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Vanessa Hudgens was spotted

09-19 07:40 PM
here is the deal:
if Durbin wants to pass the DREAM act he will need Cornyn support. If Cornyn wants to pass his SKILL act he will need Durbin support. Now we all know that on its own Cornyn will never support the DREAM act and Durbin will never support the SKILL bill. The question is will they be able to cut a deal and support each others bills. The answer is maybe. Note that about a month ago there was a vote on the SKILL bill and it didnt pass simply because no Democrat voted for it. It is not because no democrat supports the bill but because of partisan tactics. There was simply no bill on the Democrats side to offset the Cornyn amedment so they decided to bring it down. Now the sitiations is different. There is a Democratic bill that can make up for the SKILL bill. So if the DREAM act passes there is pretty good chance for the SKILL act will pass too.

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vanessa hudgens style 2010.

05-18 09:32 PM
The title means ... You r right, not only Indian, but Chineese, Russians and all others ... but title is "Indian immigrants .... " :(

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Vanessa Hudgens

01-14 03:47 PM
It is just frustrating to visit these forums and see nothing is happening. We need more members and more money. But if that happens in 10 years, what is the use. Not much anyone can do. Might as well as start packing.

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vanessa hudgens style,

05-26 11:20 AM
Thank you core Team for all your efforts
Thank you QGA for the great work and helping us out in a big way.
Thank for all the senators for making this happen.
Last but not least ,A BIG THANK YOU for the family of core members who had to put their social life on hold when the core team was working for our cause.

We are ready for the next battle with the core team and QGA in the lead.


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Vanessa Hudgens, vanessa anne

04-15 11:20 AM
I am on H1B without job and no paystubs.
My employer has been trying to find a project for me but till now he couldnt get anything.
Its been 6 months alreay since I am on H1B visa.
He made me modify my actual experience to include fake projects .
Now I am thinking of filing a complaint to DOL.
I have my H1B petition and offer letter from the employer.
But I am worried that if I file complaint ,my employer will threaten me telling that I faked my experience and submitted fake resumes.
What should I do? Will DOL take any action against me?
Any success stories of DOL complaint filing?

Can you explain what did you fake and where did you fake? In most of the cases which invovles employee augmentation kind of jobs , consulting company is the one which submits the resume. So you may not know what he is putting on your resume.

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vanessa hudgens dress style.

06-20 09:43 PM
Your interpretation of the original poster's statement and your bottom line assertion are both incorrect.

The original poster has said that s/he has a valid visa till 2010. Even if s/he has the I-94 that came with the H-1B approval notice (assuming they did a change/extension of status), that I-94 doesn't define the status of the benficiary once s/he leaves and re-enteres the country.

What matters is the Class of admission and duration of status on the most recent I-94, not just any I-94.

S/he has to have a valid I-94 to stay in the country legally. I-797 usually comes with an I-94. However, what the original poster said is that his/her I-94 is going to expire. I am interpreting the statement to mean that among the I-94's (one or more) s/he holds, the one with farthest validity is going to expire. If it does, s/he has to go out and get a new I-94 while re-entering. If s/he applies for some other status, and relevant I-797 comes with another I-94, then that's different. The bottom-line is, s/he has to have a valid I-94. It is irrelevant if the I-94 is given by the IO at the entry post or attached to an I-797.


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Vanessa Hudgens appeared

03-27 12:03 PM
And this "attorney" was actually paid for filing this PERM application?

The educational requirements specified in the PERM may give you some room to wriggle out of this.

I received my Labor Certificate with PERM process. Right now, I can't continue the process for I-140 and I-485. My lawyer just found out that my degree is Master of Business Administration, while the Labor Certificate is based on Master of Science. My current position is Software Engineer.

My questions are:
1. Is there a problem of having an MBA and working as a software engineer? As my understanding, MBA and MSc are the same level.
2. Can I continue the case since I already got my Labor Certificate?

I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

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Vanessa Hudgens stays on trend

07-05 12:58 PM
possible reasons

(i)USCIS dont want to see a large number applications - as Ombudsman report indicated their performance is measured based on how much time it took to process an application. If they accept 485 applications only to keep them longer it will skew their performance benchmarks to their disadvantage. (ii)Also they just dont want to work for the rest of this financial year. By making visas unavailable their work load might have come down dramatically.
(iii)Ego clashes between some higher ups between DOS and USCIS; OR the communication gap between these two orgs is just too much.
(iv) Too may anti-immigrant who wants to screw legal-immigrants at any given opportunity. This is possible too...on numbersusa website there are special instructions/appeals to USCIS staff to do a few things and also to get some info on H1b filings, I140 filings etc. Maybe these activist employees have grown in size with tacit support from higher ups.

