.

Hope this helps.

naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. naruto VS sasuke wallpaper by

naruto VS sasuke wallpaper by

04-27 11:07 AM
whether the incident is true or not, IV member is trying caution everybody that all should be very careful when handing over their passport to a third person. We should be fully focused when an officer examines our passport.

Very true - you would think such things don't happen (and they probably don't) - but one should always be attentive at Airports.

naruto vs sasuke wallpaper. Naruto Vs Sasuke

Naruto Vs Sasuke

01-07 02:51 PM
casinoroyale - can you clarify, you are contradicting yourself.

your first email says: I have done paid consultation with murthy office on this matter. As per them, one can continue to work on H1B even after returning on AP.

your second email says:
Ok, after using AP there are two ways in order to reinstate H1B status.
1) By applying H1b extension after entering on AP
2) going out of country and entering with valid h1b visa stamp.

-can or can't we use H1 after using AP.
-what do you mean by "to reinstate H1 by applying H1b extension after entering on AP". are you saying that though the H1 expiration is say 2010 but since one is using AP to enter now (2008) one should apply for extension right away?

01-17 10:48 AM
Well its that time of the year..., Does anyone know if I can add my spouse as dependent and get the tax break. Is there any website where I can get the information on filing procedures with H1 and H4?

05-31 09:00 AM
Pappu just posted an important message here:

Please read and contribute now, as it is a critical time for us.

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