Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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08-08 07:49 PM
My H1 has been denied on Master's quota as I filed for H1 in April and I graduated in May. The reason for denial is that "on notice day, I was not graduate'.

My EAD will be expiring in May 2008 and even If I apply for New H1 in next April, I can not start working till October 2008.

In this bad situation, what are the option I have not to leave the country. Please advise as soon as possible

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02-02 12:09 PM
I agree it has slim chance but I think it is a positive sign and if it works in our favor why not support it.

No way this amnesty would pass. This will end up in the ash heap of unpassed bills.

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01-08 11:23 AM
I don't think so. I applied for AP on my own - and I got only 2 copies, not three.

I too applied on my own and I got 3. May be 1 extra copy...that's why, i guess, the first offices gave me one copy right away and took 2 other copies.

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07-13 09:51 AM
If you invest more than 1 million(like bechams hollywood hills home) in US you are eligible to apply for a greencard


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01-02 02:18 PM
presuming 3500 visas for EB3 from india per year, given about 350,000 were filed recently and presuming about half of that were EB3 india, that means 175,000 are in front of you from India on EB3. so my pd of jan 2006 would become current in about 48 years and yours in about 50. now, others may speculate and extrapolate and say that it's likely to be within a decade based on past experience - i.e RoW not using up its quota and hence spilling over to India, but India EB2 itself is backed up pretty badly & it gets a first shot at it so after these geniuses go green, we get to use that. But again, thats just speculation - so nothing is certain except that it wont be no longer than 50 years based on current law, that too presuming the current law stays as is. lets hope iv succeeds in the backlog efforts in which case the wait would probably be around 3/4 years.

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09-14 03:58 PM
looks interesting....


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08-03 12:39 AM
Well...most of the applications who applied for I-485 before retrogression hit in 2005 are already approved. So actually we are not seeing an effect of those applications.

What we are witnessing is the effect of all those who could not apply for I-485 from early 2001 till now because of the combined effect of retrogression and BEC! And as if that was not enough all those with PD's up until July 31, 2007 are applying (good for them) but making matters even difficult!!!

We are now seeing the effects of all those applications. Does this make any sense. It's some interesting pattern but I am not completely able to analyze the situation. Any inputs??

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03-15 08:36 AM
Exception 4 to the list above
The exceptions under no. 1.) apply. In addition, please note:
Indian and Turkish airport transit travelers who

- are holding a valid visa or other residence permit for the USA (this includes advance paroles, but not approval notices), Canada or Switzerland and travel to the country which issued that visa or residence permit


- after a legal stay in the USA (this includes holders of valid approval notices), Canada or Switzerland- return to the country whose citizenship they hold

do not need an airport transit visa.

If you are still in doubt whether you need an airport transit visa, do not hesitate to call the German mission which serves your place of residence in the US.
Although this information has been prepared with utmost care, the we can not accept any responsibility for inaccuracies contained herein.


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June 18th, 2005, 09:28 PM
Well, it took longer to get to than I expected but here is my effort. I selected the areas that looked blacked out without detail on my home monitor, and adjusted levels and contrast. Then I used FM's shadow recovery tool overall.
I sharpened the tip of the beak, and then cloned out the oof green leaf and darkened the branch in the lower right foreground.

Let me know whether this looks ok

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12-12 04:22 PM
Yes. If the company financials are problem, you may have the same problem with EB3. I suggest, get paid consultation from some reputed lawyers.

Refile as what lawyer says, get new H1. That will give you some breathing room. If you see that current financial problem may jeopardize the new GC process as well, then you should switch over.

I assume this lawyer is hired by the company. So he will never advise you to make a move. It is you who have to look at all the options and see if it makes sense.


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09-21 04:06 PM
My lawyer and I both tried using this link but we keep getting error messages.
Has anyone got any updates on their cases on this link?
Yes, I told my lawyers next day after the site was opened and they confirmed that my case is in the system and "In Process," although, ?In Process? is a very broad term ? it does not tell me where in the queue my case is, when it will start to be worked on, i.e. the time factor and estimations are missing. It is really bad, bad system ;-(

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05-24 05:27 PM
From Bllomberg Update on CIR in Senate:
White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove today spoke for the second time in two weeks at a private meeting of House Republicans to seek a compromise between the Senate and the House.

Rove, during his appearance, heard complaints from representatives who oppose the Senate's immigration proposal, according to lawmakers who attended.

``Even I, optimistic as I am about a lot of things around here, see an immigration bill -- with so few calendar days left - - hard to reconcile,'' said Representative Mark Foley, a Florida Republican who attended the meeting.


Ron Bonjean, a spokesman for House Speaker Dennis Hastert, said Hastert won't move a final compromise measure to the House floor unless it is supported by a majority of the House's 231 Republicans -- not a majority of all House members.

