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Hugh Laurie

09-12 05:00 PM
This is getting hilarious! Billa, Ranga...Whoz next? Rowdy Ranganna?:D

Come to DC or we will send "Churi Chikkanna" after you...LOL

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hugh and jo

January 31st, 2005, 12:03 AM
I liked the father & son pic too. Some crop will help to emphasize the icy feel too. It's got a happier feel than the others IMHO... We're all our worst critics, so keep your camera and keep shooting ;)

hugh laurie wife. hugh laurie s wife jo green

hugh laurie s wife jo green

11-16 02:36 PM
if you file AOS (I-485) then only you will get EAD/AP benefits, but to file I-485 you need to stay in visa like H1B/H4. if you are H1B visa holder, you will eligible to file for it as prinicipal applicant but inorder for your spouse/dependents to qualify as dependent, she has to be in dependent visa (H4) at filing time, so F1 holder is considered as student not as dependent so they are not eligible to file.

Disclaimer: use it at your own risk, i'm not an immigration attroney, so please consult one for your situations as laws/procedures are changing often.

I have heard that it doesnt matter if your spouse is on F1 or H1. If one applicant files for I-485, his spouse will be included in the application never the less.

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Hugh Laurie .

10-02 01:33 PM
Another bummer, of course, is that without GC you will be charged "out of state" tuition no matter how long you have lived in that state, except California and Texas, where, as far as I know, even illegals can get "in-state" tuition.:cool:


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Hugh Laurie Gallery

07-05 03:14 PM
Cmon ever since independece we have never been united on any cause. I see threads from Gandhigiri(sending roses)...TO .. "no work on 13th"petition. But cmon look at the responses, e.g. no working day petions had only 75 votes , of which most are scared to put there employer name info. etc.

75 here 120 you guys really think with these numbers will make our voices heard .. On the other end lot of people are happy about the revision of the July bulletin and yes that includes the ones stuck in BEC (hypocrisy check! ) and the desi employers who perhaps were fasting/praying or something for this to happen... :-)

Its a number's game. We will never make our voices heard unless we can join hundred of thousands for a cause. I appreciate what IV has attempted to do, but it's an inherent problem with people like us, every one is out there trying to get ahead of the line. If given the choice most would exploit each other to take advantage. I mentioned "desis" perhaps, the problem we face is quite fitting to people from populous nations. I think we are looking at the problem from a very micro level(green card backlog).. The glut in immigration is nothing new and represents similar issues faced in India or China etc.

I am sounding completely pessimistic, but its the harsh reality. Perhaps we are not tuned to be united, we've been raised, bred to be just competitive and anything else which is a byproduct of competition.

just my 2 cents.
pls before anyone starts shouting at my post. Throw the hypocrisy out of the door and then reply.
All i can say is ..

"There is always a first time for everything"


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also picked Hugh Laurie as

02-09 12:17 PM
The day I applied that day the PD was current.
PD should be current at the date of approval too. If it's current now you can get decision in couple of weeks, if PD is not current - just forget about checking that dates.
Also that date is showing as 19 july 2007.It means that majority of applications filed before that date and with current PD and necessary checks completed are with adjudicating officers.


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08-12 04:31 PM
tom and everyone,

do you think the USCIS will not make the decision on the 2nd 140 until the appeal is processed. If thats the case then the 2nd 140 approval will take a long time.
I'm also in the same situation and my lawyer refiled 140 in EB3 and he was suggesting to withdraw the appeal on the denied EB2-140. Last week I spoke to Rajeev Khanna and he also suggested the same.

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hugh laurie wife.

09-16 04:51 PM
This is all India specific and specific to EB2. I did not add years2006 and 2007 as my PD is in 2005. But I did do it upto dec 2005.

1. You can expect the spill over from EB1 in big way
2. You can expect spillover from EB2 ROW in a big way

This should help clear backlog atleast upto 2004 cases. However the interfiling from EB3 to EB2 could stop the backlog from being reduced.


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House star Hugh Laurie

07-06 12:59 AM
I just received this RFE on my spouse's I-485 application. It states that while the applicant's name is spelt **i**** on the application it is spelt **ee**** on the birth and marriage registration certificate. The RFE states that they require some sort of document to show that name was officially changed. In a following note the RFE states that the document (I would assume the green card) that the USCIS will issue will be issued in the name on the birth certificate instead of on I-485 application if sufficient proof of registration of name change is not provided. Only a copy of the passport will not be treated as sufficient proof and supporting documentation that the name was registered with authority has to be provided for the USCIS to accept the name change.

Did anyone face this type of issue. What did you do. Any information would be appreciated as I have no clue about how to deal with this. I will ofcourse consult a lawyer at the beginning of next week but would like some advice.

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makeup hugh laurie wife. hugh

05-15 11:58 PM
Thankyou for your contribution

Here is my $100

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Come on everyone... donate a small percentage of your stimulus package.


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jo green wife of hugh laurie.

07-15 01:54 PM
your options will mostly expire worthless and should entail no action on your part..

I have used AC21 to change jobs
I have a closing statement from my previous employer mentioning the exercisable options.

Here it goes:

Exercisable Options

Price $30
grant date 1/10/2007
Shares exercisable 400
total price =12000

Last date to exercise

However the market share value for the company now is 26.00

now my question is if I were to exercise before the last date will I be getting the total amount of $12000 or 26 x 400 = $10400 or the difference between the share values which is infact negative or nothing?

