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04-17 12:09 PM
This topic has been discussed in detail in the following thread.

You can also find the list of documents you need to renew your passport. Please let me know if you have any questions or post on that thread to get feedback from folks who recently got their passport renewed.

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08-26 06:37 PM
im really concerned about getting a GC more than using my MBA. Im already a Director of Software Development for my company so there no more career change that i need !

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08-19 09:27 AM

I am a July filer, I called USCIS last week and they stated that they need a new set of biometrics. I had initially given my biometrics after I filed my AOS last year in July 2007. According to what I have read USCIS should be able to retrieve my biometrics from their Biometric storage system. Should I call USCIS and argue with them which may be futile. Or should I just bite the bullet and await the new biometric appointment. I would appreciate any input.

PD: 10/2002
I-140 - Approved Jan 2007
Category - EB3, ROW

relax until the new biometrics notice comes. Chances are it never will. The CSR you spoke to probably did'nt read/know the new rules.

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08-04 01:23 PM
Sorry to hear about your friend's situation.

From your answers it looks like she is on H-4 which is dependent spouse for H1B.

If she is qualified enough ask her to find a new employer who is willing to sponsor her a H1B.

She can transfer her status from H-4 to H1B and it will not be counted against the annual H1B quota.

Once she finds new employer she can start her GC process.

If she cant find job here and be in H1B status, the only option is to go back to her Home country...or another option is to remarry with someone who has legal status here and then she can derive the dependent status.


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07-30 03:47 PM
but you need to improve

Take it as fun...:D

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11-09 05:47 PM
I just went through PERM and I140, both of them approved without audit/RFE, where the requirement was Masters + 10 years experience. The job role required this. The requirement should match the job role and what the company would do if they are hiring a new person for the job.

And I believe someone had asked whether you have 7 years experience after obtaining masters. That is not required. In my case I had only 4 years experience after masters, but more than 12 years total. The job requirement stated that Masters + 10 years and not Masters + 10 years after masters.

Hope this helps.


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03-12 11:06 AM
Sounds like a typical day for my wife, except she actually manages to get it all done.

decide to clean off the front patio. I start to the patio and notice mail on the desk that needs to be taken down to the Post Office. OK, I'm going to the Post Office . . .

BUT FIRST I'm going to go through the mail that was delivered. I lay the car keys down on desk. After discarding the junk mail, I notice the trash can is full. OK, I'll just put the bills on my desk . . .

BUT FIRST I'll take the trash out. But since I'm going to be near the mailbox, I'll address a few bills . . . Yes, Now where is the checkbook? Oops.. there's only one check left. Where did I put the extra checks? Oh, there is my empty coffee cup from last night on my desk. I'm going to look for those checks . . .

BUT FIRST I need to put the cup back in the kitchen. I start to head for the kitchen and look out at my balcony, notice the flowers need a drink of water because of the extreme heat. I put the cup on the counter and there's my extra pair of glasses on the kitchen counter.

What are they doing here? I'll just put them away . . .

BUT FIRST need to water those plants. I head for the door and . . .

Aaaagh!!! Someone left the TV remote on the wrong spot. Okay, I'll put the remote away and water the plants on my balcony . . .

BUT FIRST I need to find those checks.

END OF DAY: The patio has not been cleaned, bills still unpaid, cup still on the counter, checkbook still has only one check left, lost my car keys . . .

And, when I try to figure out how come nothing got done today, I'm baffled because . . .


I realize this condition is serious . . .

I'd get help . . .

BUT FIRST . . . I think I'll start a new thread.

Fool its not me, its the AAADD I was recently diagnosed with.

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01-03 03:57 PM
Great pledge and Thanks.

Members, please update your signature with your pledge. It is an inspiration point for you as well as to other members. We need this inspiration for ourselves more than IV needed.

This pledge and contribution is for ourselves and not for anyone else. We are going to enjoy the fruits if we can make the difference with lawmakers. IV core members can put their head into more important statergic thinking than worrying about funds. We can atleaset help ourselves by this simple pledge. There is not physical work invovled with it. Commonnnnn..... cheer up and lets get what we want from the new congress.

Do your KARMA and leave the results to time.

I pledge to contribute $40 a month. And more when ever I can.

