Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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12-30 09:56 PM
How did you find out , that files are assigned to I/O

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03-28 03:57 PM
I got this from different website(not sure if I can quote here).

Before going /planning for a perticular consualte, you can email the consulate with a i797 copy asking them to check if it exists in their system. If it doesn't then they will request concerned athorities to make it available in system so that you won't get stuck with PIMS delay. So far I have heard mexico/canada consualte responding to emails positively.

I will be mailing(canada consulate) them soon. Will keep you updated if i hear anything from them. if it works..its indeed a good options for us.:D

I will have to go for a stamping soon and this info will help. Thanks! :)

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11-14 08:01 PM
My RIR is rejected. My LC is still pending.
My lawyer says it is moved to TR queue

If My case is moved to TR queue, does it mean very significant delay in getting my LC? Because in such a case this is my breaking point.Ready to quit and give up after these years and years if pain

as it is clear from this post of yours, and reading your first post again, your LC conversion from regular LC to a RIR LC was rejected. does not mean your LC has been rejected and it definitely means that you do retain your PD.

while it is certainly painful for you, it definitely is not as bad as our reaction to your first post made it out to be...... so hang in there!!

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07-30 02:00 PM
Many of us are in this situation.
Can someone throw some light on previous experience s,
who gets the receipt notice when using G-28.
#1. Lawyer Alone
#2. Applicant Alone
#3. Both lawyer & the applicant.


In all the cases that I've seen so far, only lawyer has received it..


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05-21 01:55 PM

Just want to find out the process to apply for interim EAD...I applied for EAD renewal on 8th of may and my EAD expires August 16th...i doubt i get my EAD before my current expires...i just want to find out whether i can apply for interim EAD or ??? if yes, what are the current procedures? I e-filed my EAD application and sent all documents to TSC...please help gurus.

It is no longer available.

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10-25 11:42 AM
I filed my application on July27th. Completed FP on 10th Oct. I have not received EAD yet. When i called USCIS, I got response to wait 90days from the receipt date.

USCIS is overhelmed with filings, so delay is everywhere. How come you got your FP done so fast? I filed on July 2, and got just receipts, nothing else.


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06-06 05:30 PM
VD I love that one...

I usually end up going towards the left myself

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06-30 06:57 PM
I realize the PERM position requirement must match EB2 track requirement, it must be what you said. However, what I'm questioning is (lets assume we're not talking about Masters degree at all, only BA+5 alternative) - does it make a difference *for position requirement*, not EB2, if part of the "+5" in the position requirement came before the bachelors degree was completed? Can this job requirement be without restriction all of the "+5" comes after graduation, and still qualify for EB2, where all "+5" must come after degree requirements have been satisfied?
I'll give an example, to avoid misunderstandings:
lets say a person completed BA or B.Sc. in March 2004. Lets say this person has worked in the same filed for 2 years before March 2004. Lets say after March 2004 until TODAY, when the PERM application is filed this person has continuously worked in the field for 5.5 more years, but when he was hired for his current position 1 year ago he had only 4.5 years post graduate experience.
What we have here is 6.5 years work experience until the person was hired, but only 4.5 years total post graduate experience until hiring date.
The Question is: Can the sponsor claim job requirement is BA+5, even though at the time when this person was hired post graduate experience was 4.5 years and total 6.5 years?


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11-21 07:52 AM
Sorry if that title is misleading.

How many people here are positive that USCIS will come up with premium processing feature for I-485 stage?

Don' worry about the available visa numbers. Just express your hunch feeling.

Incrementally the waiting game is being reduced by incorporating premium processing for H1-B, Labor and lately I-140. Why not for I-485?

I am hopefull of this happening next year.
What about you?

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12-14 03:24 PM
I got I-140 RFE (EB2) for education as mentioned above I have 3 yrs education and 60+ months of experience and labour says BS or Equivalent Foreign degree with 60 months of experience.