Of course all of these are just speculations. BUT I still could not understand why USCIS went out of its way (processing 60k applicaitons in one month; 18k in one day is certainly going way toooooooo much out of their way based on their normal efficiency) to process. I am sure they might have approved many cases which they could not have done normally. Finding out this aspect should might yield a very good story for a journalist - we should highlight this aspect in our letters to media.


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Vanessa Hudgens style

05-29 08:09 PM
Could you please clarify:
- what's the logic for not applying for 485 (when 140 is pending)? how can that save you any money?
- did you mean premium processing 140?

It saves you money because a I140 denial will result in 485 denial. You save the filing fee of 485.

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Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

08-19 12:48 PM
I also got FP notince for I-485 and I am july 2007 filer , So it is not after 15 months time frame rule. I filed EAD extesion and got EAD too.:)


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Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyle

02-12 01:57 PM

Yes I am guilty. I am one of those Lazy fence sitters caught in reto that peruses this forum on a daily basis looking for for some glimmer of hope.
Silently i cross my fingers and hope that IV will get something done for us but guilty of doing nothing to help. Sound familiar?

Let me start by saying that i became a member and watched this forum for over 6 months and did nothing to contribute (whether financially or physically). I'm lazy and theres nothing i can do about it - thats my personality. We all have busy lives and we all have personal agendas and unless we are affected by something directly, we choose the path of least resistance.

something changed for me last month. I dont know what it was, since it was nothing physical, personal, familial or anything tangible. I was reading the IV website posts "as normal" and while i read all the posts on funding drives, increasing members, those brillant NJ chapter folks etc I was ashamed at how little i was doing towards a cause that had a direct impact on my life and how a small group of people could be so passsionate about the same interest. I was also surprised at the number of mainly Indian professionals in the US who were caught in this mess but at the difficulty that IV was having getting people to get off their a** and do something.

COME ON PEOPLE - even if we are lazy, self centered, and busy lets at least show that the Indian "minority" in the US is at least a UNITED and PROUD lot. We cant let IV down for a few dollars. "Izzat ki Sawal Hai"

Well, i thought about it, and thought some more..... and decided i was still as lazy as i was before even after my ephiphany, but i could definitely manage a few clicks with my mouse. So i decided, If can't do anything physical (like pass flyers, meet in DC to help Core, start some fangled chapter locally, or harass my local congresman) then at least i could pass on some financial contribution so that somebody could do it for me!
So this is what i did

a) - setup a $20 recurring contribution (Yes its $20 - I'm cheap and so are a lot of you - but $20 is better than nothing - its less than a dinner at a restaurant).
b) forwarded the website info to a few of my collegues at work and told them what i did.

I have not made any earth shattering differences by my actions, but at least im doing SOMETHING. This, coming from one of the laziest members definitely should mean something to all of you.

If you cant contribute your time, at least send some money so someone else can do it for you! Also please stop harrassing IV on where the funds are going - its $20 per month for Christ's sake, not your family inheritance. Let's try and make a difference one way or another. Our national pride is at stake here.


I am lazy and may be more lazy then anyone. Good to hear from a new enthusiastic person.

Your enthu will go away soon.

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Vanessa Hudgens Style: still

04-20 06:06 AM
Thanks for your responses.

One last question.

After printing the application form, I see that the photograph size is 3.5 cms * 3.5 cms that the consulate requires. But when I check for the passport size photo in walgreens it is 2 inches * 2 inches. Is it fine if I send 2 inches * 2 inches photo or should I cut exactly 3.5 cms * 3.5 cms and paste one in the form and send the other 2 ?



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vanessa hudgens style - Buy

07-10 02:48 PM
I found the answer from the I-693 form. X-ray is only needed in the following situation:

Chest X-Ray - Required ONLY for TST reactions of > 5mm or if specific TST exception criteria met, or for an applicant with TB symptoms or immunosuppression (e.g., HIV). Attach copy of X-Ray Report.

Here is the detailed explanation from USCIS on the the new TB test requirements:

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Style Journal: Vanessa Hudgens

10-12 12:52 AM
If you apply too early, then if you get approved early, you lose out on overlapping days.

