Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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02-10 01:17 AM
You can get an emergency appointment if you are returning H1b worker.

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02-03 06:51 PM
I can say for sure, Canada PR is not going to work because I went through the same situation and I was not allowed to board British Airways flight in Hyderabad with Canada PR and US AP.

I am still fighting with BA for getting an refund.

I had to buy an emergency ticket on AI to get back to US because I could not get my vacation extended

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11-25 12:39 PM
i doubt they'll take it on in Spring, with little to no chance of economy recovering by that time (or that whole year) passing an immigration bill will see a major backlash from everyone.

Good intentions but doubt if it will happen

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11-25 10:15 PM
We should not wait for CIR.
If it happens its great, but if it does not, then we should have plans ready now. There needs to be effort with the new administration for administrative relief and also to continue the dialog with USCIS and DOL that we have now. We also need to meet lawmakers again in the new congress and see any opportunities for us. All background work needs to happen long before there is even a mention of CIR timeline by lawmakers.


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Scarlett Johansson Disney

05-07 02:26 PM
I think if iam not wrong its not based of the priority date or anything else. Its just random

They are not random. The do have some logic.

At every center cases are filed in order they are received (at least that is what they claim). "Received" does not mean in order of RD you see on your receipt. It is when physically a center accepted your paper case, and decided to enter in the system. PD plays role only for casesfrom retrogressed countries (EB and FB, both). For majority of cases, it has no relevance. PD of cases is nowhere maintained in the system (at least until a case is looked at the first time, which is sometime referred to as "preadjudication"), except on your paper filing. When your file turns out to be next in que for adjudication, in order or receive date (as defined above), the IO has no idea about your PD. Physical file is processed and checked for docs (birth certificates, photos, etc. etc.), AND the PD. At this time you might see a LUD. If nothing further progresses (due to PD not being current) LUD remains a soft LUD, and your case is put aside. If by luck your file was seen when your PD was current, you get lucky and get a GC (and several hard LUDs). PD sequence and received date sequence have no relationship, that's why the whole process seems random.

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10-16 01:52 PM

Based on current stats,

LC - It will take about 4 months from the date you initiate your case with your lawyer
140- Eb2 or eb 3 will take from 4 weeks to 4 months
485 - If u are from India or China and based on current situation for Eb2 it could take upto 4 years and 6-7 years for EB3. If you are from Rest of the world it would be 1-2 years.

However, if the SKIL bill passes, things could change and you could get the whole GC within 2 years or so.........Keep hopeful...that is what I am doing after 8 years on H1........with a MBA from a US University!!


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(Scarlett Johansson als

12-12 03:59 PM
It would be interesting to see though... if we have even a single person on this forum with EB2 priority date before Jan1 2000.
Basically, that means USCIS won't issuing any EB2 india and at the end of the fiscal year we will hear of visa numbers being wasted again.

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03-31 01:58 PM
Hi All,

I had H1B of Company A. This H1B expires in this September 2009. In May 2008, I got a good offer from Company B, and they applied for "Transfer of my H1B". Since June 4th 2008, I started working for Company B with the receipt in Hand. Since From June 3rd 2008, till Feb 2009, my case was in pending status. On Feb 13th 2009, USCIS did put RFE for some documents about Company B. During that period, I had emergency to travel to India, so I did go to India for 3 weeks, returned back on March 12th with old employer (Company A's) VISA only, as it is still valid till sept 2009 & more over my case of transfering visa to Company B is still on Pending status. After I returned back, Company B did reply to RFE & I got a email from USCIS saying that they have received it on March 23rd 2009. On March 30th I received one more email from USCIS, saying that my H1B transfer is denied & the denial notice will have the reason as well as options for you. Still I am yet to receive the denial notice.
With these things on board I have following questions

Am I out of status?
Company A visa is valid till september 2009, so can I go back to Company A?
If Yes, then if I go back to Company A, can I apply for Extension from them freshly with premium processing or something
What is the chances that Company B appeal for the denial and get it stamped in these situation?
What are my other options?

Please do suggest me, as I believe as soon as I receive the notice formally to company B, I need to seize working and I will out of status with immediate effect. The time I have is to adjust things is between today & the day I receive the denial notice...


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Pictures: Scarlett Johansson

08-26 03:31 PM
Congrats Dude.

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02-09 11:40 PM
Your emergency is in India not in the US,so am not sure how you can provide the consulate in India a valid reason to travel back asap. If you have a valid reason to return to the US asap then make sure you have the supporting docs.


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01-21 11:03 AM

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01-08 02:19 PM
How this conversion works. I am surprised to hear that your H4 to H1 got approved. I heard that any H4-H1 conversion will be counted againts the next years cap which opens up only in April'07. Was your wife on h1 before and got converted to h4 earlier? Then she may not be counted as she was already counted.

Tell me a good news that she was in H4 througout and got her new H1 approved now. It is fantastic news for all H4s. Still I will wait till Feb 15 to check whether I can file 485 through any supplemental bills before trying to get H1 for my wife.