However, the RFE says submit the evidence that it is equvalent to US 4 years degree 3 year Bachelor degree + if any other degrees. They also mentioned we do not want a simple evalutaion that has been done by private evaluators says it is equvalent to BS 4 years degrees. They want detailed explanation each degree and other diploma that is equivalent to US 10th grade, 4 years Degree by acceptable evaluator also include evalutor details.

I am in 6th year of H1B, donno what will happen. My company said it is simple RFE. Looking for other alternatives.......


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06-29 09:48 AM
My friend

What else we lose if we stand up the plate to express some legitimate concerns?

Most of the members of this forum (and so many more) have already lost the prime time of their lives because we just followed the path of playing by rules.

Unless one has some compelling personal reasons, i do not see any thing wrong to raise the voice

Yes, once "They" identify "You" the consequences can be severe.:rolleyes:
Beware! Big Brother is watching.

That is the reason I didn't support the US soccer team at World Cup.
US team is so unpopular in Europe :p Given a choice between popularity and doing the right thing, I guess popularity always wins :D

Hilarious! Couldn't resist :o

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03-25 06:43 PM
no it is SUSTAIN act. Not Strive. SUSTAIN only has H1 visa increase... So it will ensure that retrogression and backlogs are sustained... :)


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03-07 09:52 PM
if you have your I-140 approved then you should be ok, provided your earned more than the prevailing wage for that year.

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05-13 10:12 PM
I am in the similar situation. Attended for visa interview at Toronto US Consulate on May 6. VO just kept I129 (All the annexures), Client/vendor letters. Informed you will get replay within 1-2wks. Its already been a week, I didnt get any response back. Consulate called client on the same day. No updates after that.

Appreciate if someone could let us know, usually how long it takes to get any status update ? I have been working with the same Employer/Client for last 4 years.


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07-14 04:39 PM
I was audited on 6/09 and Fragommenr responded on 6/30...No response so far and I have emailed my Fragommen paralegal the following questions;

1. Typically how long does DOL take to respond to an Audit?
2. What kind of response can I expect? Will it be an approval or a further Audit?
3. What % of cases get a further audit after a response is filed to an initial Audit?

I will send out a response when I hear from him.

Side question: Is my Priority date the date when PERM was applied or the date the PERM will be approved?


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08-04 09:16 AM
Got a IO who was very detail oriented. She was good. According to her they are processing cases filed between June 16th and July 16th 2007. My name check is not cleared but she told that they have been updated on the new NC memo. Name check not required to approve an application, At this point of time , they are trying to approve old application with NC pending who have visa number available.


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01-09 12:55 PM
Mine is Feb 2007 NSC. I-140 got RFE on Oct will be replying sometime this week.

Looks like they may work on May 2007 cases sometime this month occording to NSC progress.

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03-11 01:02 PM
I just emailed mine to info@immigrationvoice.org.

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07-17 07:00 PM
Thanks man.

07-28 10:41 AM
As others have already mentioned each state has a different rule. Based on your state, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. But what is more important is that now you are saying you do not have a job by claiming unemployment. Green Cards are for future job. If you are on unemployment compensation, how would you prove your eligibility for green card if questioned.

Dependent family members can avail unemployment without much concern of jeopardizing their Green Card.

12-14 09:23 AM

The most common RFEs are w.r.t.:
1. Ability to Pay
2. Qualifications

I've received RFEs for my picture not conforming to their quality standards. It could also be that a document was missing. Do not stress out. It could be something minor.

Best of Luck

I just received a USCIS automated e-mail indicating an RFE has been issued with regard to my pending I-140 (pending since January 16, 2007, at NSC)...have yet to receive the actual RFE letter. My AP application has been pending since August 1, 2007, also at NSC. Can this RFE delay processing of my AP? I need to travel this month and had also sent a fax to USCIS requesting expediting the I-131. Please let me know what you think, as I am very worried! What could the RFE be in regards to? I work for a university, have a 4 year degree (obtained in the US, along with an MBA), and ability to pay should not be an issue. No experience required!


I-485/I-765 filed July 6, 2007 - EB3
I-765 approved Sept. 11, 2007
I-131 filed Aug. 1 2007 & pending
FP completed Dec. 04, 2007

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