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09-02 10:40 AM
This is not correct. The OP's status is not determined by what he files in the I-9 form. The determining factor is the I-94 form, the latest one that is valid. If the OP got an I-94 attached to his I-797 form (usually one does), then s/he is in H1-B from the day printed on the I-94 form regardless how long does the EAD remain valid.

AFAIK, if the OP wishes to remain on F-1 EAD, s/he can go out of the country before the H1-B I-94 starting date (Oct 1?) and reenter US on F-1 visa (i.e., the I-94 given at the port of entry would be for F-1). I do not know if there is any risk involved, or what would happen to the H1-B approval.

I am not a lawyer. Use at your own risk any information given by me.

I think you are confused with the question. There is no mention of F1. The question is: If a person is on H1 and also has an EAD, what factor determines the switch from H1 to EAD? Are you suggesting one must travel out and in of the country to get the status changed from H1 to EAD? I don't think thats correct.
Please read the question clearly and don't get confused. F1 and H1 are different....but one can have both H1 and EAD (when I-485 is pending).

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07-09 12:46 PM
PLease post the link..

DOS issued one more bulletine today on 9th July 2007 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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05-12 12:25 PM
Choice of fonts is poor. :hat:

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08-10 12:19 PM
Very welll said komaragiri

I request members please try to understand the situation, calling USCIS not going to help you, they will get pissed off.

If you cant participate in every action item, atleast contribute dollars, united we stand help achieve our goals.

90 Days for receipts
200 days for AP notice
365 days for EAD
2920 days for GC?

This is not acceptable.

Let's support IV initiatives and get our applications moving faster.


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March 4th, 2007, 04:49 PM
Must... hide... credit card... now..! :D

jilechty, I can hide that credit card for you!:)

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Kim Kardashian 2011 Photoshoot

08-12 06:24 PM
what makes u think that he would be banned for asking such questions - if IV is busy may be some senior members can answer.

it little more. Why is this post missing from Front Page? Some posts are there even they are not updated in last 12hrs. This one was gone from front page in matters of hours. After my reply this should technically come up on front page.... see if it does........ :D


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02-09 11:14 PM
Hello Pappu

I have emailed a draft to the chapter leader and have cc'ed the email address below. I have asked a former editor of one of the big dailies to review it and to suggest if other outlets can run with the piece.


We have an opportunity for an op-ed to be published in a leading Indian media about the recent amendment that harm foreign workers.

Please send it to info at urgently so that it can be published while the issue is hot and it complements our effort to oppose in the conference

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03-08 10:05 PM

My husband's H1B is over on 22nd February 2008. Now he trying to file AC21 with another company. Is there any way he can apply for H1B transfer with that company as couple of weeks already passed? Appreciate your help.


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07-10 11:42 AM
I sent my supporting documents for e-filing to NSC PO box and it reached next day noon. I also got LUD next day.

This is what I see on the USPS Tracking details.

'"Your item was delivered at 11:03 AM on July 8, 2008 in LINCOLN, NE 68501 to INS EXPRESS . The item was signed for by F HEINAUER."

Hope this helps!

You are right - The status changed today saying some one has picked it up - So express mail is good for sending.

Does the checks getting cashed mean the applicaton is accepted - and for whatever reason if they deny willu get the fees back?????

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09-06 03:54 PM
Nice links dan, also nice update on the footer, with the beam approaching from the side. I likes again......


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09-24 07:52 AM
Hi All,
Thanks in Advance...
I got an email from USCIS that my and my wife's I-485 got RFE''s
I files my 485 through lawyer,I recently moved to new location...
Will the rfe notice come to me or my lawyer...
I updated the old address on the day i got RFE notice?
Please advise...

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07-26 10:39 PM
Have you printed out the name of the file that was selected to make sure that that part is working? It seems like you've only done a minimal amount of debugging to determine the nature of the problem, so I would recommend starting with that.


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07-11 02:50 PM
Office of the governor

Official website

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08-13 08:08 PM
Even if your employer revokes (unlikely as he will have to bear legal expenses on an issue that he cannot win) your 140, it will have no effect. All you have to do is be ready with your new offer letter and maintain the labor wages in your new employment. In previous years desi companies used to reuse the labor by revoking the 140 once an employee quits. Now labor reuse also has been plugged by USCIS. You can peacefully go ahead and change your employment.