It is not a rule, but it depends on how the approval is given by USCIS. If you get a extended I94 along with the H1 approval then you are all set, if you get an approval with no I94 then you need to get a stamping before starting work. Consult lawyers they will explain it better.
My wife went through the H4 - H1 Conversion which got approved last week, we are still wating to see the approval document.


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01-27 01:32 PM
Caterpillar, seeing sales for its bulldozers and other heavy equipment sinking in a worldwide economic mire, said Monday that its business was ?whipsawed? during the fourth quarter and that it would eliminate 20,000 jobs in the face of a ?very tough? 2009.Caterpillar announced the staff reductions as part of its fourth quarter earnings report, released [...]

More... (

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Scarlett Johansson did a

06-04 10:07 AM
lawyer paper filed april 15th
receipt received april 27th
received date april 16th receipt date april 26th

last soft LUD April 30th

no fp notice or anything since

called them 2 days ago to put in a request for fp cus i am tired of waiting hoped that this would prompt them to look at it.... so far no change

seems like CSC is slow compared TSC. I dont think they issue FP notice for paper filing. There were lot of applications received by CSC in feb..i think thats what is causing the delay. please keep us updated with your status.


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07-21 09:49 AM

As Far I as know we cannot have 2 Visas at the same time. The logic behind this is, L1 Visa is specifically meant for Company Transfer and you need to be having at least 1 year in the Company even before applying for L1 Visa.

And coming to having H1 simultaneously is not possible as you will be doing a transfer from H1 to L1 as you are still in the country and your H1 visa becomes invalid. Also the 6 year limit applies to both the period spent on H1 and L1.

If you would require to start afresh , then you need to go back the country and get fresh L1 visa stamped and that would be valid for 6 years...

I was in the same situtation and had to transfer from L1 to H1 as I did not want to go through the Visa appointment hassles.

Hope this helps...

:( That sucks, but thanks for the info.

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05-15 01:31 PM


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Scarlett Johansson as

12-19 02:09 AM
These articles are nothing new. Given the current state of affairs, its only to be expected because people like you and me are actually displacing some jobs whether we admit it or not.
However, what these folks don't seem to get is that outsourcing is a much bigger culprit. And so go after the business owners who outsource to keep businesses profitable and not target a handful of legal immigrants. And legal immigrants are not responsible for the housing mess! Go after the loan defaulters. Catch the greedy banks who dished out bad loans!!

The unemployment numbers are very high and its spoiling people's holiday season and also their moods. A lot of American citizens don't have a choice to work anywhere else. That clouds their judgement and makes them irrational.Please try to understand the opposite point of view and just ignore these articles instead of starting threads on IV.

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Scarlett Johansson Fit In

02-23 05:02 PM
Even though you entered under the VWP, and even though you remained here after your I-94 expired, you can file for AOS based on your marriage to a US Citizen.

Your wife is required to provide an affidavit of support. However, if her income and/or resources combined with your income/resources are insufficient, you can rely on a second affidavit from someone willing to be a "co-sponsor". The co-sponsor must be: a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, over 18 years old, and domiciled in the US.

Again thank you very much for the speedy reply.

So i need to file all at the same time the following..
Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status I-485 $1,010 ($930 plus a biometrics fee of $80).
Affidavit of Support I-134 $0
Petition for Alien Relative I-130 $355
Application for Employment Authorization I-765 $340

Is this everything? so assuming all goes well i would be protected from deportation from the time of filing until decisions are made? and would also be able to get EAD and SS number from that point on?


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Rhett Scarlett

05-20 05:39 PM
Your company must file an amended petition for the reduced hours, they will have to follow the current prev wage survey, might be a problem to get a transfer if the USICS notices the low wages, yes they might evaluate the case again.

08-16 09:36 AM
US Date format on your AP would create some confusion in Immigration officer at Airport in India while coming back to USA..

On Bombay air port, I struggled for 5 minutes on AP date..US dates are MMDDYY format while India have DDMMYY...Our AP date was 9/7/2005 (Sep 7 2005) & we were travelling back to US on Aug 2, 2005 (India format 2/8/2005)...Immigration officer told us that WE Cant travel because our AP was expirered on Jul 9, 2007..I told him that USA dates are in MMDDYY format but he did not listened..then he called his Supervisor, his boss looked at our AP & he also said WE cant travel....Then I "politely" argued that dates in USA are MMDDYY format & my AP is valid...Somehow, his colleague on next counter was listening our converastion with him (& his Boss) and told our IO that I am right and my AP was valid....some how he was convinced by his colleguae and we were let go...

All of our family were take care of AP date format...

06-20 08:50 AM
If it is approved don't wait for the actual paper to arrive. You can apply 140/485 right away and USCIS will contact DOL for your LC papers. That's what I am doing. Don't wait just apply!

See the Requirements for the same ....

Lot of Documentation needed; look at the theard for 485/EAD filing
In the mean time you could wait for the Physical Paper and consult with your attorney to see how u could file it ...

One of my friend is in the same situvation and this is the way we are proceeding !

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