Sunday, September 25, 2011

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12-20 03:21 PM
How do you know Lou or Sen.Sessions will even consider accepting the invitation from Jon or Stephen?

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09-25 01:27 PM
And while you guys are at it, a clearly visible ( in bold or red) message at the top of every messageboard/forum can improve the situation making it clear in legal terms.

Something like "The opinions expressed by the members are their own personal views. IV neither endorses nor rejects any views expressed by it's members. IV is not responsible for the views expressed by it's members " [ or something to that effect in "legalese"]

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11-15 03:30 PM
I am currently working through a Consulting company at a client location.
Now, if I were to join the "same" client location as an employee after the 180 day completion of having filed I-485, what are the things that I need to keep in touch before I make this transition.

I do have EAD that is valid till Sep'08. Do I need to tell the client company that my I-485 is pending and that I can work using EAD or should I apply as anyone who would apply for the position without any strings...!!!

I would really appreciate if you guys can let me know any nuiances that I need to be aware of and any caveats that exist in this situation.

I appreciate your time and good luck to all to get the GC as soon as possible.


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10-04 04:32 PM
So can I submit the docs through my family .. now and just go for the final interview?
This way I can go to the embassy the day I land in Mumbai.

Yes, you have to submit your papers at least 5 business days I think before your interview date. It is a requirement for the Mumbai consulate. Mumbai consulate is like my second home :(.


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05-31 05:53 PM

I was wondering if anyone was ever able to change from Software Engineer to Technical Marketing Engineer (TME), using the AC21 portability rules. A TME needs similar level of technical skills as that of a Software Engineer, of course used for a different purpose.

A short description of this role (for those of you who don't know about this role)

The Technical Marketing Engineer role is exciting and challenging for the employee that enjoys equally working hands on with technology in the lab and marketing this knowledge to customers. Working with marketing, engineering, services and the sales channels

I really like to consider moving to TME roles. I see this as a first point to moving to Product Manager roles. One could move to Product Manager directly, but I guess the transition for a Software Engineer will be smooth, when he/she goes from Software Engineer -> TME -> Product Manager. The advantage with TME is, you can leverage your technical skills to perform this new role and then gradually hone your marketing/soft skills, to move to the Product Manager position. This is also the input I got from the Marketing Director of one of the reputed firms.

All looks good, but I am not sure if this transition to TME will be acceptable under the AC21 rules. It would be nice to know if anyone has ever able to do it successfully (without getting any RFEs/rejections). Right now, I have a feeling that I am totally stuck in the Software Engineer role and really like to explore my options.

Appreciate your thoughts on this


Given the fact that ur I-140 is not approved yet, I would wait till the approval before considering any job change.

Good luck.

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03-27 12:31 PM
Do you have a list and contact numbers of these attorneys? how much do they charge?

Yes, you may apply for multiple visas. However, the rule of latest application of the attached I-94 applies. If you get your H4 first, and then your H1, it would mean your H1 would be valid.

If you get your H1 first, and then your H4, the I-94 attached to the H1 will no longer be valid, requiring you to get the H1 visa stamped in your home country consulate and re-enter.

You could simply wait out until you get your H4(at the risk of running out of the H1 cap). If you're willing to risk traveling and reenterng the US after stamping in your homecountry, you should be OK.

There are some attorneys however, who charge a hefty fee for you to get your H1 stamped at a Canadian US consulate if you fear rejection in your home country.



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06-22 02:09 AM
any thoughts?

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07-26 09:23 AM
I wasn't filing for an extension but rather a transfer of my H1B. It expired while waiting for the transfer. Do you think that might make a difference....negatively?

My case is some what similar. My h1b extension packet was returned for lack of filing fee but before we could re-apply my old h1b expired. We applied however but USCIS approved h1B petition and didn't grant me h1b status i.e didn't issue I-94. I am required to leave the country for stamping.

Now we are filing nunc-pro-tunc petition essential pleading with USCIS it was no fault of my mine. You can do gooogle on this.


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03-24 06:56 PM
Your status does not change to H1B till October 1st, 2009 so by default you are on OPT till that time. Now, you might want to check with your company lawyers if they are going ahead with the filing. My feeling is , they are going to go ahead with the filing since only after an H1B is laid off, USCIS is notified by the sponsoring employer. If you don't file on the April time frame, you might miss the bus for this year and your next shot comes only in April 2010. Take a moment off and think with a cool head, what do you think would be good for you and your career.

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10-02 01:13 PM
How did you do that great green liquid effect. The colors are amazing. How did you do this I must know. Is there a tutorial some where that you played with or did you just sit down and see what happended? Amazing looks Great


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05-21 11:54 AM
please reply in case you need more info

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04-27 03:27 PM
pre-adjudicated - As of writing, your case is good-to-go and subject to fbi name check & visa number availability.
under review - It may once be reviewed fully or partially before requesting for a visa number when available

what if they are both used in the same sentence for the same case like they did for OP ? :)


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09-22 11:28 AM
Not many cases in 2007 and 2008.

Looks like people got p1ssed off and not applying anymore in EB2 2008:p

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10-25 01:55 PM
I said the same thing. I WILL NOT spend $1000 for nothing when my PD is not current.

Fortunately, I got my I-140 approved last week. It was sent on Mid-May. It's EB2 NSC.

So just hang in there, unless your 6th year H1 is expiring in new few days.


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12-13 09:13 AM
From Austin. In for whatever. Let me know How can I be helpful

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01-20 01:20 PM
did u request a change, ex address change,..

No I did not made any change of address.

BTW, I did called the USCIS Service Center (If you can call it that), and customer rep. basically he readed it the same document back to me.
When I asked him what he meant, he said, "Your case has been approved and we sent you the approval letter."

Oh well. I have no option but to wait and see what they sent me.

I'll believe it when I see it!



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12-18 09:54 PM
I am not able to get into chat?

There is a minimum number of posts and points needed to enter chat

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10-05 03:04 PM
Grt. It proves a point that IV is not with holding any info like other anti website's do.

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08-23 06:55 PM
We all know very well by now that the house of representatives is THE mover when it comes to passing any pro-legal immigration bill.Given that half of those representatives may loose their jobs in the coming election, I dont see much point in contacting them now if they have already made up their mind not to do anything on immigration until the elections. But we will have to double our efforts as soon as the new congress settles in so that our agenda gets highlighted to the new members of congress.

But look at the positive side. We have more time to contact the law makers.

09-15 01:14 PM
with your pd of oct should be fine. i can see your pd becoming current in the next 3-4 months.....again i am speculating, you can never predict what dos/uscis may do?????

hi is there any hope for eb-2 india?since its has retrogressed,can we expect any forward movement in the next few months?is there any chance of further retrogression?are there too many cases coming out of back log centres?
my case r got cleared from backlog centre few months back and i-140 recently approved,my pd is oct 2002 eb-2.iam so unlucky for the past so many yrs ,now that its approved i dont have a chance to apply for 485 as dates there any hope in the next few months for a forward movement?by 2007 oct eb-2 will it be able to reach atleast 2003 end or 2004 begining?

10-12 11:53 AM

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