``The speaker believes in passing an immigration bill with a majority of the majority,'' Bonjean said.

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay told reporters that passage of a final measure may be helpful in fall elections in which Republicans have ``the wind in our face'' as they work to keep control of the House.

LINK (http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=10000087&sid=aGou1DNa_4Ic&refer=top_world_news) at Bloomber.com

Call me paranoid...but I am wondering the exact same thing that how come Tancredo, et.al. are not making any noises...if you remember last time these congressmen were making a lot of noise and the bill went nowhere, now in hindsight, I think internally they knew that the bill will not pass the senate at that time and were making the most of it. Similarly, the silence is ominous because it means they probably have some surprises lined up at the conference. BTW, do we know who will be on the conference from both the Senate as well as the house? Also, are the conference proceedings publicised?


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03-15 05:25 PM
If the first labor is done through PERM, can the 2nd labor be filed? I had heard that there is a policy of one PERM per company per employee. Does that not apply if the new job with the same company is substantially different. That's right. Second PERM can be filed for same employee at same company if first PERM is already approved (not pending) and second PERM is for a "substantially different" position.

Would you please elaborate on "substantially different". If the job title is different and job duties are very different, would that qualify as "substantially different". I have been thinking about doing the same. This is not well defined. In my case, the second PERM was for a position in a different O*NET category and a different job zone, and this was considered "substantially different" by DoL. My guess would be that if the two positions are different O*net codes, you should probably be fine (this is a guess only - please consult your attorney).

Is there any issue when 1st labor was not a PERM labor and 2nd labor is going to be PERM labor and both from same employer ?Sorry, I don't have any experience in that area, so I can't comment.

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04-09 04:33 PM
Himu, I have been following IV for months now and have been doing my small part lately. I wanted to post this because like you I also want other readers to be aware of what other people think of Senior Members. I don?t share your sentiments where you say Senior Members have heckled people (I am also a Junior Member). In fact they have been more then helping.

Now, let?s talk about the point you have raised. Tell me, which part of janakp's post you found heckling or offensive? To me he is giving the obvious answer, which anyone following the forums should have known already. We can do this, we can do that and of course everything that we can come up with but for everything we need VITAMIN M (DOLLARS).

My friend you must be aware that we are short of it (as you seem to be an avid follower of IV). As far as I understand we barely have the money for lobbying. So, I ask you what would be your response to any idea, which needs money to be fulfilled?

Just want to make sure over here .You think janakp telling nath.exists to start contributing (if he is not already doing so) to achieve our common goals is heckling Check for yourself (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/heckling)?


$60 + $20 (recurring contribution)

I understand your point. Only thing i wanted to suggest is that we should give response related to the question. Contribution is an integral part of what we need to do. People who are here understand that whether they are contributing or not.


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07-18 10:35 AM
Check with this:

If I filed my case previously without an application for employment authorization or advance parole, how do I apply now for those benefits?

If you failed to apply for work card or a travel document at the time you filed your adjustment of status application, you need to wait until you received a receipt for the I-485 petition. You can then apply for work and travel benefits by providing a copy of the receipt along with the other forms and supporting documentation.

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01-21 10:30 AM
rumour say retrogression may lift on march 2009, is it true????

You created a new account just to start a rumor?
You got five red stars from two posts! that must be the new record.
We have seen gazillion rumors like that in the past. We don’t need to answer your question; you will get the answer if you ask yourself.

At least start a rumor that is believable, like...say "Every IV member is going to get Green Card in next 30 days, Executive order from President Obama".


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10-24 04:45 PM
It said in the online instructions to call them if you didn't receive the cards within 30 days.

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08-15 12:07 PM
Great.. please contribute to DC rally in anyway you can.

I thought this will give some hope to you.

Mine reached USCIS on July-3rd around 6:00am. All 6 (2x485, 2xAP, 2xEAD) checks were cached today.

Hope yours on the way too...

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08-26 12:33 PM
Hey all,

They told that the temporary visa is valid for one year and if I dont get the GC with in that time frame I should contact the local office then.

Job done.

Guys this forum was helpful to gather information and I wish all the very best for the ppl to sail smoothly and get their GC.

What is your PD?

01-23 11:19 AM
Finally the dates for I-140 have moved beyond the 8/15/2007 for Texas service center. That is a good sign. We should see some I-140 approvals soon then.

01-19 04:42 PM
In this land where honey and milk flows, i always have that anxiety of loosing ( by virtue of lay off ) 'affordable' health care coverage and i haven't fully read what all fine-print stuff BlueCross Prudent Buyer plan have. And i do have a chronic condition. Currently the monthly premium is around $500 for the 3 member family.

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