-- Also guys lets keep the momentum going .. we need more people enrolled and every single one of us opening up their wallets.


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10-21 11:48 PM
Husband + Wife - 1 Application

Wife - Seperate Appln. ( Will do follow to join incase by chance the first one gets stuck

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01-04 09:43 PM
Hi Chris,

I expedite my petion by calling to customercare. I recieved a letter from USCIS, saying that, your file assigned to adjudicating office. Can you please share your experience and if you get any update please do share with me.

Thanks in advance

Next time, instead of digging up a 3 year old thread, try the PM feature :)


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10-03 01:29 PM
That isn't fair. I don't know trig like that.

:::weeps in corner::::(

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07-30 03:47 PM
but you need to improve

Take it as fun...:D


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08-08 06:22 PM
I guess N +1 syndrome :-)
And you know this how?:confused:

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04-16 04:02 PM
Thanks for the quick response gurus. Would like to know if anyone else is in the same boat. Also because of this issue, my spouse is resigning her job and going out of US for a H4 stamp. Is there any way we can avoid it as it is a oversight issue?


I-140 has been denied in my case too. My case is fairly simple, My own labor- India EB3 June 2003. I-140 filed OCT2006 - RFE on ability to pay Nov 2007.
I-140 denied- March 2008. Lawyer says, no basis for denial, as everything is clear, getting paid more than the labor-certification. MTR to be filed soon.
I am not worried at all.

Hearing about a lot of denied I-140s- No basis.
My take: USCIS is overworked, and the quick way to get rid of the backlog- deny enmass.


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08-14 06:42 PM
Congrads. Did your dependent got approved I-485?

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11-24 12:33 PM
Also include some text which says that you were an fulltime employee (40 hrs per week)...

Assuming original poster from India, definition of Full Time Employment is 48 hours of work per week in private sector and 44 hours of work in most public sector. Many people make mistake on this ( Completely forgetting how they slogged...:)). 5 years back one of my friend got an RFE on this... Lawyer, through his internal sources came to know that INS had problem with the note regarding 40 hours of week as they knew in India, generally Public sector remained open for 44 hours. My friend was public sector employee in India.


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03-25 01:26 PM
I remember this bill being brought up last year also and was "supposed" to be passed but never even came up for voting...why do u anticipate this will go through this time? My wife is applying for her "H1B" and she is awaiting the lotto results...
I strongly disapprove of ppl waiting for their GC voicing against H1B cap increase because they have crossed that bridge and have H1B. I am only safely assume such ppl will voice against IV and all IV activities once they receive their GC...

H1B increase is ok, but it will cause further backlog for the new filers because of 7% country limit and very few visa numbers. Business is only interested in H1Bs as it gets them the workforce. A GC makes an employee freer and less valuable to a company????

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01-15 12:17 PM
Hello All,

Out of curiosity, I called the congresswoman's office to ask if she would be re-sponsoring the visa recapture bill. The person on the phone asked me to call back next week, because at present she was considering about it.

Can we all try to call her office and request her to re sponsor this bill, as this will help the housing crisis.

I am posting a link, you all can call her office and even explain to the person about why this bill is so important. ( wait to be transferred to the specific person who handles immigration issues, don't talk to the phone operator as she would care less)

Good Luck to all of us.

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08-20 02:10 PM
4. An apology from USCIS for the delay!!

i think we should have USCIS director come home personally to deliver sincere apology in both verbal and written for making people from india file GC and provide detailed explaination for reasons of the delay....thats the only way for him to keep getting our business in future...

08-21 06:08 PM
I don't understand , people are started getting receipt filed in july'14th, july'16th. They are not processing July3rd through july'14th filing?.

I have sent my application on July5th to NSC. It is received by NSC at July6th.Did any one got receipts in 5th or 6th filer..

I didn't see much of filed between july'3nd through july '14th filings in this forum.


EB2/PD-Sept'2004/I-140 Approved.
I-485 - Sent July5th.
RD - ?
AD -?

08-15 02:04 PM
eeeee thats painful. Happend so many times. It is like Lotto but at the end we say Samay se pehle or Bhagya se adhik kuch nahi milta (before time and more than your destiny you don't get anything)

Please refrain from using non english languages in the forums

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