If you apply and the EAD does not come in time, then you are off the payroll until the thing actually comes.

Interim EAD is the immediate solution to this.


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Vanessa Hudgens in Double

11-19 09:10 AM
Good Luck to all of you, but nowadays if a person is below the age of 60, getting a Visitors Visa is difficult, but there are exceptional cases too.but no guarantee that they will issue a Visa. Show bank account, or real estate in their names, And also appoint letter may help, but there is no guarantee, only Visitor's visas issued for youngsters are Celebrities, Business persons, diplomats and if you are able to convince US consulate that you will come back for sure. (with proving documents!) otherwise it is difficult to my knowledge.

dresses Vanessa Hudgens Style: still vanessa hudgens style. Vanessa Hudgens#39;s New

Vanessa Hudgens#39;s New

09-07 08:20 PM
you also should note that the writer does not talk about NRE / FCNR accounts at all. The interest income from these accounts has been declared completely exempt (no matter how much) from income tax. So on one hand you have accounts which are completely exempt and on the other (NRO) you are going to tax more???

NRE account has much lower interest rate compared to NRO like 3% vs 8%. FCNR by definition is low interest rate very close to what native country of FCNR currency offers.


makeup Vanessa Hudgens style vanessa hudgens style. vanessa-hudgens-j-brand-


07-25 09:39 AM
thanks much, ...

i was just worried about not having a salary for those 90 days or so would affect my whole GC process.
Yes, my I140 WILL be revoked. I'm on good terms with my previous employer and this is just something they will be doing to protect their interests.

This is a new strategy followed by consulting companies. As they cannot stop people from leaving, they would like to discourage this by revoking 140. there are so many scared people out there who want to play it very very safe and will avoid invoking ac21 if they think there could be issues.

You will be fine.

Being in good terms with employers helps - but it has to be from both sides.

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vanessa hudgens style. etc i

02-03 10:04 AM
I asked same question to my lawyer 2 days ago & he said "YES". One can request to consider for multiple categories by reapplying I140 again. Lates USCIS's Q&A confirms that...

Q #3. What if the petitioner wants to request consideration of multiple visa categories on behalf of an alien beneficiary? [Answer Finalized on 06/30/09]

A. If you want to classify the alien beneficiary under multiple visa preference categories, file a separate Form I-140 petition, with the required fee and supporting documentation for each requested visa category.

As far as your labor qualifies for EB2, you are OK.

USCIS - Petition Filing and Processing Procedures for Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=cfe8745543256210VgnVCM100000082ca60aRCR D&vgnextchannel=68439c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)

I have a labor approved for the requirement:
"Must have BS in CS, EE or related field w/5 years of related experience"

EB3 I-140 was approved in 2008. Can I re-apply for EB2 I-140 using the same labor?

Please note I have BS in CS and had more than 5 yrs of expereince before joining my current employer. I have not changed my employer - EB3 is also from the same employer.

hairstyles Vanessa Hudgens Hairstyle vanessa hudgens style. Vanessa Hudgens wearing J

Vanessa Hudgens wearing J

05-04 10:41 AM
THose are labour filed.

It is difficult to pull the 140 stats for the same labour. But I did a rough data extract from immigration.com based on what folks have mentioned, it seems like 140 is taking 8 months average presently, RFEs are in 40 % of cases, and also approved 140 seems to be like around 2000 in total for EB2, and EB3 categories for 2005 filings.. which means large numbers are still pending in Texas or Folks have not updated their data.

One thing that emerges clear from the data pattern :

Presently EB2 turn around time for Perm is approx 26 days, EB3 is 41 days average.
140 for EB2 from a MNC = 6 months, 140 for EB2 from a small company 8 months avg.

Hi Immi2006.

Please help me understanding this..

Your statistics underneath::; 1) Is it NO. of Labour Petitions filed in those years and categories or 2) Are they Numbers of Labor and 140 approved pending cases for 485?:confused:

Please enlighten me....


12-30 09:32 PM
Our files assinged to Adjudicating officer on Nov 30th. (PD is current ) Nothing happend sofar.
Is it time to worry ? I seen in this forum cases processed within two weeks after assinging. Any input will be appriciated.


10-07 03:52 PM
You'd have to wait for PD to become current to add spouse.

Furthermore, if you get married before I-485 is approved, spouse may be added once PD becomes current, even though by then you have your GC.

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