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sienna miller fashion

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Sienna Miller, Celebrity

08-16 10:56 AM
i dont see any of the above lond does it take for us to receive rn in hand after the checks are cashed...I am starting to worry now.If everybody can see the rn why icant i!:o...The uscis cs is not telling the status...Is there a possiblity of appl rejection even after the checks are cleared.:confused::confused:

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Sienna Miller#39;s Twenty8Twelve

01-23 01:26 PM
Still waiting.. there processing time says July still.

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Sienna Miller - Fashion Forum

02-10 01:34 PM
The following link from forums might give you some mental relief. As every one else said report to DOL if you were not paid.

DOL obtains $638,000 in wages and debars a New Jersey Company for one year - Blogs - ImmigrationPortal Forums (

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Sienna Miller@Fashion

06-10 12:11 AM
Dear Sir or Madam,

Does anybody know the fax number of Nebraska Service Center or USCIS ?

Many thanks


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Sienna Miller and Kate

02-03 01:54 PM
Dont stay here .. People like you causing problem for people who work hard. If you cannot find job.. why the hell you stay here. You should pack bag.. If you are rich enough to spend money while not working in USA come on B1 visa and stay for 180 days in 5 star hotel.

Go back...

Dude 'Fairlyangel' may be 'Tunnel rat' now posing as an angel . He is trying real hard to show H1Bs as fraud but he himself is faking his identity on IV and doing fraud.

Common, post your real name and real resume if you have any guts. Stop being annonymous if you really want to change the system.

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wallpaper Sienna Miller: Vogue

09-09 10:26 AM
I second it :) NO SSN REQUIRED FOR PP. I filled out 000-00-0000 for my son. I believe there was a site or document I looked up and got this info (dont remember where I found it).

You dont need a PIO. If it is emergency or you dont have time, just get a multiple entry visa. For kids at that age it does not make any difference whether they enter on PIO or a visa. Chicago issues visa the same day.

BTW does Indian consulate do background check and issue 221(g) :D:D

PS: I live in IL as well and you dont need SSN for kids to get a PP :)


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Sienna Miller#39;s fashion line

04-30 12:16 PM
I was wondering if they have restarted premium processing for I-140 yet?

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01-20 01:20 PM
did u request a change, ex address change,..

No I did not made any change of address.

BTW, I did called the USCIS Service Center (If you can call it that), and customer rep. basically he readed it the same document back to me.
When I asked him what he meant, he said, "Your case has been approved and we sent you the approval letter."

Oh well. I have no option but to wait and see what they sent me.

I'll believe it when I see it!



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sienna miller fashion winter.

03-28 11:54 PM
If you are on H1 and employer is not paying weather or not you are on bench, you must report that to DOL. There is a form w-4 (I don't exactly remember the form).

Employee must be paid ALL THE TIME on H1. Period.
That's the law.

Problem for you is, technically you will be out of status if you are not paid.

What if I only complain about recent unpaid period when I was in even in project. They dint pay any thing on March 15th and dont want to pay on March 31st. They only want to pay in April. Whats your suggestion?

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Sienna Miller, Heath Ledger,

04-07 04:50 PM
Can we get an appointment with the President and explain the problems faced by EB immigrants....

1. Travel restrictions (no travel during H1 extension etc..)
2. Driver license issues
3. Wasted Visa numbers
4. Inefficiency of USCIS
5. Need to increase EB quota

I know that law makers should make these changes, but President has a strong voice and if he hears our pathetic position, he may do something, just a hope :rolleyes:


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Of Sienna Miller to Angelina

06-20 07:39 PM
My Lawyer put the A# from the EAD used during OPT. She put OPT in brackets and mentioned to me that USCIS will change this A#.

