Monday, September 12, 2011

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Serenity Prayer Tattoo by

04-26 05:43 PM
Thanks UKannan,

That is the first thing I did and the cust rep said it is 1 bag, moreover, she said talk to your travel agent.

Also, it is different to hear from cust rep and then get the actual experience in front of the check-in staff. Hence I was asking recent experiences here.

Please don't get me wrong, but traveling with 2 toddlers, the last thing I want is baggage hassle.

Two bags, each can be max. 20 kg.

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11-03 06:20 PM
I disagree. I think that we will see an another attempt at CIR bill. Dems will want to capitalize on their surge among the hispanic bloc; see the comments by Nancy Palosi [sp?]. An attempt will be made to cast it as an aid for economy: to bring people out of shadows so that they can buy houses etc.

But then this is just my opinion which, like yours, is just an opinion. Heck even my 5 year old these days does not seem to hold my opinion in any regard :)


Earlier democrats had a reason of not getting things done [Bush's veto, filibuster...etc.etc]

Now nothing will get done, and they will have no reasons.

Welcome to world of politics my friend :)

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jaggu bhai
08-10 09:18 AM
We did the COS from H4 (stamped) to F1 for my wife ourselves. It was easy, no lawyer but we got an RFE on the dollar amount so we replied again ourselves (giving an excel sheet etc). You can do it yourself.

frostrated & smuggymba

Thanks for ur replies....
As I am EB3 - MAY 2009....No question of I 485 soon....
thats the reason for the F1....

U said to show the intent that we leave US back....but my I 140 is approved which makes the letter of intent very contradictory (unless they dont see my papers when processing my wife's F1).

And also, see the pattern She was on B1 - H4 - F1 (all COS), this is the main concern.
Whether is the letter of intent makes them believable!!!

Regarding funds availability, We have funds equivalent to 80% of 1st year fee (which shown on I 20), AND ALSO I AM SUBMITTING AN AFFIDAVIT THAT I AM SPONSORING MY WIFE.

Frostrated: College is only giving I 20 rest of the things we have to do ourselves.

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Serenity Prayer tattoo

08-15 03:54 PM
Couldn't resist opening a new thread and sharing this with fellow IVians.

We got our green cards today. It is actually green (in the back).

Another announcement is that I recently relocated to northern Mississippi. Would like to join up with other state chapter members. I am willing to coordinate with the group in Memphis TN.

Thanks IV. I and my spouse benefited a lot from the July 2007VB and the work IV did concerning it. So, I will do more than just stick around but continue to be active as usual. The system is still broken and we will have to work to fix it.

And thank you for staying to help the rest...


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Serenity Prayer tattoo

Madan Ahluwalia
02-23 02:16 PM
I just like to add that if your wife is not making enough money, then you have to find someone who can provide affidavit of support along with the filing of green card for you.

1. You are entitled to file adjustment of status application.
2. Affidavit of support is required for anyone who files green card application.

Good luck.

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Serenity Prayer Tattoo test

11-16 11:41 AM
I have a question about VISA stamping.
I had a valid H1B approval till 9th October 2010. I applied for I485 and I had valid Advance Parole expiring Sept 2010. My current visa stamping is expired. I am planning to go to India on vacation and returning in Dec 2009.
My question is
1. If I use my Advance Parole at port of entry to US with out getting my visa stamped in India, will I loose my H1B status?

2. If I don't loose my H1B status, I am planning to transfer my H1B in Feb 2010. Will there be any problem in H1B transfer.


If you enter US using your AP even for the same employer you will no longer have your H1B status valid, you an return back to H1B status only after a renewal. After entering US on AP you need to inform you employer. Your status after entering on AP makes you a Parolee.


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Graphics - Serenity Prayer

07-06 02:14 PM
I guess not, if it is legal!
Just don't shoot anybody now. That might have a negative impact!!! :D

Guys lets not piss off bharol. He's got a gun!!!!


I have Green card. I was wondering if owning a Gun legally can have any implications in getting citizenship later.

I found that in California, where I live, it is legal for non-citizens to own a gun.

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07-20 01:29 PM
My gc is in process, both I-140 and I-485 is approved over 180 days back. I have a valid EAD. Recently I lost my job (laid off). Can I apply for unemployment benefit?


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09-12 08:15 PM
Unpaid vacation is acceptable. Consultants working on hourly basis do not get paid when they do not work. As long as you come on top of prevailing wage rate and the annual salary quoted on the LCA at the end of the year, it does not matter. USCIS understands that you need a vacation too and can not work like a machine throughout the year.

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10-09 07:06 PM
please anybody????????