I find it difficult understand this financial terms. I dont understand clearly the term 'Exercisable options' Is there a hidden treasure am going to get?????

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hugh laurie wife. hugh laurie

10-04 11:17 PM
HE likes RED though..


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James hugh lauries wife

10-05 03:17 PM
Any one have any more info. on this type of case, Please share.

In my opinion you should be OK.

I think since you have filed I-485 you are in adjustee status so you need not even be working for the company that filed your GC.

Since your co. got acquired the new co. will have to do a H1 transfer and if USCIS raises any RFE regarding your I-485 app then the new co. can respond on behalf of the old co. with a letter saying that they have acquired the original filer co.

If you get called for an interview at the time of GC approval then again you can take a letter of job offer from the new co. along with the letter of acquisition and you should be OK.

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hair ||Mel harris hugh laurie

10-12 12:11 PM
No experience with this.
It will help to know what you can do in this case. I'm sure they have some solution.


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Hugh Laurie and his wife,

06-01 12:47 PM
Those who are eligible to apply in June, did you apply the first day itself, or will do it later?

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images house Pastels Hugh Laurie Jo hugh laurie wife. Jo Green Hugh Laurie

09-11 10:25 AM
I filed for 485 in July without EAD and AP document since my H1B is valid for another 2 years. In a month's time the most unfortunate thing happened. The company that sponsored my H1B/Green Card just got acquired. It is anticipated that as a result several people will get laid off including me. I have yet to recieve the reciept notice for 485. What happens when something like this happens 180 days before? What are my options if I were to get laid off?
1) Get H1B transfer to another company and hope that old employer won't revoke I-140.
2) Don't get H1B transfer, don't work at all, apply for EAD and AP and wait for the next 5 months to pass. Again hope that employer doesn't revoke I-140.
I have very good relations with employer and so far I have never needed to bend any rules, but don't know what the new people will be like.

Apply for EAD and AP asap.
If you change your job yourself in less than six months... there may be trouble... but...
If you get laid-off in less than six months after filing I-485, you'll be fine (GC wise). You'll need either H1B transfer or EAD to work... but you'll not be out of status. After you file I-485, you're a parolee till the final decision on your I-485 application has been made.

Good luck.


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hugh laurie young.

10-26 02:32 PM
Thanks all who replied to my thread. I am contacting Air France regarding this transit crap. I will post my experience on this forum, when I get answer from Airline.

One thing is for sure, I will never again travel by Air france, BA and Lufthansa.

Dear friend I would recommend you to contact the consulate by email, because all rules are always subject to change, that way you can be sure!

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Hugh Laurie Wife Jo

12-17 12:46 PM
What's the Maximum amount of money the parents of a h1b person can carry from US to India when they are returning after a visit on B1 visa? I heard it should be a dollar less than $10,000 per person. Somebody told me its $10,000 per party. Please answer this.
So if father & mother both are traveling back from US to India can they carry $9999 each in their hands while traveling through air? It will be $19,998 total for the party in total
While coming to US I heard you don't have to declare the money/currency you are bringing as long as they don't exceed $10,000. So if they are taking most of that money back along with some extra cash (total < 10k per person) is it safe to avoid any questions/complications with US TSA/ CBP?
Have anybody got into problems or delays?
I just want to have the right information handy just in case.
Please help by sharing the right answer. Thanks in advance

I think that the total limit is $10K for a family (not person). If I remember correctly, on entering the country, we are asked to fill only one customs form for the entire family - and it clearly states in that form that the total allowed is a max. of $10K per person.

Having said that, the following are considered to be cash (not fully inclusive):
1. Traveler's check
2. Cash
3. Checks
4. Money Order
5. Cashier's check

The following is not considered as cash:
1. Credit cards
2. Debit cards

So if you would want to send more than 10K out of the country and not want to get into any issues and also be on the safe side, it would be a good idea to pre-load a debit card and then send it with your parents.

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Hugh Laurie looks miserable as

02-05 11:54 AM

I have a similar question. I filed for my 485 in June 2007. But, did not file for EAD at that time. However, I filed for my EAD in March 2008 with the new filing fee i.e $340. My EAD is up for renewal (it's valid till Jun 12th...but considering the 3 month wait time, I am plannig to file it around 13th of this month ).

Since I have already filed with the new fee structure I am hoping I dont have to pay any fees , right? But, I dont see any instructions to that extent. Can any one please point me to the right link or document?


As per my understanding, since you filed for 485 before August 17, 2007 you have to pay renewal fees for EAD/AP. ONLY if you have filed for 485 after August 17 2007 you don't have to pay renewal fees for EAD/AP.

What matters here is when you filed your 485. It does not matter when you applied for EAD/AP as these are based on your 485.

Ann Ruben
02-16 02:02 AM
The new PW system seems to be taking about 4-5 weeks, not months.

05-19 11:35 AM
According to murthy, several of these cases were tied to companies that are under fraud investigations

MurthyDotCom : Newark Airport - Analysis & Potential Options for H1Bs Entering U.S. (

this company is def not under fraud investigations .. this company has operations in asiapac/ europe/Canada .. and is among the top level companies like info and hcl ..

believe me those ICE officers would grind u down in a minute .. put yourself in the victims shoes .. and i am sure they(CBP) said ok you dont want to sign this document .. lets take you guys to the holding cell and u can wait for your turn ( whenever that comes) in front of the judge .. that can take 90 days .. nobody wants to go that route

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