Any reason that you want to go back to your old employer? Why quit in the first place than...

I'm planning to go from consulting to Perm. If I don't like it I want to go back to Consulting. Would like to go back to the same employer as anyways my GC process is pending with him. Just trying to find out if I can keep that option open.

Will there be any issues if I use EAD to switch jobs and then decide to go back to the old employer?

Right now I've my H1 valid for 2 more yrs. If I use EAD to switch jobs my H1 will become invalid. Then if I decide to go back to my old employer what happens?Please advice me on this.

Thank you.


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08-20 03:58 PM
You must have gotten a Deportation form, where one of the category ( 5 year ban) must have been checked, that means you cant enter for 5 years.

Did you file that income as a tax return??

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12-14 04:12 PM
Thanks all.

1) While filing AP online it asks if I want to add more filings. I want to add my wife's I-131 as well. Also my wife is a derivative beneficiary of my pending 485. So, my question is should my wife and my AP supporting documents be mailed in the same packet, even though I will
create 2 separate files in the same packet. Please advise. Else, how will they know that my wife's AP renewal is linked to mine.

2) There is a section which asks for the data of Intended departure. In paper based filing i would type unknown at present time. But in e-file, i cant type that in the date field. Can I leave this field and the length of stay blank ?

3) Part 7 Info for me asks only if my trip is for single entry or multiple entry. It does not ask for any supplemental Info. What is this supplemental info people talk about ?

__________________________________________________ _

1. Make 2 sets of documents and send them separately. They would know because you would send a copy of I 485 petition of your wife as well in her packet.

2. You can put some future date in there.

3. It will be multiple entry. You have to write some thing describing the need for this AP.

I hope it helps.


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08-10 10:04 AM
come on PA members, I am sure there are more IV members from PA than just the few that voted on this poll. Wake up and see the hard work being put in by other members. Members are flying from out of state and you living so close to DC shouldn't offer any excuse not to attend the rally. Strength is in numbers. Check out this video by Chanduv for more inspiration

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09-25 07:19 PM
Passport is a just a travel document to enter. Once entered legally, passport has no importance for immigration (GC) purpose. There is no need to renew the passport, unless you plan to travel. In fact, you dont need a passport to enter USA, if you have Green card. The important thing is that you have to always maintain legal status in US. If you are in non-immigrant status, you have to watch for I-94 expiry, and renew them on time. Not the passport. If you are apply for GC, USCIS want to confirm that you entered the US legally with valid visa and maintained your legal status in US. They dont care about the expiry of ypur passport.

Thank you so much for your reply. What you said was exactly what I wanted to hear. You said passport has no importance for immigration (GC) purpose. How about for H-1B extension? I do not plan to travel until I obtain the GC. Where can I find I-94 expiration date and does I-94 have to be renewed with a valid (not expired) passport? TIA.

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08-01 10:45 AM
If you look at the new features list:
A customer-centric home page that provides applicants with a ?one-stop shop? of immigration services information.

Simplified navigation and improved search capability.

Enhanced customer service tools including expanded Case Status Online with both email and text functionality.

Information that is written clearly and meets the needs of our customers.

It is pretty vague. They may just make some cosmetic changes for the existing website. I dont see anything new here. I hope they prove me wrong!

06-26 01:41 PM
It seem like the CIR does not allow working as consultant on H1B. I read through that part, but does not quite understand. Can someone who understands the legislation let me if the bill passed, what is the effective time that we need to stop working?

Is it:
1> The time when bill is signed by Bush?
2> The beginning of the following fisical year?
3> You can keep working till the current H1B expires, but cannot renew?


01-28 04:32 PM
The misconception that immigrants are displacing American workers is gaining popularity. If we are to make a case for immigration reform that helps EB community, we ought to show that EB immigrants are not displacing American workers, but helping the overall economy. In the midst of current economic situation and growing public sentiment against immigrants, paying taxes, obeying laws and assimilating with American society and culture is not enough. It is important to stress the obvious - how individuals from EB community are contributing towards the economy, innovation and competitiveness. In order to illustrate this, I would like to get examples of people from EB community.

The people mentioned in the earlier replies do not help this argument. I am looking for examples such as the founder of orkut - who is an EB immigrant, once on H1-B visa.

Thanks again.

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