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01-11 09:47 AM
The second part also sounds pretty reasonable to me:

This PAV would be issued upon successful completion of an application process that would involve the following:

1. Providing documentary evidence (school records, doctor?s records, etc.) that the applicant was in the United States before he or she reached their thirteenth birthday and be no older than twenty-five at the time they file their application;
2. Background checks for any prior convictions involving fraud, assault, reckless driving or DWI, failure to appear at any immigration hearing, or any past record of voluntary or involuntary deportation. Any such convictions would lead to a presumption of an unsuccessful application;
3. Evidence of the withholding of any relevant information, or submitting false information would result in the automatic failure of an application. Any failure of an application would result in the applicant returning to his previous immigration status;
4. Failure of an application due to withholding information or providing false information would subject the applicant to expedited removal proceedings;
5. Waivers of any requirement connected with the application process could only be made on a case by case basis by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security setting out in detail the "compelling evidence" underlying such a waiver and the evidence used to support such a determination.

The Permanent Administrative Visa would carry with it the following authorizations:

1. PAV holders would be allowed to legally work and obtain a U.S. passport (on the condition of turning in any other passports) for foreign travel;
2. It would allow holders to establish residency in any state according to that state's requirements and be on equal footing with other legal immigrants with regard to state and local laws and policies;

The Permanent Administrative Visa would carry with it the following prohibitions:

1. Holders of the PAV would not be able to sponsor family members and relatives for LPR status;
2. Holding an PAV would not imply any safe harbor for applicant's family members;
3. Holders of PAVs would not be eligible to receive means-tested public welfare benefits;
4. Holders of PAVs would not be able to adjust their immigration status for a period of 10 years and then only through an administrative hearing in which the holder presented compelling evidence that such an adjustment is in the public interest. Such evidence would consist of, but not be limited to, applicant's work history, community service, military service, family circumstances, and the results of policy and security checks.

A One-time Only Policy: Consistent with the knowledge that adjusting the status of illegal immigrants brings with it the expectation that adjustments of the same kind will be made in the future, the language authorizing this initiative will explicitly state that:

1. That no further adjustments to legal status will be made for children brought into the country illegally after the date on which this bill becomes law;
2. That parents who bring their young children into the country illegally after the date of enactment will be subject to expedited removal proceedings.

This is still riddled with amnesty....more punitive versions will surely come which the democratic party will oppose for sure.

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06-01 06:16 PM
It is illegal.
It will be great if someone can send me any reference to confirm that it is illegal..


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07-27 10:24 AM
Nice Idea. Works Great!

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09-22 08:56 PM

which service center tsc or nsc????


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05-01 01:56 PM
Does - Emergency Appoinment include - people already working in US ? are you sure ?

Yes it does, if you go to book the appoint (emergency) or view dates available for emergency appts (on vfs visa website) , it lists the Examples for emergency appointments and include ppl who are already in US and need to go backto join their work

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Serenity Prayer Tattoo by Wes

07-07 04:10 PM
Great news: IV core is supporting the flower campaign - see this thread ( :)

We have until tonight to place in the orders so that the flowers can be delivered on Tuesday.

Everyone who kept the faith - thanks and lets continue sending emails or calling people to let them know about it.
People who said that they will send the flowers only if IV core supports it - please send flowers asap.

BTW, I am curious as to who first proposed this idea.


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05-03 08:17 AM
Updating profile should fill up your information in the tracker.

Will make a not of it.

Thanks a lot.


Recently I had some trouble updating my profile. The "Additional Information" section has a series of RFE-related (on I-485, I-140, EAD and AP) boxes, where one must enter a valid date in the specified format. Because I did not receive any RFE yet, I tried to get past this page by entering 00/00/0000 ("N/A" did not work), which did not work either, and finally I settled with my PD on all these RFE boxes (which is, of course, incorrect). So, maybe the powers-that-be can fix the problem, and, also remove these wrong entries from my profile?

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06-25 02:10 PM
Thanks for the response !!

This client is a direct client to my company and there are no middle layers or vendors. So like you said if I can get an email from the client that they can't give me the letter via their corporate email would work ? Would this suffice to open a MTR ?

Thanks in advance.

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June 18th, 2005, 12:58 PM
I like the top one the way it is. It is moody and the motion blur of the bird just adds to the feeling. Great capture.

With the rainbow, I think I may have tried to get an anchor for the foreground. Such as the yellow flower/bush in the lower right. I often find myself shooting with the camera at ground level. But it is a fine picture, nevertheless.

The bird shots are good. I would probably cut out some of the top of the last one.

- Henrik

01-16 10:24 AM
Lets say , you move out of H1-b (company A)and start using your EAD (at Company B). Now after a few weeks you find another employer (company C) who is willing to do your H1-B. Then this is subject to the yearly Quota because you lost your H1-B status immediately after you started using your EAD (at Company B).

You can now move to Company C using your EAD and then apply under the new quota for H1-B in April for a start date of October (new fiscal year). Company C may not be reluctant or hesitant in your case because you can keep working for them from Day 1 and you continue on your EAD even if you do not get H1-B.

Company C will be hesitant only if you do not have EAD and you need to wait for the approval before you can work.

09-10 08:45 AM
^^^^^ bump..

can you show me a single post in iv that states that they have travelled after applying for ap, and come back with an ap. May be i missed it.

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