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sienna miller fashion

10-02 03:42 PM
Thanks for those blobs. I'll play around with them but I defenatly won't claim that I made them. I will always show credit where credit is do. Thats why on my site I have a Thank you section. I wouldn't be as fare along as I'm without the people on this forum so I never have a problem giving some credit. You guys are all great:) =) :P


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Sienna Miller at London

03-29 09:37 PM
Hello All,

I have an Appointment in Halifax Canada but I was wondering if I am eligible for the following

1 ) My H1B visa expired on 12/09/2006 from Company A
2) I have I94 from Company B and I want H1B visa from Company B

In Halifax appointment letter it says that they "issue visas for residents of our Consular district and for state-side revalidations only".

I am from India and I going to Canada on Visitors visa.

Please let me know.


As far as I believe, you should not have any problem whatsoever in getting your H1B visa from Company B stamped in your passp
ort. You need to carry all relevant documents related to H1B (including old H1B approvals, old passport (if any), employment credentials, proof of address, W2 forms, etc) so that you're not caught unawares during the H1B visa validation process. Before you board the flight back to the US with your new H1B visa, the US Immigration/Customs counter will issue you a new I-94.

God forbid, even if they deny your H1B visa from your new employer, you should still be able to return to the US on the expired H1B visa since you made an honest H1B visa trip.

On "issue visas for residents of our Consular district and for state-side revalidations only", I'd suggest you call up the US Consulate to make it doubly-sure you do not run into any issue.

I had been to Vancouver, Canada a couple of times to get my H1B visa stamped. On both occasions, the H1B visa stamping was successful.

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hair Sienna Miller: Vogue Cover- sienna miller fashion 2011.

04-10 09:03 PM
I cant say anything other than a :) and welcome.


I got my H1 in 2004 thru an body shopper. I completed my first three year period. got next 3 yr extension recently. when would be right time to apply GC? what category is suggested EB2/EB3?

How long will it take to clear labour?

Thanks for valuable suggestions


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06-19 12:58 PM
I would like to know if the processing of AOS application is based on first come first processed or is it based on the priority dates ?

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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07-27 03:03 PM
Thanks Kaiser.

Usual suspects :). This might interest you.


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Jude Law At Sienna Miller#39;s

10-04 04:32 PM
So can I submit the docs through my family .. now and just go for the final interview?
This way I can go to the embassy the day I land in Mumbai.

Yes, you have to submit your papers at least 5 business days I think before your interview date. It is a requirement for the Mumbai consulate. Mumbai consulate is like my second home :(.

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pictures sienna miller fashion

03-17 10:33 AM
Even I have received the RFEs as well on pending I-485 cases for me and my wife. My PD is Mar 2005. I am also wondering about the RFEs. I'll share mine as soon as I get those.

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sienna miller fashion

01-30 05:08 PM
How reliable is this Tracker(or any) data? I don't think all the registered people who gets their GC would come back and change the status of their application to 'Approved' in the Tracker. Though its better than nothing but still data is too vague to derive any real conclusion.

Here are two quotes from the Greatest thinker of all times :p-

'The quality of the output of any system is as good as the quality of the input'
- by sanju on IV in 2009

'Any system is as good as the humans operating that system'
- by sanju on IV in 2009

I guess it means we all have to continously do our little part.


06-02 04:39 PM
You new employer can file for H-1B change of status for (upto) 3 years since you have I-140 approved and your PD is not current. The fact, that I-140 was applied by current (or ex) employer, does not matter.

Hope it helps.

Not a legal advice.

Thats what I was looking for!!!! Thank you all for your help. As long as my new employer can transfer over my existing H1-B even though it's past the 6 yrs, I'll be good to go. :)

08-02 11:52 AM
I am wondering if there is a potential issue for the applications filed between July 3rd to july 17th. This is the period when everything was in limbo. Is there any disadvantage for these folks?

So far I haven't seen anyone getting checks cashed or recipted in this period. We do see July 2nd notices comming in.

I had my 485 application received at NSC on July 3rd. And now we are hearing that they may transfer cases to TSC if I-140 was approved from there. Another delay! This wait is getting me restless.

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